Family Christmas Final


Emma stood in-front of her father wearing the basque that her mother had bought for her to wear at the New Year party. Seeing the bulge in his trousers getting bigger she knew that he liked what she was wearing.

She kissed her parents goodnight and went up stairs. Her brother followed immediately behind her and stretching out his hands he placed them on her bare backside. Emma slowed allowing him to get a better feel.

Moments later she stood next to her brother in her bedroom with candle light creating silhouettes of them on the wall. Holding each other tight they pressed their lips firmly against each other and working her hands down her brother’s bare chest she slipped her fingers inside the waist of his shorts and pulled them down taking time to lick the tip of his penis and taste his pre-cum. Steve stepped out of his shorts and Emma ran her fingers over his naked body.

Looking up Emma whispered. “God you’re handsome.”

Steve held his sister tight, kissed her on the lips and carefully put his hands inside her basque. “You’re beautiful.”

“I’m beginning to believe you.” Emma rested her head on his bare chest and breathed in.

Easing the material away from her firm breasts Steve released them into his cupped hands. Her nipples became hard to his touch. Exploring each other’s bodies Emma’s basque fell to the floor and she felt her brother’s penis rise up and press against her crotch. Looking up into her brother’s eyes Emma said. “I want us to have a family.”

“Are you pregnant?” Steve sounded shocked and a little worried.

“It’s too early to tell but I hope not because we won’t know if you or dad is the father.”

Emma climbed onto the bed lying with her legs wide apart. Taking Steve’s rod like penis in her hand she guided it between her vaginal lips. Steve pushed himself deep inside his sister’s inviting body and Emma pressed her pubis hard against him and felt a bolt of excitement surge through her body as her clitoris responded to the pressure. She groaned loudly, again and again, each groan louder than the last.

Dave and Maureen heard their daughter’s groans and placing his hand between his wife’s legs Dave moved it up her thigh until he came to her damp knickers and pressed gently on her soft puffy lips. Their daughter’s groans got louder and Maureen unzipped Dave’s fly easing his stiff penis out. Holding it between her fingers she rubbed up and down its shaft. Dave slid his fingers inside her panties and pulled them down. They quickly undressed each other and leaving their clothes strewn around the room went upstairs.

Standing naked outside Emma’s bedroom they listened to their son and daughter fucking, and leaning against the door Maureen guided her husband’s penis into her wet opening between the top of her legs. Maureen moaned as Dave pushed his penis inside her pressing her firmly against the door.

Emma and Steve listened to their parents fucking outside the bedroom door. They heard their moans and groans as they came then after a silence their mother shouted. “Night you two.”

Emma and Steve continued to fuck finally curling up against each other and going to sleep.

After what seemed like only a few hours Emma woke. Climbing sleepily out of bed she stepped into the bathroom and sat on the toilet shielding her eyes from the harsh bathroom light. She heard her parents getting ready for work. Back in her bedroom she lay beside her brother and closed her eyes. Sleep was slowly coming to her when the bedroom door suddenly gaziantep escort kızlar opened and a shaft of light cut across the bed. She instinctively sat up pulling the bedclothes with her.

“What are you doing?” Maureen stared at her son’s naked body.

“Making sure Emma was getting up to go to work.” Dave replied.

“Mum, I told you I’m not going to work. I’m off till new year.” Emma said sleepily.

“Sorry love, I told your dad but he didn’t listen to me.”

Without taking her eye’s from her son’s naked body Maureen said. “Do me a favour love. Linda asked me to get condoms for the party and I forgot to buy them. Go back to that shop where we bought your basque and buy a box. I’ll leave a note to remind you with the money on the kitchen table.”

“OK!” Emma lay back on the bed and closed her eye’s.

– – – – – –

Steve read the note while eating breakfast. “Mum wants you to buy condoms for the party.”

“I know. We’ll go back to that shop and get them.”

“We! Why do I have to go with you?”

“So we can have some more fun. I think the assistant likes you.”

Just like the previous day the shop was quiet with the same assistant behind the counter.

Looking up from her magazine the assistant recognized Emma and Steve and greeted them with a big smile. “Hello again.”

“Hi. We had so much fun in here yesterday that we forgot to buy a box of condoms.” Steve said with a big grin.

“A box! You having a party?”

“New Year’s party. Friends and family.” Emma emphasized the word family to let the assistant into their secret.

“You’re quiet a family.” The assistant asked looking deep into her eyes.

“Would you like to cum?” Steve asked.

“Yes.” The assistant laughed.

“We’ll have a variety box?” Emma looked at Steve standing next to the clothes rail.

The assistant picked a box of condoms from below the counter. It felt full. Looking up she saw Steve looking at clothes.

“We’re having a sort out and the changing room’s full of boxes. If you want to try on clothes you’ll have to do it where you are.” Holding up the box she added. “This is nearly empty I’ll get my brother to bring a new one from the stock room.”

“Brother?” Emma smiled while removing her bra.

“Yeah. We’re partners.”

“Do you ever try the clothes on?”

“Yeah of course.”

“This would look good on you.” Emma held up a basque. “Try it on.”

The assistant unfastened her blouse as she walked over to Emma and placed it on a clothes rail. She unclipped her bra releasing her pert breasts just as the door to the stock room opened and her brother came in carrying a box of condoms. He saw Emma and Steve both naked and his sister naked from the waist up and pulling down her jeans and panties.

“Christine!” It was the first time he had seen his sister naked in years and he liked what he saw.

“These are the brother and sister who came in with their mother yesterday. This is Mike my brother.” Christine said.

Mike walked over and patted his sister’s backside. “Hello! I haven’t seen this beauty in years.”

Christine turned to her brother and rested her naked body against him. Steve and Emma saw what she had done and looked at each other.

“Let’s invite them to the party as our guests.” Emma said quietly to Steve.

“We’ll have to check with Linda and Bill first.” Steve whispered.

– – – – – –

They wore just the party clothes for the short drive to the party. Other guests were already there and the parking places right outside the house were taken. Steve parked a short distance from the house and Emma and Christine wearing just their basques and Mike and Steve wearing just their shorts walked back along the road to the house.

Bill opened the front door to let them in. Behind him stood Linda, naked from the waist up.

“I was going to offer to take your coats but as you’re not wearing any I can’t. Where are you parked?” Bill said.

“Down the road.”

“You’re brave walking along the road like that. Were you seen?” Linda asked.

“A police car slowed down. I think they were going to stop and question us but suddenly the lights on their car went on and they sped away.” Christine said.

Steve introduced Christine and Mike to Linda and Bill.

Linda held Emma’s arm stopping her from walking away and when she was sure no-one else could hear she asked. “Are you sure they’re OK with us being family?”

“Yes certain. Don’t worry. They’re brother and sister. Who’s here?”

Emma and Linda caught up with the others who had stopped to watch a couple in a dark room fuck. “Who’s that?” Emma asked.

“It’s your dad and your nan.” Bill replied.

“Fuck me!” Emma exclaimed.

“Thank you. I will.” Bill took her hand and Emma looked around the room. “Is that your son sucking your father-in-laws penis?” Emma asked.

“It sure is. Let’s join them.” Bill said.

Linda led Steve into another room. Christine and Mike followed them.

On the floor in the centre of the room was Linda’s daughter Amy. Steve’s naked cousin lay on her back, legs apart with his mother licking her pubic mound while Amy’s husband fucked Maureen from behind.

Linda pressed her bare breasts against Steve’s chest, placed one arm around his waist and placed her other arm around Mike and Christine pulling them close. Linda kissed Christine on the lips and Christine returned the kiss before breaking off and kissing her brother.

Looking up Amy saw her mother and Steve kissing. She watched as her mother pulled down Steve’s shorts and Amy studied his penis as her mother sucked and licked it. Her mother guided Steve’s stiff penis into her wet inviting pussy and Amy watched her cousin’s backside move back and forward as he fucked her mother.

Christine and Mike stood by the door kissing. “Can you believe what we’re seeing?” Christine said to her brother.

“This is incredible! Do you want to fuck your brother?”

“I’m a virgin.”

“You’re a what!”

“I’m a virgin. Be gentle I’ve been waiting for the right person.”

Mike looked around the room but could not see a suitable place for them. In the other room Mike and Christine saw Emma being fucked by her cousin Kevin while her father sucked on her nipples and she sucked her grandfather’s penis. Emma’s grandmother was sucking Bill’s penis.

“We can use those cushions next to them in the centre of the room.” Christine said.

Mike was gentle, kissing Christine all over, making sure that she was moist and ready before he pushed his penis inside her virgin hole. He moved slowly and gently before filling her with his cum.

Kevin stared at Mike’s backside as it moved up and down. Leaning over he touched it and gave Mike time to object before he pressed his fingers between Mike’s crack. Mike enjoyed the feel of Kevin’s fingers exploring his anus and did not object when his finger explored inside.

“May I?” Kevin asked.

“Yes.” Mike replied and then said to his sister. “I’m about to lose my virginity as well.”

Kevin moved behind Mike and pulling his finger out replaced it with his penis.

In the other room Amy leant across to her cousin Steve and cupped his balls as he fucked her mother. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for years. Now I have to watch you fuck my mother and I hear you’ve been fucking your sister and mother as well.”

“All you had to do was ask.”

“Bastard.” Amy gave his balls a playful squeeze.

“Do you want to fuck my daughter?” Linda asked.

“Do I have your permission?” Steve joked.

“Yes, but be careful. Her husband’s behind you and might hear you.” Linda joked.

“Are we changing partners?” Asked Amy’s husband.

“You and mum can fuck while Steve and I fuck.” Amy said.

“We can’t leave Maureen out of it!” Linda said.

“It’s all right. My legs have gone to sleep. I’ll stretch them and see what they’re doing in the other room.”

Amy looked at Steve’s stiff penis that glistened with her mother’s juices as she slid it into herself. Her husband moved between her mother’s spread wide legs and she watched him push his penis into her.

At the door to the other room Maureen watched her nephew bugger Mike while Mike fucked his sister Christine. Next to them her husband was fucking his mother and her daughter was sucking her grandfather’s penis. Maureen sat next to Bill her brother-in-law allowing him to stroke her pussy while they watched the scene in front of them.

At midnight they all lay in a circle and to the muffled tones of ‘auld lang syne’ they sucked penis and licked pussy.

“This is the best New Year’s party ever.” Christine said and Emma agreed. They sat quietly together watching everyone else have sex. Steve was fucking his grandmother.

“Your brother must have fucked everyone except me.” Christine said.

“I’m sure he’ll fuck you if you ask him.”

“You won’t mind?”

“Why should I mind?”

“I saw the way you look at each other.”

“When you fuck my brother I’ll fuck your brother. That is if Mike ever stops buggering my father.” Emma said to divert attention away from Steve and herself.

When the others had gone to bed to sleep Emma, Christine, Steve and Mike looked outside towards the car. It was quiet, no-one else was around.

“Let’s all walk naked to the car.” Emma suggested.

“What!” Exclaimed Christine.

“No-one’s around to see us. It’ll be fun.”

Emma was first holding her basque in her hand. Steve followed and looking back said. “Are you two coming or are we going home alone?”

“Come on it’s not far.” Mike suggested to his sister as he stepped out of the house holding his shorts in his hand. With new found courage Christine stepped out behind her brother and not to be outdone threw her basque into the car and refused to get into the car after it.

“I’ll walk. It’s not far. Any one care to join me.” Christine said.

All of them remained naked. Emma, Christine and Mike walked with Steve driving slowly behind just in case they needed to jump into the car quickly.

“Come in for a coffee? You’re welcome to stay the night.” Christine suggested as they arrived at their house.

At the back of the house was a swimming pool where Mike and Steve swam. Christine showed Emma the bedroom where she and Steve would sleep.

“You never did get to fuck my brother.”

“And you didn’t get to fuck mine.”

“We’ll fuck our own brothers before we go to sleep, and tomorrow we’ll try each other’s.”


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