Future pet wish

Beautiful Dick

You pick me up

You take my phone turn it off

and tell me to Strip naked and put my clothes in trash bag on floor

You ask if all my toys are in bag I brought

I reply yes sir

You hand me a eye mask and tell me to put it on then you grab my head an pull it to your lap and say suck my cock good and while you are sucking my cock, I want you to take and finger your pussy and get yourself wet for me.

I do what you ask and finger my pussy while sucking your cock naked and blindfolded

I don’t know where you are taking me I just know that I am supposed to stay the whole weekend with you as whatever you tell me to do….

you take me back to your house and you have your RV set up to be your second room for the weekend you know you will be alone for long gaps Becouse jeri got shopping plans and when you aren’t alone you plan to have me tied up and gagged with a diaper on and you also plan on makeing me piss and shit outside like a dog and shower me with cold hose

You reason I asked for it so your gonna give it to me for real and make me me beg you to either continue or stop and never ask for it again

You are quite turned on more them you thought just thinking about what you have planned from what I asked for you to do

You realize you really hope I like this at least for weekend

You wanna fuck me tied up with everyone in house and making sure I make no sounds

At your house you park next to your RV but I blind folded and cans see

You say sit up pet and you put pillowcase over my head to makes sure I cannot peak

You don’t want me to yet where I am

You begin giving me directions as you put collar around my neck with a leash

You say well Melodee you wanted to be my pet

If anyone discovers your here where you are then it’s over and good bye

I reply yes sir

You say refer to me as daddy or master yes daddy

Good girl

You are my pet and this weekend is trial and training

You follow all directions and do exactly what I ask you will be rewarded or it’s goodbye

Do you understand pet ?

Yes daddy I say

Do you really want to do this pet?

Yes daddy

You say good girl I have lots of training for you

First do you need to pee or poop


Yes daddy

You will be pissing and shitting out side just like the dogs and I want you to crawl where I lead you with this leash pet

Yes daddy

I drop to the ground to crawl on handsand knees

You reach down and fasten a mitt over my hand one to restrain my hands and protect them from ground

And you puts one thing on my knees and tie each ankle with rope to my collar to make it choke me

You say damn that turns me on

Then you pull my leash and collar choking me just little and leading me since I blindfolded

You say I think I gonna leave you tied this way for awhile it turns me on

Then you say ok

Spread your legs and piss I am blushing bad and very nervous and excited to

It takes me a few and finally I begin pissing

You reach down and rub my clit as I piss and I don’t know but your recording everything and taking pics

You ask do you need to shit

No daddy I gave my self an enema before I came

You go oh good girl don’t move and no making any sound I nod my head and I hear what sounds like water you have the cold hose water and you legit run over my ass and I jump but don’t make a sound

You chuckle and say good girl

Now don’t move until I say and continue to not make a sound as press the cold water and hose into my pussy and let it fill up and run out.

Then you pull it out and press the hose with running water into my ass and let it fill me up and run out

Then you must have been really turned on

You pull the hose out of my ass and I feel you slide your dick in and ass you fuck my ass you grab my neck and talking dirty to me and pound my ass and you cum hard

You say good girl and get a towel and dry me off and then lead me to a structure I defund out later is your RV you put a butt plug tail and take the pillow case off and put my full head mask on it leaves my mouth open but doesn’t let me see anything

You say here drink because you won’t be çapa escort able to for few hours when I leave

And don’t make any sounds no matter what you hear

Don’t let anyone discover you

Ok pet I say yes daddy and open my mouth first you piss in it telling me to drink every drop then you put straw in my mouth and tell me to drink everything

I do as I am told the water you have laced with something to make me sleepy to help pass the time and you want to try to fuck me passed out

Something you just wanted to try

As I finish drinking you decide to tie me spread eagle so all hole be open to fuck if you only get moment to sneak out

You say I decided to tie you differently

You untie me and tell me to stand and you then push me back on something till I laying on my back

You arrange me so you can shift me till my head hangs off and then tie my hands and and ankles so I am completely exposed

You also have invited two guys to come fuck me periodically though jeri thinks they just helping you on your truck

You slide your cock into my mouth and decide to make me orgasm since I had been so good so far

After you make me squirt twice you put material and mouth plug in my mouth and make sure I cannot make to much noise

Two you don’t want any one but you to fuck my mouth unless you are watching

You say pet you been good girl I am going to sleep for awhile as you pull on my nipples and make sure my butt pug is deep in my ass you put doggie pads under my ass just in case I have to pee before you get back

You say later good girl if you need to pee just go ahead and pee there’s pads under you

And you leave

Me tied and spread open

You have not told me you plan to have two guys fuck me also whenever they ask

You restrict them to fucking pussy or ass

The first one comes fucks me and I cannot move or make noise and then the other one comes fucks me

You come out several hours later after I piss my self and you say

Well pet did you enjoy the different cocks ? I am relieved that you know for I freaked about telling you

I reply did I please you daddy I ask ? Then I rephrase if your happy with me yes daddy I enjoyed the cock.

You chuckled and say good girl and drink and you piss in my mouth and begin fingering my pusssy and pull the plug out

You finger my ass and pussy as I drink your piss when your finished you say suck me good and hard

I do then you fuck my ass and you decide to choke me and say don’t make a sound unless you want to go home

I say nothing as you pound my ass and choke me till I pass out

You take wet wipes wipe me clean and put dry pad underneath me and you plug my mouth with a small dildo and tie it so I cannot spirit it out and leave me

I wake up to being fucked ass and pusssy and nipples pulled by different cock and then another cock followed you decided to have five different friends that you trusted not to tel anyone especially her to come bbq and fuck me all evening taking turns one at a time so she wouldn’t notice

After your family goes to bed at midnight you bring me outside and have me crawl like a dog and sit beg do tricks just like a dog I hear the laughter of the five friends of your saying damn bitch on a leash and then you order me to piss and shit just like a dog

I am so embarrassed but I do as you tell me to

I am embarrassed but so weirdly turned on I like it which makes me feel so ashamed

I know for sure that I will do whatever embarrassing thing you ask me to

You tell me to drink and you piss in my mouth and Becouse all the guys drinking they all have to piss you tell them that I cannot drinkit all that one i am told to drink his piss and everyone else just pisses on me which turns them on and they ask if the get to fuck me agian you say of course she the reason why I invited you

I want you all to fuck her Holes and enjoy your self

You then take the cold hose and wash me off

You have me stand and bend over and grab my ankles not to make a sound unless moaning quietly and don’t move until told

I bend over and grab my ankles

I figured you would and was right

You and couple hands spread me open escort şişli stick the hose in my pussy and let it fill up and run out

The. Water is extremely cold

Someone diced to put hand full of ice in my pussy I jump but hold still

I bite my tongue not to scream

I feel pressure as the hose is pushed in my asshole and Ice is shoved in their too

You pull my collar and tell me to stand letting everything to run out omg ass and I am sprayed and then wiped I am shivering from ice and you say it’s ok pet we gonna warm you up good

You lead me and then bent backwards and tired with pussy and ass wide open

You slide your cock into my mouth and push it till it’s deep in my throat I cannot breath for few then you pull back and say whoever wants to fuck go ahead ass or pussy her mouth though is mine only

I hear laughter and then the fucking of my pusssy and asss begins

You even get them to have me sit with one dick in my ass and lays back and several different guys fuck my pusssy and you fuck my mouth and throat

My hands are tied behind my back and I am positioned for whoever is fucking me

I guess the ice is to help to make me wet and not as sore and tighten me up

After three hours someone puts cocaine on my clit and nipples and in my ass and makes me drink soda laced with cocaine

You whisper I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am

You check on her a couple times to make sure she stays sleeping you laced her drink with sleep stuff you didn’t want her to interrupt your plans for me and you

You let them fuck me for three more hours and then perform again in front of them with only the blind fold and at end I piss and shit on ground with them all watch omg an laughing its embarrassing but I am so turns on it’s crazy

Then after the cold hose down and ice in ass and pussy you tell me to snort a line of cocaine because

The guy wanna fuck one more time an you want me to be relaxed and enjoy it to

After I do the line you blind fold me again as soon I am led and tied in doggy position on what feels like an ottoman and stool

My legs are spread to expose my ass and pussy and tied so I cannot move

You slid a medium size dildo only mouth and down my throat and to

Tied so I cannot spit it out then I hear you say now what you all came to see.

Bring first dog out

You pour some thing to entice the dog to lick my pussy and ass and then I feel the dogs paws on my And I can tell he is trying to fuck me in what ever hole he can get in

He gets my pussy an the guys are like oohing and laughing and apparently jerking of loving watch me get fucked by the dog he come but doesn’t knot so he pulls out and jump a Away the guys begin harassing you and say if she is really your pet she will let the dog fuck her without her being tied

You untie me and say ok my pet.

Theses guys want prove your my willing pet

We have one more dog that blocked to fuck girls I want you to suck and fuck. This dog

And show them how much you want the dog and enjoy it

The dog is let out and I am untied and un gagged unblind folded.

Everyone’s naked and phone recording

I look at daddy and call dog to me I give them a show

I suck the dog and get the dog to fuck me this time the dog knots in me and I am stuck so they let the other dog back out

I suck him till he is horny and someone helpthe dog position and he fucks my ass

I am moaning for it is incredibly full dillilled with two dog dicks you grab my hair and slid you cock in and Fuck my face when you cum you say suck them all off and I am face fucked by all the guys as the one dogs knotin my pussy and the other inmy ass and six loads of cum in my mouth when dogs finally come out I am put on table and tied with arms behind me and legs spread over my head and each guy fists fucks my ass and pusssy with dog cum

I am told to show them I like being a pet and I am untied told to crawl and piss and shower myself I do as you ask

I shove the cold hose In my pussy and ass.

Then you say now crap to me and kiss me feet and tell my friends how you feel

I crawl to your feet and kiss each foot I then say thank you for using me I enjoyed the whole nişantaşı escort time and I am days pet of my own free will and choice

You say good girl go in RV

You say goodbye to everyone and check on your wife again. you are so please and turned on. You have decided to tell her that you plan to keep me as your pet and see how much you can train me to do sexually

And you thinking about letting me live as a dog if I want literally as your pet with sleeping with dogs when your son wasn’t around

You know it will be shocked but you know she be turned on too she willl eventually accept that

When you come in RV you say well pet

What do you want?

I drop to my hands and knees and say daddy please let me be your pet when ever you want

You pause then say what if I say I wanna train you to be my pet permanently after my son moves out so it won’t be full time right away just when he’s gone and I have to get jeri to accept that you want this

Well my Pet do you want to sleep with my dogs eat on floor and piss and shit when I say where I say and learn to do whatever I want and my wife wants.

You will always be caged and hidden from our family and i will get dogs that will fuck You regularly

Are you sure you want to be an actual pet for me baby?

I look into your eyes and say daddy I love you and I belong to you whatever you want I want to please you I live solely to please you

You say ok bark for me

I bark

You pull down your pants and lean over the bed you say

Pet lick my ass

Stick your tongue in as deep as you can get it And stay there till I say I spread your ass checks and lick your ass and slide my tongue as deep as it will you put towel around my head and using it pull my head into your ass

And hold it for 10 min

You then say lay down on your back. On the bed you then say slid your tongue in my ass as I sit on your face

I do as you say

You sillfor 10 min then you get up and as

Ass in the air and head Down hands on your head

You ziptied my wrists to the collar you tighten around my neck and then grab your belt

You say pet this spanking is for past and future punishment I never wanna spank you like this again

I will disappear forever before I spankyou again understand pet

Yes daddy

You say dogs don’t speak

Bark twice for yess and once for no

I bark twice you then gag me with a huge dildo and tie it and you spank me hard and slowly

Rubbing my clit and fingering my ass between each hit of the belt which leave huge red marks

You begin hitting my ass harder five times then Rubbing myclit and fingering my ass

You also tie my ankles to spreaderbar after spreading them just to pain full wide

You spank my ass and inside nay legss and on clit extremely hard ten swats then rubbing my clit and fingering my ass

You say I want you to never for get this spanking and never want it again

You won’t be able to sit for awhile

I have tears flowing down my face

I am gagged so I cannot beg you to stop

I have feeling you wouldn’t anyway

You make each hit hard and count till you know I am crying but your oddly extremely turned on and you know you want to make sure I never want another spanking you continue slowly methodically and make each hit hard and count

You then begin whipping me from neck to feet front and backtill I and sobbing and shaking and deep red welts

My ass deep purple and you want to fuck me so bad but you want to hear me scream but will have to muffle me

You take my gag out and I begin begging you to stop to shove your thymine and say suck

Now last time dogs never talk row barks yes one no and there be few other things later

I suck on your thumb and sob

You say I wanna hear you scream as I fuck You but I know your loud so I have to muffle you and you pull pillow over my face and you push your cock in my asss and you push down on pillow and say scream and you pound my asshole and i do you press hard into the pillow and smoother me as I cum and squirt and passout as you cum in my ass

I wake up painfully sore in your arms

You kiss my forehead and say I love you forever my pet I will give you a new name eventually

I am at peace I love you I know I wanna be your pet forever

You say now you have to perform for jeri

And truly be my pet and show her you love IT

I bark twice and lick your face off

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