Freaky Friday


I was up late at night jerking it to some porn online and I started to think why I have not done this yet. I was a 30 year old virgin living in an small apartment with a crappy job and no sex life to speak of. I was definitely not a great looking guy but I’ve seen worse looking get pussy. I really just didn’t know how to talk to women and get them in my bed. After I finished up I made a wish to god, I wanted to have sex within the next month and maybe he could help me out a little bit.

The next morning I woke up and saw that I was late for work and my alarm didn’t go off. I quickly hopped out of bed and made my way towards my closet. I didn’t have my glasses on yet so my eyes were closed and I couldn’t find them. I had no idea what was going on. My closet simply was not there. I opened my eyes to see what was going on. When I opened them I had perfect vision I looked down for a second and saw my chest was way bigger than it usually is like huge. I saw a full length mirror and saw a beautiful girl looking back at me wearing a shirt and panties .

“Holy shit what the fuck is going on?”

Suddenly a guy appeared out of thin air. I was now extremely confused.

“Hi Darren.”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m your guardian angel and I’ve come here to help you out.”

“Well so then tell me why I’m now this girl.”

“God heard your wish and decided to grant it, but he felt like he gave you a bad hand and wouldn’t be able to fulfill it in the body you were in so he decided he would have you switch bodies with someone else.”

“So why didn’t he just put me in some good looking dudes body?”

“He wasn’t going to just give you a lottery ticket and just let you fuck any girl in your sight that would be too nice. You didn’t put great effort into having sex with a woman when you were in your body so with this body you could have sex with anyone at anytime.”

“But I’m in a girl’s body I don’t want to get railed by another dude, I wanna fuck a girl.”

“This is the hand that God has dealt and you will be very thankful to God for this kid. Once you do it, I think you will grow to like it and not picture it the way you do now.”

“I guess maybe but I doubt it.”

“Anyways look at this body he has put you in. Your name is Heather Carrington. You are lingerie model who has yet to pose nude even though you should have. God made her to pleasure many guys throughout her life. He gave her long beautiful legs, a great waistline, a nice flat stomach, strong jawline, luscious lips, big green eyes, long brown hair, big and tight ass, and perky C cup tits. She even has the best orgasms in the world. But she ended up only having one boyfriend in high school, moving out to LA to model at 18 and has fucked a handful of dudes the past 5 years. God made her dimwitted so guys could trick her into fucking them but that didn’t even work because she was too prude. So we punished her by switching her into your body. Why don’t you take off your shirt and let those things breathe a little bit.”

I did what he said and removed my shirt. My big beautiful tits were now getting some air and looking, they were really monsterous but still not sagging. They even had the perfect sized nipples, not too big not too small.

“I know gaziantep escort kızlar I told you these were C cups but a couple of years ago Heather decided to go bigger to feel even better about herself even though she had perfect tits already. These things are now DD cups and amazingly not floppy they still hold on you perfect 5’8” form. I want you to remove your panties and see your vagina now.”

I did what I was told and removed the panties. There was now a vagina where my dick used to be, it was extremely weird.

“You can see that she has not had sex many times due to her vagina still being relatively tight.”

“I can see that. So what’s the deal here, how long do I stay in this thing?”

“We have given you a month in Heather’s body. We expect you to fulfill God’s wishes of pleasuring many men.”

He vanished back to where he came from. Now I was standing there in a strange room in a strange naked body. I was extremely hot though, like insanely hot. This girl could’ve been a supermodel but I guess she was too short. I started to look at my beautiful body. My tits were so big it was outrageous. I touched my nipple, it was so perfect and beautiful. I quickly started to feel myself up and it felt incredible they were so big and voluptuous. I decided to go in and finger myself. I stuck my two fingers in there and started to feel orgasmic. I couldn’t even stand up and had to drop myself on the bed. I was moving them around and I was convulsing it felt so great. The angel was right maybe I can deal with getting railed.

I put on a bra and panties, some jeans and a t-shirt to go out and try and find my first mate. The minute I stepped outside of the door I saw a guy. He was a young guy, early 30s, kinda small and wearing a suit. Must’ve come home for his lunch break. I decided that this was the man, big dicks would probably hurt if it was the first and this guy probably didn’t have one of those. He was waiting by the elevator so I walked over.

“Hi, have we met before?”

“Uh yea I think so my name is Greg, your Heather right?” He looked so startled that I was even talking to him. I felt in complete control of the situation for the first time in my life.

“That’s right, can you help me I’m having trouble setting up my TV, it’ll just take a sec.”

“Sure, I guess where is it?”

“In my apartment.” I said it with a sexy voice and his knees almost buckled.

“I guess I have a little time, I can do it.”

We walked into my apartment and I showed him the TV that was working perfectly and gave him the remote. I said I had to go to the bathroom, this gave me a chance to get ready. I went into the bathroom and took off my jeans and shirt and put on a robe to cover my bra and panties and walked out.

“I think I got it to work Heather you should look just to make sure.”

He looked up at me and I dropped my robe. His mouth opened and he dropped the remote. I walked up to him and was now face to face.

“Greg, are you a virgin?”

“No, um no I’m not I’ve done it a couple of times.”

“What if I was to say I would let you do it with me, would that make you happy?” I gave him a kiss on the neck which was awkward.

“Yes yes yes, it would be incredible.”


I threw him on the bed. I took off his shoes and socks and undid his tie. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He was totally helpless and didn’t know what to do. Next I took off his jacket and pants. I could see his boner through his boxers and I decided to flick it for some reason.

“What was that?”

“Just making sure, you’re ready.”

Next his shirt came off and now he was just wearing his boxers. I sat up on my knees and undid my bra. His boner started to pulsate and I laid back down on top of him. He went to kiss me on the lips but I moved away, I was not ready to kiss a dude yet.

“No kissing and no blow jobs, strictly fucking.”

“Fine with me.”

I tore off his boxers and revealed his throbbing dick. It was not very big which is what I thought it would be, he looked kind of embarassed when I did it.

“Don’t worry about it just make sure you fuck me hard, now do it.”

I laid down on the bed. He kissed me a couple of times near my pussy, which felt great. He then removed my panties and revealed my pussy.

“You ready?”

“Let’s go I know you’ve been waiting for this for awhile.”

He plunged his dick in my pussy and I officially was no longer a virgin. He started going in and out, it felt great way better than the fingering i gave myself. I wasn’t having an orgasm though at least I didn’t think so.

“Faster, harder.”

He started to really move but it didn’t help, he was just inadequate and being laid on top on by a naked sweaty dude wasn’t great either. Before I knew it he was done.

“I’m sorry I cummed so fast I just couldn’t help it.”

“It’s ok, not your fault now get out of my apartment.”

He left immediately. I would give him another chance to prove himself but not just yet. Getting fucked wasn’t bad but I really wanted to get railed so I can see if I like it. I figured I needed a bigger dick or someone with more experience. I hate to think it but these guys tend to be good looking and generally guys that I hated in my old body but I had to try it. These guys are usually built so I went to the gym.

I got dressed in the tightest, shortest shorts i could find and a sports bra. This outfit barely covered my huge ass and tits and parts of both were sticking out. I would definitely get attention in this outfit.

I showed up at the gym and went on the treadmill so everyone could see my beautiful body in action. Everyone was looking at me, even the women, i could tell they were jealous of what I suddenly had. I got off all sweaty ready to work out. One by one guys started coming up to me and hit on me but none of them really sparked my interest so I brushed them off.

Eventually I saw him. He was a big strapping young white guy. Striking features in the face, huge muscles, and a nice head of hair. He was everything I was looking for in a guy, a guy who has pleasured plenty of chicks. i just had one thing left to do, I had to make sure he could give me what I wanted. He was bench pressing so I figured I’d walk by when he was getting up and cop a feel. I moved to the machine next to him. He was wearing baggy shorts so I figured this would be relatively easy.

He got up, so I got up at the same time. I casually pumped down and sneakily reached down. The thing was massive!! I’m surprised it wasn’t falling out of the bottom of my shorts, he was the guy.

“Excuse me, did you just feel my dick?”

I was surprised he said something but it was a perfect setup. “Yes, yes i did. Is that a problem?”

“No, I was just wondering why?”

“Just had to check something. Pick me up at this address at 10 o’clock.” I gave him my address and he agreed.

I decided to wear a dress and some panties when the guy showed up so it wouldn’t be too ridiculous.

He showed up on time. I opened the door.

“So you wanna go out and get some drinks?”

“How about we stay in and fuck each others brains out.”

He immediately kissed me and I had no choice but to oblige, if I wanted him to perform I had to help him along. While I was kissing me I started to undo his pants. He threw me down onto my bed and got undressed. I could now see his dick which was like a porn stars, absolutely massive probably around 12 inches. His body was hard and I grabbed on while he started to kiss my neck. He started to remove my dress while caressing my body. He eventually made his way down to my pussy.

“Fuck me already” I was not in the mood for foreplay.

He then tore off my panties and started getting his dick in me. He was able to get 6 inches in me easy but after that it started to hurt. He was tearing my pussy apart and although it hurt it also felt great.

“Get it in me.”

He fit it all inside me and I was orgasming.

“Harder, harder, uhhhh.”

I could feel he was ready to cum but then he flipped me on my side. He came from behind me and started to fuck me doggy style. This way he was getting it all inside and hitting my g spot everytime. I was beginning to almost convulse from the orgasm, he knew what he was doing. He was giving me the reach around and was feeling me up.

“Yes, yes keep going, get it all in me.”

I could feel him give him one last big thrust inside me and got it all in. I thought my body was gonna split in two. I was shaking from the orgasm. I was so happy with my decision I jumped on him and began making out. Slowly I could feel his huge dick running up my leg.

“Get on it.”

I listened to him and slowly dropped myself on him. I began bobbing up and down on his huge dick and it was great. I began slowing down because I was orgasming so great. My pussy began pouring out juice and I had hit my climax. I fell next to him and rested.

“It’s ok, lets give that pussy a little break.”

I was lying face down and he jumped on top of me. He stuck his dick in my ass but could only get a couple of inches in. I tried to help him out by lifting myself up but I didn’t like it and backed away. I lied down onto my back and pushed my huge tits together.

“Bring it in here.”

“Dont have to tell me twice.”

He sat on top of me and I immediately regretted this decision. His dick was now in my face and his sweaty body was on top of me. I did not back off though and let it happen. I saw he was ready to finish and closed my eyes, his cum went all over my face. He collapsed on top of me and I wiped off my face. He sucked on my tits for a little while, which stimulated me, before we fell asleep.

I have to figure out a way to bring pleasure to the masses.

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