The Girls Next Door Ch. 02


There were girls everywhere. Bobby was drowning in a sea of high, firm breasts and taut asses, all wrapped tightly in the clingiest tops and shortest shorts imaginable. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, girls with shining black hair like waterfalls down their backs, cut as if to point at those round bottoms. Statuesque African beauties, exotic olive skinned temptresses, pale gothic girls and tanned All-American sweethearts were to be seen every which way he turned. His days were torture, surrounded by living breathing girls who appeared to have no idea how provocatively they dressed.

Tall and quiet, Bobby didn’t talk to girls much, and moved through the college campus in a way that avoided contact with people, leaving him in his fourth year with no girlfriend, and only a few close friends. He rarely went out due to his shy nature, and spent most of his time out of class in his dorm room. This was his last year of school here, and he only had one class left to complete before graduation. His days were uneventful, aside from the problem of having to hide a constant hard-on caused by the women he was continually faced with as he moved between the buildings. They were everywhere he went, he couldn’t escape.

It was torture.

His nights, however, were less like outright torture and more like … bittersweet torture. His dorm was co-ed, and his next door neighbors were a pair of beautiful girls, girls that you might find living in your clean, suburban neighborhood: sunshiny blondes with beachy tans, long lean muscles and brilliant smiles under sexy blue eyes. They were the quintessential All-American Sweethearts; the girls next door. But each night as he lay in his bed, he heard the unmistakable sounds of girls in sexual pleasure through the thin dormitory walls. Assuming they were lesbians, he allowed his mind to wander, and pictured all sorts of acts to go with the things he heard.

Listening to them was almost painful. They seemed to sigh in unison, and with each almost-inaudible breath or moan, his mind generated images for him. Sometimes he pictured the girls sitting on the same bed, propping themselves up on one arm each while their other arm helped a hand as it busily diddled the other’s slit.

Sometimes he imagined them using one of those double-ended dildos, and tangling their legs as they humped it until they were grinding their cunt lips together.

Sometimes he only heard one girl’s moans, and on those nights he would imagine one with her mouth fastened upon the other’s juicy petals, flicking her tongue against a hard red clit. Occasionally he took that thought one further, and imagined that the girl licking was also diddling herself, or fingering the asshole below her mouth.

Once he was absolutely certain he heard the sounds of a spanking in progress, but the noises were so muffled he couldn’t be sure. That night he came hard, imagining one girl over the other’s lap, gagged and being spanked with a velvet-wrapped paddle.

Every night he was able to imagine something new, but primarily he just dreamed that the girls were on their knees before him, taking turns kissing the head of his cock, professing their undying love for him, and their insuppressible need to become his love slaves, incapable of doing anything but finding new and imaginative ways to pleasure his body.

The three of them developed a routine: Bobby would slide into bed, armed with lotion or lube and a box of tissues, and he would wait. He could almost set a clock by the girls, and nearly every night at about ten-thirty he was rewarded with the sound of a bed gently thumping his bedroom wall as weight was put upon it. Usually within five or ten minutes, he would begin to hear the faint sounds of the girls sighing and moaning, sometimes the sound of a vibrator cutting the night and a faster, harder rhythm against his wall. He would lean back against their shared wall, imagine what they were doing, and begin to spank off. He had to be careful; afraid they would catch on, he had to be careful not to be too rough with himself. If his bed started banging against their wall at he same time their bed did every night, they might catch on that he knew what they were up to, and stop.

That is why his nights were bittersweet; in his head he had sex with two gorgeous women every night. In reality he was a pervert, eavesdropping on his neighbors and wanking while he did it.

Of course he was terrified of them during the day – he would wait to leave his room until he was certain they were gone from theirs. He tried to be quiet in his room, and when in the halls of the dorm building he made every effort to be the invisible man.

So naturally, he was beside himself when one night as he sat in his bed waiting for the girls to start their ‘nightly show’, he heard not a soft thump on his wall, but a sharp rapping at his door.

“J-Just a minute!” he squawked, scrambling to put on some pyjama pants and a tee-shirt.

He shoved his tube of lube into his bedside gaziantep escort ilanları table drawer and flung himself at the door. He opened his door to find one of the girls standing there, wearing a tight, low cut tank top under a lightweight hoodie on top, and a pair of skintight biker shorts covering her perfect ass. She was barefoot, and holding a bottle of beer in each hand.

“Hey.” She said, and walked past him into his room.

Bobby stood in his doorway, gawking at her. He didn’t even know her name, she was just a fantasy he visited very night.

“Uh, hi. C-can I help you?” Bobby stammered as he closed the door.

He took a few steps towards the girl, who was now sitting on the bed he’d just vacated, surveying his room.

She looked at him, serious as she could be and said, “Yes, you can help me. Beer?”

She held one out to him. Bobby took the bottle.

“I have this dilemma, quiet guy.”

She smiled and used the fabric of her hoodie to grip and then twist off the top of her beer and took a deep swig.

“See, Sarah –that’s my roommate and girlfriend – is gone for this week and weekend and I am all alone in our room. I am currently without male companionship, and you are the only guy on this floor that seems even close to being a halfway decent guy. I have a proposal for you, if you’ll hear it.”

“A p-proposal?” Bobby silently cursed his parents for passing on the stuttering gene. “What on earth c-could I p-p-possibly d-do for you? I d-don’t even know your n-name!”

“Oh, you stutter, that’s so cute!” the girl gushed. “Well, it’s very simple. I’m horny, my girlfriend is gone, and I want to get laid. It’s hard to find a decent girl to fuck, and to be honest, I kind of miss a cock in me. My name is Terri, by the way, and I would like for you to be …available for me this week and weekend. You up for it, Bobby-O?” she took another deep pull on her bottle, giving Bobby the opportunity to see her throat work as she swallowed.

He wondered if this was a joke.

“B-bullshit.” He said. “I d-don’t b-believe you. This is a p-prank. A b-bunch of juh-jocks are guh guh gonna come in here and k-kick my ass if I t-touch you, right? Anyways, why wo-would you want to fuck muh-me? And how d-do you know my nuh-name?”

“Like I said, Bobby, you seem like the only nice guy on this floor. I know your name because I helped your mom with a box of your things on the day you moved in. Not only did your mom make sure I knew your name, she basically told me all about you. She’s one very nice lady.”

Terri stood as she finished this speech and set her beer on his bedside table.

“Now, before you call me a liar or a trickster, maybe you’ll believe me if I give us a quick little trial run?”

She approached him, reaching for the drawstring on his pyjamas.

“I really did mean it when I said I am horny – I’m a creature of a habit, you know. I have to keep to my routine.”

She loosened his pants and reached inside the waistband and found his cock. Bobby was shocked into silence – and instantly responded to her touch.

“Oh, my Bobby, you are just full of surprises!”

She began to work her hand along the length and thickness of him, and put her face very close to his.

“Are you going to drink that beer, or what?”

Bobby looked at the bottle in his hand. He hadn’t even opened it.

“Or wh-what.”

He put the bottle on the shelf beside him and tentatively put a hand on one of her breasts, cupping it through the thin cotton tank she wore. Terri smiled and took a step backward, pulling him along with her by his dick. She turned them and sat him on the end of his bed and then got to her knees before him.

“Let’s have a look at what we have here, hmm?” she said as she pulled his pyjamas down and off. “Oh, Bobby! Better than I expected! The quiet ones always have the best equipment.”

With that, she shrugged off her hoodie and removed her tank top, leaving only the biker shorts to cover her. She placed a hand on each of his knees and slid her palms up his thighs, and spread them as she scooted forward, placing her torso between them. Her generous breasts brushed the insides of his thighs, and came to a stop, pressed against his crotch. She took his shaft back into her hand and put it between them, then used both hands to squeeze her boobs around it.

“Do you like what you see so far, Bobby?” she asked, staring up at him from her kneeling position.

“Oh…my g-g-god, yes.” Was all Bobby could manage, and then Terri bent her head until her chin touched her chest, then she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of his penis, swirling her tongue around the eye of it, kissing it like it was his mouth.

It was a dream come true, and Bobby couldn’t keep himself from coming.

“I – I’m, uh, I’m g-g-gonna c-c-c-c!” He stammered out and Terri looked up at him, winked, and then backed up a little bit and let her breasts fall away as she took his cock fully in to her mouth and began to suck on it like it were a popsicle.

The feeling of her lips locked around him, her tongue rubbing against the bottom side of his dick, her teeth gently scraping the top was more than he could take and Bobby fisted the sheets of his bed in his hands as he shot his load down her throat, Terri staring up at him as she swallowed.


Bobby panted from the force of his orgasm and stared back at Terri, who still had her mouth on him, working at his cock like it was the most delicious lollipop she’d ever eaten. She licked and sucked at him until he found himself getting hard again.

She stopped for a breath and said “Oh, yeah, hard, that’s just what I want,” and then licked his balls before going back to work on his dick again.

When he was hardened to her satisfaction, she stood up and slid off her shorts to reveal a shaven pussy that looked moist and ready. She then pushed him back on the bed a bit, and climbed into his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist and reaching between them to grab his rod and aim it at her twat.

“Time for you to fuck me, Bobby!” She said and pressed her mouth against his and drove her tongue past his lips in a deep French kiss as she let her weight fall over him and drive her cunt down over his cock like a well fitted glove.

Bobby tasted himself on her tongue, salty, and it turned him on more.

“Ohhhh, yessss!” Terri cried, looking down their bodies as his member hit her inner back wall.

“And you’re not even all the way in me yet! Such a big boy!”

She began to rock in his lap, and with each movement it seemed that she found more room within herself to take all of his length in. Her muscles worked around his shaft rhythmically, massaging him until he was bucking his hips below her and grunting monosyllabically. She rode him like an expert, matching his moves and letting out cries of delight.

Bobby recognized those cries and said, “You nuh-n-never guh-go d-down on her, d-do you? She always d-does you.”

Terri, shocked at his statement, stopped mid-motion and stared at him. “How do you know that? How could you know that?”

“Easy. Through the wuh-walls. You f-fuck every n-night at t-t-ten thirty. I reh-recognize your v-voice. You said it. R-Routine.”

Terri laughed at this and began to rock again in Bobby’s lap.

“Well, baby, I sure am glad I picked you. Even if you are a little pervert for listening in.”

She bent her head and found his mouth with hers again, kissed him deeply, then threw her head back and gasped out, “My turn to come, Bobby-O!”

Bobby turned his attention to her breasts, his left hand kneading her right breast, his mouth suckling her left nipple. Terri’s breath began to race, her chest heaving and then she screamed and her entire body tensed, her vaginal muscles pulsing around his cock, squeezing it, and Bobby bit down on the nipple he was sucking as he joined her, shooting another massive load into her hot cunt. Terri seemed to really like the pain, and she screamed again, orgasming a second time, her body squeezing the come right out of him as it spasmed around his dick. He released her nipple and Terri raised her hips to get off his cock. She stayed in his lap, relaxed against him, kissing him again. He eased them down onto the pillows behind them and rolled to his side to let her weight rest on the bed. She wriggled her leg out from underneath him and then shifted her weight to pull his comforter from beneath her and slid under it. He joined her, and she rolled into his arms, spooning, her ass fitting neatly against his cock, her head on his bicep.

“Mmmm, Bobby, you are one great ride! So, what do you think? Will you be my fuck buddy for the week? Every night, same bat-time, same bat-channel?”

Bobby smiled into her hair and murmured,

“Same t-time. Same channel.”

They snuggled for some time, talking and getting to know each other, Terri doing most of the talking, and soon Terri glanced at the clock by the bed and started.

“Aw, crap, it’s pretty late, Bobby-O. I need to get into my own bed and get some rest if I am going to be of any use in my classes tomorrow.”

She wriggled, trying to dislodge the arms wrapped around her, and he resisted, nudging forward with his hips, giving her a reason to stay exactly where she was.

“Again, sweetie? You are starting to make me think I might have found the perfect man! I suppose I can skip one class tomorrow…”

She tilted her hips just a little bit and let Bobby’s cock slide into her pussy from behind.

“Mmmmm. Bobby, what are your thoughts on anal?”

Bobby grinned from ear to ear in the darkness and used his muscles to twitch his dick inside her, eliciting a surprised squeak of pleasure from Terri’s luscious lips. “N-never d-done it. Wuh-wanna?” He slid a hand between them and ran a finger down her ass crack, which he found slick with fluids from their earlier activities.

“Guh-got lube in that d-drawer.”

“Oh, I don’t think we’ll need it, do you?” Terri said and pressed herself back against him, pushing him into her more deeply.

Bobby pumped himself into her a few more times, making her let out a sigh that he had come to know very well, and then pulled out of her and got to his knees. “R-ready? I’m guh-going to fuck you in the ass n-now.” Terri got on all fours, crawled up to the headboard of Bobby’s bed, and grasped the rails there. She raised her ass up and wiggled it for him, her asshole winking at him with every movement, her pussy and thighs shining with their combined juices and lovesweat.

Bobby placed himself between her spread knees and placed one hand on her ass, using his thumb to hold the cheek aside. He teased her anus with a finger of his other hand, pressing gently against the brown hole, then pushing it in just barely, then hooking his finger and pulling down as he moved it from right to left. Terri moaned in delight, backing her ass towards his finger, trying to take more of it in. Bobby removed his finger and replaced it with his dick, using his hand to rub its tip around the winking circle, and dipping backwards every time she tried to make him put it in her by backing into him. He pushed against her just a little, the very tip of him sliding slowly into her asshole, and she gasped and bucked backwards, taking him in a full inch, past the head, locking him in.

“Yeah baby, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass hard, Bobby-O, make me scream, cowboy, ride it till you shoot it in my ass!” she growled at him.

Galvanized by her words, Bobby didn’t hesitate. He gripped her waist firmly and rammed forward. All of the slick juices covering their bodies allowed him one long, smooth entry, it was like she’d been greased up in anticipation of this very act, and he felt his balls swing forward and slap her cunt. Terri groaned and squeezed her ass as hard as she could. Bobby stopped and let her body get used to thickness of him for a moment, then began to pound her, his balls slapping her pussy with each stroke. With each slap came another cry from Terri, who let go of the bed with one hand and rubbed her clit with three fingers as he fucked her ass.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes, fuck my ass, fuck me, yeah, yeah, yeah…”

The tightness of her was incredible, and worked almost like a cock ring for Bobby. At the deepest point of each stroke, he found her muscles would grab his cock, preventing him from blowing his load. He grew even harder inside her, and it almost became painful, he needed to come so bad. Terri worked at her clit harder now, her dirty mouth reduced to grunts and moans. She began to pant again and Bobby realized she was about to come too and he increased his pace, slamming his dick into her as hard as he could, his balls flying at her crotch with each stroke, audibly hitting her pink folds now. A few strokes more and he felt her tense up again and they screamed their orgasms out in unison, Bobby’s hips twitching as he jerked out a load of come into her ass.

Still inside her, Bobby pulled her to him and collapsed onto his side, returning them to their spooning position of earlier. He wrapped his arms around her again and buried his nose in her hair.

“Stay here and sleep. C-class can wuh-wait.”

Terri responded by snuggling into his arms, heaving a contented sigh, and closing her eyes. Finally spent, Bobby let his soft cock slither out of her, and he grabbed the comforter and pulled it over them.


The next week was bliss. Bobby and Terri explored every inch of one another’s bodies, quickly learning each other’s likes and dislikes. Bobby learned that Terri liked just a smidge of pain, and that a well-timed pinch, bite, or smack could push her over the edge into orgasm. Terri learned that Bobby liked to be in control, and preferred to call the shots when it came to directing how their nights would play out.

That first night was Sunday night. The next morning Terri woke before Bobby did, went to her room and cleaned herself up, then returned with coffee, waking Bobby by tickling his nose with a stirring straw. She took him to breakfast and laid down the law.

“Look, Bobby-O, last night was really great. If you’re game, we can keep this up, but I need to make one thing clear: When Sarah comes home, there is no you and me. She knows I play around when she is out of town, but she doesn’t want to have it happening when she’s home. So when she gets here, we’re over. Kaput. Capiche?”

Bobby agreed, thinking that one week of heaven was worth any pain he might feel when he lost her. He really liked Terri. She was open, up front, and there was no bullshit with her. He’d expected a girly-girl, and instead he’d got a no-nonsense woman who knew what she wanted.

They parted ways that day, with Terri promising to meet him at his dorm room that evening. That night, Monday night, they took their time exploring one another, talking almost as much as they fucked, trying out different positions and figuring out what worked for them.

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