fifth adventure with my daughter

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The next few days I was in a dreamlike world not knowing if Susan had found out about what really happened that night. But then as a couple of weeks went by without anything being said I figured that I was safe and had got away with the most riskiest action of this whole affair, if not of my whole married life.
As it was getting close to Karen’s birthday, Susan and I had different ideas about what to get her so we decided to ask Karen one evening if there was anything she would like. So the following Sunday evening while we were all together I explained to Karen that neither her mum nor I could agree on what to get for her birthday and we were keen to know if there was anything special she would like.
Karen told us that instead of us buying her some clothes or jewellery she would be happy if we could pay for some more driving lessons as she was confident of passing her test soon but needed some extra lessons to give her experience of driving at different times of the day.

I told Karen that paying for some more lessons would have been my idea but her mum had an idea about us all going on a skiing holiday after Christmas and we wanted to know which one she would prefer. She told is that she would love to go skiing again as its been such a long time since she went with the school but she was not sure if she could get the time off though she would ask on her next shift.

I still wanted to do something to make her day seem special so I said to Karen “if you are happy for us to do it, mum and I will pay for some food and drink so you could have a small party with a few of your friends.”
Karen said “wow thanks dad and you mum, you are both very special, I’m so lucky to have you both. Just one thing though, you are not going to be here are you?”

I said to Karen “don’t worry, I have already thought about that and your mother and I have somewhere to go, so you can party without us oldies. But I don’t want to come back home and find this place looking like a tip.”
After hearing this Karen came over and gave both her mum and I a big hug and kiss saying “thanks both of you that is really good. I love you both.”
I have to admit it took all my willpower not to grope her as Karen hugged me but we did manage to touch tongues for a few seconds when we kissed.

The evening of Karen’s birthday arrived, and as Lisa and a couple more of Karen’s friends were arriving, Susan and I left for what I hoped would be a nice romantic meal with some wine at a new restaurant that had been recommended to me by one of my work colleagues. Susan looked so sexy in the short, silk, clingy dress that she had chosen to wear, and I felt so proud when a couple of Karen’s friends whistled and called out to us as we were leaving “Wow! Karen never told us what a sexy mum she has.”

The restaurant and the meal lived up to the recommendation and as neither of us felt like going home yet I drove to a nice secluded picnic area so we could enjoy each others company further. When we arrived at the picnic spot I noticed that there was another car there but it appeared to be empty, on seeing the car Susan said “ooohhh I wonder where they are?”
I replied teasingly “do you think we should go and look for them, just to check everything is alright?”
Susan said “yes we should, it’s best to make sure everything is safe.” So we left the car and walked through the trees to where the picnic tables were.
As we approached the picnic tables Susan stopped dead and gasped at the sight in front of us.

We could see the shapes of two people, one was sat on the picnic table with the other knelt down in front facing them, but from where we stood it was difficult to see who they were. Susan whispered “do you think we should leave or take a closer look?”
I replied “come on lets get a bit closer.”
We carefully edged closer until we could clearly see that it was a female sat on the table with a male knelt down between her legs. When we realised what they were doing Susan let out a gasp of surprise, this must have alerted the couple to our presence as the male turned to look in our direction and he must have seen us as he then motioned us to move closer. When we got to a few yards from them he then asked us if we would like to join them.
I asked Susan “what would you like to do?”
She replied “lets join them, it looks like fun.”

So Susan sat on the picnic table next to the woman, who looked a couple of years younger than Susan, and she pulled off her blue lacy thong then opened her legs.
I then got on my knees in front of Susan and began licking her freshly shaven pussy. On seeing us settling in the guy, who was about my age, then resumed licking his partner’s pussy.
I had only been licking Susan for a few minutes when I noticed that the guy had moved one of his hands and was stroking Susan’s leg, I glanced up and saw that Susan and the other woman had started kissing and they were caressing each others breasts.
I looked across at the guy and he said “would you like to swap places? We don’t fuck other people but she will suck you if you want. She will let you cum in her mouth but only if you warn her first.”
I looked up at Susan and saw that she was smiling so I turned to the guy and said “I would love to swap places with you and I’m sure that Susan will do everything that your lady does.”

So we swapped over and I started licking and fingering the woman’s pussy. She had a nice neat landing strip of brown hair and as I burrowed my tongue deep into her she started getting very wet and extremely vocal.
I started rubbing her clit with my finger while running my tongue around her sexy looking asshole, I was rewarded with a long gasp and her voice urging me “don’t stop… I love my ass being rimmed.”
I could hear Susan’s voice telling the guy “oh god… that’s it… just there; oh that is so good” so I knew she was getting well pleasured.
After about five minutes of me assaulting the woman’s pussy with my fingers and tongue I was rewarded with “oh that’s it… don’t stop… don’t stop…I’m Cumming” and my mouth was covered with her wetness.
As she recovered I could hear Susan starting what sounded like an explosive orgasm, as her voice rose while she said “oh yes… oh yes… god that’s it… push your fingers in me… yes… yes… Cumming.”

When Susan had recovered the woman turned to her and asked “shall we return the pleasure we have just had?”
Susan replied “yes, I can’t wait to have your guy’s cock in my mouth.”
So as myself and the other guy stood up, the women then moved down from the table to sit on the bench in front of us.
As they undone our trousers and got our cock’s out I heard Susan gasp, I looked over and saw that the guy’s cock looked longer and thicker than mine.
The woman must have sensed something as she looked up at me and said “I think you are about the same size. I am going to love having you in my mouth.”
Then she bent forward, covered my cock with her mouth and started giving me a very good blow job.
She constantly bobbed her head up and down while at the same time running her tongue all over my cock. This was total heaven to me. I glanced over and saw that Susan had got almost the whole length of the guy’s cock into her mouth and she had managed to get one of her hands between his legs.

I heard him groan with pleasure and say “that is so good… ohhh don’t stop… don’t stop … god that is good.”
All too soon I got the “I am close to Cumming” feelings, so remembering to warn her I quietly said “I am very close to Cumming.”
When she then took my cock out of her mouth, tipped her head back and said “I want you to cum on my face.”
She then started wanking me very fast saying “shoot your cum on me, cover my face.”

It took literally a couple of minutes of her fast wanking me before I groaned and said to her “here it is…I’m Cumming” and about 4 or 5 jets of cum spurted out onto the woman’s face, hitting her nose, lips and cheeks. She then took my softening cock into her mouth and licked it clean.
While she was doing this I glanced over to see how Susan was going on just in time to see the guy thrust forward and then start to jerk as he began Cumming into Susan’s mouth. I watched as Susan tried to swallow everything but some of the guys cum leaked out from her lips and dribbled down her chin.

When we had all began to recover and I bent down to pull my trousers back up I was aware of a clapping noise, when I turned around I was able to make out about 4 or 5 people that were stood watching.
The other guy quickly said “it is o.k. they are harmless. They will not approach unless invited… we come here as often as we can and meet other couples to have fun with. They like to watch the couples play and will join in if asked.”
I asked the guy “how long have you been coming here?”
He answered “about a year now. This place can get quite busy with several couples all looking to have fun.”
I said to him “well we certainly gaziantep escort kızlar had fun. Thank you to you and your lovely partner. Susan and I will have to do this again.”
The woman said “we try and get up here most weekends and usually there are a few more couples here. To introduce ourselves properly I am Julie and this is my husband Trevor.”
I responded “well it’s nice to meet you both. This is my wife Susan and I am Geoff. It has been great fun but we now need to check that our home is still in one piece after our daughter’s birthday party. Hope to meet you both again sometime.”
Then we all shared a parting kiss, and then Susan and I walked back to our car.
On the drive back home Susan asked teasingly “did you know what went on up there before tonight?”
I replied “no, I had heard about this going on but did not know it happened up there.”

As we arrived home Karen was on the doorstep seeing off a couple of her friends, and as they walked past us they said “goodnight and thanks for letting Karen have the party, we have all had great fun.”
We walked inside to find the usual after party mess, but thankfully nothing seemed to be broken.
Karen asked if we had enjoyed our evening, Susan told her that it had been great and the evening had an unexpected but enjoyable end, but now she was feeling tired and the cleaning up could wait till tomorrow.
I said to Karen and Susan that I was making a hot chocolate drink and did they want one.

Karen said she would love one, but Susan said “no thanks I just want to get some sleep I don’t think I would stay awake long enough to drink it.”
With that she kissed Karen and myself goodnight and went upstairs.
While waiting for the kettle to boil Karen and I started to clear up the mess in the living room as we both felt it would be a nice surprise for mum.
Karen started taking glasses to the dish washer while I straightened the furniture. As I carried some dirty cups into the kitchen, I caught site of Karen bent over loading the dish washer. Her short dress had ridden up and I could clearly see her red thong. I quietly put the cups down, walked up behind her and began to softly stroke her ass.
Karen half turned and said “dad, no we can’t, mum might hear and come down.”
I replied “if I know your mum she will be fast asleep by now, but I will just go and check what she is doing.”

I went upstairs and poked my head into our bedroom, seeing Susan lead in bed I softly called to her, and getting no response I guessed that she was indeed fast asleep. I went into my study, unlocked the desk drawer and got out my special present for Karen.
When I got back downstairs Karen had made the chocolate and was sitting on the sofa in the living room.
I sat down beside her and said “don’t worry, mum is fast asleep, here is a small gift to show how special you are to me.”
When Karen opened her gift and saw the pair of gold droplet earrings, which had her birthstone in them, she reached over and kissed me full on the mouth and I felt her tongue caress my lips as she waited for me to respond. I opened my mouth and felt her tongue dart in and start to caress mine.

As we cuddled I moved one hand onto her thigh and started to stroke her, moving my hand upwards and inwards getting ever closer to her panties. When my fingers finally touched her panties I was surprise to find that they were quite wet.
I broke the kiss and whispered softly “mmmmm you are very aroused let’s spread out on the carpet and get comfortable.”
So we moved onto the carpet and Karen led out while I ran my hands up her legs to her panties, and as I pulled them off I could see just how aroused Karen was. After removing her panties I gently opened her legs then positioned myself between them and started to lick her shaven wet pussy.
I licked Karen with long slow strokes, each starting at the bottom of her pussy and not stopping until I reached her clit, which I flicked a few times. After doing this for a few minutes I then started to burrow my tongue deep into her pussy on every upward lick. This caused Karen to softly moan with pleasure and say “dad that is so good… please don’t stop… make me cum dad.”
On hearing this I speeded up licking her pussy and also began to probe her with my middle finger.
It was not long after I started to finger Karen that she said “oohh dad… yes… yes… don’t stop… don’t stop… I’mmm Cumming,” and for the second time that night my mouth was covered with female cum, though Karen’s was the best and tasted so much sweeter.

After she had recovered from her orgasm, Karen said “dad that was so good, now come here and fuck me.”
So I knelt up, undid my trousers and slid them and my boxers down to my knees. I moved up between Karen’s legs and rubbed my hard cock all around her pussy, smearing her wetness all over the head.
Karen moaned and said “please don’t tease dad, just fuck me.” With that I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed in fast. She let out a gasp of surprise and then a soft but sharp squeal as my full length penetrated her in one fast thrust and the head nudged her cervix.
I settled into a steady rhythm of pulling nearly all the way out, and then thrusting my full length into her. Every time I thrusted in, Karen let out a soft moan of pleasure and it felt so good to be fucking Karen again. Her warm, wet pussy walls gripping my cock every time I pushed into her and the way her pussy lips clung to my cockhead when I pulled back.

After a couple of minutes of the steady rhythm I changed the pace and speeded up fucking Karen. She must have liked what I did as she said “oh god… that’s it dad… fuck me… fuck me… faster dad.”
With this I started to fuck Karen harder and faster all the time making sure that I buried my full length into her every time I thrusted in. After a couple of more minutes of me fucking Karen hard I felt myself ready to cum.
I asked Karen “where do you want me to cum?”
She said “wherever you want to dad, but not in my ass.”
I took this as an o.k. to cum in her pussy so I carried on fucking her hard and fast. It took about another 20 thrusts for me to feel ready to cum.
I said to Karen “I’m going to cum in your pussy… here it is… I’m Cumming” and on the next thrust in I felt myself cum. 5 to 6 jets of cum spurted out and splattered her pussy walls, my cock twitching with every jet of cum it fired.
Karen moaned again and softly said “dad that feels so good… I can feel your cock twitch in me. It tickles a bit but it’s nice.”

After we had recovered and tidied ourselves up I asked Karen “have you been able to find out if you can get the time off for the skiing holiday?”
She answered “yes dad they said they will let me know in a few days. But I’m unsure if I want to go as you will have mum and I will be on my own. I don’t want to hang around you both all the time.”
I said “o.k. I can understand that… have you spoken to Lisa about our get together?” Karen said “yes dad but she is reluctant to do it as the only 3sums she has had have all involved her boyfriend.”
On hearing this, the pervert inside me had an idea so I told Karen “you get Lisa to agree to our get together and I will pay the cost of her flight and hotel room so she can come on the holiday with us and keep you company.”
On hearing this Karen hugged me saying “dad you are the best… thank you.”
With that she disappeared up to bed leaving me a happy man but also with the rest of the tidying up to do.

A week went by with no news from Karen, and then at the start of the next week Karen told me she could have the time off. Also Lisa had agreed to our get together so we arranged it for the next Saturday when they were both free and Susan was away visiting her parents. Karen did say that Lisa was uncomfortable with having the get together at our place so I agreed that we could go to Lisa’s flat.
While eagerly waiting for Saturday to arrive, I took the opportunity during the week to book the holiday. 4 people in 2 rooms at a bed and breakfast pension, going in mid January for 1 weeks skiing to the ski resort of Kitzbuhel. I also pre-booked ski and boot hire and lift passes for Susan and myself but left it for Karen and Lisa to get theirs when we got to the resort.

The Saturday arrived and after Susan had said goodbye and left to see her parents. I went to our bedroom and changed into smart casuals. Then after checking everything was secure I left the house and walked the 10 minute journey to Lisa’s flat. When I got to the flats, I pushed the buzzer next to her name and after a few moments I heard a giggly girly voice say “I’m on my way down to let you in.”
A couple of minutes went by then the door opened and Lisa was stood there wearing a red towelling dressing gown.
She said “come on in then. I don’t want many people seeing me like this.”
I followed her up the stairs to her front door, where she then pointed me in to her living room saying “go and make yourself at home. Karen and I will join you in a few minutes.” After about 5 minutes I heard Karen’s voice calling “shut your eyes dad and don’t open them until I say so.”
What seemed like another couple of minutes had passed, then I heard Karen’s voice saying “you can open your eyes now dad. Is this what you have always fantasised about?”

In front of me stood Karen and Lisa, arm in arm, looking like 2 of the sexiest schoolgirls I have ever seen.
Lisa looked so innocent in her white knee socks, navy blue pleated mini skirt, white blouse and a tie loosely hung around her neck. She was wearing black schoolgirl shoes and her long black hair had been pulled back into bunches, and she had put freckles on her face to complete the innocent look.
Karen was the slutty one, dressed in black stockings, complete with holes, grey mini skirt, white blouse, with the first 4 buttons undone showing that she was not wearing a bra. Her hair was hanging loosely around her shoulders. She was not wearing shoes but had put on some make up and a deep red lipstick which completed the slutty look. From their giggly behaviour it was clear that they had started drinking early, they offered me one which I accepted.

I sat in a chair while Lisa pressed play on her DVD and joined Karen on the sofa and we all settled down to watch scenes of young teen girls pleasuring each other. Though I admit that I did not take much notice of what was on the DVD as my eyes were firmly fixed on what was happening on the sofa.
The girls were enjoying an intimate kiss and I could see that Lisa had got one of her hands into Karen’s blouse and was playing with her nipples, while Karen had slid a hand up Lisa’s skirt and was gently massaging her ass through her white schoolgirl panties.
I coughed and began to move towards them, the sound of the cough alerted Karen who broke the kiss, turned towards me and said “no dad, you are to just watch for the time being. So sit back and make yourself comfortable.”

So I did what I was told to do and then the girls moved off the sofa and onto the floor. Lisa was now led out on the floor face up and Karen had moved to position herself to the side of Lisa’s legs. Karen lifted Lisa’s skirt and pulled down her schoolgirl panties, and I was treated to the sight of Lisa’s pussy which had been shaved bare apart from a small, neat landing strip and from where I sat I could clearly see that she was aroused and wet.
Karen then got on top of Lisa in a 69 and as Lisa lifted Karen’s skirt, I could see that she had completed the slutty look by not wearing panties.
Then the girls started pleasuring each other with passion, using fingers and tongues and their obvious skills, to try and get the other to orgasm first. With both girls licking and probing each other, it was going to be difficult to judge just who was going to orgasm first, but then Karen’s body stiffened and jerked as she orgasmed just slightly ahead of Lisa.

When both girls had recovered Lisa said “got ya!! It’s my turn to use the strap-on.”
On hearing this Karen pulled a face, turned to me and said “but dad, wouldn’t you like to see me use it?”
I replied “Karen, you should know better. I brought you up to understand that you don’t start anything unless you are prepared to accept the consequences.”
On hearing this Lisa said “yes that’s right, if you only wanted to use the strap-on, you should not have bet me for it. You could have just asked.”

Karen refreshed the drinks while Lisa went into her bedroom to fetch the strap-on, when she came out of the bed room we could see that she had already put it on.
What a funny sight it was, this slim young girl dresses in her school uniform, skirt pulled up above the waist, parading in front of me wearing a dark brown strap-on, which made it look like she was showing off her large erection.
I can’t explain why but the sight of Lisa, even wearing her strap-on, got me so aroused I just wanted to fuck her there and then. But I knew I had to wait for the opportunity to present itself.

When the girls resumed their playing Karen was led on the floor with her legs spread open and I could see that her pussy was still very aroused and the lips were puffy and shiny with her juices. Lisa positioned herself between Karen’s legs and slowly pushed the strap-on into Karen’s pussy, not stopping until it was fully buried, then Lisa began the long slow pull back before quickly pushing forwards until the strap-on was again fully inside Karen’s pussy.
This started Karen moaning with pleasure and saying “oh god Lisa… fuck me… fuck me hard… harder you bitch… harder.”
Lisa then speeded up and was soon thrusting the strap-on in and out of Karen at a furious pace, and saying “you love it… you are mine… take it… god your pussy is so wet…”
After a couple of minutes of Lisa fucking Karen on the floor Lisa the stopped and said “I have an idea Karen, as you dad has been sat there behaving himself how about you give him a blow job while I fuck you?”
Karen said “yes that would be so kinky, what do you think dad?”
I said “if that’s what you both want, I’m up for it.”

So Karen crawled over to where I was sat and I helped her undo my trousers, and as I pulled both my trousers and boxers to my knees I heard Lisa gasp and say “Karen, you told me your dad was smaller than my boyfriend!!”
Karen said “it don’t look that much different to me, anyway you have always told me it’s been a fantasy of yours to try one bigger than your boyfriend. Now are we going to do this or not.”
With that Karen then placed her hands on my thighs and lowered her mouth onto my very hard cock, and started to bob up and down taking me further into her mouth each time until nearly all my length was in her mouth.
I saw Lisa then move behind Karen and I felt her jump slightly as I realised Lisa must have now penetrated Karen’s pussy with her strap-on.
The girls then found their rhythm, every time Lisa pushed forwards, Karen bobbed her head down taking my cock deep into her mouth, then as Lisa pulled back, and Karen raised her head allowing my cock to slide nearly all the way out of her mouth.
This continued for a few minutes and I could feel myself getting close to Cumming. As I was going to warn Karen, Lisa said “don’t let him cum in your mouth, I want to see your face covered in it.”

Karen then took my cock out of her mouth and told Lisa to move back, giving me the room to stand up. She then knelt below me, her face just a couple of inches below my cock and said “go on dad, shoot your cum on my face.”
So I started to wank my cock quickly as I knew it wouldn’t be long before I cum.
As I was getting close to Cumming Karen then said “Lisa, come here… I want dad to cum on your face as well.”
So Lisa joined Karen and knelt down beside her, their faces were just inches below my cock.
It took about 15 strokes and I was ready to cum. I said “get your faces together here it is… I’m Cumming” and with that my cock started spurting jets of warm cum onto them. In all about 6 jets of cum spurted out and splattered the girl’s faces hitting their noses, lips and cheeks.

After I had finished Cumming the girls then kissed and said to each other “wow that was good.”
Lisa then said “we are off into the bathroom to clean up, could you fix us all some more drinks please?”
When the girls returned from the bathroom Karen approached me and nervously said to me “dad, I have a question to ask you.”
I said “yes love, what do you want?”
Karen said “well you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but Lisa wants to know if you would lick my pussy and let her fuck you with the strap-on at the same time?”
I said to Karen “no way. That was not part of our deal. If Lisa wants to watch me lick your pussy, that’s fine. But no-one touches my ass.”
Karen then said “but dad, Lisa has always fantasised about this. We have done your fantasy, isn’t it fair that we do hers.”
I responded “sure it’s fair; but she does it with someone who is willing to do it, and I am not willing.”
Then Karen said “but dad you have always said how much you have wanted to fuck her and she has told me that if you do this for her, she will let you do whatever you want to her.”
I asked “are you sure that’s what she said?”
Karen responded “yes dad.”

The pervert inside me realised that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for, at last I had my chance to get my revenge for the way she had teased me and caused a lot of arguments between Karen and me with her lies. Sure I would have to endure the inconvenience of Lisa using her strap-on to fulfil her fantasy, but this was going to be nothing compared to what I had in mind for her.
So I said “well then you had better get her in here so we can start.”
Karen went into the kitchen and told Lisa that I had agreed. Lisa came straight over to me and kissed me full on the lips saying “thank you for letting me do this.”
I replied “thank you for your offer, which I accept.”

So Karen sat in the chair I had been in her legs spread wide open and her pussy ready and waiting for me to start licking. I copied the position Karen had used and I started licking her pussy the same way I had always done, with long slow licks starting from the bottom and not stopping until I reached her clit. I heard Lisa say “god that looks so hot, I hope you will do that to me.”
I thought to myself “you will be getting a lot more than this soon.”
After about a couple of minutes of me licking Karen I felt something cold being applied to my ass I jerked suddenly at the shock and heard Lisa say “its ok… I’m just putting some lubricant on to help with penetration.”
I then felt something pushing against my asshole, Lisa said “try to relax; I’m just using my finger to open you up.”
I felt her finger enter me, there was not as much discomfort as I imagined, then it started to move backwards and forwards as she loosened me up.
After a couple of minutes I felt Lisa add another finger into my ass and then start to thrust both of them in and out.

After another couple of minutes of this Lisa told me to keep licking Karen and just relax. I felt some more lubricant being rubbed into my asshole, then Lisa said “you look as ready as you will ever be, take a deep breath and try to relax because I am starting now” and with that I felt her touch the strap-on against my asshole and begin to push.
For the first few seconds my asshole burned and the pain was intense as Lisa pushed the strap-on into me, I signalled for her to stop and let me get used to the intrusion. After about a minute the pain subsided so I signalled for her to carry on.
This was the weirdest experience of my life, all I hoped is that Karen would not think anything less of me; I carried on licking Karen’s pussy, hoping that this would take my mind off what was happening behind me and help me to keep relaxed.

As I was focussing on keeping relaxed and licking Karen I was unaware of how much time had passed before Lisa said “I’m in as far as I can go, stay relaxed as now I am going to fuck you.”
With that I felt the strap-on move back and then thrust forward as she began to fuck me. This continued for about 5 minutes, I was getting ready to tell Lisa that it was time to stop when I heard her say “keep licking Karen… I’m nearly there… just a few more moments…” I buried my tongue deep into Karen’s pussy as my mind tried to blot out what was happening to me.
A couple of more minutes had gone by when I next heard Lisa’s voice say “yes… yes… that’s it…I’m nearly there…I’m nearly there… oohh yes… I’m Cumming” then I felt her thrust deep and hard into me. The sudden burst of pain I felt caused me to dig my fingers hard into Karen’s legs and my eyes to water.
I thought to myself “you bitch; there was no need for that. Like it or not you are going to get your ass fucked even harder.”
When we had all calmed down, Karen had to go to the toilet, while she was in there Lisa hugged me and kissed me on the lips.
She said “thank you for that, I hope I wasn’t too rough with you” and with that she turned to go into the kitchen, but as she got to the door she turned and with a smirk on her face she said “you have had that done to you before haven’t you.”

When we had all rested and recovered from our earlier fun and games Karen caught hold of Lisa and started to dance with her. Their bodies moved in synchronization as they bumped and grinded together, their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Lisa broke the kiss and pushed Karen into the chair, spread her legs wide and started to lick her pussy. I took this as my invitation to join in the fun.
As Lisa started to lick Karen’s pussy, I got behind her, placed my face underneath her pussy and started to lick her. I found that Lisa’s pussy was very wet and it didn’t take long to bring her to a mini orgasm. Her wetness covered my mouth and face as I buried my tongue deep inside this young girl’s pussy.
As she was recovering from her mini orgasm I switched my attentions to her cute, tight asshole and as I started licking it, I heard Lisa gasp and say “that feels so good… keep doing that… I love my ass being licked.”
This made such a change to have someone want me to lick their asshole, instead of being told not to touch down there, that I stayed doing this longer than I had planned. I even managed to get my tongue inside Lisa’s asshole for a few minutes, and it was while doing this that I discovered that Lisa had not wiped properly the last time she had used the toilet. But I thought “we all have accidents sometimes” and carried on licking.

After about 10 minutes of giving Lisa all this oral pleasure I decided it was about time I fucked her, so I repositioned myself behind her and slowly moved my cockhead into the entrance of her pussy and stopped. I asked Lisa if she was ok with this, and did she want me to continue. Her response was to wiggle her ass and say “yes, I want you to fuck me.” So I slowly started pushing my cock into her pussy, stopping every time I had got a couple of inches into her, then pushing again until my full length was buried in her hot, wet, tight pussy.
I quickly pulled all the way back, just leaving my cockhead in her pussy, then thrusted forwards again. This caused Lisa to gasp and say “yes, fuck me. Go on fuck me hard…” I thought to myself “ok girl you have asked for it” and I began fucking her with hard, fast thrusts, each time making sure that my full length was buried in her pussy.

After a few minutes of fucking Lisa like this, I wanted to see just how far I could go with her. So I wetted a finger and began to push it into her ass. This caused Lisa to jerk but she did not tell me to stop so I assumed she was ok with it. I continued fucking Lisa’s pussy and fingering her ass for a few minutes longer. I had managed to get my thumb all the way into her ass and the only reaction I had got from Lisa was her saying “keep doing that… I love my ass being fingered.”
I could see that Karen was getting her pussy well and truly licked so I decided to plan my next move very carefully. As Karen was well on her way to yet another orgasm, I decided to use the situation to get my revenge. Noticing that Karen was holding Lisa’s head firm up against her pussy and telling her to “keep doing that… I want to cum.”
I pulled my cock out of Lisa’s pussy. With one hand I managed to spread her ass cheeks wide enough for me to see her tight asshole, which was still wet, then using my other hand I guided my cockhead up until it came to rest against Lisa’s asshole. Then, as Karen was telling Lisa she was almost there, I pushed my cock into Lisa’s ass.

Lisa suddenly jerked forward and tried to lift her head from Karen’s pussy. I heard a muffled scream and then Lisa’s voice saying “ooowww… please take it out… not my ass… that fucking hurts… please stop.”
As Lisa tried to struggle away from me I held her firmly by the waist saying “stay still you bitch. I let you fuck my ass so it’s fair that I fuck yours.”
With that I continued pushing my cock into her tight ass until I was in as deep as I could go. I then pulled back a few inches before pushing in again and getting the last couple of inches of my cock into her tight ass.
As I started fucking her ass, Lisa began sobbing and telling me “stop… please stop… it hurts so much… it’s too big.”
On hearing Lisa’s sobs Karen yelled at me “stop dad; you are hurting her.”
I shouted at Karen “shut up; and hold her still, I’m getting close to Cumming.”
It took another few minutes of fucking Lisa’s tight ass before I was close to Cumming, and as soon as I could feel that I was ready.
I leaned over and said to the now constantly sobbing Lisa “now you know what it feels like to have your ass fucked,” and with that comment I buried my cock deep into her ass and felt myself cum.
About 5 jets of cum spurted out and splattered the insides of Lisa’s ass, my cock twitching as each one left my body and filled her tight ass.

Lisa was still sobbing as my cock softened, and as I withdrew I noticed that there were some brown smears on it. Not wanting to stain my boxers I found Lisa’s white schoolgirl panties she had been wearing and I used them to wipe myself clean. Then after making myself presentable I walked over to where Karen was comforting the still sobbing Lisa, I could not resist slapping Lisa hard on her still sore ass and saying “thanks for that love, you were great. Look forward to doing this again soon.”
As I turned and started to walk out of the flat Karen yelled at me “you bastard dad! Why have you done this? Cant you see you have hurt her.”
I responded “don’t you think my ass hurts as well. I have told you before you should never give it if you can’t take it. All I did was to give her what she gave me.”
Then with the sound of Lisa still sobbing in the background I walked out of the flat and down the stairs.

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