The Halloween Party


I work in a small regional hospital as a professional nurse. For years this one doctor has bee trying to get into my pants and I have been able to avoid his advances. A real womanizer, he has asked me out on dates and a couple of times asked me to go away with him for a weekend. Since I am married I have always told my husband about his advances and we have both laughed about it. We do have an open marriage but I just did not want to go that far with this doctor.

Then one day in the mail we received an invitation to Dr. Acker’s vineyard for a Costumed Halloween Party. What a novel idea but now I had to prepare two costumes for the party. Then an idea hit me. I could go as a bunch of grapes and my husband could go as the vineyard keeper. All he would need would be some old work clothes and maybe a straw hat. My costume on the other hand would be a little more complex. First I would need something green and then something purple that looked like grapes. Checking out the internet I found lots and lots of ideas for how to make the costume. My idea machine was now on overdrive because this was my opportunity to get back at Dr. Acker for all of his forward advances to me just maybe, if my mood was right, give him what he wanted.

I discussed it with my husband and told him I wanted my costume to raise the good doctor’s pulse and his penis. What I would do is wear a green see through body stocking with nothing underneath. Then we would tie dark purple balloons some how to the body stocking so no one would see my naked body until I was ready. I found a black fish net mini dress that would work great as a tie down for the balloons. Provided the doctor is the cunt hound that I think he is he will be asking me all night what is underneath the balloons.

My husband then asked what would happen if the doctor called my bluff and tried to see under the balloons.

“If that happens we will have to see how the night goes,” I replied but “Will you back my play however this goes?”

“You know I always will,” he said with a sly smile.

The party was to be held at a catering hall in the vineyard and the doctor’s house was with in walking distance from the hall. It was to start at about 9 pm. At home I started to get ready around 6. My husband blew up the purple balloons to the size of a small melon while I wiggled into the green body stocking. Over top of the body stocking I wore the black fish net mini dress that the balloons got attached to. The finishing touches were heels, earrings and a choker. We had to leave off the balloons that covered my butt and back for the ride over to the party. Once we got there, hubby attached the remaining balloons to cover my back and ass in the parking lot.

We entered the catering hall and began to mingle with the other guests. It did not take long for Dr. Acker to spot me and my costume.

As he approached me he said, “And exactly what is underneath of those balloons?”

“That is for you to find out. Tonight will be your night but only if you can get some of your friends to join in and in a place that is a little more private,” I whispered in his ear.

He smiled like a Cheshire Cat and walked off to talk to some other guests. I could see him going up to certain men and whispering in their ear. He talked to about 6 or 7 men and then returned to hubby and myself.

“What we can do is go to my house across the way. I have just the place. Let me go first and then shortly after you and your husband, if he wants, can come over to the house and I will let you in. So as to not look like a mass exodus the others will follow shortly,” he explained.

He went off to mingle with his guests. Hubby and I did the same waiting for our cue to walk to the house. After some time I saw the doctor leave through an exit door at the hall.

I looked at my husband and said, “Game on.”

We waited a good five minutes and then proceeded out the same door. I must confess at this point I was excited, nervous and getting very wet. When we approached gaziantep escort ilanları the house Dr. Acker opened a door to let us in. He led us to a huge recreation room with a bar, pool table, big screen TV, chairs and a large couch. Hubby took a seat on the couch and we were offered a drink while we waited for the others to show up. In about 15 minutes four other men had showed up.

The doctor then started to pop my balloons while the others watched. He left the strategically placed balloons until last and the pop, pop, pop, pop, my tits, pussy and ass were completely exposed. He removed the fish net mini dress and there I stood for all to see.

He turned to the others and said, “Since I provided the entertainment for tonight it is only fair that I go first.”

He took me by the hand and led me to a small room that had an “exam table” in it. Opening a drawer in the table he produced a pair of scissors and cut holes in my body stocking. Starting with my tits he stretched the green fabric and cut holes in order for them to be unrestricted by the suit. Once that was done he had me get on the table, face up, so he could carefully cut a hole at my pussy. In doing so he commented on the wetness he felt between my legs. He then had me roll on my stomach so he could make a hole for my ass. Now that I was properly prepared for him, he undressed and had me start to give him a blow job. The whole time I had him in my mouth all he did was talk about how he dreamed about this and how long he had waited to have sex with me. He had me get up on the table on my back and pulled my ass and pussy to the very edge. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and slammed his cock into my pussy. While he was stroking in and out he also had his hands manipulating my nipples and breasts. At one point he looked between my legs at my shaved pussy and said something about fucking my married vagina. With a few final thrusts deep inside me I knew he had cum. Pulling out of me, I could feel a trickle of sperm run down to my asshole.

Without getting dressed he said, “The night is young Lily and I will be back to see you again.”

Laughingly I replied, “Just send in some more willing partners.”

The next man to come into the room looked very nervous. I could only imagine that he had snuck away from his wife or girl friend when he heard of the opportunity for a fuck. He was dressed like a pirate and started to take off his costume. He stared at me, spread eagle on the table with a small creampie while undressing. By the time he was down to his underwear he had a hard on that looked like it would split his pants.

Walking to the edge of the table, he eased his cock into my vagina that was well lubed by the doctor’s deposit.

He leaned forward and said, “My name is Bill.”

I smiled at him and said, “I am Lily.”

He moaned as he reached for my tits and commented, “Your tits are absolutely lovely.”

“Thank you,” was my response as he slid back and forth inside me.

“So do you like my married pussy Bill?” I asked.

A little startled he stopped pumping me for a second and then replied, “Absolutely. Would it be okay if I kissed you on the lips?”

I laughed, “Bill darling. Your cock is now deep inside my pussy. To some degree we have already exchanged body fluids and I am guessing your intentions are to deposit your seed inside me. You are fondling my tits and making my nipples hard. Do you really think that by kissing or not it would make our encounter more or less intimate?”

Sheepishly the reply was, “I guess not.”

“Then kiss anything you like honey and I will do the same,” was my giggling reply.

He leaned over and kissed me on the lips and I responded with my tongue in his mouth. Bill moved inside me with ease and I started to feel my first orgasm build. After a while I started to raise my hips to meet with Bill’s thrusts. With sensations building between my thighs I encouraged Bill to pick up the tempo and he did. That pushed me over the edge and I had my first orgasm of the night. Bill continued to rub the walls of my vagina with his cock until in one loud moan he signaled he was dropping a load in me. A few final pushes into my pussy to drain his cock and then he withdrew his softening rod.

I lie on the table recovering from my own orgasm as Bill got dressed.

Then he came over and kissed me whispering, “I will try to get back again to night.”

I smiled and said, “You do that Bill. Bye for now.”

The next man through the door was a big burly man and as soon as he undressed he came over to the table, grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over. Still holding me by the hips he pulled me up onto all fours and proceeded to push his cock into my asshole. It took me a few minutes to overcome the pain he had caused and get accustomed to the size of his member.

I must have screamed out a little because my husband poked his head in the door and asked, “Are you OK?”

I looked in his direction and while mouthing the word “Yes” and gave him a thumbs up. Hubby stayed and watched for a time just making sure of my well being. The man behind me then reached out and started to play with my dangling 36C tits. This unknown stranger continued to slam into my ass. He was working me so hard that I was starting to sweat a little and a quick look between my legs showed me that someone’s cum was leaking from my cunt. My husband was satisfied that I was not being hurt and he left the room. This stranger continued to plow me for about 15 minutes until he finally blew his load in my ass. He gathered up his clothed and at least he said “thank you” before he left the room with his cock swinging in the air.

The next guy to enter the room forgot to close the door. He walked right up to my face and dropped his pants. He was already hard and his cock had a curve like a banana. He told me his name but I don’t remember and he asked me to suck his curved male appendage. I took him into my mouth but got only about half way down his shaft when the head was being pushed to the roof of mouth due to the curve. I gave him oral for sometime before I suggested that he fuck me with that thing. I had him lie on the table face up and I climbed on top of him. When I got his cock into my canal it felt like he was pushing on my lower abdomen trying to get out. The curve pushed the head against my g-spot every time he moved in and out of me. I mixed up a combination of cowgirl and just grinding down on his cock and it sounded like he liked it.

Only a few minutes later Dr. Acker walked through the door, still naked mind you, and got on the table between my and this guys legs. He proceeded to penetrate my ass with his cock but the two men were out of sync and it was uncomfortable if not painful to say the least. In a few minutes they got it right and I could feel both cocks rubbing against each other inside of me. Within minutes my whole body was shaking with another orgasm. The two men continued to use me and I took a moment to look out the door into the rec room. There was my husband sitting on the couch masturbating and by the looks of it enjoying the show. My mind wandered as to what he might actually be seeing as I could only picture a sweaty me sandwiched between two men, both naked. My green body stocking, barely intact and my boobs oozing out of the holes, and hanging down the chest of the man underneath me. The guy underneath of me started to moan and I could tell he was going to dump his load inside of me soon. The doctor on the other hand was slow and steady pumping into my ass. With one final loud moan I knew the man in my pussy had cum but we now had to wait for the doctor to finish. The cock in my pussy started to go flaccid and it wasn’t long until it just popped out of me. I lay on top of this stranger and he started kissing my neck. Dr. Acker suddenly picked up his pace and dropped his seed. He dismounted me and helped me to get off of the table. Getting to my feet I looked at the doctor and saw a string of cum handing from his cock before it dropped off and hit the floor. I turned to the guy and saw that his cock was all frothy with semen. The doctor returned to the recreation room while the other guy dressed and left.

The big burly guy and another man I did not know came into the room merely wanting blow jobs. I got down on my knees and took the burly guy first into my mouth while starting with a hand job on the other. Once again this burly guy got a little rough as he put his hands on my head and pulled me in and out on his cock.

It was not long when he released my head and said, “On your tits honey.”

I turned my chest toward him and continued by jerking off his cock. I turned my head in order to put my lips around the other man’s cock. Warm wetness flowed onto my breasts and I released burly’s cock when I felt it soften. He pulled up his pants and he was gone. The cock that was now in my mouth had grown extremely hard. I took him out of my mouth and climbed back on the table. I spread my legs to offer him my pussy but he moved up to my face. Taking his cock back in my mouth I lightly started biting it and he moaned. He started to pick up a rhythm pushing in and out and I matched his moves. I could feel his cock swell and I knew he was close. He closed his eyed as his first spurt hit the back of my mouth. I tried to swallow quickly but before I could the second one hit. There was so much cum it started to dribble out the sides of my mouth. I sucked every last drop out of him and he gathered up his pants to leave.

I realized that I was not only thirsty but I also had to pee. Walking out of the little room, the doctor was still naked and standing behind the bar.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Ladies room,” I replied. “And I could use some water.”

He pointed to a door and behind it was a small powder room. When I came back out there was a bottle of water waiting for me on the bar. I saw the clock behind the bar and it was almost 1 am. I drank some of the water and the doctor tugged on my hand to go back into the room. Hubby looked at my torn green body suit with all the cum and sweat on me and knew I could not just walk back to the truck this way. He left the recreation room while I followed the doctor back into the exam room.

He lay face down on the table with his cock pointing to the ceiling. I climbed up and straddled his penis while guiding him into my pussy once again. He was fully inside me and I started to ride him. Out the corner of my eye I saw Bill come back into the room but he was already naked. He climbed up on the table and inserted himself into my ass. I started back with my riding motion and both men just let me do the work. Finally one of the other guys that had me that night came into the room and proceeded to put his cock in my mouth making me air tight. I was on sexual sensory overload but I found myself starting to get tired. The three of them had at me for over 20 minutes and my pussy exploded once again with a major orgasm. Completely exhausted, they had to pick up the motion to bring themselves to an orgasm. One by one they started to deposit their loads in me and the guy in my mouth pulled out so he could shoot all over my face.

We started to untangle all the bodies and hubby appeared at the door of the room with a blanket he brought from his truck. He wiped the cum from my face as he wrapped me up in the blanket. Totally exhausted he had to help me through the recreation room to the door. Dr. Acker approached me, kissed me on the cheek and said that he hoped I had as much pleasure as he and his guests had enjoyed. I assured him that I did and hubby and I left the house. It was a rather long walk to the car and the temperature had dropped since our arrival. We passed by a couple of other guests that were leaving from the hall and they stared at me because of the blanket. Little did they know.

Once we were in the truck hubby turned to me and said, “I can’t believe how sexy you are and how much I love you. Wait until we get home and I will show you.”

“As long as I don’t have to move,” I said, “you can show me all you want.”

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