Getting fucked by a joke


So it was the middle of my second year in high school. I was 15 turning 16 in a month and I was straight. I went to a catholic high school and made fun of the gays with my friends. To be gay was to be a bad, evil thing. They few gays in the school got teased constantly.

I played football my freshmen year but had quit because i though the coach was an ass. I was working out usually in the gym in my school, to get in shape ( i was never the skinniest on the team). I was hanging out with my friends getting changed in the locker room.

I am about 6 feet tall and 150 pounds with a lot of muscle. I have some stomach flab but abs are coming through. I have bright blue eyes and brown hair. My name is Ethan. The way the locker room is set up in my school is it has three different “changing” room used for different sports. There are also two open showers

I would always change with my friends in the hockey locker room. Across the hall way was the football locker room, which was used year round because football practiced in someway all year.

Today was a normal day, I went to the locker room after school to get change. I was there fucking around with my friends like usual. As my friends were getting changed i couldnt help myself but as to glance over at my best friend ass or my other friends bushy pubes. I shook my head and decide to lighten the mood, I whipped one of my friends in the back with a 5 star, and smack another gaziantep eskort bayan ass super hard. we started to wrestle and play around when i tripped and fell over a bench. I pulled a muscle in my ankle as i did so.

I had to go talk to the trainer then because of my wrist. That caused me to be late to the gym, and all the friends to have already left. I dressed slowly not wanting to work out, losing all my energy to do anything. I stopped and watched across the hall. A bunch of the football players were still there, probably 5 or 6.

I watch as they took off their pants and underwear, putting on their compression shorts. But the guys on the football team were very comfortable and stood around with out anything on a little to long. I got a very nice view of the guys dick from across the hall.
“Hey faggot like what you see” said the closet football player, Ed.

“I..Im not gay” Was the only thing i could say in a whisper, as i adverted my eyes quickly.

The football player walked across the hall, still no pants on, and grabbed me by the shirt. “I asked you if you liked what you saw” he said through gritted teeth. When i still didnt answer he punch me in the stomach causing me to double over, putting my face in his dick.

“You like that dont you” Ed said and i nodded.
“Say it”

He pulled me over into the football locker room, calling the rest of the guys over to us.

“This faggot says he likes the way my cock looks, what should we do with him.”

“Come on Ed he didnt do anything” Said Chris, the varsity quarterback.

“Let go of me, I’m not the fag you guys are walking around naked”

“Oh we’re the fucking fag are we, said Ed, “ill show you whose the fag.

With that he grabbed me by the neck and threw me on to the wide bench in the middle of the locker room. I was sitting down when he literally ripped my shirt off and then pulled my pants down.

“See i knew you were the fag” i said not know to such my mouth.

He punched me in the stomach again and a double over, he then threw me down on my stomach on the bench. He grabbed half of my shirt the he had ripped and tried my hand under me on the bench post. The did the same to my legs. I struggled and he pulled my head up to look him in the eyes. The bench was at dick height of Ed.

“Suck me did” he said, and a shook my head. Tim punch my side and i gasped. Then Ed shoved his 8 1/2 inch dick in my mouth. He was fully hard now and fucking my face hard. I could feel his pubes brush against my face every time he thrust into my mouth. I tried to fight him, but he smack my head everytime my teeth got to close.

After out 10 minutes he came in my mouth. “Swallow all of it you cum slut” he said, and i manged to get it down with out throwing up.

Tim was then right up next to him, but he had something else in mind. He untied me and flipped me over, and re-tied my arms and legs so i was on my back, but my ass was spread. he say i had a raging hard on and they laugh.

“look how much to faggots enjoying this, im going to fuck him so hard he wont be able to sit”

With that he untied me legs and began to eat out my ass. “Just like eating pussy” he commented as i squirmed, his tongue feel weird inside of me. I could feel my virgin hole being opened and becoming very wet. After 5 minutes, he stopped and lifted my legs onto his shoulder. He waved his hard dick in my face showing me what was about to be ripping my ass open. His cock was about 9 1/2 inches and so wide and could not fit his hand around it.

He lined his dick up with my ass and slammed forwards. I opened my mouth to scream but one of the other senior shoved their 7 inched dick in my mouth and started to face fuck me again, i could not even concentrate on the face fucking becuase my ass was in so much pain.

I could feel my ass being ripped to shreds as he continued to pound me. The other guy stopped face fucking me and came on my chest. The football players all came on my chest, except for Tim, who came in my face, spit in my face and walked out of the locker room. They turned the lights off and left me naked, cover in cum, and tied to a chair.

I lied their a while before untying myself and taking a shower to wash off the the cum. I smiled in the shower liking what i had just been through.

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