Don’t Walk Home Through Alleyways…


The wind chilled my arms as I walked  through the night. In my high heels, I was walking unsteadily, especially after the drinks I’d had bought for me all night. I had to admit, I looked hot. Hot enough to be able to get free drinks from guys all night. 

I was quite tall at about 5’6″ with long brown hair that fell past my shoulders loose curls. I had a decent pair of boobs too; 36D and a cleavage that could be easily seen in the tight low cut top I was wearing. My ass wasn’t too bad either- I had the perfect hourglass figure and I knew how to accentuate it in tight, revealing clothes. Some think I’m a slut because of how I dress, but I just know how to tease the guys until I get what I want.

I shivered again, wishing I didn’t have so much skin exposed- it was a cold night and I was beginning to regret not taking a taxi home. I was going to freeze before I got home. 

Deciding that I would rather face the shadows of an alley than another mile walk in my shoes, I turned left into a dark path between two buildings. 

I walked like that for a while, then stopped suddenly. Was I just imagining it, or were there another set of footsteps echoing in the night. I listened for a moment, then started walking again, relaxed. 

Maybe I shouldn’t have had so much to drink, I thought with a giggle. I’m even hearing things now.

Then I heard it. A cough. About 20ft behind me. I wasn’t imagining it, I was being followed! Panicking, I started running, trying not to stumble in my high shoes. I looked behind me to see if I was being followed and suddenly collided into a large mass in front of me. Before I realised what had happened, a hand was over my mouth and something cold and sharp was at my throat.

“You make one sound Bitch and I’ll cut that pretty throat of yours,” a snarling voice said into my ear. “You understand?”

I nodded slightly, unable to say anything anyway with the hand over my mouth. 

“This isn’t a good time of night for someone like you to be wandering  around,” my assailant said, moving the knife down my chest slowly gaziantep escort kızlar to rest just underneath my bra straps. “You never know who might happen to find you”

As he said the words, he pulled on the knife, cutting the thin straps of my dress and bra. From out of the shadows, I saw more faces to begin to appear as more people stepped forward. All were quite large men with threatening gleams in their eyes. It was then
 that I started to struggle.

Suddenly I felt the knife at my neck again, pressing harder than before. 

“Bitch, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop struggling and take what we give you. Slut like you’ll probably like it anyway.”

To the others, he said “Help me get her on the ground.” Then I felt multiple pairs of hands pushing me down from the standing position onto all fours. The hand was removed from my mouth, but I didn’t dare scream. My bare knees were pressed against the rough ground and I could feel my short skirt riding up, exposing my plump ass and lacy red panties. I could feel the eyes resting on my behind and I begin to cry as it caught up to me what was about to happen and how powerless I was to stop it.

“Please…don’t do this. I can give you money, anything you want. Please, just not this!” I begged whoever was listening. I suddenly felt the impact of a fit hitting my face, leaving my cheek burning with pain. The hit shocked me into silence and brought fresh tears into my eyes.

“Bitch, you better fucking shut up. We’ve been waiting all night for a nice piece of pussy like yours, haven’t we boys?”

A murmur of agreement came from the men around me.

“Now we are going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before and you’re going to enjoy, you little slut.”

At that, I felt the coolness of his knife slip under my panties and pull them off in one quick motion. Then I heard movement behind me and felt something position itself between my pussy lips. I struggled, but I was held too tight and my assailants dick drive itself forward into my unwilling pussy. He pushed forward slowly, each inch agonising me until he was in to his balls. Then he pulled back slowly until just the head was left inside me. He repeated this pattern a few times, increasing speed each time. The pain was unbearable-his prick must’ve been around 7″ and very thick. His pounding of my tight pussy was more than I could handle. I shouted out in pain as each thrust, he bottomed out, letting his balls slap against my pussy lips each time. 

“Someone shut the bitch up,” I heard someone say. A moment later, I saw a rock hard prick spring up in front of my face and a hand force my mouth open for it. 
“Swallow it slut and if you dare bite, this knife with be going down your throat instead. Complying in fear, I opened my mouth wide and tried to swallow his dick. It wasn’t thick, but it was one of the longest I’d ever seen. I swallowed as much as I could, but that wasn’t enough for him. I felt a hand on the back of my head, forcing his cock down into my throat. I almost choked at first, but slowly became accommodated to his short, sharp thrusts.

Meanwhile, the guy fucking from behind was building up the pace. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was done. Sure enough, I heard him yell out then felt his dick twitch a few times then my pussy filled with his warm cum. He pulled out, only to be quickly replaced my someone else. My arms and legs were let go of, but I couldn’t go anywhere, I was trapped between being fucked brutally from behind an being face fucked. I wanted to get away from the one pounding my pussy. He was worse than the last one; his cock was a lot thicker and felt about the same length as the other’s. Each thrust was brutal and felt like it would drag my insides out. At least I had some cum inside me to lubricate it a bit I thought.

It went on like that for a few moments, then the one in fucking my face started moaning that he was coming and sprayed his load down my throat. I couldn’t managed it all. Each burst just filled my mouth up even more until beads of his cum spilled out of my mouth. I swallowed why I could and when he pulled out and gulped in a few big breaths. 

Looking to my sides, I saw men pumping away at their dicks by hand, waiting for their turn. My stomach turned in horror. Including the one pounding my battered pussy and the one who had just had his turn with my face, there were 5 men who would expect me to satisfy them. 

Another cock found it’s way into my mouth and quickly found a rhythm. Mercifully, at about that time, the guy behind me pulled out and sprayed his cum over my ass and pussy lips. I breathed in relief. Nothing could be as bad as that punishment. 

Unfortunately, I turned out to be wrong. 

Another prick positioned itself behind me, this time, at my puckered asshole rather than my pussy. I felt the person press forward slowly, putting me in agonising pain at this unexpected invasion. I would have screamed had my mouth not been so full. Instead, it only came out as a strangled moan as my virgin asshole was penetrated. He pushed forward slowly until the head of his dick was anchored in my ass. Then he pushed his way in with such force that he bottomed out with one thrust. He pulled out again, almost completely, then pushed forward again like before. I thought I was going to die, it hurt so much. I wanted to scream and yell, but I couldn’t, not with the treatment my mouth was being given. They both pounded at me like that for a while, the pain in my ass slowly subsiding as my rapist gained a steady rhythm. The one in my mouth reached his limit and pulled out to deposit his load all over my face and in my hair, leaving my mouth ready for someone else. The one with his dick up my ass started gaining pace so fast, I thought I would set on fire. Then, after a couple seconds of frantic thrusting, he too deposited his load inside me, the spreading warmth of cum up my ass an unfamiliar feeling. 

They fucked me like that for what seemed like forever. Every time one had finished, there was always another one to take his place. It seemed never ending. Despite that, eventually, they left me, spent in the alley, with cum dripping out of my orifices, as they chuckled about what a good fuck I was.

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