Bone Daddy’s BBQ


” John was not a boyfriend material. I just wanted to FUCK him tonight. I would be his slutty virgin tonight! Once we were in the bedroom, he didn’t waste any time.

Bone Daddy’s BBQ has locations around Texas, the waitress’s are in their early twenties and have hot curvy bodies with nice long legs. They wear short shorts and crop tops, the shorts highlight the legs and hips, the tank tops highlight the nice small to medium size breasts and ankle boots. After having dinner here, I contacted the family that owns these restaurants, after auditing their finances I offered to become a partner. My offer had certain stipulations to be met, all waitress’s are off limits to customers and male employees. I will conduct all interviews for new waitress’s and will oversee all current waitress’s. Every restaurant will have a private lounge upstairs for me. I watched as the young hot sexy waitress’s scurry around in the darken restaurant serving customers. I wasn’t alone, nearly every other man watched them too. The attractive hostess showed me to a table and I sat watching everything going on around me. I loved crowds, seeing the interactions of people in different situations. A attractive young waitress came over to my table and asked ” What would you like to drink, Sir?” ” Scotch, please.” I responded. She brought my scotch to me, then asked if I was ready to order. She smiled, I stood up next to her, my hand resting on her small firm ass, sliding slowly up n down her ass.

Tanya sighed, ” You’re a very attractive woman, very sensual,” I said, offering my hand, ” I’m John.” Tanya smiled, letting her hand rest in mine, ” I’m Tanya,” she replied, taking a deep breath so that her breasts would show more.
” Come upstairs with me to my private office.” I said, with an intriguing smile on my face. Tanya looked at me more closely. She liked my mature appearance, well dressed in designer clothes. I looked distinguished and cultured without looking stuffy or pretentious. I escorted her upstairs to my private office, Tanya’s boots sank into the plush carpeting as she walked behind me along a corridor with displays of wealth all around. Glamorous paintings, wood paneling. I opened the heavy door to what is the office, inside is an enormous mahogany desk. She took a seat on the other side of the desk, as I poured her, oddly, not tea or coffee, but a glass of champagne. ” I like to do things my way at Bone Daddy’s,” I said as I handed it to her ” Do you mind?” ” No sir,” Tanya responded ” At least I won’t have to worry about nerves.” I smiled at her, and she noticed my eyes lingering on her small breasts spilling out of her crop top. ” Well, Tanya, now I don’t believe in stupid questions — I prefer you tell me about your self.” I said, smiling. ” I’m 19, never married…Not dating….No boyfriend…Taking college classes part time.”

” I wouldn’t worry too much about those classes,” I said ” Because there are going to be some other important aspects to your role here.” As I said this, she feels me place my hand on her ass, stroking her curves over her tight fitting shorts. Tanya felt surprised, yet she knew deep down this job had to have strings attached. No other waitress job ever gauanrteed $1,000 tips, and she recalled reading “a generous bonus structure.” ” I’m willing to take on additional duties, sir.” Tanya said, still pretending to read the document. My hand slides down and begins to unbutton her shorts. The shorts are tight, my hand is having a difficult time. ” Stand in front of me, please.” I ordered, and she did as she was told, moving across and standing upright, facing away from me. I push her shorts down her panties to me. My hand traced a path up the inside of her smooth thigh almost to the top, and then pulled away. ” I’d like you to turn around and take off your shorts and panties please.” I barked. Tanya turned around to face me, and slowly begins to unbutton her shorts, and as she did so her tits became fully in view for me. I smiled as I gazed at her taut body in the silky, provocative panties she is wearing, taking in her long legs as well. ” Now remove the bra and your panties.” Tanya knew this job had to be worth it. One shag and she’d have the job. She unclasped the clasp of her bra and unleashed her perfect tits, and as they are exposed to the air her nipples tightened into small pink buds.

She steps out of her panties and stood in her stockings and boots in front of me. I reach forward and stroke the outline of her breasts, and then tweak her pert nipples roughly. She sees my hard on through my trousers already, and I looked big. ” Turn around and lean over the desk please” I said, ” open your legs.” Tanya did as instructed and feels her pussy open. She feels hot from being told what to do, having little control over her actions. I’m domineering and powerful, and she didn’t feel she could do otherwise. I stroked her inner thighs again, and this time I reach the top of her thigh and cup her pussy. ” You’re a good girl,” I said, leaning over her ” having a nice shaven pussy — I like it like that here.” She feels herself get wet as I begin to touch her, finding her clit and circling my fingers around it first gently, and then harder. ” You are not allowed to cum until I say so, Tanya” I stated. She gasps, as despite this I continue to work her clit, and she feels her pussy become more and more wet. I move my hands and slowly push two fingers inside her pussy and then begin to fill her with my fingers, inserting a third and thrusting them inside her repeatedly.

She groans, and I grab the back of her hair. ” I told you, Tanya — you are not to cum until I say so — quiet!” She silenced herself, and I carried on as I was before, pushing yet another finger up inside her. She feels so engrossed in what I’m doing, and she begins to enjoy me using her as I wanted. I remove my hands, and she hears me stand up from my huge leather chair and hears my zipper moving down, and a very soft thud as my trouser belt hit the floor. I move behind her and give her a sharp slap on her ass. ” Now I’m going to fuck you properly, Tanya, and you are going to love every fucking second of it.” As I said that, I ram my cock inside her pussy, and push myself deep inside her, and she feels her tight pussy stretching as my huge cock took her fully. Tanya is biting her fist to keep from screaming in pain, I look down as my cock slides in and out and see blood on my shaft. I begin to fuck her hard, thrusting myself up sharply and filling her and she feels waves of excitement as she gives into me. I pull her hips even closer to take her deeper and she moans with pleasure. As she did that, I held one hand over her mouth.

” I told you — not until I say so”. I held one hand over her mouth and continued to fuck her, and slapped her hard on her ass. My fat, long cock pushing in and out of her wetness for what feels like about an hour, and she had to bring herself back from the brink several times to make sure she didn’t cum. ” Ok, Tanya, I’m ready, and so are you, so when I say cum, you can,” I barked, as I increased the speed of my thrusting, faster and faster, and as I did so, I grabbed the back of her hair again, pulling her head back, and carried on fucking her. I move close to her ear and whispered ” cum,” as I held her head as I pushed myself sharply into her. Tanya let herself go, feeling waves of orgasm and she moans, ” fuck, fuck, I’m cumming, harder, ohhhhhhh!” She screams as I push into her hard and she came, as I did, and I held her down as I thrust into her for the last time, and my body fell onto hers, pinning her down. I whispered into her ear as she feels her pussy tighten and relax with waves of her orgasm, around my cock still inside her ” You get the big tip, Tanya.” She dressed in front of me, smiling at having had such an enjoyable interview.
” Tanya, send Robyn up here to see me,” I said.

Robyn is a teacher’s aide that works part time at Bone Daddy’s. Robyn came into the office closing the door.
Robyn is 24, small petite woman with a hot sexy body and long black hair. I grab Robyn by the waist puling her close to me, Robyn’s eyes are wide with terror, and her mouth twisted with a soundless scream that is choked silent by fear somewhere deep in her throat. Robyn wants to tell me to let her go. But she cannot speak. Now she feels my arm circle around her tighter and my other hand press into her face and over her mouth until her lips ached against her tightly clenched teeth. She feels my excited breathing as I pressed her closer to me to keep her from screaming. Turning her and pushing her against the desk. ” Think you are going to get off easy, Robyn?” I asked. I grab the hem of her dress, pushing it quickly over her head before she has time to react. Her hands are flat against the desk, her dress bunched around her waist. She feels my hands groping her ass, squeezing her flesh in my fingers. She tries to look back, but I push her head down, forcing her ass to stick out more, my hard wet cock rubbing gently against her ass cheeks. I grab my cock rubbing the thick head against her ass, between her cheeks. I slip my cock under her legs, the head rubbing against her wet lips. She knew, she is about to be fucked. She begs me not to, but I wouldn’t listen. I press the head against her lips, thrusting slowly.

” Ooohhh goooddddgooooddd…noooo…noooo…please don’t!!” Robyn pleaded, knowing that I’m going to anyway. Secretly, Robyn wanted me to fuck her. She wanted to feel my cock in her pussy, filling her like no man ever has before. She bits her lip, feeling a fullness as never before as I slide my cock deep into her. ” Shut up, you little tease, you know you want this,” I answered, thrusting again and again, driving my cock in and out of her tight young pussy. Robyn closed her eyes, nodding slowly. She knew I was right. She knew that she had been just a tease, making herself feel good by treating other people badly. My fingers dug into her cheeks, pushing and pulling her against my thrusting cock. Robyn begins moaning louder, not fighting, but letting her emotions and body go wherever I would take them. Ramming my cock deep into her, my hips slamming against her ass. Her breasts flattened against the desk as I fucked her, driving her mound against the edge of the desk. ” Ooohhh gggooooddddd,” she moaned, lifting herself up on one elbow, her other hand grabbing at her small firm breast. Robyn shoved her ass back in time with my driving cock shoving it deeper into her. A sudden sting shot across her ass as I slapped her cheek hard. ” You like me fucking you, don’t you, Robyn? You like my cock in your cunt?” I asked, slowing my pace to a steady rhythm. Robyn nodded, her eyes closed tightly. I slapped her ass again. ” Tell me, tell me what you like, bitch.”

Robyn’s eyes begin watering from the pain and the emotions racking her body. ” I like you fucking me like a whore!” she cried, shocked by her own vulgarity. Robyn closed her eyes tight, realizing that she had become different. She had always had self-control and had never been very vocal during sex, but now she wanted to scream and moan. ” Fuck me, John!” she cried, feeling my hips slamming against her ass, ” fuck me hard, you bastard!” Her juices begin flooding down her inner thighs, soaking her legs. She buried her face in the desk, her body shaking with each thrust. ” Oooohhhh gggooooooddddddddddd, fuck me hard, John!!” she begs. I ram my cock deep into her tight young cunt, stretching and tearing her vaginal walls. She cries out, moaning. I slide my finger under her, scooping some of her hot cum onto my fingers. I’m rubbing my fingertip around her tight hole, pressing it into her ass. Robyn screams, not sure as to what I’m doing. She has never tried to take a cock anally, she has never had anyone touch her anus. ” What are you doing?” she asks, almost crying, ” Ooohhh ggooddd, stop, STOP!!!” I laugh, working my finger into her tight virgin ass. ” OOoooooohhhhhhhhhhh,” she screams as I shove my finger deep into her ass, wiggling my finger inside her. ” Ooohh shiiittt, oohhh gggoooddddd!” she moans as I fill both holes. Ronyn lost all control, her hips thrusting back onto my cock and finger. A massive orgasm explodes deep inside her, spewing her hot juices all over me and her inner thighs. She came harder than she ever had before, soaking her legs. She feels the hot cum dripping down her legs, onto her high heeled shoes.

” You like that, don’t you? You like having your ass fingered?” I asked, my cock still deep inside her cunt. ” Yes, YES…I love it, I love your finger in my ass,” Robyn moans, her body trembling as another orgasm begins to build. She feels my cock swelling inside her, growing harder and thicker in her pussy, stretching her. I pull my cock out, letting the cum covered rod rest on her ass. A feeling of emptiness overtook her. She wanted me back in her, fucking her cunt again. I grab my cock, rubbing the wet head on her virgin anus, the thick head forcing its way into her ass. She cries out as my cock split her open, sliding slowly into her ass. ” Oooohhhh gggooodddddd!” she screams, ” No, no!!” She has never had cock in her ass before. Robyn begs me to stop, crying, pleading with me, but I ignore her pleas. ” Stop…its too big…oooohhhhhh.” I grab her ass, rocking her hips back and forth, working the thick hard shaft into her tight virgin ass. Slowly, my cock slips deeper, filling her as never before. Robyn grabs the desk as the pain shot through her. The thick shaft stabbed her rectum, splitting her open. I slap her ass again and again, her cheeks becoming red from my hand.

I ignored her pleas, thrusting my cock deep into her ass. ” Fuck, you are one tight bitch,” I mumbled, my hips slamming against the white flesh of Robyn’s ass. Slowly the pain subsided, becoming almost pleasurable for her. I hear the subtle change in the tone of her moans. ” You like it, don’t you, slut? You like my cock in your ass?” I grunted, still slamming my cock into her tight ass. Robyn nodded, ” Yes, yes…I do. I love your cock in my ass. Fuck it, baby….fuck my ass like a whore!” Robyn is again surprised by the vulgar words she just uttered. She has never talked like that before, ever. Robyn looked up, seeing her reflection in the glass. She never imagined seeing herself in this situation, yet here she is, being fucked in the ass by a stranger and loving it. She is being used like a cheap whore and she loved it. She leaned up, grabbing her breasts, kneading, mashing her flesh with her fingers. ” Oooohhhhhh ggddddd…fuck me, John, fuck my ass!” she cried, shoving her ass back against my stabbing cock.

I reach under her, shoving my fingers into her soaking wet cunt. Robyn squealed with pleasure as my fingers rammed in and out of her pussy. Her juices flooded out, squirting down her inner thighs and legs. Robyn came again and again as orgasm after orgasm erupted deep from within her trembling body. She feels the thick cock swelling inside her ass, stretching her even more as the hard shaft throbbed against the walls of her ass. I rubbed her clit hard and fast as my cock ripped in and out of her tight ass, never letting her rest from the multiple orgasms that exploded inside her. She collapsed on the desk, exhausted and spent while I continued fucking her two holes. ” Ooohhh ffuuucckkk, I’m cummming,” I groaned, my face contorted. She feels my cock jerking, twitching in her ass. Suddenly a warm stream of cum burst from the tip, filling her ass. Robyn dropped her head, I’m shooting my cum like a hose. She has never had a man shoot so much cum. Robyn looked up at me, her eyes glazed over from exhaustion and ecstacy, her breasts heaving from her deep breaths. She looked up at her lover new boss, smiling at me as she saw the look of pleasure on my face. I fell against her, my heart pounding against my chest. I looked down at the young woman under me, she smiled up at me, I got up off of her and pulled out of her ass. I handed her, her clothes from the floor, then grabbed my clothes. ” I’ll see you next week here.” Robyn looked at me, nodding her head. ” I’ll be here.”

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