The House Ch. 11


The following morning the doorbell rang at eight thirty waking them all. The first of the tradesmen had arrived. Phoebe was in a state of panic, the library was to open at nine. She’d never make it. As John threw on a robe to answer the door the two women grabbed their clothes and ran downstairs to the shower room where they could dress without being interrupted. Phoebe, jumped into her clothes, not too happy with the selection she had made the night before to wear over to John’s. Although she felt they were appropriate wear for John to see, she felt they might be a little too sexy for the library. In reality they were lovely clothes very appropriate for any occasion, it was just that Phoebe’s sense of clothes had not caught up with her newfound sexual freedom. To make matters worse some man actually whistled at her as she hurried to the library.

John brought the electrician upstairs to see what was needed slightly irritated that he would not have time for his early morning loving with his mom. He explained what he wanted for the bathroom and walk-in closet as well as several new wall plugs around the huge new master bedroom. The electrician explained that he would also have to take down the last remaining walls so that he could bring the room up to code. John assured him that it would be done. They shook hands and the electrician said he would phone him with an estimate that afternoon. John turned to his sleepy mom still in his bathrobe to kiss her awake when the doorbell rang again. “I’ll get it,” she said. “You go get some clothes on.” By the time John got out of the shower room another electrician was looking over the job site and scribbling notes to himself. Again John insisted on a quick quote and was assured he’d get one by the afternoon. John wasn’t quite sure why he was in such a rush, but felt he just wanted to get it over with. By the time, the first plumber was finished looking the gang of six had arrived to move the tub. There went the thought of loving his mom that morning.

The tub was a real problem. Made of thick cast iron to hold the heat it weighted what felt like a ton. With the girls, three to aside, and he and his mom at either end they could only move it a couple of feet at a time, with large rest breaks in between. Although John enjoyed watching the heaving chests, as the girls regained oxygen, he wanted to get moving on the project. Finally, the tub was inside the two by four walls of the new bathroom. John asked the girls if they would help him tear down the last remaining bedroom and take it down the stairs to the refuse bin. They assured him that they would, and Mia suggested that he should spring for lunch. It was agreed and the girls, now old pros at this job tore down the walls surrounding the bed as John covered it with plastic. John inserted the missing two by fours in the new bathroom walls were the tub had gone through and as he finished, his mom answered the door once more. This time, it was the arrival of the ordered supplies, and he instructed them to deliver the order to the third floor. Soon with the help of the girls, the plywood, drywall, tape and miscellaneous supplies were coming up the stairs. When that was done, the girls began to sweep and mop making sure not to raise too much dust. Finally, they folded up the plastic over the bed. John in the meanwhile was fitting dry wall to one side of bare two by fours, with his mother’s help. When he saw that the girls were almost done he asked them to move the bed to the center of the room so he could work around the edges laying plywood to cover the lines in the floor where the old walls had stood.

The house had not sent any urges their way that morning because it wanted the trades’ people to be quick, but now with the deliveries made it felt it could stir the pot a little. Suddenly the women felt their pussies gush and John had to adjust himself. The house liked making sure that all were horny before continuing to condense the pheromones it had collected over the last few days. The smell that made people so libidinous was simply pheromones so distilled that anyone could smell them. The house had discovered that it made a wonderful aphrodisiac, which kept men hard, and women wet.

Jane, finally noticing the time, told the girls to go have a shower while she and John made lunch. The girls were soon in the shower, wet and soapy, as they talked about two nights ago when all of them had managed to fuck John. Their pussies dripped with the remembrances and all were soon extremely aroused wanting some sort of satiation, not knowing that if they had approached John, his mother would approve. Consequently, after drying themselves, they gathered their clothes and snuck upstairs to use the old bed. Six naked nymphs, extremely horny, needing gratification, sought new ways to excite and deplete themselves. They decided to gangbang each other one at a time until all had been completely used. At first, they simply spread eagled Sue on the bed and gaziantep escort ilanları began to suck her pussy with one girl and each of her tits, but that wasn’t good enough and Jean came up with an idea that would make them feel more vulnerable, more open, and more ready.

Placing Wendy on her hands and knees, they used her as a workstation, positioning Sue on Wendy’s back so that they were back-to-back, bum-to-bum. Sue’s red haired pussy fully exposed, her back arched as her legs fell towards the bed. Jean straddled the two girls so that her pussy was giving Sue a cunt kiss and Mia and Julie suckled on a tit each. Mary was given the first turn of sucking on Sue’s cunt. Crawling between both Wendy’s and Sue’s legs she could see Wendy’s succulent bum as her mouth descended on Sue’s exquisite rose petal pink pussy surrounded in red hair, juicy in preparation for the onslaught of mouth after mouth. Not wanting to leave Wendy out, Mary momentarily slid a finger into Sue’s wet gash, before sliding the same finger into Wendy’s asshole, eliciting a wiggle of delight. Her tongue thrust into Sue’s wetness seeking tasty moisture to satiate her own needs and orgasmic pleasure for her friend. Her finger brought urge and release to Wendy’s ass making Wendy’s own pussy weep with need. Sue, who loved getting her big fat tits sucked, almost as much as her pussy, was in paradise as the two girls laved her tits. Sue’s mouth drank the nectar flowing from Jean’s kissing pussy, sometimes driving her tongue deep into the redolent gash. Wendy began to feel Sue’s body begin to quake as wisps of orgasmic sensation built in her loins sending shivers of lust up her spine seemingly directly to her engorged nipples that were being softly nursed by warm wet mouths. Soon Jean felt the vibrations of moans in her receptive cunt bringing on orgasmic requirements of her own.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the kitchen the lunch was almost ready and John and his mom were wondering what was holding the girls up. Jane volunteered to go look for them as John finished setting the table. When she arrived on the second floor, she immediately realized she couldn’t hear the showers, but upon listening closely began to hear soft sexy moans coming from the floor above her. Not knowing what to expect she moved up the stairs quietly, until her head was just above floor level. She immediately saw the six naked women playing with each other with Sue laying on Wendy’s back. Just as Jane arrived, Sue let out a pussy muffled scream announcing to the world her joy in orgasm. Jean followed suit demonstrating her quivering reaction to Sue’s manipulating mouth with deep resonant growls of passion. Mary’s head moved away from Sue’s hairy gash exposing both Wendy’s and Sue’s bums with Sue’s gash facing up and Wendy’s facing down dripping her smelly feminine juices. As a matter of fact the whole room smelled of hot wet pussy causing Jane’s own pussy to give forth its own scent as she watched. Jane was feeling inflamed herself, John had been busy feeling her up in the kitchen, not caring if the girls caught him playing with his mother’s cunt. However, circumstances were reversed, Jane had caught them instead. What was she to do?

Just then the girls switched positions, Wendy still on the bottom but now Jean and Julie nursed on Sue’s large fat nipples while Mary began her version of a cunt kiss. Dropping her cunt on to Sue’s lips, dripping wet, brought about by the tonguing she had just finished giving Sue. Now Sue would repay her with a wet warm tongue searching out her passions. Mia began to play with the two pussies before her, first licking Wendy’s before sliding in a finger to coat it with Wendy’s sticky cream. She imitated Mary and slid the now well-coated finger into Wendy’s bum, before dipping her tongue in Sue overheated cunt. All the girls knew Wendy’s proclivity to have something stuff her bum. Jane continued to watch and driven by the erotic sight, finally, after undoing the button on her jeans, slide her hand down the front causing a bulge with her questing hand over her gushy, smelly, horny, needy cunt. God she needed more than just her fingers, she needed, well she needed what was going on before her very eyes.

She continued up the stairs, crossed the room and tapped Mia on the shoulder. “May I have some that?” she asked in a voice made low and husky with unbridled lust. Mia turned, her face shinny with fresh womanly juice, and upon seeing whom it was, made way, now realizing that John had come by his sexiness legitimately, inheriting it from his mother. Jane’s tongue replaced Mia’s in Sue’s pussy and one of Sue’s hands came down to hold her head in place. Sue had not liked the fleeting loss of tongue and with her hand wanted to assure herself that it would not happen again. One of Jane’s finger sought out Wendy’s pussy and penetrated deeply. Her other hand was still in her pants playing with herself. Jane’s finger stroked Wendy’s twat, while her tongue delved into the soft wetness seeking more sweet nectar from the gushing pussy before her. Sue was not far from her second orgasm, already the serpents slithered in her abdomen squeezing tight, her back arching, and her pussy hard against Jane’s mouth. Her tits on fire, her nipples hard and demanding as soft wet mouths continued to suckle.

Jane felt the buttons of her blouse undone as she continued to probe both girls. Suddenly the clasp that held her bra together released spilling her boobs out into Mia’s waiting hands. She felt the firm caresses checking her feminine flesh before one hand let go, and seconds later her jeans loosened around her hips as she heard the zipper go. Her jeans and panties pushed to her knees and Mia’s soft gentle hand slipped under her bum and between her acquiescent thighs, a stray finger touching her pouting swollen inner lips. The finger sent erotic messages to her tits and brain telling her she needed more. Mia’s thumb stimulating her anus added new messages of requirement. Mia took the hand that had played in Jane’s own pussy, and placed it in her mouth, sucking the creamy mucus from Jane’s fingers. Mary, in the meanwhile, continued to rub her wetness against Sue’s craving mouth providing sexual sustenance that drained down Sue’s throat. Faster and faster Mary’s pussy slithered over Sue’s mouth and her groans of approaching orgasm filled the air. Sue herself growled out her needs into Mary’s cunt as Jane’s probing tongue gave more than it took and the shivers of a second orgasm began to plague Sue’s lusting body. The resonant deep throated growls of Sue’s orgasm sounded deep in Mary’s slithering seeking pussy as her own orgasmic groans filled the room with her rapture.

Again a switch was made, this time Jane rode Sue’s mouth while Jean and Mary suckled on Sue’s breasts. Julie now licked Wendy’s bum before searching for Sue’s pussy for her third orgasm. Downstairs John was wondering what the women where up to, it had been a while since his mother had gone looking for them. Just as he was about to go look the doorbell rang.

Chantal had come to the library far earlier than usual. As soon as she was assured, the children had a proper lunch she had left. She told them she may be late that afternoon and they were to go to the next-door neighbor’s after school. Her hand checked her freshly shaven pubes before going out the door. She was unsure what was happening to her but knew she wanted to see Paul again. She loved her husband and could not do without him and yet she knew she needed the mature man who had given her such ecstasy with his mouth yesterday. It was partly how he had shared her waters of love with her, spreading it over her tits, making her feel his own joy in her uninhibited passion. She realized now she had not given him the release that he had given her twice, and knew in her mounting need of him that she would share his semen with him just as he had shared her juices with her. She was surprised to find Paul already there when she walked in, sitting where she normally sat, obviously waiting in hopes that she might show up. His smile of joy upon seeing her was enough to make her pussy sing. Her return smile hardened him it was so full of love. Phoebe watched them for a moment as they met and thought she might have to revise her opinion as to whether they might be a couple.

Without talking, they left the library, he tucking her hand beneath his arm as with mutual unspoken consent they began to walk towards the house. The house, attuned now to their particularly passionate mental signature, rattled a pipe in its happiness that they were returning. When they reached the door neither were embarrassed that they were returning so soon, so deeply engrossed with one another that such small details seemed insignificant to them. When John answered the door, he showed no surprise to see them. He simply invited them in and said, “I’ll be on the third floor, just call if you need me.” Then he turned and raced up the stairs.

As soon as they entered the house they could feel the need for each other accelerate, one with dripping cunt the other so stiffened it was painful. Chantal looked at Paul and them said, “I won’t prevaricate Paul,” using a word she had just learned, “I want us to go to the room we were in yesterday. I need you and want to finish what we started, so kiss me then take me there.” Paul took her in his arms just inside the door and kissed her with enthusiasm caressing her soft round buttocks as he did so. Her glasses almost fell off her face as she kissed back. Her arms came up around his neck, drawing her body against him so she could press her breasts and tummy against him. She couldn’t wait and left a little space between them so she could caress his cock through his pants. It wasn’t enough and she undid his zipper taking him in hand realizing this was the first time she had held him by his sex. He groaned in response crushing her hand between them, thrusting himself into her hand. Her pussy wept, needing the hardened maleness in her hand. She broke the kiss with a whimper not wanting to at all, but feeling that they should at least get in a bedroom before she lost her clothes.

She turned and ran up the spiraling staircase headed to the same place where he had loved her the day before; this time determined in her heart that she would return the wonderful sensations that he had created in her body. They’d share the sexual turmoil that pervaded her body when he was near. The moment the door closed, she was in his arms her clothing somehow melting off her body as their lips crushed each other having to back off a little as their teeth ground together. He slipped the glasses from her face sliding them into a pocket before his pants dropped to the floor. It left only his briefs as his hands ravished her boobs bringing out her nipples in such a display of turgidity that they ached with the urgency of her need. His mouth savaged her areolas his tongue rough against them as he gently chewed on her nipples making her already wet cunt drip in the necessity of her want.

His hand slid through the wetness on her thighs touching her swollen flesh, his fingers probing her moisture. Instead of bringing relief it brought increasing body demands, her mouth whimpering against his. Her imperative cries sucked from her probing tongue. His hands burned on her body where they touched. Her quivering thighs needing to spread, to give him access, to surrender, to open, to take, to give, to fuck! Oh God was she in heaven or in hell? Her needs were now so great that she tried to tear the briefs from his body accidentally hurting him with her lust. He hardly noticed and between the two of them, they somehow managed to get the briefs off him, which he kicked into a corner. Naked at last, they caressed each other’s sex, he noticing that her pubes had been freshly shaved for him that morning. She took him in hand using the tip to stimulate her clit, trying to climb his body so she could shove him deep inside of her. He would not yet allow it. He tongued her ear before he whispered his needs.

She pushed him back onto the bed but instead of taking his cock into her cunt she took him into her mouth as she presented her hot wet pussy to his receptive mouth, assuming a sixty-nine position as thought they had done it all their lives. Her juices flowed over his tongue as with saliva she wet his cock using hand and mouth to stimulate. She didn’t deep throat not believing it was best. She wanted his cum against her taste buds, his cream caressing her tongue as she acquiesced to his whispered request. Soon orgasmic requirements caused their bodies to shudder out their first mutual cum. His cock spraying her mouth with creamy spend as she doubled his joy with the thick cum in her cunt and the wet wondrousness of her squirt, leaving his face and neck dripping from her passion. She whirled on his body, her lips seeking his, as she gave him what he had requested; the ultimate creamy kiss, the sharing kiss that melded their sexuality together. Each trading taste as his face still dripped her passion. Eventually she would lick the residue from his face but for now the ultimate kiss continued returning passion to each other’s bodies as the kiss went on. He began to stiffen again brought about by her soft creamy caressing lips. Lips that caressed his own as her nether lips now sought his stiffening cock.

When John raced up the stairs to the third floor, he discovered his mother spread-eagled across Mia’s back while two naked nymphs suckled on her tits, a third was feeding her nectar from her swollen flower of love while a fourth was tonguing her hairy pubes seeking her clit to bring on orgasm. Sue lay beside them, now almost recovered from the four orgasms brought about by four questing tongues. John seeing the women were busy, forgot about lunch, and with a finger across his mouth signaling quiet asked Sue if she would like to come with him. Not disturbing his mother’s ravishment, he took Sue to the second floor. He noticed the bedroom door at the front of the house was closed so he took one with a bed as far away from it as possible. Once he had the naked Sue on the bed, he stripped himself. His cock was hard and rampant as he quickly penetrated Sue’s willing body. Sue was happy to get John first for the second time and her loins opened to receive him, wet and juicy for his penetration. They both noticed the guttural resonant groans coming from down the hall, but that simply made them hornier for each other.

The house was surprised at the level of activity. It had only spread sexual urge and had not needed to use its special scent. While thinking about it, it realized it no longer used the special scent with John when he was with his mother or Phoebe. Then it thought how wonderful it was to have Chantal in the house with her special kind of passion, as she loved her Paul. Both brought new meaning to the word sharing. For they both shared their love with unrestricted openness allowing each other access to all their charms.

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