Never Enough Ch. 07


It was almost 10:30 when I woke up Sunday morning; time enough for coffee and a few cigarettes before my date with Steven. It had rained earlier in the morning but the sun was shining as the temperature rose, a perfect day for boating.

I decided to wear a bikini beneath my white shorts and t-shirt in case we might go swimming. Steven arrived shortly before noon, knocking softly on the apartment door. Amber answered, letting him in. I introduced the two since they might be coming in contact with each other in the future. Steven was all smiles, falling under Amber’s spell of down-home charm and her Deep South accent.

We left the apartment and headed northwest towards the marina. I put all thoughts of business out of my mind as we made the drive. I did feel a slight sense of nervousness. Maybe it was just the thought of being out on a social date with a handsome guy. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been out on a date, an unpaid date, that is.

We entered the marina, parking amongst the other luxury vehicles and SUV’s. Steven opened the trunk on the car and retrieved a large cooler and two plastic sacks of snack items. We proceeded down the hill towards the boat docks. Steven was all smiles as we passed by some of his friends and acquaintances. We boarded the boat, a gorgeous Regal 30’ Sport Cruiser. It was like a Mercedes on water, luxury everywhere.

“Wow, this is some boat!” I exclaimed. “It’s gorgeous!”

“It belongs to my dad and I.” Steven explained. “We bought it together. He uses it mostly during the week and I have it on the weekends. My kids really love it!”

“I can see why.” I said as my eyes scanned over the calm water.

Steven started the engine and it roared to life immediately. He carefully checked the instrumentation making sure everything was good to go before we untied the boat and cast off. Soon we were out of the marina and into the open water. Steven throttled the boat forward and we sped across the water. We traveled for miles to the far end of the lake, pulling into a secluded lagoon just off the main part of the lake. Steven lowered an anchor off the side of the boat, securing it.

“How about some lunch?” He suggested. “Looks like you could eat something.”

“Yes, I am a little hungry.” I answered. “I just had coffee for breakfast.”

Steven opened up the cooler and took out a chilled bottle of wine. I poured us each a glass while Steven set up a luncheon of fried chicken with several side dishes. He was constantly smiling; I hoped it was because of me and not just being out on the water.

“It’s been a long time since any woman has been on the boat.” Steven stated. “My ex-wife hated the water.”

“What about your parents? Doesn’t your mother like the boat?” I asked.

“My parents divorced several years ago.” Steven replied. “Dad’s having a hard time getting back into any kind of social life.”

“What about you?” I inquired. “How long have you been divorced?”

“Less than a year.” He answered. “It’s killing me. I don’t get to see my two boys much, just alternate weekends. Think it’s hard on them too.”

“Divorce is probably harder on the kids than it is the adults.” I stated. “They seem to be trapped in the circumstances caused by the parents.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Steven responded. “What about you? You ever been married?”

“Yeah, I guess I was.” Replying to his question. “It didn’t last a year. Just glad I didn’t get pregnant.”

“What are your plans for the future?” He asked.

“Right now, just make as much money as I can, as quick as I can.” I replied. “Then get far away from here.”

“You don’t sound like you’re planning on settling down.” Steven said. “Not planning on a family or getting married?”

“No. Marriage is definitely out of the question.” I answered. “I’m not sure about kids, maybe, maybe not.”

My statements quickly wiped the smile off his face. He looked off into the distance, dismayed. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so blunt with my answer. It was the truth, nothing to be kept secret. There were several minutes of silence, just the sound of water gently lapping against the side of the boat.

“What about this porn business?” Steven asked. “Besides majority owner and manager, are you planning on appearing in any of the movies?”

“I may from time to time.” I answered, trying to sound subtle. “Depends on the situation and circumstances. I’d like to put that part of my life behind me.”

Steven nodded his head. I could tell he didn’t fully approve of my answer. At least it partially brought his soft smile back. I wasn’t sure what he was getting at. Maybe he was sizing me up for than just a client. I knew how I felt about having a relationship. I had a feeling it wasn’t what Steven had in mind. I didn’t need any more complications in my life, not right now!

I didn’t really want to bring up business matters but I wanted to change the subject and get away from personal concerns. My life and personal ideals didn’t seem to sit well with Steven. No sense in putting gaziantep escort ilanları a gloom on our day together.

“What about the purchase agreement for J.R.’s?” I inquired. “When do you think you’ll be done going over it?”

“I’ll try and finish it up sometime tomorrow afternoon.” He answered. “I hope to have the contract between you and the Townsends done by late Wednesday.”

“I’ll be so glad when all these contracts are done and I can get on with the business at hand.” I stated.

“Seems like way too much for just one person to take on at one time.” Steven remarked. “I’m just glad you took time to spend the day with me.”

I didn’t want to admit it but I was glad too. Being out on the water was relaxing for my mind as well as my body. Spending the day with a great looking guy was a definite plus.

“Don’t suppose you brought a swimsuit by chance?” He asked. “Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to go skinny-dipping in broad daylight.”

I didn’t answer, just stood up and pulled my t-shirt off over my head. Steven’s smile quickly turned into a grin. I slipped my shorts off, waved them in his face, then tossed them on the seat.

“Let me go below and change.” Steven spoke. “I’ll be back in a jiff.”

We climbed down the ladder at the back of the boat, easing into the water. The chilly water soothed and cooled us both instantly. My nipples grew erect, evident through my white bikini. Steven noticed, staring at them.

“Looks like they’re glad to see me!” He exclaimed, staring at my hard nipples.

“They’re always UP for a little stimulus!” I quipped, grinning.

Steven and I played around in the water, staying close to the boat. Steven swam underwater coming up behind me. He put his arms around me, pulling me in close to him. I twisted around in his arms. We paused just for an instance before our lips met in a hard, passionate kiss. It took both our breaths away. We held the kiss for several minutes, the water keeping our passions quenched. We broke the kiss to catch our breaths, Steven held me tight against him. I put my hand on the back of his head holding him close.

I sensed Steven was in dire need of affection, not sex. Maybe we both were. While Steven’s legs thrashed about keeping us buoyant, I managed to maneuver us back towards the boat, grasping the swim platform at the back. The name of the boat caught my attention, “Legal Beagles”. We held each other, kissing softly and tenderly. My thoughts were only of the two of us together.

We climbed back up the ladder and retrieved some towels from below deck. We gently padded each other dry.

“How about another glass of wine?” Steven suggested.

I nodded my head, although I would have preferred something stronger, like Scotch. The two of us sat on the rear lounge sipping the red wine. Steven put his arm around me while we watched several waverunners and ski boats pass by.

“I’ve got my two boys next week.” Steven murmured. “I was wondering if you’d like to spend next Sunday with us?”

“Oh, well………….I’ll have to see.” I replied, searching for an excuse. “If I lease this building, we may be busy working on it.”

Steven’s face showed his look of disappointment. I needed to say something positive and say it quick.

“Do you think your sons would approve of me?” I asked, forcing a smile.

“I’m sure they’d be crazy about you.” Steven replied, rubbing my shoulder.

“Ok. If you think it’ll be alright with them.” I responded. “I wouldn’t want to put a damper on your weekend.”

Steven held me in his arms while we watched the sun slowly setting behind the trees along the shoreline. It was a beautiful sunset.

“Much as I hate to say it.” He said. “I guess we should be heading back in.”

I stepped down into the lower cabin to change out of my still damp bikini. Steven hesitated to follow me, allowing me privacy. I gave him a look that let him know I was waiting on him. Steven climbed down into the roomy cabin, trying his best not to watch me take off my bikini. I untied the top and then the bottom. The tanlines left from my swimsuit, confirmed I’d gotten quite a bit of sun.

“Looks like you really got some sun today!” He exclaimed. “Love the tanlines!”

“Is that all you love?” I quipped, smiling.

“It’s a………been a long time since I……..” He spoke, his voice cracking.

“Doesn’t have to be.” I whispered. “Not if you want it to be different.”

Steven quickly changed the dinette into a v-shaped berth. We stretched out next to each other kissing softly, not wanting to hurry. Steven’s cock was rock hard, not huge, maybe 8”. He pushed me over onto my back kissing me tenderly. Our lips nibbled at each other’s, the tips of our tongues touching gently.

Steven’s lips trailed down towards my firm breasts. His warm lips kissed my nipples, sucking lightly at their hardness. I felt my body warming gradually as he made love to me. Steven’s hand slipped between my legs. My pussy was already secreting warm juices. He slowly massaged my pussy till my butt was squirming against the beach towel covering the berth cushions. I moaned softly, giving in to the heightening pleasures. Steven’s lips kissed the lips of my pussy, his tongue licking them up and down. I bit my lower lip to keep my building orgasm in check. When his tongue found my sensitive clitoris, I lost control, letting the orgasm take over my body.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Godddddddddddddd…Steven………..” I moaned aloud.

The orgasm waved back and forth over me, lasting for quite some time. Steven kissed the mound of my pussy, working his way back up towards my breasts. He kissed every inch of my body till his lips were pressed hard against mine in a passionate kiss. My legs spread enough to allow him to press the head of his hard cock against the swollen folds of my pussy.

“Slowly.” I whispered in his ear. “Let’s do it slow and easy.”

I wanted Steven to fuck me for a long time. If it had been awhile since he’d been with anybody, he’d probably get his load off way too soon. I didn’t want that to happen and have him feel he’d failed to get me off.

Steven pressed his rigid cock into me slowly, working back and forth till he had it all the way inside me. It felt so warm as it pulsated inside me. I clasped my ankles together behind his back, holding him tightly to me. We screwed slow and easy, our lips pressed together in a long kiss. My hands on his strong arms, gripped him tight. We fucked for a long time, slowly building our tempo. I felt myself cumming. Steven sensed it too. I didn’t hold back, not waiting on Steven.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Ohhhhhhhhh…Arghhhhhhhhhhh” I cried out.

Steven fucked me hard and fast till he exploded his load deep inside me. He cock pushed hard into me, his body paralyzed as his cum flooded into me. My hands gripped his arms tight till his climax subsided. Steven collapsed on top of me, my arms held his body against mine. We held each other till our bodies gradually relaxed and our breathing returned to normal. Steven slowly lifted himself off of me. His cock slipped out of me, trailing cum between us.

“Sex was never so good!” He muttered, barely able to speak. “That was fucking incredible!”

I lifted myself up, resting on my elbows. We kissed passionately, our bodies still heated from the sex. We cleaned ourselves up and took the stained beach towel off the berth cushions. Steven looked up through the cabin door. It was pitch dark outside. Steven flipped the cabin’s interior lights on, bathing the entire area in a soft, warm glow.

“We can turn the spotlights on and make it back to the marina or we can stay put and sleep on the boat.” He stated.

“Never slept on a boat before.” I responded, kissing Steven. “Be a shame if we’d miss this chance.

Steven’s face beamed at my remarks. He went back up on deck and brought down our things, turning the mooring lights on for safety. We covered ourselves with a light blanket, snuggling against each other. I dozed off in Steven’s arms, feeling the gentle rocking of the boat floating on the calm water. It was the ultimate end to a perfect day!

I woke up later that night. Checking my watch, it was almost 3:00am. I slipped out of Steven’s arms being careful not to wake him. I lit up a cigarette and climbed the steps up to the deck. Sitting on the rear lounge, I could hear occasional traffic far off in the distance, over the noise of the chirping crickets. Thoughts about Steven and I, where this might lead and thoughts of his family entered my mind. I wasn’t too thrilled about meeting his two sons, fearing they might not like me dating their father. What would Steven’s friends and business acquaintances think of me, certain they wouldn’t approve of my career choices. A relationship with Steven might prove detrimental to him and his career. There seemed to be many more “cons” then “pros” to us sharing a relationship other than business.

I finished my cigarette, tossing it into the water. I slipped quietly back down the steps and into the berth next to Steven, putting his arm around me, holding his hand tightly to my body. I’d let Steven decide how far and how long he wanted our relationship to continue. I would accept whatever he wanted.

“Hey sleepy head! Wake up!” Steven whispered in my ear. “It’s daylight.”

“Huh………what time is it?” I asked, still half asleep.

“It’s almost 7:00.” Steven replied. “I let you sleep a little while I fixed some coffee.”

Steven and I put the berth back into the dinette position. We sipped the coffee, listening to the morning news on the radio. We eventually got dressed and pulled the anchor back onboard. Steven let me drive the “Legal Beagles” back to the marina after showing me how the controls worked. It was a tremendous feeling of power, throttling the boats engine and speeding across the water. The marina was nearly deserted when we pulled up to the dock.

I called Amber from my cell phone, asking her to bring me some dress clothes to the club. Steven dropped me off at the service entrance to the club just as Melissa and Jackie pulled up. We kissed good-bye, neither of us caring that we were being watched. Our kiss lasted for several minutes.

“I’ll call you later this afternoon.” Steven whispered, catching his breath. “I’ll get the purchase agreement back to you before the end of the day.”

I watched Steven pull out of the parking lot. Jackie and Melissa stood behind their cars, staring at me.

“Well, what are you looking at?” I shouted.

“That’s what we want to know.” Jackie replied, grinning. “Don’t tell me you’re just getting in from your date.”

“Well……………I overslept just a little.” I said, trying to hide my smile.

“Sleep!” Jackie exclaimed. “Bet you didn’t get a whole lotta sleep! And what the hell was that kiss all about! Thought you was gonna suck his face off!”

I unlocked the service door, propping it open. The three of us walked through the bar, climbing the stairs to the upper level office.

“Forgot your bra too, huh!” Jackie shouted, rubbing my back. “Damn, that must have been some date!”

“Crap.” I replied. “I left my bikini on the boat. Bet I left it hanging on the door.”

Melissa and Jackie laughed at my remark. I grabbed a quick shower in the bathroom adjacent to the office while Melissa put on some fresh coffee. Amber was running late so I wrapped a towel around me, covering as much of myself as I could.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” Melissa asked. “Shopping for a wedding dress?”

“OK! OK! Enough already!” I exclaimed. “It was just a social date, nothing more.”

I was lieing and both Jackie and Melissa knew it. It was more than just a social date, at least to me it was. I was sure Steven felt the same about it. The sex was important to him but not as important as just being with me.

“Did you have any luck contacting Tony or Darren?” I asked, looking at Jackie.

“No luck at all.” She answered. “Chris and Rickie haven’t seen them either.”

“Well, let’s not waste anymore time trying to get in touch with them.” I stated. “We’ll run into them sooner or later. We’ve got Chris, Richie, Ryan and Paul. That’s enough to get us through the first movie.”

“How many more guys are we planning on hiring?” Melissa asked, smiling coyly.

“I’d like to have at least twelve we can rotate around.” I replied. “Don’t want the consumers getting tired of the same ole faces.”

“I could stand a little rotating myself!” Melissa exclaimed, causing everyone to laugh.

Amber entered the club, carrying my clothes. I took the clothes from her when she reached the office, heading to the bathroom. I heard several spells of laughter, as I got dressed. No doubt, the girls were having fun trading remarks about my date with Steven.

“I just brought you one pair of panties.” Amber quipped, grinning. “Hope that’ll be enough.”

“OK, anymore remarks before we get down to business?” I kidded back. “Let’s hear them now so we can get them over with.”

No one made any more smart remarks although I’m sure there were several on their minds.

“Melissa, why don’t you see if you can get in touch with the realtor about the property on Franklin Road?” I suggested. “Steven’s given his approval on the lease documents. I just want to have another look before signing.

“We get this building, what’s next?” Jackie asked.

“Lot of prep.” I replied. “We’ve got to get showers installed, cubicles constructed, equipment bought, technicians hired, the list goes on and on.”

“We’re still quite a aways from shooting our first movie then?” Melissa asked.

“Yeah, at least four weeks, maybe longer.” I answered. “That’s just my guess.”

Melissa got in touch with the realtor. He agreed to meet us at the building right away. Amber stayed at the club, waiting for the deliverymen. Jackie, Melissa and I drove over to meet with the realtor. He was there waiting on us when we arrived. The three of us casually strolled through the building, inspecting every nook and cranny. I was particularly interested in the security system and perimeter fencing. I was hesitant about spending six-grand a month on the lease but the building would suit our needs. I signed the lease documents and the realtor handed over the keys to the property.

“Well, we’ve got ourselves a studio!” I announced to Jackie and Melissa. “Starting tomorrow, we meet here at 9:00 instead of the club.”

My cell phone rang and I answered it without looking at the caller I.D. It was Steven, calling from his office.

“Are you at the club?” He asked.

“No, I’m at our new studios.” I answered, excitedly. “Just signed the lease papers a few minutes ago.”

“What’s your plans for the rest of the day?” Steven asked. “Can you get away for lunch?”

“I’d like to but we need to do some shopping for office equipment.” I replied. “How about dinner later this evening. I can try and get away from the club after 7:00.”

“Sounds even better.” He stated. “I’ll drop by around then. I…………..I miss you already.”

“I miss you too.” I said without hesitating and without thinking. I wasn’t sure if I regretted saying it or not.

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