I Screwed My New Travel Mate


It was an early morning in Toronto, it had been snowing lightly on and off for several hours. I was looking forward to a couple weeks of sunshine, warm temperatures and hopefully a little companionship, if you know what I mean during my stay in the Bahamas.

As I sat in the Airport lounge, I watch as my plane arrived full of returning passengers from Nassau. It amazes me to watch the choreography and the speed in which the rampies load and unload luggage, food and fuel from the planes.

A lady wearing a full-length cotton coat, a tuque, carrying a pair of black gloves and pulling her suitcase pointed to the seat next to me, “Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

“Nope, it’s not. Let me move my coat.” I answered.

Before she sat down, she took off her coat and hat. She had long curly black hair down to her breasts and bangs that hung over her deep brown eyes. She was wearing a zebra stripe black and white turtleneck sweater and light-colored blue jeans which nicely complimented her skinny figure and her round ass.

With a gentle smile the lady offered her hand out for a handshake, she spoke softly, “Hello, My name’s Francine, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to some warm weather.”

“Hey Francine, I’m Dave, my mind is way ahead of you, it’s already on the beach.”

What do you do for a living if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I don’t mind, I’m a receptionist.

“What about you?”

” I work in the newspaper industry now as a freelancer, I’m not a reporter.”

The couple rattled on for some time. Suddenly, the P.A system buzzed with boarding information for our flight. Francine got up, grabbed her stuff, smiled and waved goodbye. Seconds later it occurred to me. I didn’t even get her seat or phone number. I was kicking myself in the ass for that.

Then I thought, “I’ll look for her when I get on the plane.”

My row was called, and I got up and boarded the plane. We were flying on an Airbus 220 which carries about 120 passengers. So, I knew it shouldn’t be too hard to find her. However, I did keep an eye out for Francine as I made my way towards my seat 15b. To my surprise and my delight Francine was sitting in 15a, the window seat.

“I’m so glad you’re sitting next to me, I felt bad I didn’t get your number or anything, gaziantep escort reklamları I just up and took off!”, Francine said excitingly with a huge smile.

“I know, I was kicking my sorry little ass too for not getting your seat number or where you were staying.”

I sat down and we at once picked up where we left off in the waiting room.

The flight attendants closed the door and a few minutes later we were backing away from the terminal. Another few minutes went by and the engines came to life and we started taxiing. We taxied for about 15 minutes until we got to the de-icing pad.

Suddenly, a huge spray of water engulfed the plane. It was only then that I realized Francine was an extremely nervous flyer.

“What’s that? What’s going on?”, Francis asked alarmingly.

“Whoa, Whoa, settle down Francine!! They’re just de-icing the plane!”

It took a couple minutes for me to calm her down. Then the plane started moving again.

“Will you hold my hand, flying makes me nervous?”

“Sure, I’d be glad to, just try and relax.” I put my hand over hers as she gripped the armrest. I’m sure if that armrest could talk, it’d be screaming bloody murder.

We turned onto the runway and the engines spooled up as began our take-off roll, we raced down the runway, then leaped effortlessly into the heavy dark clouds.

A short time later we broke through the clouds into the morning sunshine. The sun can sure change one’s mood in an instant. The seat belt sign went off and the flight attendants went to work.

Francine needed to go to the washroom, so I got up to let her out. She asked me to sit in the window seat when she comes back. I realized as she walked away that she was the same height as me about 5’4″.

She came back and sat down. One of the flight attendants came, “What would you two like to drink?”

francine looked at me and I told her coffee, “We’d like two coffees, please.”

“There you go, and here’s your breakfasts as well.”

After our meal was eaten and our trays taken away, we put our seats back. Francine put her head on my shoulder and then rubbed one hand on my leg, she then discreetly slipped her hand down to my cock. She looked at me to see what my reaction was. I just put my arm around her, and she started rubbing it. It didn’t last long though; within seconds she was snoring. I sat back and smiled.

About an hour later Francine was still sleeping when the captain announced that we’d be starting our descend into Nassau. Francine woke up, rubbed her little brown eyes.

“I’m so sorry, I fell asleep on your shoulder.”

I laughed, “Don’t worry about it, I didn’t mind at all.”

“Oh, you enjoyed that little thing I did, didn’t you?” A mischievous smile came over her face.

“Yeah, only it didn’t last long enough.” I chuckled.

“I promise, I’ll make it up to you later.”

Twenty minutes later we landed and taxied up to the terminal. Immediately after the plane came to a full stop everybody jumped up to get their personal belongings. Francine asked me to get her bag down and she’d listen for our bus number as we’re both going to the same hotel.

As soon as the door opened that warm, humid Bahamian air filled the cabin. Within seconds my palms were sweating.

Francine carried the coats while I carried the luggage we walked down the steps across the tarmac into the terminal building.

We quickly found the bus, got on and sat down. Francine cuddled up to me for the whole ride. Finally, we got to the hotel. It was a fairly good size place. I’d say 15 floors high and it had two buildings that I could see.

“Dave, give me your room voucher, would it be ok if we get adjoining rooms?”

“Yeah, that’s fine by me. Go for it!”

We walked up to the front desk, “Good afternoon, what can I do for you?”

“We’re checking in and is it possible to get two adjoining rooms?” Francine enquired as she handed her the vouchers.

The clerk checked her computer, “Yes, we have one available. The rooms have been cleaned, it’s ok if you’d like to go up now.” The bellman was right there, and he put our luggage and coats on his cart. We were quickly escorted to our rooms.

Francine went into one room, me into the other. I hung my coat up and put my suitcase on the bed. Francine knocked on the door in between. I answered it, “Hey, Do I know you from someplace?”

“Nope, you don’t know me. I don’t talk to strangers”, she joked.

We both laughed. Then she told me to come in. I sat on the bed while she was unpacking her suitcase. Then she pulled her turtleneck over her head and threw it on the bed. Unzipped her heavy blue jeans and dropped them down. She smiled at me then took her winter socks off.

“Oh, I’m glad to get these winter clothes off.” Francine said relieved.

Francine unhooked her bra and her medium size tits dropped slightly, she rubbed them and went ahead and pulled off her panties showing her thick trimmed bush.

“Well, what do you think? Do I look good enough for the beach?”

“Francine you look good enough to eat!” I retorted as I stared.

“Ok, now Dave you get naked.” Francine said as she sat on the bed with her legs crossed rubbing her chest.

I got up took my shirt, pants and undies off and used my feet to take my socks off. I stood in front of Francine and she reached out and grabbed my cock.

“Ohh, your cock is cute Dave. I’ve got to get some of your juice.” as she played with it.

I pulled her head towards it and shoved it into her mouth. Francine uncrossed her legs and placed both hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me between her legs. Then she rubbed my stomach and chest while sucking my cock.

I grabbed her soft breasts and squeezed and played with her nipples. Then she stood up and we kissed our tongues danced. She places her hands on my shoulder while I reached around for a handful of ass. Then I held her around the waist. Francine threw me on the bed and jumped on my hardened cock and road me hard.

Within minutes I shot my load inside her oven and she smiled, “See I do keep my promises”.

She put her bikini on in front of me and checked her hair and makeup. For someone 45 years old she could sure rock that bikini.

We went into my room where Francine sat on my bed as I emptied my bag. She went over my clothes as I took them out, “Dave don’t you have any better swim trunks or shorts?”

“No, this is all I have. Why?” I asked.

“They don’t show off your ass or cock! I mean you and I are going to find a nudist section on the beach, but I at least don’t want to look at grandpa shorts while getting there,” she reasoned “When we go down we’ll get you a couple pair of better ones. Put these on for now.”

I put the shorts and shirt on that she said, and we were just heading out the door. She stopped and pointed to her bed, “We sleep together in the same bed?” She reached up smiled and kissed me and we headed out the door.

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