Have Hands–Will Travel Near Columbia , SC


Nicole —- Columbia S C

You won’t find guys like me in the phone book. I advertise through word of mouth from ladies who have been on my massage table. I work out of Western North Carolina, but travel to surrounding states when needed. A satisfied client is my best advertisement……
These are true experiences I’ve had during my 35 years in this business. Some names were changed,but no places. I pass this on to let people know I’m out here if needed. Rates are according to miles driven, expenses, etc.
A most memorable client was from Columbia, South Carolina– Nicole a.k.a. “Nikki”, a 19 yr. old who e-mailed me with a problem. She was working out in her gym at home and pulled a muscle 2 days ago. She can’t walk without limping, and can’t even spread her legs because of the pain. She provided a phone number, so I called.
“You were referred to me by a close friend in Charlotte. She said you could fix me. If you will drive down, I have a large home with 5 bedrooms and you can have one as long as you’re needed here. Please, money is not an issue here; I’ll give you whatever you want. Just come now!! How could I say no? It was well past my vacation time anyway.. I got directions, cancelled a few clients and hit the road..

Four hours later I pulled into a winding private road and seen the most beautiful lakeside home, two stories, tri- level, stones, not brick, horses running in a fenced pasture, a Corvette sitting next to a restored 66 Chevelle 427. Got to be a lawyer or doctors kid, I thought. A large, muscled guy came out to greet me, about 24-25 I guessed.
“I’m Matt, are you the one, the guy I’ve heard so much about?” I introduced myself and asked him to hide my Buick so the other cars wouldn’t rust..He loved my humor.
“But first take me to Nicole, and put my table and bags wherever you want me to bunk..”
“Oh, that will be up to Nicole, I don’t live here. I have a cabin on the other end of the property.”
We entered and the inside was just as impressive.. I expected to see maids or butlers, but none appeared.
“She’s down by the pool, take the stairs and I’ll get your car moved and baggage brought in.” I walked down another level and seen Nicole in the pool. She didn’t see me yet .All I could see was the back of her red head, and a perfect body on her back, floating.

” Hello– Nicole, are you OK?” She flipped and saw me coming her way, slowly got out and limped to me almost in tears.
“Thank you so much for coming!! Please, would you like a drink?” She started to the corner bar, complete with stools and a 60s style juke box that played honest to God 45rpm records.
I followed , watching her limp and admiring the most perfect ass I’ve seen lately..I checked the bar, and went behind it to serve her as she tried to get comfortable on the stool.
” Make whatever you like; I want orange juice over ice please.” I poured hers and seen a bottle of black label Jack Daniels. A double over ice would do nicely.
“Who did you say your friend was in Charlotte?”
She smiled, saying that this friend told her all about my expertise in erotic massage and after I fixed her back, she would like to try it out–all of it.
”Listen, me and Matt were fooling around a few days ago when I got hurt. He doesn’t know how strong he really is– we were in a strange position trying to make love and he picked me up and something happened to my back.”

I walked around and had her stand straight up. With her thong bikini on I could see every muscle, tendon, and ligament.
“Point to where your pain starts”.. She even had trouble doing that, but told me to feel down the right side of her lower back. As soon as I touched it I knew… She screamed ..
“There-right there!!” — “He had me spread so far apart when we were screwing I felt something give! Now I can barely spread enough to piss!!”
Matt was coming down the steps and I turned and gave him a look that made him stop.
“Matt, get your ass up stairs and find her something to wear…she’s going to the emergency room!” I told her I suspected that a lower disc; L-3 or 4 might be bulging. She would need X-rays, muscle relaxers, and pain medication before I could begin to help her recover. Matt came back and handed her a tank top and daisy duke shorts.
“Get going you two.” A nice nap after 4 hours driving would be all I needed. You should have heard that Vette leaving! Later, at 6pm I heard it pulling in. I checked the window and they were walking up the spiral front steps very slowly, giggling their ass off. By the time I got downstairs, they were in and raiding the fridge. Matt had a Heineken and Nicole had orange juice. She “frisbee’d” a large manila envelope at me and said…

“Loook-here!!–you were right! They wanted to admit me but I said fuck–em!; I had all I needed at home to recover- By God.”– then she tossed the medication to me.. giggling again, which set Matt off also..
Daypro 600 will make you feel like rubber, and Hydrocodone will stop any pain short of a gunshot wound..Now, I knew why they were so happy! The X-rays clearly showed the L-4 disc bulging to one side..
“You shouldn’t drink that if you’ve taken any of this.” I said to him..
Too late. Matt was just finishing it. “I’m going to the cabin… while I can, you need me– call my cell -phone okay? I’ll hit the switch on my way out.” For a big guy of about 230-240lbs he moved quickly. What did hit the switch mean?

”Actually he’s my hired help. He handles security around here, plus other things that come up.”
Lucky cocksucker.
“He just got out of Fort Jackson, he was an M. P… and body builder, and has a couple of karate belts. I figured I’d save money having a man that could do about all the stuff around, feeding horses, keeping the lake stocked with bass & crappie cause I love to fish! He evens baits my hook!”
{ Yeah — and fucks you till you can’t walk in his spare time! Lucky cocksucker…’ } I thought to myself..
“Let’s get you down to the pool.. I set up my table and hot stones before my nap.. Matt is not to have any more of your pills, you will need them to recover. How many have you taken”?
“Just one each Dan-o . “
“Well, I hope Matt makes it to his cabin.” We walked down to the pool and bar area. I had set up my table and plugged up my stones to heat while waiting for them.. I told her to undress and we would begin. I handed her a sheet to drape with , but she cast it aside.

She stood by the table smiling and dropped her Daisy Dukes to the floor, then peeled away the tank top.
“You have no shame, do you?” I was jerking her chain. She eased slowly onto the sheet and adjusted the head rest. God she was beautiful! I swear you could bounce quarters off her ass it was so firm.

I grabbed some river stones from the heater and placed the largest right on the spot where ass stops and lower back begins.
“”Oohh — thats hot !!– I spread the rest in rows up the both sides of her spine all the way to her neck. I moved to her leg and bent it to determine her range of motion. I pushed my thumb into the right cheek of her ass and made little circles. Her body went rigid and stones went everywhere..
” What was that!?” She asked. Just checking a nerve to see if there was any damage, apparently not but I decided to take it easy on her till the Daypro had a chance to work.. I lined the stones back up and starting at her neck & shoulders, gave her my best moves.
“My, my you do have magic hands don’t you?”

As soon as she said that; I knew who the friend was..
“Yes I’ve been told that, and tell Teresa next time you speak with her that I’m eternally grateful for her faith in me.”
“Faith is not the reason you’re here Dan-o; it’s your reputation I’m impressed with! She told me the things you did to her, how great you were with those damn stones, and your bedside manner. I want equal time here, which brings me to my next problem. “

” I can’t orgasm easily; and have never had one by a man, just my own fingers & toys, and never had multiple orgasms like Teresa’s had! — Is something wrong with me? Teresa’s my aunt by the way, so I already know all your little “secrets”– your love of old cars– music, and Jack Daniels, the “Sybian saddle”, the exotic oils you use…She was down here a week ago and bragged to Matt that it was a damn shame that he looked so good and knew so little about women, sexually speaking, You’re kind of like “the man” to him ..”
Lucky cocksucker had fucked her aunt too!

removed the stones and had her melting into the table. I oiled up my hands with sandalwood from my bag and began at her feet, working the oil in slowly up her thighs, ‘till I reached the crack of her beautiful ass. She was already trembling when I slipped my oiled hands over each cheek and slowly began to make circles, kneading the tight orbs into submission.
“God – I’ve never felt this good in my life!, don’t stop; ooh – yess -yes..” I grabbed a stone from the heater and massaged each cheek till they glowed pink, then let the stone slip into the crack of her ass. It promptly slid down onto the table and her crotch area..She jerked as if a stun gun had been put to her ass!
“Ooh – so good! -so very, very warm, please, more-more !”
” Yer e-z , there ‘s no problem here other than the disc ,would you roll over, please’? I’d like to put you back in the pool as soon as I check out the front, so this massage won’t last too long.”

This pool was so cool — called an “endless ” pool ; it had strong pumps that made a warm current down the center that you could swim in , but never move an inch! It was about 5 feet deep and lined with the same rocks the house was built from. It gave the whole place “character” I thought to myself.
” Well, OK but I was expecting more.” Once on her back, I tried to cover her with the sheet, cause her perky nipples were starting to make mine hard. She snatched it off saying she didn’t need it and she wanted me to enjoy my work.. I grabbed my stones and put a row down the center, starting at the collarbone & stopping at her navel.
“Oh shit – that feels so great, like a huge warm tongue –mnmmm – yes! ” Her tummy was quivering and covered with goose – bumps and the moans got louder.. Now to the important reason I was invited…..
“Oh God that feels so good there ..” While the heat worked down I started a slow, circular kneading on her tummy with one of the stones.. This was to relax her—not turn her on.
“Could you work a little higher, on my breasts; pleaseee.!!??”

No way.. If anything, I was moving lower. I was determined to give this girl some relief; and see for myself what the problem was, if any. Touching anywhere between her navel working down and over her pubic bone very slowly, I put the last one between her labia just under her clit.. She let out a high – pitched whine ..Nicole said —
” Ohh – God ! —- Dan – o …. I’m g- gonna cum!! ”

Her eyes rolled back and all I seen was the whites, both arms grabbed my right hand that was trying to keep that last stone on her clit. Her legs were slightly open and seen the unmistakable signs of full ejaculation — she sprayed my hand twice with strong shots of cum, legs shaking uncontrollably, the red “flush ” that moved from her crotch upward to her breasts & neck.. I pushed the stone on her clit with my 2 middle fingers deep into her spasming pussy.
“Oh–shit !! Yes!! Put in another one, hurry- I’m still cummin ! Oh – ooh !! ” As I picked up another gaziantep eskort bayan stone, she spasmed so hard she pushed the first one out onto the table, covered with cum..I selected a slightly larger, flat stone and tried to work it up into her ..
“You have to relax if you want another one”
“I can’t — dammit! I’m still cumming!!”
I pushed slowly, keeping the warm stone just inside her swollen pussy lips..
” Ss-ooh goood !! My God you’re incredible Dan – o !!”

Hell, she was doing all the work; I only showed her the trigger! I counted 5 separate, strong vaginal orgasms, with aftershocks rolling wave after wave of pleasure through her young body. The tears were coming down both cheeks, and her breathing was starting to come down to near – normal.
I backed off and dried her fluids off my wrists & hand. She lay there, half consious– a dazed look, glassy – eyed, and very satisfied, still small goose – bumps covered her body.
I spread a clean sheet over her and went to the bar for a drink. My prick was so hard it hurt, and my right leg had a line of pre – cum half way to my knee..! God, she was incredible! I was trying hard to keep this on a professional level; but Nicole had just multi – orgasmed for the first time in her life. She could not believe what had taken place.

“What’s wrong, come here and help me up..” I could not let her see my condition..
” Let me finish my drink ,and besides, you will be doing well to sit up , much less walk.”
The black label Jack Daniels was sure hitting the spot, and Z Z Top was cranking out ‘ On the range’ making the juke – box thump heavily..
“Please, help me get back in the pool; I don’t think I can manage by myself.” I poured another double and knocked it down. Turning, I saw she was already on her feet; but wobbly.
“Hey , bring me one of those, I could spit sand ! “
No doubt, I thought. As much as she cum, I’m sure de-hydration was setting in…
“You can have water or juice; no strong stuff.”
“O.K. – you’re the only ‘strong stuff I need!” she replied. I felt like the pills were doing their thing again, so I cut her some slack. A tall beer mug full of orange juice.. I held a towel in front of me to hide my condition, and I walked back to her.
“Gimmee that mug..” She turned it up and drank deeply, letting juice run freely down the sides of her mouth. Suddenly she snatched the towel to wipe her mouth.. Seeing a wet spot on my light brown shorts and the half – dried pre-cum stringing down my leg; she suddenly realized the effect she had on me..
“And you called me e – z !! . Dan-o that was the longest, most intense orgasms I’ve ever had — and my first multiple, so I guess you can say you got my cherry!!”

She tried to throw her arms around my neck, but winced at the pain as her arms locked up at shoulder level.. I grabbed her and helped her into the pool. walking her in , with my shorts still on. She wouldn’t let me go, so I just stood there, holding her like the baby she was in my arms.
“I could get used to this Mister– got any plans for the next year or so?”
I eased her into a floating position and turned the pump off so she could relax in the heated water. There was an inflatable head – ring in there so I slipped it under her head and waded out to let her relax.
“Where you going? Dan-o come back please, don’t leave me!” I told her I was going to change and get her some more medication, and would return soon. I needed to come down from the Jack Daniels & the testosterone that had made my heart race…Little did I know what lay before me….

Well, I found some swim trunks and put them on–got her pills and headed back. She hadn’t moved. Eyes closed, listening to Credence Clearwater thumping out “Run through the Jungle” That old juke box could really boom some bass.
I got her some more juice and took another hydrocodone from the bottle and broke it on the line, so it would take effect almost immediately. I waded back in and gave her the pills with some more juice. She hung her arms around my neck and begged me to put her back on the table.

Well, being professional was losing fast, so I gave in and carried her back and placed her face up on the table. I figured why fight it, if she wants some action, I’m sure I could knock that lucky cocksucker Matt out of the saddle and put him back to feeding the horses. Besides, Teresa had laid it down thick so it would downgrade my reputation to refuse.
“What’s this Sybian saddle Teresa told me about, Dan-o ? She said it would surprise me if you let me on it.”
“Let’s just say that every woman who’s been on it for a ride has had to be helped off it..” I don’t think you could stand it in your condition..”
” Really, how long will it take to get over this disc problem?”
“Depends– if you listen and do what I tell you, without question — a couple of weeks at least…
“Will you stay with me till I’m better?” I’d been in this kind of situation before, my reply was–
“Only if you promise to not whine or be a bitch when I tell you I have to leave. I have others, who need my services, but I sure could use a little vacation from my usual routine, and I’ll need to have access to your computer to check my e-mails and bank account. You tell Matt to do his chores and stay out of my way, feed horses, fish, cut grass- but you become my # 1 priority while I’m here and it’s my way or no way. I don’t dislike him; but I’m hoping he don’t like it. If you agree to these terms, I’ll stay awhile.”

Tears were coming down her cheeks. Holding her arms up to me she said
“Yes, oh yes I agree, come here, I need a hug!”
I leaned in and instead of a hug, I got a kiss on the neck, then on the cheek, and finally very softly on the lips.
“You don’t know who you’re messing with, sweetheart; I know things you haven’t even dreamed of yet.”

“I’m sure of that Dan-o, I want you to teach me more about my body. I want to have that “look” aunt Teresa got in her eyes when she told me & Matt about you. Matt came and told me what Teresa said you liked, and I told him to make sure you had all your favorite drink, music..
It was him who ran around town scarfing up all those oldies you like, and put them in the juke box for you. Thats his Chevelle outside. The keys are over there, and he said it was yours to drive while you’re here. He likes the Vette more anyway. Hell Dan-o the guy worships you, and hopes just a little of your knowledge rubs off on him.. The computers in the corner; you can set up your own password and use it all you want. Please go look beside it and get the envelope with your name on it.” I went over, picked a long envelope up, opened it. Inside was a stack of $100 bills,.

” Will $2000 do for a down payment?” I nodded, placed it back on the table and returned to her side.
“I want you to be honest with me Nicole. I’m nosy –I want to know your past sex life, how you came to be here in this big 10 room dream house, where’s your parents , where’s the money come from? I need to know your usual routine, so we can plan our time, your therapy, to maximize my time to your advantage. I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep, so I’ll say that unless something comes up you may have me any way you want for the next couple of weeks..”
If she could have stood up , I would have been in trouble, the look she gave me was pure sexual anticipation.

“Matt will do whatever I tell him. He gets a grand a week to keep these 220 acres of land and 75 acres of private lake secure. He does the other jobs just to stay in shape and not get bored. I’ll speak with him and tell him you are in charge of both of us until you leave. You can give him any instructions you want, and he’ll follow them to the letter.
The money is third generation. My great-grandfather owned nearly 4,500 acres here and sold all but 300 to the government to expand Fort Jackson back in the late 1930s.By investing wisely, my granddad and then my father inherited over $3.5 million. My parents divorced 2 years ago and live in separate states. They gave me this house and land, with a $150,000 a year “allowance”to keep it up.
I’ve not had much of a sex life. My first was a guy younger than me, and we both were disappointed. I was 17 then. My last was with Matt, and you know how that turned out.
I want to make this place pay for itself.. I plan on turning the lake into a paying business soon. There’s not a largemouth bass in it under 8 lbs and there are many more over 12–15lbs. Hell we put the crappie in for a food source for them. It’s actually, its Matt’s idea to charge select fishermen a hundred bucks a day for a chance to land these lunkers, take a picture, weigh it and put it back. He figures we can make fifty or sixty grand a year at that. I’m looking into starting up a riding trails business to keep my 10 horses earning their keep. Matt will never be more than what you see now, and no way I’m ever getting serious with him. He is a big man, but not all over if you get my drift.
After Aunt Teresa had her little fling with Matt, she told him to his face she knew a 50yr old man that could put him to shame sex-wise and probably kick his karate ass if he didn’t like it!! It had an impact on him, so if he starts asking questions; please remember he has tremendous respect for you.

I went to the bar and poured a double. Damn, were they trying to get me killed! He was 6-4 and scared the scales when he got near them. I’m 5-10, 170 on a good day.. I downed the drink and poured another. I’ll sip this one, as she asked sexily..
“Will you please do that to me one more time”?
Bless her heart, it was 1:45am and I felt great knowing Matt was 220 acres away and the medication had her pain in control. Both of us would remember tonight if we survived it. I unplugged the juke box on my way to the table, pulled my cassette player from the Jethro bag; and placed it near her head. I lightly oiled my hands, and once again started at her feet. She cooed at every stroke and by the time I reached her inner thighs, she was trembling in anticipation.

I sat on the edge of the table at her right knee, lifted the leg slowly while I watched her face for any signs of pain, and placed the bottom of her foot square in the center of my bare chest. Her toes curled up in my chest hair and made her groan with pleasure. With open hands I rolled the calf & thigh muscles deeply, causing her eyes to open wide. As I reached the pubic area, I purposely let the back of my hand brush across her mound.
“Dammit Dan-o, you’re gonna make me cum again!”
‘No, I’m not. This is your first lesson on how to control your orgasms. I’ll bring you right to the edge of climax, and then stop.”
“You can’t do that, can you?
‘Watch me’. I came around the other side, sat and repeated the massage on the right leg; only this time I rested my open palm on her mound, cupping it and pressing my thumb into the clit. Her ass lifted toward my hand and her breathing was my indicator. I stopped abruptly and she screamed
‘Pleeze don’t do that!! Let me finish! ‘

Be patient, and you will not be disappointed, I promise.’ I put the leg down and moved to her stomach area. I started the tape I had and re-oiled my hands.The music was a subliminal arrangement designed to relax the mind & body. She got strangely quiet. I began slow circles on her tummy, expanding outward every time I repeated, ‘till I was at her breasts with one hand & her pubic mound with the other.
‘How’s your legs feeling; can you spread them for me without pain?’ They fell open wide, to my surprise, and she began to moan. Her mound was moving in time to my hands, trying to get it closer, jerking slightly.
“Dan-o I can’t take this, do something’!
I leaned forward and let my lips get near her cute nipples. She seen that and they were instantly erect. I acted like I was about to kiss one, but instead blew a warm stream of breath across them.

Ooh shit, you bastard! Mmmm-goood soo good” ,then without warning I placed my middle finger lightly between her hot pussy lips and stroked her clit while grabbing a nipple in my mouth and sucking it deeply.
‘Aahgh-yess’ I rose up and started to move away; and she started pouting.
“Why-why won’t you let mmee? ‘
“Because I wanted you to be ready for this”..I lowered my face to her open legs and saw the pool of juice on the sheet. “You didn’t slip one by me did you?’
“Nno-no Dan-o please–continue… I’ve never had a man go down on me either.”

That’s it — he didn’t have a clue about foreplay..—- the lucky cocksucker didn’t even do that for her ……My motto has always been – lick it & stick it- I would get him for doing her this way, somehow. I placed my upper body on the table between her open thighs, inhaling her sweet scent, and wrapped each arm around a hip so my hands were free to spread her lips.
“H-hurry Dan-o -its gonna –oooh” I spread the swollen lips & blew warm air directly on her exposed clit. I could see her inner lips contracting & knew she was close.
“So goood-so oh -oh!” I lowered into the sweetest pussy and licked the clit; savoring the taste; but now she would not be denied her pleasure– hips-legs, every part of her young body started convulsing, I locked down on her clit and applied up & down strokes while sucking it.

The screams filled the house, it was an effort to keep her on the table; but I was not letting go of her clit. I had it where I wanted and began a light nipping at it, and she came so hard the cum actually shot my face full twice, and still was in spasms. Her hands had me by my head; full of hair in her fists, screaming her ass off! Suddenly she began to get still and very quiet. The death grip on my hair relaxed and her arms fell limply. I eased up and expected to see a big smile but all I seen was Nicole, passed out from the intensity of her pleasure.
Well shit! What about me? I’m standing up now, my dick so hard you could see my heartbeat in it through my shorts. Any other guy would have just screwed her right then & there, but I knew she would repay me later, when she was able. I picked her up gently and carried her to her bed, tucked her in with this 4 foot teddy bear she slept with and went to my room for a shower..4:45am nice days work Danny…

About 10am I tried to roll out, legs & arms were tangled with mine , damn she was in bed with me! She stirred and I realized her hand had my dick hard and she wasn’t about to let go.
‘Morning’ she said, smiling. I was in trouble and you guys can relate to this. A piss-hard on can be a blessing or a curse. It can, as in my case, get so hard you can’t piss, or cum, and can fuck for hours with it!! Nicole rolled and mounted me on top, guiding me in with her hands.
“God Dan-o ,it’s so hard & thick my hand won’t go all the way around it!” She rubbed the large head up & down her lips, her legs & tummy already quivering in anticipation.
” Go slow, please” I said ,I knew this would be like her first time and I didn’t want to hurt this beautiful creature, but I knew it would for a while.
“Just the head Nicole, just keep the head moving up & down, ‘till you’re wet enough.”

“Dan-o ;I’ve been on the pill since I was 15 to regulate my period, so please don’t pull out on me ,okay?” Hell I was concerned about getting it in her at the moment, I have a “beer can” dick-7 1/2 in long & 5in around. Not hung, but no pencil-dick either. It was my width she would have to deal with.
I let her play, smothering my neck & face with wet kisses, enjoying the “fruits” of the nights labors. Soon she had my cock soaked to the balls. I rolled her gently till she was on her back & I was on my side, both her legs over my right leg and hip. I had a nice view of her tight little snatch, and my slick cock, and asked one last time,
“You sure you want this?” no answer, just a smile and a nod yes. I slowly raised her right leg, bent at the knee, up to touch her breast.
“Can you get the other one that high without any pain?” she pulled it up without a hitch.
“God bless Daypro” I said. Her cunt was flowing freely now down into her ass-crack and on the sheets. I pushed my cock in just past the head and stopped. She gasped and I seen tears in her eyes.

“Its soo wide Dan-o!” I squeezed the shaft & that made the head expand even more. I pushed a couple of inches in and she tried to scoot back, but there was a headboard stopping her
“Ooh shit, it’s too wide-it’ll never fit!” Suddenly I gave her the last 4 inches all at once, and she screamed so loud, I figured Matt heard her 120 acres away! God it was like my dick was in a hot, wet vise.
“Oooooohh, mmmmnmn-yes, yess, don’t move it Dan-o ,it’s not hurting so bad now, let me get used to it.” I looked at her pussy wrapped around my pole and seen it was spread so wide her clit would drag the shaft when I started…I began rubbing my thumb over her clit ; writing my a b c’s as I went.. By the time I got to J , she was moaning so loud I thought I’d have to gag her..She still hadn’t told me to move ,so I slowly started pulling my dick back out,stopping every inch or so ,pushing in ball deep again,pulling out till only the head was out of sight,then working it back up to the balls…

”Uuuuuunnhh!!—-M-my ggod Dan-ooo!! You”re going to turn me inside- out!! Her clit was being dragged along for the ride with each backstroke; I had her pussy spread so wide,when my dick drove forward, it took her clit inside her lips ,
“”EEEEEEEOOWW–yes! Go faster Dan-o ! Plllleasse! I stopped to let her catch her breath,,,”Don’t even start that shit again with me!!!! Fuckk mmee!!
I slammed her pretty hard a half-dozen hard strokes and she shut up and lay there,as I came up to face her..I dragged her to the edge of the bed,still ball deep, and with her ass barely on the mattress, I stood up.. This position was my personal favorite..it takes all the weight off the woman,so she is free to fuck back or rest,whichever..I really started to put some moves on her then ; I placed her legs on my shoulders and started sawing in cutting little circles with my ass to help open her up.

.” Oh–uunnhhhhnn– I’m cuummin– faster ! Oh shit -yes… God you’re in so deep!! My balls were slapping all over her asshole and she reached down with both hands and spread the cheeks further to get maximum pleasure from it..
“God what a dick!!! Mmm– uuuhh -ooh ohh – I’m gggoonto–aahhhh!! ” when that orgasm hit her ;it flooded us both,spilling out around my dick, and triggered my own release– I started cummin long, hot jets into her and that really set her off!!!!
“Y-you’re cum is ssooo hott!!!– Aghhh!! No-nooo!! Not againn!! Dan–oooooooo!!! I saved a little and suddenly pulled out;; gave it a couple of jerks;and hit her square in the mouth with 2 hot jets of cum!! That really surprised her … I said softly,but breathing hard–
” Paybacks a bitch huh–!!” Then I faintly heard the door downstairs open & shut.. Matt was here..
“Hey- where you guys at?” I let her drop and grabbed my shorts..
“I”ll stall him while you clean up.. You”re welcome!!”
I sprinted downstairs to cut Matt off ,caught him on the bottom step…
” I think I heard her shower running,she’s had a rough night,so leave here be for now.the pills will start helping more today,and you keep out of them,you got me?” I had him back -stepping with my finger in his large chest,thumping it hard..he was a full head taller than me, and his arms were larger than my legs..
“Hey- Dan-o , no problem,she’s the one who” — –
“I don’t wanna hear it- I’ve been told a very upsetting story about how she got hurt! You got anything to say for yourself?!” He looked like a child caught stealing..”She’s 5-4 maybe 110 lbs – what are you –? “
“I’m 6- 5 and last time I weighed the scales maxed out at 250lbs, so I’m a little more I guess..
” Sit your ass down before I bitch slap the taste out of your mouth! I’m so mad I could eat shit and not even taste it!!.. Big-ass M.P.- – cocksucker!! Your job here is Nicole’s security ,is it not? If I had”nt gotten to her when I did , she could have ruptured her disc,trying to screw your goat–smelling–ass!! Shit-for-brains!!!!!!! “”

I swear the guys eyes teared up and started rolling down his cheeks..
” I never meant to hurt her Dan-o; she wanted it to be special ,she said..All I’ve ever had was blowjobs from the $ 20.00 hookers that hang around Fort Jackson..I’ve never had pussy in my life until Nicole..she said she had a bad first time and maybe we could help each other out,thats all. “
I sat down close and put my hand on the back of his neck..
“I’m sorry I went off on you Matt,this little lady will need our help & support to recover from this. Take my advice and try to find you a woman that’s more able to handle your size.. I plan to stay as long as necessary to see her through this and you will soon understand why things around here will change..”
‘She’s gonna fire me and I don’t blame her’ ..
” No, Matt , I’ll see you keep your job,but you will have more outside duties than before, and I’m taking charge of the house and you keep everything running smooth at the lake , and keep these grounds looking good,horses fed call first,OK.. I gave him my “look”…..
“Gotcha Dan-o; I won’t let you down , you’ll be proud of me..!”

“I’ll tour the grounds with you later ; have a pad to write with so you can make the changes I want..and we all will fish be fishing in the evenings,so get whoever you have to and circle this end of the lake with xenon bulbs on poles at least 20 feet high and about 50 feet apart..thats your first project..”
“Consider it done;Dan-o ; and thanks again for straighting me out ..” He left quickly and Nicole came from out of nowhere;giggling her cute little ass off..
“That’ll keep the cocksucker busy awhile I guess” she said…. I wrapped my arms around this beautiful young lady and started to the kitchen to make my morning coffee..
” Dan-o ; look at me– do I have that “look” in my eyes that Aunt Teresa has yet”?
‘Come to think of it; yes–yes you do; I think you should call and invite her down today..’
“I’m not sharing you with her ; By God! Or any one else..! “
” Don’t worry , she can help keep Matt occupied and I’ve not even unpacked the “Sybian saddle ” from my trunk yet…” She smiled and began fixing my coffee..
“Go take a shower– I’ll bring this coffee up with some toast & jelly..”

I lingered a long time in that shower; counting my blessings that Matt had “bought” that line of shit..He was like the cobra, large & fast, I was the little mongoose, in his face–showing no fear– and had backed him down…Nicole appeared with some breakfast, wearing a pair of white mesh stockings,complete with matching garter..” My, my aren’t we just too cute this morning.”
.”Just eat your toast I have your dessert right here , rubbing her pussy,and its gonna get cold if you wait much longer…

After my desert,which was Nicole’s sweet pussy; she was given her medication and told to go back to bed so I grabbed a thermos of coffee and the keys to the Chevelle & took off to find Matt & look at all this “property”..
This car was made for me !! The cam made the body shake the dew off the hood, its headers tuned to perfection,and would absolutely scare the hell out of you in the first 3 gears..Matt had disappeared so I just stayed on the private road to see where it would take me. The lake was very well kept, and about 5 or so acres were in a large cove with some kind of fence in the water;cutting it off from the main body of the lake..have to check up on that..

The 220 acres were spread out nearly 3 miles but the 427 made them pass very quickly.. Going through a large stand of trees, I seen the cabin, and the Vette.. Bingo—found Matt.. He came out as I pulled up. Big-ass M.P. cocksucker was grinning’ his ass off..
“Well-whatcha think Dan-o ; will it run or what?” I lifted the hood and looked very hard at an immaculate 427cu -435hp motor that you could eat off of..
“How much you got in this thing?” I was nosy.. “Two years army pay , and about $6,000 to get the engine built,but it was worth it,right?”
“It’s a good investment for you at your young age;you keep it looking’ good and don’t dog-it ….could be worth $50,000 in 10 years or less. “Grab your writing pad & come on. We left and stopped back at the main entrance..

“What”s missing here Matt?” Nicely painted fence to keep the horses in, but no gate to keep cars from just driving in..”Write all this down — I don’t want to repeat myself,OK?”
‘Shoot,Dan-o’ ..
“You are the security here so here’s some suggestions to help you do the job effectively…Put a damn gate at the entrance,controlled from the house–add a camera so you have eyes–install motion detectors along the fence — completely around the property and motion-sensor the porches of the home ,barn, and any other buildings.. Get some dogs on the grounds;not grown, just pups so you but I think she trusts my judgment ..
“Dan-o you are a great guy,and I feel lucky just to know you. I would never thought of those things,and I called about the lights for the lake..They are coming to start at 1 pm today; $600.00 apiece poles,lights,labor,etc..
“You did well Matt,and guess what,Teresa”s coming back down,and I think your name was mentioned..
” Take the Chevelle with you, I want to drink my coffee while I walk back to the house..”
Let Teresa deal with the cocksucker..it was nearly 3 now, and I had someone waiting for me..
“Call me if Teresa shows up, remember,no unannounced visitors “
“Gotcha Dan-o”

I got back inside and went to the pool to get in and let the warm water work some of the soreness out of me..damn,that little girls pussy was so tight, my dick was sore.. I eased onto my back , floating with the headrest ring to keep my head up in case I fell out awhile..I quickly went to sleep for maybe an hour.when I woke I walked out to the bar and had a double Jack on ice.. didn’t towel off;just drip-dryed..
Damn, I thought; I could get to liking this set-up,hell I already knew it would be hard to say good-bye to Nicole and I know she’ll come up with some idea to get me to stay..God,if I was 20 years younger,I would.. I walked back to my room to change to dry shorts , blow dried my hair,put on a little Polo,and felt like getting another shot of Jack Daniels. I wanted to look in on Nicole first,and went to her room.
.She was all over that bed, spread-eagled,one white mesh stocking off , garter off and sleeping ..I couldn’t stand it; I peeled my shorts and eased beside her .. I seen a faint smile ,so I placed a wet kiss on the closest nipple..Her eyes opened and arms went around my neck.
” I could get used to this,Mister..” I leaned in and kissed her deeply,not knowing why,but it seemed the right thing to do..
“I gotta pee” so I let her up and while she was gone , I went for another drink.
” I’ll be at the pool Nicole..” I pulled my shorts back on and made it just in time to see a crew with Matt , installing the lake lights..damn, theres nothing slow about him,once you point him in the right direction..I might use that to my advantage later..She came down wrapped in a huge towel , with her hair put up high in a long pony tail..she was just getting off the cordless phone.. Her pills were on the bar,so I poured her juice and pointed at them..
“Teresa is on the way, and she is thrilled at the way you’ve helped me ..” She took the pills,and killed the glass of juice ,smiling.. I gave her my “look” and she read me –” She knows everything,and its cool with her..she wants another crack at Matt anyway, I told her I wasn’t sharing you and her and Matt will stay at his cabin while she’s here..”
“Let me tell him Nicole, I will try to point him to her “weakness” and tell him about using his a b c’s on her clit.. How she likes to be rode doggie -style and–“

“Thats enough of school Mister! Let him and her figure each other out!! Its not that I’m jealous,but you two have known each other much longer than we have.. Remember; I said I wanted equal time in this , and I’m not through learning , am I teacher.?.
” Look sweetheart, you know that Matt has no experience with women , and a couple of ideas in his head will give him the confidence he needs to explore the fine art of lovemaking,don’t you think he deserves it? Look out there at the lake,how he’s laying in there working right along with the crew to get the job done I gave him.. By the way, I had a look around while you slept,gave Matt a rather expensive list of ideas to bring the level of security up from a 1 to a 10 .. Could cost you a few grand to do it, but you can knock it off taxes every year till you break even.. “
“You are running the show while you”re here Dan-o – just give me a bill on it and it will be taken care of.. I want you to get a taste of what its like living here ,just in case you might want to stay…. “

I found a phone book and called around ,finally found what I wanted…
“Thats great , can you deliver ? Fine , we’ll be expecting you..”
Nicole got in the pool and had the pumps wide open;swimming her ass off..she was slick as a seal, cutting strokes like an athlete.. God she was so damn perfect in every way I actually was starting to have some deep thoughts about staying ..
I dropped my shorts and got in with her.. The round , wet ass cheeks were more intoxicating than the Jack Daniels, so I got her by those cheeks and rolled her over to back stroke awhile..she was giggling at me as I parted those full upper thighs and went straight at her cooty..My tongue buried to the hilt in her;and words cannot describe the sounds coming from her…I sucked her clit so hard she tried to push my head away,so I added my two middle fingers in her and started massaging her g-spot.

” Ohooohh!! — faster yes God –you eat pussy so well, Mister!!” Mmmmnnnn!!!!!!!!! I”m cummin”Nowwww!!!!
I could feel the cum as it pumped into my mouth, and swallowed every drop I could,her body bucking and convulsing to the point of exhaustion, going limp as a rag doll… I pulled her to the edge of the pool, got her out and onto my table… I lifted her legs positioned my cock in her labia and started rubbing the head up & down ,then worried her clit by rubbing the bottom of the shaft on it ,making long, pressing strokes along its bud..

“Awwwwsshitt!! I’m cummin again!!! P-Put it in me!! Misss-sssssssterr—Yesss–Yes–yes now !!! Uunnnggghh!!! I popped my dick in and fucked it up into the tightness of her cunt, loving the hot wetness of the cum– slick tunnel,, This position gave me the control of my own orgasms,so I could be level with her crotch while standing… I rolled her hips in my hands so she could fuck me while I took a break, but she kept breaking the rhythm I had so I uncrossed the legs, pulled them straight up and held her around the knees,locking them to my pace, and touching places inside her depths she was not aware she had..
“Dan-o I’m gonnnaa –Oohhh– I can’t stop -O-oohhh -C-cummingg!! My own orgasm was near ,so I climaxed very quietly ,not moaning or screaming like her;just to see if she would feel it..
“Oooohh- I feel youuu –Cuuuummmiinn – Its so hot!!!!!!!….. She opened her eyes wide as I withdrew, my cock still twitching in the aftershocks. I heard the phone, so I helped her up to get it…
“Matt says come to the door , I have a surprise from you !!” She pulled on the daisy dukes & tank top that she had left last nite and went up…I knew who it was , pulled my shorts on and ran to get my envelope of money. I got to the door just as she opened it .. A guy was standing with Matt, each holding a beautiful greyhound pup,about 12 weeks old…
” For meee? – They are just so cute, gimme one,quick..!” They were both battleship grey, with large almond eyes and legs and here’s the paperwork on them..””

I had ordered them saying we wanted to breed them ,so no brothers & sisters…The papers bore the truth,so I peeled $600.00 from the stack and gave it to him,plus $100 more for keeping it a secret … He smiled and after giving a few feeding requirements,was gone .. Matt had the bitch,and the male was all in Nicole’s face,licking & snuggling her…
Matt said “Well what’ll we name ’em?” “I’ll think about it,and let you know tomorrow..” she said .. They were housebroke, so I guess I’ll leave this one to you Dan-o ;and get this crew on the ball!”
” Thanks Matt, I think she was properly surprised!!”

It didn’t take long to figure out that I had screwed up with the pups.. She was on the floor with them,having as much fun as they were..It was funny to see them on the highly polished hardwood floors, running but not getting any traction. Then she was up , heading for the pool, with them at her heels..She didn’t bother getting out of her clothes,just jumped in,waiting to see the pups reactions..
They both circled the pool ,whining like pups do,then the male jumped in to Nicole, went to her shoulders,and tried to climb her back..not to be left out,the bitch done likewise,but was content to paddle up to the current, showing no fear, and swimming strongly….
“Why, Dan-o , didn’t you tell me? You could have at least let me pay for them..God there perfect for me .I’ve always admired this breed of dog..It’s like you read my mind..”

Because they are my gift to you,for having me down here,and putting fire back in my loins,with your youth & beauty..They are part of your therapy. I expect you to walk these dogs the length of this road to Matt’s cabin every day that weather permits. As they grow and learn this is their home,we can begin training them to patrol the property at night.you can breed them for racing ,and get top dollar for the pups in Florida.. I’ve read that back in the 18th and 19th centuries, they were used to hunt deer and other game.. They would catch & kill it with one well placed bite to the throat. Pound for pound its the fastest,meanest dog on the planet,when properly trained..”
The pups were playing tag with each other,so she got out. It was medicine time again..
” Nicole, I want to name the male -“Mister”- You got any objections’? It’ll remind you of me when I’m not around..”
“Please don’t say that Dan-o..it hurts thinking about it..”
“Take your pills,and go give the pups a walk,OK.? Take your cell phone -call me if you get to feeling weak..I need to check in at home,e-mails etc.”.

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