My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 04


I got my bag packed and was dressed ready to head out to the airport. I walked out into the backyard and Linda was still lying in the lounger. She had now turned over and her cute ass was exposed to the sun’s warm rays.

I walked to the chair and said, “I’m headed to the airport and will see you Saturday night.”

She rolled over slightly as her large full breasts came into sight and asked, “Will you do me a favor real quick and put some of that oil on my back, please?”

I replied, “It will have to be quick or I’ll miss my plane.”

I sat on the edge of the lounger and this time poured the oil onto her back. I began rubbing it in letting my hands slide across her graceful back and shoulders then down to the small of her back. I then let my hands run across the sexy globes of her ass and onto her thighs and calves. I finished with rubbing her ass and was sure to let my hand slid into the crack of her ass.

She mumbled being face down, “Do you think I’m going to burn between my cheeks?”

I responded with, “No, I just wanted to do it.”

She half rolled over again and smiled then said, “See you Saturday Night.” As she completed the sentence and I was ready to turn to leave, she reached out and grabbed my cock. I had not noticed that it had chubbed up slightly from rubbing her ass. She added, “Have your cock rested and ready.”

I bent down to kiss her and then went inside to the kitchen to wash off my hands, then headed out the door.

On the drive to the airport, I called Amy.

The phone was ringing, “Hello.”

I said, “Hey baby how are you.”

“Are you coming out to see me?” she asked.

“I will be there tonight. Do you want me to get a hotel or come to your place?” I asked.

She said, “No, come over here. I will have dinner and of course dessert ready for you,”

“Sounds great. I’ll be there about nine o’clock. I have to leave and come home tomorrow so it will be for only one night.”

She responded with a moaning, “oooooohhhhhhhhh. Can’t you stay longer?”

Sorry I have another commitment Saturday Night. I have to be back by then.”

She sounded pouty, “Oh alright but you have to stay longer on your next trip.”

I replied with, “You’ve got it. See you about nine. Bye.”

While I was flying to Florida, the huge turnaround in my life with Linda’s and my sex life was weighing on me. I had said all along that I would not be fucking someone else if only Linda would fuck me. Now Linda was fucking me. The problem was that I also love fucking Amy. I reasoned with myself and figured out that it would be ok to continue fucking Amy. After all Linda was and has been fucking around on me. How can she get mad if I fuck someone on the side?

The plane landed and I was in a hurry while everyone else seemed to be in slow motion getting off.

Finally, I got off the plane and headed straight to the car rental booth. I had called ahead and reserved one so I could be in and out quickly. When I got in the car, I called Linda.

When she answered I said, “Hello, I made it safe and sound”

She replied, “Great because I plan on putting that big cock of yours to use tomorrow night.”

I was momentarily shocked again because I have not heard Linda talk like that for many years.

“I’ll be ready and I hope I can tolerate being in the same room watching someone else fucking my wife.”

She replied, “You have to remember just that. It is fucking and nothing more.”

“Easier said than done,” I replied.

She added, “After all I will also be watching you fuck my friends.”

“Ok, we’ll see how it goes. Love ya!” I ended with.

“Love ya too, bye” she responded.

I was nearly to my appointment and my dick was hard from our conversation. I sat in the car for a moment calming down before going in.


My meeting lasted about three hours and I hurried to the car and headed to Amy’s house. I arrived there a little before nine and went to her door.

She opened the door and leapt into my arms completely naked.

She planted a big tongue kiss on me then said, “Come on in Lover.”

I stepped into the house and found another woman on the couch naked.

Amy smiled at me, “I want you to meet my friend Maggie.”

Maggie stood up and held out her hand. I took her hand but I was not looking into her eyes. Maggie had the most beautiful set of tits I have ever seen. They were not overly large but were perky and about the size for a good handful. She was a petite brunette with long flowing hair and great legs.

I said, “Nice to meet you Maggie.”

I then added, “I hope I’m not interrupting anything here?”

Amy said, “Don’t be silly. We tried waiting for you but Maggie and I kind of started without you.”

Maggie turned to sit back down and my gawd her ass was a beautiful heart shaped ass with firm and tight globes of flesh.

Amy stood in front of me and said, “Let me take your jacket.”

I pulled off my jacket and she laid it over gaziantep escort ilanları the back of a chair then came back to me. She undid my tie and pulled it off then kissed me. She started unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it off my shoulders. It also was thrown over the chair.

She kissed me again and said, “I missed you.” She kissed down my chest and sucked a nipple into her mouth as she reached for my belt. She unfastened it then unzipped my pants. She was kissing me again as she reached into my briefs and began stroking my hard cock.

She softly breathed in my ear, “Apparently you missed me too.”

She pulled my pants to my ankles taking with them my briefs.

She moaned, “Maggie has me so worked up I want your big cock now.”

She walked me hobbling to the chair and sat me down.

She turned to Maggie, “Honey can you help me with this?” as she was pulling off one of my shoes.

Maggie stood and sexily walked to me and got down on her knees pulling off my other shoe and sock. Then each girl grabbed a pant leg and pulled my pants off. Then they reached for my briefs and I was naked. My cock was standing at attention as Amy reached for it. She leaned into me and sucked my cock into her mouth. Maggie was rubbing my thigh as Amy swallowed my cock into her throat.

I looked at the two naked women and was still in disbelief that there were two women naked ready to fuck and suck me.

Amy pulled off my cock and said, “Maggie you have got to try this. His cock is so wonderful.”

Maggie grabbed my cock and wrapped her lips around it. The velvety warm of her mouth was wonderful. She swirled her tongue around the head and then went completely down on my cock until her lips were locked around the base of it. I rolled my head back and closed my eyes. I have never been so deep in a woman’s mouth before and the feeling was incredible.

Amy was by my ear and whispered, “I knew you would like Maggie and her special little talent for sucking cock.”

All I could respond with was, “uuuuummmmmhuh.”

Amy moved to my chest and began sucking on my nipples. While she was sucking on one, she was rubbing and pinching the other one.

Maggie was still sucking and stroking my cock when I looked down as my saliva covered cock slid back into her throat.

Amy said, “Excuse me girlfriend but I have got to have his big dick in my pussy now.”

Maggie let my cock slid from her lips but held onto the base of it. She replied, “Go ahead. I will guide it for you.”

Amy threw her leg over me and straddled my lap. She began lowering herself and I felt Maggie moving my cock lining it up. I then felt my cock head touch the hot entrance to Amy’s pussy as she sat down. Her pussy was soaked apparently from what happened before I got there.

Maggie released my cock and Amy began sliding up and down on it. Maggie stood up, walked over by the couch, and grabbed a dildo. She added some lubricant to it and then walked back over to where we were fucking. Maggie got on her knees between my legs.

Maggie said, “Amy slid up just a bit.”

I felt Amy’s pussy lock down on my cock as apparently Maggie was working the dildo into her ass. I then felt the dildo slid against my cock and the thin wall dividing her pussy and ass.

Amy moaned, “OOOOHHHHH FUCK!”

The dildo kept going deeper and her pussy grew extremely tight as she was being stretched taut.

As she adjusted to the feeling, she lowered herself down on my cock again and Maggie held the dildo in place. Amy leaned forward and her big tits were in my face so I sucked a nipple into my mouth.

I bit slightly down on it and she groaned, “OH YES.”

With the dildo firmly in place, Maggie moved to my head and kissed me as she rubbed and pinched my nipples.

Amy began bouncing up and down on my cock. She was hitting it so hard the slapping noise was filling the room on each down stroke as her ass met my thighs.

I could feel my cock expand even more as I was closing in on shooting a load of cum into Amy’s slick pussy.

Amy must have felt the extra friction also because she groaned, “Yes Lover fill my pussy with your cum.”

She was now sitting completely down on my cock and grinding into it when her whole body shuddered and she leaned back putting her hands on my thighs, and then jerked into a breathless orgasm. I felt my cock enveloped in the warmth of her ejaculating pussy. I groaned and raised her and my ass off the chair as I shot a huge load of cum into her hot pussy.

Between my load and her wet overstuffed pussy I could feel the cum running out of her and onto my balls and between the crack of my ass. While she was leaning back, Maggie moved her mouth to Amy’s huge shuddering breasts and sucked a hard erect nipple into her mouth. When she felt this Amy again moaned and her pussy contracted on my cock sending another gush of fluid to my already soaked balls.

Amy was coming down from her two orgasms as Maggie again went between my legs and retrieved the dildo from Amy’s ass. I could feel it as she pulled it from her and my cock again jerked inside her.

As the dildo was removed, Amy moaned a soft low guttural moan, “oooooohhhhhhh yes.”

Amy climbed off my cock and wobbled over to the couch with our mixed juices running down her leg.

Amy sat down and said, “My gawd Maggie you have got to have some of his big cock.”

My cock was lying flaccid against my thigh glistening from our juices and Maggie said, “I want it but I better give him a second to recoup.”

Amy replied, “Just suck him again. He rebounds quickly with a little coaxing.”

Maggie got between my legs, pulled my cock off my thigh, and sucked it into her very talented mouth again.

I sat back and looked at Amy with her cum soaked pussy splayed wide open for my viewing as Maggie stroked and sucked my dick. She was licking my balls and seemed to be enjoying the taste of the cum cocktail that was dripping from them.

My cock started to respond.

Amy got off the couch and got on her back beneath Maggie. She slid between Maggie’s legs and apparently was sucking and licking Maggie’s pussy. Maggie moaned on my cock at Amy’s attention to her pussy.

My dick was now hard as I again watched the very talented Maggie working it between her beautiful red lips.

Maggie began to stand and said, “Amy your tongue is great but I need something hard in my pussy right now.”

She straddled my cock and I felt Amy grab the base of it and guide it this time into Maggie’s pussy.

Maggie also immediately sat down on my cock. Her pussy was well lubricated from excitement and Amy’s saliva.

Maggie moaned as she fully enveloped my dick with her pussy. She then began riding up and down on it just barely keeping it in her and then sinking all the way down in a slow rhythmic motion. Her tight little pussy felt wonderful on each stroke. When she rose off it, I could feel the cool air rushing between us and the sensation it was causing on my wet dick. Then back into the warmth of her pussy.

Maggie’s pussy was nearly as talented as her mouth as she was squeezing my dick with each stroke.

Amy then said, “Maggie put him on the floor.”

Maggie climbed off and each girl grabbed an arm and pulled me off the chair and onto the floor. I laid on my back and Maggie immediately climbed back on and put my cock into her.

Amy bent over me and sucked a nipple into her mouth. She sucked each one then straddled my face and put her pussy at my mouth.

She glanced down at me and said, “I hope you don’t mind a little cum with your pussy.”

The cum on her thighs was making the sides of my chest slick as she straddled me.

I put my tongue on her juicy pussy and tentatively licked. My tongue was covered in a mixture of our juices, which I recognized one as hers and another salty taste that I had to assume was my own semen. She scooted further up and smashed her pussy against my face and I dove in licking and sucking the cum mixture from her pussy. My face was soaked as I found her hard little clit and circled it with my tongue. I looked up beyond her smoothly shaven pussy to see Maggie was fondling Amy’s tits from behind her. Maggie was still bobbing up and down on my hard cock as she massaged and pinched Amy’s tits.

Amy was moaning in response to my tongue pressed flat against her clit. I was giving it a back and forth motion letting it slide across my taste buds.

I could again feel the cum beginning to rise in my balls as they contracted against my body. Amy was now moaning and growled; “OOOOHHHHH FUCK!” which by now I knew meant she was ready to come.

I moaned and writhed on the floor as my cum shot deep into Maggie’s milking pussy and the moaning on Amy’s clit caused her to lose her cum onto my already soaked face.

My cock softened inside Maggie’s pussy and then slid out.

Amy crawled off my face and turned to Maggie. “Maggie I don’t think you have come yet.”

Amy grabbed Maggie, pulled her off me, and laid her on the floor next to me. Amy then kissed her tits and down her belly to her smoothly shaven cum filled pussy.

Amy said before diving in, “I love the taste of both of you so this should be delicious.”

She kissed Maggie’s pussy and then dove in, sucking and licking at her pussy.

I rolled over on my side and sucked one of Maggie’s hard nipples into my mouth. Her nipple puckered up so much from excitement that I could feel the hard little bumps of her areola against my tongue. I rolled her other nipple between my fingers and it too was hard as a rock. As I was sucking her luscious tits, I glanced down at Amy’s forehead. Her nose was riding at the top of Maggie’s slit and she was shaking her head side to side with Maggie’s clit in her lips.

Maggie began moaning, then jerked, and nearly screamed, “OH SHIT!” Then a loud moan, “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!” as she jerked and convulsed on Amy’s tongue.

Maggie’s body relaxed and Amy crawled from between her legs.

For a moment, we all laid there glowing in the after affect of having great sex.

Amy got up and said, “I need a shower. Does anyone want to join me?”

Maggie and I both got up as we all headed down the narrow hallway to the bathroom.

Amy reached in, turned the water on, and adjusted it so it was just tepid. We were so hot already there was no sense in taking a hot shower.

Amy got in and I followed her then Maggie got in. I felt like a piece of meat between two lovely pieces of bread.

We took turns washing each other’s backs, which also led to washing tits and private parts. The girls were having a great time washing my cock and balls. I on the other hand was having a wonderful time having two lovely bodies all soapy sliding against my body.

We had played around until the water was getting cold so we rinsed and climbed out. The girls were drying me off in every possible place that was wet.

Amy said, “Damn, I’m starved how about a late night snack? And, I mean food right now.”

I laughed and said, “Damn! How about dessert?”

Maggie piped in, “I know I will need some dessert after eating. I always have to have something a little salty.”

We all laughed and walked back down the hallway to the kitchen. I made sure that it was ladies first so I could watch those two tight asses wiggle down the hall.

Amy pulled out a few snacks of crackers and cheese as we sat and talked while eating and drinking a few more beers.

At one point, I had to stop, sit, and think about how I had gotten here. I was in a singlewide trailer with two naked women while my wife was at home either fucking someone else or planning tomorrow nights events. I had gone from no sex to so much now that I was not sure if I had the stamina for all of it.

Suddenly I heard Amy saying, “Hello Jim?”

I snapped back to my senses and replied, “Yes?”

Maggie laughed, “Where did you go?”

I replied, “I was just sitting here thinking about what a lucky man I was to be here in the company of two lovely ladies and when we were going to have dessert?”

Amy and Maggie both laughed when Amy said, “Poor thing, is he being ignored?”

She walked to the chair I was sitting in and said, “Dessert is served!”

She pulled me from the chair and kept a hold of my hand as she led me down the hall to the bedroom. Maggie was right behind us.

Amy turned me and pushed me onto the bed, then straddled my body and walked up it on her knees until her pussy was at my face. She then reached on the nightstand and grabbed a can of whipped cream.

She sprayed a little on her pussy and said, “I thought you might like a little whipped cream on your dessert.”

I dove into her pussy licking away at the cream and to the prize that was hidden below it.

Maggie said, “I need that can please.”

I felt the cold whipped cream as she sprayed it onto my cock and balls. Then suddenly a warm amid the cold as my cock was sliding between her lips and into her mouth. Maggie was deftly applying her tongue to my dick and balls while licking up the whipped cream.

I kept working on Amy’s sweet cream covered pussy using my tongue and mouth. I finally got through the whipped cream and found her clit unsheathed from its hiding place and begging to be sucked. I rolled it between my lips and let my tongue tickle just the very end of it. Amy was groaning and grinding her crotch into my face wanting more and more. I ran my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go then licked along her hairless and now very sticky slit back to her hard little nub. I flattened my tongue and licked her like an ice cream cone. This brought an “OOOOHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!” from her as she writhed in pleasure.

Maggie had apparently cleaned off the cream from my groin and now had my hard cock buried in her throat. My cock was aching due to the amount of times I had come in the last twenty-four hours. What made it worthwhile was that my staying power was greater and I could enjoy Maggie’s masterful mouth.

Amy’s pussy was now so wet and sticky that as she rotated her hips on my mouth I was scooping up her juices on my tongue. My face had to be a mess.

Amy suddenly grabbed my head by the hair and started thrusting her hips into me. I could tell by her actions and moaning that she was ready to squirt her cum onto my face.

She then forcefully grabbed my hair and forced my face into her. I found her clit and sucked hard on it. She then nearly screamed, “OH FUCK YESSSSSSS!” as she shot her load onto my face and into my mouth. I used my tongue like a spoon and pulled her juices into my mouth letting them run down my throat.

As her orgasm subsided, she climbed off me and went to help her friend work on my cock. Maggie relinquished control and licked my balls while Amy sucked my cock for a bit. Maggie then moved from my balls to lick one side of my shaft while Amy licked the other. Then as I was watching this, they kissed. They did not kiss a sisterly kiss but a kiss of lovers. My cock was standing at attention just below their faces.

They broke the kiss and Maggie pulled my cock into her mouth as Amy stroked the bas of it.

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