The Interview


He could hardly contain his enthusiasm as he greeted the attractive young woman at the door. She was an absolute knockout – tall, probably close to 5 feet 10 inches, long blonde hair, a pretty face, slender waist, and what looked to be some really big boobs. Even though she was wearing a business suit with a loose black jacket, he thought that they must be d cups – hell, maybe even double d’s.

“Good afternoon, you must be Blythe,” Rick said, shaking her hand with a firm grip. Her palms were just a little damp – she must be a little nervous, he thought.

“Yes, that’s me. Hello Mr. Clancy,” Blythe replied with a pretty smile.

“Thanks for coming in so late on a Friday – it’s been a long day. Please come on back to my office.” Rick motioned toward the office door and watched her firm ass as she walked in. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that his assistant Emily was also watching Blythe walk. Emily was a pretty little girl with soft Greek and Italian features whom he hired several years ago. She was petite, but had some pretty large tits for her size, and it didn’t take much for her nipples to poke out of her shirt. In fact, they started to poke through as Blythe walked past her. He was glad that she seemed to approve.

Rick interviewed for the vacant position in his front office for several weeks, and really needed to find someone to come in and start working. He wanted to wait until he found someone who was `right’ for the position. He knew that he’d have a tough time replacing Maria and Lori, who left the office the month before — Maria went back to school and Lori just didn’t work out. Emily would be fine in Maria’s job – Maria had trained her well. Lori, on the other hand, never really did much work anyway, so he figured that he could save some money and let Emily and a new employee do all of the work.

“Please have a seat,” Rick motioned again, this time to the chair next to his desk. Rick took a seat across from her. He looked at her resume. All the right credentials, it seemed – Bachelor’s degree from a good eastern school, internship experience at a big PR firm downtown, references seemed pretty strong as well. He looked back up at her and thought to himself that he may have found the perfect replacement for Lori. Blythe was about as attractive as Lori was, and her tits were certainly as big, maybe bigger. Oh, and she was 10 times more qualified than Lori to do the job.

“So, why do you want to work here,” Rick began the questioning.

“Well, sir, I really want to work here at the company and have heard from several people that you are a terrific boss and that you could really teach me some things about the industry,” Blythe responded, shifting in her seat a little nervously.

“Well you’re certainly qualified – maybe even too qualified,” Rick said as he looked up. Blythe’s face tensed up slightly as she laughed nervously.

“Oh, well, I mean . . . I certainly would love the job . . . uh . . . see it as a challenge . . . umm,” Rick could see that she was getting more nervous than the other people he interviewed.

“What I mean is, I need to hire someone who will not only do a good job but will actually enjoy the job. Someone as qualified as you might get a little bored, look for other opportunities, leave me high and dry, you know what I’m saying?” Rick said.

“Oh, well, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll promise you that and more!” Blythe responded, a bit more enthusiastically than he expected. He stared at her chest as she spoke, and could see her breasts move up and down as she spoke and breathed. They were moving a little more quickly, so he figured that she was very nervous about something.

“More?” Rick asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, well, um, I just really, really need this job, sir. I’ve always wanted to work here, and am willing to do anything for the position. Please just give me the chance. I won’t disappoint!”

Intrigued, Rick looked her over again. She really did have an incredible body and there was no question that she could do the work. He decided that she could have the job, but wanted to see just what she meant by the word `anything’ when she said that she’d do anything to work here.

“Mr. Clancy?”

“Please, it’s Rick,”

“Rick, I can promise you loyalty and complete dedication to the job,” Blythe said. Rick noticed that her forehead was perspiring slightly. His office was a little warm today.

“Well, Blythe, I just want to get to know you a little bit better before I make my decision. I also want you to meet with Emily, my executive assistant, gaziantep escort ilanları who will be training our new employee.”

“Of course,” Blythe said as she moved around a little more in her seat.

God, it really was warm in here, Rick thought. “I hope you don’t mind if I take off my jacket, Blythe. It’s a little hot in here. Feel free if that would make you more comfortable.”

“It really would, thanks,” Blythe said as she unbuttoned her suit jacket. Rick looked intently as she pulled both sides of the jacket to the sides, revealing two beautiful large mounds underneath her white satin shirt. He could make out the entire outline of her breasts as she arched her back to slide her jacket off. He could also make out the outline of her nipples and her large areolas. Rick’s cock twitched as he gazed a little too long, and caught Blythe’s eye as he turned away.

“Um, yeah, so where were we,” Rick cleared his throat and went to hang his jacket up on a hook by the door. He also turned the air conditioning down a little bit, remembering that Emily would be coming in soon, and he was anticipating some stiff nipple action from Emily, as usual.

“You wanted to ask me more questions, I think,” Blythe responded. “Please, sir, I really want to be here. You don’t understand. I HAVE to find a job. I just HAVE to. Please.”

“I see, Blythe, well, I’m almost convinced that you’re the right person for the job, but I just can’t make up my mind. Can you think of anything to convince me that I wouldn’t be making a mistake by hiring you?” Rick watched Blythe sit and think. He could barely contain his glee when Blythe finally smiled wryly.

“Well, umm, I guess I can promise you a look at these every day if you want . . .” Blythe lifted her hands to the top button of her shirt. Rick watched, captivated. He watched as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing more and more of her massive cleavage. He saw that she was wearing a silky bra that matched her blouse. She paused for a second, then reached the bottom and pulled the rest of her shirt out of the waistband of her skirt and looked up at Rick.

“Well, wh-wh-what do you think so far?” Blythe asked, her face red from embarrassment.

“I think I’ll reserve my judgement until I get a better look . . .” Rick said, not even looking up at her face.

“Well, let’s keep going then,” Blythe said as she let the blouse fall from her shoulders. Her bra was tight, barely keeping her massive tits properly restrained. She neatly placed the shirt on the arm of her chair and leaned back, her boobs bouncing with increased momentum every time she moved. Her nipples were starting to react to the cooler air blowing through the vents by growing and pointing out through the lacy silk that lined the top of her bra cups.

Rick’s eyes were wide open, fixed on her chest. He looked up. “Jesus, how big are those fuckers, I mean, if you don’t mind me asking?” Rick asked, obviously losing a bit of decorum, but quite interested to get the info.

“Double-d. What did you guess they were?” Blythe asked.

“I figured d, and knew that it could have been a double, but now that I’m looking, you’re obviously not wearing the right size, Blythe,” he stated, pointing at the overflowing cups. “In fact, my assistant Emily used to work over at the Victoria’s Secret store down town and knows a thing or two about bras. Maybe now’s a good time to bring her in?”

“Oh, uh, sure, I guess,” Blythe again looked a bit nervous and kind of shocked. She straightened up and folded her arms across her chest in a vain attempt to cover up.

“Emily,” Rick talked into the intercom on his phone. “We’re ready for you.”

“Stand up, Blythe, and don’t cover up too much,” Rick said with a smile. Blythe stood up. Rick’s cock was rock hard watching her bra strain to hold back those monsters.

The door opened and Emily walked into the room. “Holy shit!” Emily said, probably too loud as she closed the door behind her.

“Em, this is Blythe,” Emily walked across the office and shook her hand. Her nipples were rigid and pointed straight out at Blythe’s as she approached. “She’s thinking of joining us here and I wanted you two to meet. Also, I thought you might have some advice for her from your days at Victoria’s Secret . . .”

“Hell yeah,” Emily said. She walked around Blythe, taking her in from every angle. She pulled the tag from her bra and read it out loud, “42DD” she said, laughing. “C’mon, Blythe!”

“That’s what I thought, Em. Thought you might be able to help,” Rick said, seeing at the embarrassed look in Blythe’s eyes.

“Absolutely,” said Emily. “Let’s get her measured up.” She took a measuring tape out of her purse, and stepped behind Blythe. “Back up, I’m going to release the hounds!”

Rick stared at Blythe’s chest, anticipating the avalanche. Emily unhooked Blythe’s bra from behind, and then pulled the two straps tighter before releasing them. With a `snap,’ both mounds came tumbling out of the cups. Rick noticed immediately that her areolas were about the size of a coffee mug’s rim, and her nipples were dark pink and about an inch long. Rick’s dick stood at attention, making a very large and noticeable bulge in his pants. Both Blythe and Emily noticed.

“OK, let’s take a few measurements first, Blythe,” Emily said as she slid the bra’s straps down her arms and let it fall to the floor. Rick was amazed by the site of her young, firm, huge tits jutting straight out at him. They seemed to defy gravity as there was hardly any sagging at all. Even Emily gasped a bit as she took a long look at them as she walked around to the front and uncoiled the tape. She stood in front of Blythe and reached around her torso. Blythe’s and Emily’s breasts touched through Emily’s blouse. Since they were about the same height, their nipples lined up with each other almost exactly.

Emily held the loose end of the tape in one hand and the roll in the other hand behind Blythe’s back and slowly let out the slack until she had both ends in front of her massive melons. She then pushed them slightly together with her fists as she struggled to bring two ends of the measuring tape together.

“50,” Emily announced proudly. “Not too shabby, eh Rick?”

“No wonder why you can see the seams of her old bra still impressed into her skin,” Rick suggested.

“Now let’s check on the cup size,” Emily said, as she let one end of the tape drop. Her hands brushed against Blythe’s nipples causing Blythe to gasp – the first noise she made since Emily walked into the room. Her breasts continued to stick straight out as Emily looped the tape around the circumference of her breast. She noted the measurement and nodded.

“OK, now bend over Blythe. You can lean on the desk,” Emily suggested.

Blythe leaned over, her tits were pointing straight to the ground, nipples dead center. Emily put one end of the tape where her chest met her breast, and stretched the tape down to the nipple, then back up to her chest. Emily’s hand was buried in her cleavage and Rick thought he would bust a nut right then and there.

“Wow,” Emily said in amazement. She took a little chart out of her purse and compared the measurements she just took with the tape. I’ve never even seen a double H before – I mean not in person!”

Blythe blushed. Rick nodded his head. “Me either, Em – in person that is!” he smiled at Emily’s obvious reference to viewing porn featuring some busty chicks. It turned Rick on to watch her do this, but even more so to think that she really enjoyed it.

“And just for fun . . .” Emily said as she stood Blythe back up and stretched the tape across her aereola. “Damn, four inches!”

“Nice,” Rick agreed. “What about the nips?”

Emily gave the left nip a tug until it was fully erect and then measured, “well, almost an inch, so almost as big as mine!”

“Also nice,” Rick was pretty much at a loss for words. He pictured Emily’s erect nipples in his mind and wanted to see them right along side Blythe’s.

“You and I should take a stroll down to Vic’s sometime and pick out some nice bras for work, Blythe. I know some of my former colleagues there would love to help us find something nice,” Emily suggested as she reached over to Blythe’s tits and started giving them a slight squeeze.

“Yeah, maybe you could both buy some matching bras,” Rick suggested. He walked over and grabbed Blythe’s other breast. He couldn’t believe how soft and firm it was. As he started working his way down to the nipple, his cock just about tore through his pants.

“Uh, does that mean I’ve got the job?” Blythe asked as she started to breathe heavily and rub her legs together underneath her skirt.

Rick felt a jolt of euphoria every time his hand hit Emily’s as they both felt Blythe’s mams. She was obviously working Blythe’s nipple pretty hard, judging by the speed of her breathing pattern and the size of Em’s own nips.

“Well, you’ve certainly got the job, Blythe,” Rick said. “But I think we still have to negotiate the salary. I was going to offer $45,000, but could possibly be convinced to let a little more money into the budget, maybe up to $50,000.”

Rick reached over Blythe’s back and unbuttoned Emily’s shirt as he spoke. Emily kept working Blythe’s tits as Rick’s hand reached in and grabbed Em’s own stiff nipple, causing her to let out a small sigh. He continued to unbutton her blouse and let it fall off her shoulders and onto the floor. Em was wearing a black bra that fit perfectly.

“What do I need to do?” Blythe asked, standing back up and facing Emily and Rick.

“Well, for starters, why don’t you lose the skirt,” Rick commanded. Blythe unzipped it and let it fall to her feet. She was wearing a small black thong. She stepped out of the skirt and left it on the floor.

“Oh, very nice,” Emily said. She started to unhook her own bra.

“Wait Em,” Rick said. “Let Blythe handle that for you. She’s going to have to learn how to help you out here.”

Blythe walked over and unclasped Emily’s black lacy bra with one hand. It came off without a problem, and Emily’s tanned titties made their long-awaited appearance. He’d seen them plenty of times before, but never grew tired of seeing her brownish areola’s puffing out and her darker brown nipples fully erect at the end of them. Blythe gave the right nipple a little pinch, and then Emily grabbed Blythe around the waist and slammed her breasts into hers, planting a big kiss on her lips. Rick reached into his own pants and released his throbbing cock, gently stroking it with one hand as he watched Emily and Blythe make out and feel each other up. Blythe had loosened Emily’s skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor revealing a black thong not unlike the one Blythe had on.

They continued to kiss each other and rubbed their breasts together as they squeezed each other’s asses. Rick thought he would explode, so he let go of his cock and stepped closer to the girls.

“OK you two, I need some help here,” Rick said. “Blythe, bend over the desk. Emily, you too, right next to her.”

They both did as asked, and Rick looked at them from behind. He walked over to Blythe, took her thong down, and pressed his cock up against her warm, wet, pussy. He slowly pushed it in until all ten inches were submerged. He grabbed her hips and started banging away, watching Blythe’s tits jiggle around like crazy below her chest.

Emily looked over and watched the rhythmic movement as well, placing the palm of her hand below the swinging tits so that Blythe’s nipples brushed her palm with every pound from behind.

Rick knew that he was ready to burst, but wanted to save something for Emily, so he withdrew, and moved over to Emily. He removed her thong and looked down and saw her familiar cunt waiting for his cock, but he decided to enter the hole right above it. He pressed his dick up against her tight hole, and Emily turned around and looked at Rick. She smiled as he continued to press, until the hole suddenly opened up and swallowed half his dick into her ass. She let out a long sigh, and backed into him so that she could take even more. Blythe stood up and watched as she placed one hand on one of Emily’s swinging hooters and started eagerly rubbing one of her own, her gaze fixed on Emily’s expanding asshole.

Rick pounded his rod into Emily for a while until he felt like he was going to burst. He whipped his cock out of the tight little hold and immediately sprayed Emily’s back with what seemed like a gallon of milky white cum. Blythe leaned her tits over and rubbed them across Emily’s light brown back, spreading Rick’s seed evenly across her, then leaning down and licking it up. Emily continued to moan and Rick noticed that she was fingering her own cunt.

“Get on your knees, Em,” Rick said as he slapped her right butt cheek. Emily got down on her knees in front of Blythe, who had cum on her tits from Emily’s back. Emily reached up and grabbed one of the tits and licked it clean, then grabbed the other and did the same. She continued to suck until Blythe did some moaning of her own. Emily then stood up and faced Rick.

“Well girls,” Rick said, as they both stood in front of him. “Nice work. Welcome aboard, Blythe.”

“Oh my god, thank you,” Blythe started to jump, her tits bouncing up and down.

“No problem. You can start first thing on Monday morning,” Rick said. “Emily will get you situated.”

“Oh, thank you so much,” Blythe said, hugging Rick, then hugging Emily, their naked tits smashing into each other for one final meeting.

“And we’ll take a walk toward Victoria’s Secret at lunch time,” Emily giggled, handing Blythe her tight bra as they both got dressed.

“I promise I won’t let you guys down,” Blythe said as she walked out the door.

“Oh, we know,” Rick and Emily both said in unison.

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