Naughty at School Ch. 04


Frat Party Initiation

Hi, this is one of the events that happened to me when I first went to college. I was in my early twenties and a wild child living life and taking what it had to offer.

It was pledge time for the fraternities/sororities and I was trying to get into one of the more popular ones. It wasn’t a snobbish sorority house; but one that was more known for the girls being like me, wild, free and fun loving. Think of Animal House but in a girls’ version. All of the girls there were hot and sexy and very popular with the boys, especially the sport teams.

During pledge week you were made to do different things that the house you were applying for would make you do to show that you could fit in with the rest of the group. There were three girls who were in charge of the house that decided what you had to do to show you were ‘Worthy’ to join. Most of the things they wanted you to do were things like flashing in various places, flirting with certain teachers or loser guys on campus, making out with certain guys and final event of attending their Brother Fraternity Houses Frat Party. They won’t give any details of what goes on at that party but I’ve heard some rumors.

Well the night of the Frat Party finally arrived and all the girls were getting ready for a night of some hot fun. I was wearing a pink frilly top with bows that tied in the front, a short white pleated skirt, heels and no bra or panties. All the girls that were going to the party met in the main room before leaving and the pledges were given their instructions on what was going to happen and what was to be done. They told us that at the party we had to be polite and wait on all the guys there and if any wanted to make out with us, it had to be one of the guys in the fraternity, no others.

As we were walking over to the party one of the girls I had made friends with who was already a member pulled me to the side and told me “Be careful when you’re there and don’t get drunk and make sure you watch your drink.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Well they have been known to spike the drinks so they can take advantage of you. They don’t do it all the time, but with certain girls they will try. It happened to one of the girls and three of them had sex with her.”

I didn’t like the idea of my drink getting spiked but having three of them at once excited me. “I’ll be careful and watch myself.”

Once we arrived at the party they introduced all the new girls and we had to stand in the center of the room and turn around so they could all get a good look at us. This fraternity was made up of all athletes and popular guys on campus. After they all got a look we started to mingle. There was alcohol, munchies, music and dancing. We all started mingling and I made sure that I held onto my drink and if I lost sight of it…I got a new one. Some of the guys had me get them drinks and such acting like kings, but there was no harm in playing along with them.

I danced with a bunch of the guys and they were all grabbing my ass and feeling me up and kissing on me, but I was enjoying myself. They were all good looking hunks and I was enjoying the attention. There was one guy there that I kept watching me and he finally came over and asked me to dance. He was about six foot, very well built, black hair and brown eyes. We danced for a bit then went and sat down to talk. We talked about things in general like classes, music we liked, movies and stuff, gaziantep escort ilanları then he kissed me. We started making out on the couch kissing and his hands were roaming over my body feeling me up, but I wouldn’t let him do anything else sitting there like that with everyone else around.

Then he asked me. “Do you want to go upstairs where we have more privacy?”

I smiled. “Sure why not.”

We got up and started heading towards the stairs and one of the other guys pulled him to the side. They were whispering about something and he pointed to one of the three girls that take care of the initiations, then he came back over to me and we headed upstairs. You could hear that there were already a few rooms being used by couples, but he brought me into his room and closed the door.

We laid down on the bed and started making out again. We were French kissing and his hands were roaming over my body and he began squeezing my tits through my blouse. I just moaned letting him know it was OK. He leaned back from me and pulled on one of the ribbons holding my blouse together and I laid there smiling at him looking into his eyes. Once he had my blouse opened, he started licking and sucking my nipple. My fingers were running through his hair as I held his mouth to my nipple and I moved my leg in between his and rubbed his crotch with it. I could feel he was already hard and pushed him back down onto the bed and began opening his pants.

I pulled his cock out and started licking it before taking it in my mouth and sliding my lips down his shaft. I had only sucked him for a little bit when he slipped his hand under my skirt and found I had no panties on. He got up and started taking his shirt off and I took my blouse off. Then I laid on the bed and wiggled out of my skirt revealing my neatly shaved pussy and spread my legs waiting for him. He pulled his pants off and climbed onto the bed between my legs.

Then he said “I’m about to fuck her good now.” It sounded strange the way he said it, but I didn’t think much of it.

He got on top of me and rubbed the head of his cock along my slit before sliding it in. He was holding his upper body up watching me and started fucking me hard and fast right away just pounding into my pussy. I was raising my hips up meeting his thrust so I could get him inside me deeper. He then laid on top of me and started kissing my neck as his hips moved up and down pumping his cock in me. I wrapped my legs around him and was holding on tight enjoying his big cock fucking me when I heard someone opening the door.

“Wait someone’s at the door.” I said as I tried to push him off me.

“I know, don’t worry about it, just enjoy yourself.” while he continued fucking me.

I felt scared and excited at the same time thinking about what my friend had told me about them taking advantage of us. I wasn’t drunk enough to the point where I didn’t know what I was doing and I know my drink hadn’t gotten spiked, but I was horny enough to the point that I would love to have another guy join in. I heard multiple voices coming in the room but couldn’t see who they were yet. Then six guys came and three stood on each side of the bed and started watching us. Again I felt scared and excited especially having someone watching me getting fucked. The guy fucking me never stopped ramming his cock into my pussy.

“See guys she likes getting fucked. Tell them how much you like getting fucked.” I looked at all of them standing there watching, smiling, elbowing each other and the bugles growing in their pants.

“Yes, I like being fucked.” I replied hesitantly.

Then the guy fucking me held onto my legs but got on his knees and kept fucking me and I saw all the other guys start taking off their clothes and I was able to see their hard cocks.

“Now we’ll all give you a good fucking. Right guys?” They all commented in agreement as they started climbing on the bed.

Two of the guys got up near my head and took turns pushing their cocks in my mouth, two more started sucking on my nipples and feeling me up and the other two grabbed my hands and had me jerk them off. My mind was spinning as waves of pleasure coursed through my body with all my senses being overloaded in ecstasy. My juices were flowing and my hips were still moving meeting his thrust. My head was turning back and forth sucking on the cocks being pushed in my mouth. My hands were gripping the cocks and holding tight as I stroked each of them and I could feel my nipples being pulled at with their teeth.

The guy that was fucking my started grunting and rammed his cock in me and held it there. I could feel his hot cum filling my pussy. He kept pulling out and ramming it back in me until all of his cum was inside me. He pulled out and one of the guys I was jerking off pulled away from my hand and took his place. As soon as he shoved his cock into me I climaxed and my body started shaking. He immediately started pounding my pussy and you could hear the squishing noise my pussy was making. One of the guys I was sucking then filled my mouth with his cum and I swallowed every drop. “Hey guys she swallows!” They all laughed in response. One of the guys that were sucking on my tit stood up and put his cock in my hand and I began jerking him off. The other one that was sucking on my tit moved up beside my head and had me start sucking his cock.

It wasn’t long before the second guy that I first started sucking shot his load into my mouth giving me a taste of hot cum. Now the other guy I was sucking had my mouth all to himself while I continued jerking the other two off. I felt streams of cum hitting my tummy as one of the guys I was jerking off shot his load off in my hand.The guy fucking my pussy had my legs up on his shoulders as he pumped his cock into me and I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. The guy fucking me started fucking harder and pushing deeper and then exploded into my already cum filled pussy. I could feel his cock pulsing as his cum squirted into me. He still had his cock inside me when the guy that was fucking my mouth gave me a third mouthful of cum which I greedily swallowed.

The last two that I was jerking off rolled me over and got me up doggy style and each took an end. One grabbed my head started fucking my mouth and I could taste his cum and the other grabbed my hips and filled my dripping pussy with his cock. I sucked one the guy dry and he moved off to the side and two of the guys that had at me before came back over and sat at the head of the bed and pulled my head down to suck them off. I could taste myself on one of their cocks and the other just his cum. The guy behind me was fucking me good and hard pushing me forward onto the two cocks I was sucking now and at that point I had my second climax. He didn’t take too long before he pulled his cock out of my pussy and shot his cum onto my ass and back.

One of the two guys I was sucking started to slide under me and the other said to him. “What are you doing?”

“I haven’t had a chance to fuck her yet so she can ride my cock.” and he continued crawling under me.

The other guy got up and when the one behind me moved out of the way he got behind me. The guy underneath me held his cock while I slid my pussy down onto him. He grabbed my ass and began thrusting up into me making my tits bounce as I rode his cock. I leaned forward and he started sucking my tits. “Hold her still! I’m going to fuck her ass.” I heard the guy behind me saying as he grabbed my ass and the two of them held me still while he worked his cock into my ass. I started to scream and one of the other guys ran over and covered my mouth. Once he got his cock fully inside my ass, it stopped hurting as bad and they both starting fucking my holes together. The one that had covered my mouth pushed his cock towards me and again I started sucking on a cock.

I had all of my holes filled now and could feel another climax building inside me. The guy who was fucking my ass shot his load shortly after he started fucking me. The one underneath me was still fucking me hard and fast bouncing me on his cock. I could now feel cum running out of my ass with each thrust into my pussy. Another voice called out. “I’m going to fuck her ass too” and I felt another cock being shoved into my already spread hole. This guy wasted no time shoving his cock into my ass and fucking me hard. The guy underneath me started grunting and again more cum filled my pussy. The guy fucking my ass told the guy I was riding to stay there till he finished and so the guy I was riding reached up and spread my ass cheeks wider. My ass got pounded for a few minutes more before another load of cum got pumped into me.

When he was done the two of them moved off the bed and left me laying there worn and tired. My body was still shaking from the fucking I had just received and my legs still felt weak. I looked around and most of the guys had already left the room. There were just the two that just finished and the guy that I started with. I laid there quietly as I could while I caught my breath as the last two got dressed and left the room leaving me alone in the room. I used the sheets to wipe up the cum that was on me and started to get dressed. I heard some voices outside the room arguing then the door opened and the girl who was in charge of initiations came in. She sat down beside me and put her arm around me.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes I’m just trying to catch my breath.”

“We didn’t know that they were going to pull some shit like that or we would have stopped them. Yes we know they had threesomes with the girls before but never anything like this.”

“It’s OK I knew the chance I was taking just by coming to the party. I’ve heard of Frat Parties before and what these guys might do. They weren’t mean about it and didn’t really force themselves on me so it’s ok.”

She just looked at me. “Well lets get you cleaned up and get out of here.”

Then the guy who started it walked back in. “You’re OK with us from here on out. You ever have any trouble you let us know, because you’re a part of our fraternity group now.” I just smiled at him.

After that I went to the bathroom and got cleaned up, finished dressing and went down stairs and rejoined the party. I never had any trouble with anyone on campus after that so I guess that was another perk along with the fucking I got. I also got voted in as one of the girls in charge of Initiations.

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