Hiding Sandy Part 4


Sandy didn’t sleep well in the safe room, wondering what was going to happen with Mike in the morning. After she got out of bed, she found him making breakfast in the kitchen. “Hi Sandy, I hope you slept well. We have new adventures for you going forward. I think you have changed, and you no longer have to sleep in the safe room. You are going to sleep with me in my bed, and you get to decide what to wear when you go to bed. You also get to decide when and where you want to eat.”

Sandy was really scared now. Had the body snatchers come and taken the mean Mike away and replaced him with some kind of robotic Stepford Husband?

“Thanks Mike, I really appreciate that. I have changed. You need to believe that. You’ve kept your end of the bargain of protecting me and your training has helped me to try to stop being a manipulating gold digger bitch. What are you going to make me do today?” she said in a slightly quivering voice.

“Sandy, I’m not going to make you do anything. I thought it would be good mental stimulation for you to help me in the office today. I want you to get in the right frame of mind to do office work, so why don’t you go pick out some clothes like you used to wear when you worked in a fancy office. When you mentioned your working before meeting Steve, it seemed like you enjoyed doing financial related work.”

Now Sandy was really in shock and wanted to look behind his back to see if he was holding any long kitchen knives and this was just a ruse so she would put her guard down. “I did enjoy my work Mike, but I didn’t have any confidence that I was smart and could keep up with the girls in the office who came from rich families and went to fancy universities.”

“Sandy, I think you are actually very smart and sometimes in the competitive world of finance it is good to be able be a little manipulating at times. In trading you basically have someone who wins a trade and someone who loses on a trade, so it can be said that your job is to screw someone else out of money.”

Sandy went into the closet and picked out a silky white blouse and put a bra on under it. She also picked out a black skirt that was mid-thigh length and she also put on a pair of black shoes with low heels. Mike brought her into his office area, which actually had two offices and an open area. He started showing her information about the businesses he owned and got her to work on some simple spreadsheets analyzing a business he wanted to acquire. He couldn’t believe how quickly she picked up on studying situations creatively that others might not see. She was exhausted at the end of the day but felt satisfied intellectually that she was just not Mike’s sex toy today.

While they were eating dinner Mike said, “Sandy, I was very impressed today, you seem to have a natural ability for financial analysis and it was impressive how you could absorb so much information so quickly. You are selling yourself short that you are not as smart as other people.”

“You really think I am smart? No one has ever said that to me before. I thought I was stupid and was only good to fuck and suck men to get them to take care of me. I really did like the work you had me do and felt good about myself that you trusted me with such important tasks.”

For the next few days, Mike gave Sandy more work to analyze his businesses. She even got her involved with negotiations for the acquisition of the business she was analyzing. The other company was struggling financially, and she knew how to go in for the kill to get the best price they could for buying it at a discount. She was becoming more confident that she was more than just a pretty face and a hot body.

She was exhausted from working hard every day but noticed that Mike had not approached her for sex. She had told him she was on her period, but in the past when she had told him that he didn’t care and made her suck him off or take it up the ass to satisfy his lust. The next day in the office at lunch time she meekly said, “Mike you haven’t made me have sex the last few days.”

“Sandy, you told me you were on your period.”

“But that never stopped you before from sodomizing me instead.”

“But you’ve done a great job working with me and I am going to make a lot of money on the deals you are working on. I think you are more than just about sex now, and didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable having anal or oral sex while you are having cramps.”

Sandy couldn’t believe he was being so nice to her. Maybe she was wrong about him and maybe even wrong about her own abilities.

“Are you done with your period now?”


“Well I would like you to take off all your clothes and turn around and lean over the desk.”

She quickly complied, as she had thought that maybe he was not attracted to her anymore and would turn her into Steve’s associates if he was bored with her. Mike took off his pants but left his shirt on and got behind her as she lay in a prone position over her large mahogany desk.

“Mike, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Are you going to have me killed? It seems like you are not interested in me sexually anymore?”

“That isn’t true at all. You are gaziantep eskort bayan the most beautiful woman I have ever met and are probably going to be the mother of my child. You are also one of the smartest people I have ever met.”

“You think I am smart?”

“You can run circles around most of the people I know in my industry. Let me show you how much I want you.”

He slowly started massaging her back and firm ass and reached around to gently massage her breasts and pull gently on her nipples. She started getting wet and he dipped two fingers into her waiting vagina and brought them up to her mouth so she could taste how wet she was. He gently inserted himself into her and slowly started rocking and out of her.

Sandy started getting very turned on by this, but not as excited as when he got rough with her and forced her to have sex. Sandy started moaning, but then cooed, “Mike this feels so good, but can you be rougher with me? I am more used to that with you and it makes me come harder.”

Mike realized he had broken her and reached around and pulled and pinched her nipples hard. He started spanking her ass hard, leaving red hand prints all over it. He even started slapping her back with a ruler he took off the desk. She started moaning in ecstasy. “Sandy, you want to get fucked hard. You have your wish.” He pulled his cock out of her and slammed back into her, thrusting into her pussy faster and faster while holding her around the waist. Then he put three fingers into her asshole without any lube and she screamed out in an ear shattering orgasm.

“Mike that felt so good.”

“I’m glad you liked it. Are you okay to get dressed and for us to get back to work for a while?”

“Sure Mike, whatever you want me to do to please you.” Mike was puzzled that maybe she secretly wanted to sometimes be controlled instead of being the one in charge. They had dinner and he suggested they watch a movie and have a drink to unwind. Halfway through the movie she started rubbing his crotch through his pajamas. She then did something that shocked him. She got off the couch and down on her knees and pulled his pants down and started slowly sucking on his cock as she looked up into his eyes, like a puppy dog wanting to please her master.

Mike was shocked. She had never done anything voluntarily with him before. She then stopped and got up and he thought she was just teasing him. Instead she said, “can we take this into the bedroom?” She held his hand as they went into the bedroom and she took off her nightie and took off his pajamas but then led him into the bathroom.

He asked, “why are we going into the bathroom?’”

“You’ll see.” After they walked through the door she said, “do you remember the first night when you made me take an enema?”

“How could I forget. It was the first night of your training to not be a bitch.”

“Well I want you to give me one to clean me out good.”

He nodded his head as he got the enema bag and hose and filled it up with warm water as she seductively leaned over the tub. He used one that had a small pump that could put enough water in her to slightly inflate her belly. She moaned as he filled her up. “Mike, fill me up, I want it to hurt.” He filled her more and more and rubbed her stomach and pulled hard on her tits to make her feel more uncomfortable. He started rubbing her clit as she exploded in ecstasy.

She sat on the toilet and had him watch her as the water rushed out of her. She then led him to the bedroom, and she laid on her stomach on the bed. “Mike, please tie me down and fuck my ass hard.” He was in a daze now and bound her arms and legs to the posts of the bed. “Please use the belt on my ass before you fuck me and make me your whore.”

He got out a belt and gently started whipping her ass and back. “Please hit me harder.”

He was afraid of really hurting her and was a little reluctant but hit her harder.

“Please take my ass now. I need to feel you in me.” He took out a bottle of lube and went to lubricate her asshole.

“No Mike. Just wet it a little with some spit and juice from my pussy. I want it to hurt.”

He thought she had gone around the bend, but did what she wanted, ramming into her in a quick motion and started fucking her tight ass gently. “No, Mike, fuck me harder. I need it hard. I want to feel pain.”

He was so turned on by this woman changing her attitude and giving herself to him completely, body and mind, that is was now his turn to pump his sperm into his bowels with a shuddering orgasm. He didn’t even care that he had wasted some baby making sperm not coming in her pussy. They held each other tight as they fell asleep and he wondered to himself what type of submissive sex fiend he had created.

The next day in the office, Sandy was on high speed with her work helping Mike with his businesses and he was exhausted actually being the one to help her. At the end of the day she walked over to him and said, “I’m horny.”

She took off her work clothes and got down on her knees and pulled his pants down. She started sucking his cock hard, like a porn star would do, going deeper and deeper into her throat which each stroke. She started gagging on his cock because she thought she would please him more and she almost puked on it. Then she stopped.

“Turn around Mike and lean across my desk.” He thought this was a trick and he was now looking to see if she had a letter opener her hand. He reluctantly complied and she parted his butt cheeks and started licking his asshole. The she put her tongue in deeper and deeper and pulled downward on his cock as he felt like he would explode. “Turn around and get up on the desk.”

He got on the desk facing her with his legs open and she started sucking his cock again. She reached underneath him and inserted her fingers into his ass and started massaging his prostrate. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and came so hard into her mouth he thought he would damage her tonsils.

After she completed the best blowjob he ever had, she licked the corner of her mouth from where cum was dribbling out of it. “Can you please lick my pussy too?”

They traded places and he leaned down over her to start licking her pussy. Before he did though she said, “Mike, please slap my face hard like you want to make me open my legs for you to rape me.” Mike thought this was getting bizarre but gently slapped her face. “Harder Mike, I need to want to feel like I am going to cry. He hit her harder but felt like a horrible person. He then stopped and got down and started licking her dripping wet cunt. “Stick your fingers up my ass and bite my clit.” He tentatively stuck one finger up her ass and he gently nibble her clit. “More fingers.” He put four fingers up her ass, as his fist would never fit, and she came really hard, while her thrashing arms knocked papers off her desk. She got dressed like nothing happened and went back to work.

The next day in the office they worked late, and Mike wasn’t sure if she would want sex again. But Sandy took off all her clothes and walked over to the couch and got on all fours and summoned him over and wiggled her gorgeous ass at him. He went to take off his pants, but she said, “no, just pulled your cock out through your zipper. I am a bad dog and deserved to get fucked like a cheap whore.”

Now Mike felt like the worst person in the world with her degrading herself to please him but complied. As he started slowly fucking her, he said, “Sandy can we at least face each other while we have sex. This is degrading for you.”

“No, Mike. Good girls do it missionary style. I want to be your bad little whore and give you that baby you deserve.” Mike continued but could barely manage to cum. Controlling her was not no longer any fun for him. Maybe he didn’t want a sex slave anymore. He knew he might be falling in love with Sandy and didn’t want to treat her this way.

Mike decided that besides the deals she was helping her with, he would let her do some day trading with some of his funds. He couldn’t believe that she was great at this to, and one day he tallied up all the money she had helped him make and couldn’t believe it. One day in the office she heard his phone ring and he spoke very secretly in code words and just saying yes and no to whoever was on the other line. Then he smiled broadly. She asked him who was on the phone and he answered, “no one important.” She didn’t believe him and got worried that he was going to turn her over to Steve’s enemies.

That night she was starting to get disgusted with herself only be able to get off when Mike got rough with her and she thought he only liked rough sex too. They were on the couch talking and she started crying. “Sandy, what’s the matter. Did I do something to upset you?”

Mike, I used to use you and other men for money, but you should look at yourself in the mirror at who is now the user. You just use me for sex and love to humiliate me. I like when you praise my work during the day, but don’t want to just be your slut all the time. Can you make love to me like you really like me? I think you still hate me. You just treat me like a piece of meat to put your cock in one of my holes.”

“Sandy, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You have completely changed and don’t try to manipulate me, and I am tired of manipulating and controlling you too. Let’s both start a new beginning and have sex like normal people would, to make a baby.” He led her into the bedroom, and they had sex like two teenagers going at it for the first time.

The next day Sandy felt so happy that Mike treated her like a normal woman that he actually liked, not a cheap whore. In the office, he asked her at lunch if they could have sex and she smiled and said yes and pulled her panties off and got up on the desk, while he pulled his pants down and entered her like a lover would, while she wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed, with their tongues swirling around each other’s throats. He then kissed every inch of her face and neck, as he finished inside her as they came with passion at the same time.

Afterwards Mike smiled and said, “Sandy we are going to go into town tonight and have a nice dinner. I have something I need to tell you.”

“Okay Mike but are you okay with me going off the property? Aren’t you afraid I might try to escape?”

“I am not afraid of that. You shouldn’t be afraid either of me anymore.”

They took the long drive into town and Sandy wore a little black dress and Mike a casual suit. She dreaded what he might say. She hadn’t been able to get pregnant yet, even though she had been at his property for three months now. Even if she got pregnant soon, she would go beyond the 12 months in her contract before he could get rid of her and she didn’t know what method he would use to get rid of her, but hoped it didn’t involve killing her or having her killed.

At dinner he announced, “Sandy, I know you were wondering about that phone call the other day. It seems like some bad people killed Steve’s enemies. We don’t have to worry about them finding you, or me for that matter, anymore.”

“How did that happen?”

“Well, sometimes someone can tell people things they want to know, if it benefits you also. Like we say in business it is a “win-win” type of thing.”

“You told another group of criminals where Steve’s enemies could be found?”

“I can’t talk about it. You never know who might be listening. I have another surprise for you. The contract between us terminates if Steve’s enemies die.”

“Really? I can’t believe you put yourself at so much risk to first hide me, then to make sure I never have to hide again.” She started to sob, and he handed her a tissue.

“Yes, you really need to read the fine print on contracts. Sandy, you are not the woman you used to be. You are so much better now and have the confidence to do whatever you want in a career, and eventually have a loving family, if you want one.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. You deserve happiness in your life after all your struggles and I want you to have a new start going forward. I have another surprise. You didn’t realize how much money you helped me make with your genius abilities in business. Instead of giving you just enough to live on for a few years, I set up an annuity for you with 50% of the profits you made. You’ll never have to live off a man again and never have to work again if you don’t want to. He slid a bank statement across the table and showed the amount her. Her jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe how much she made for him and that he was so generously giving her half of the profits.

Then Mike got up and walked over to Sandy with a black box in his hand and went behind her. He took a beautiful diamond necklace out of it and showed it to her and then lovingly put it around her neck. She never saw anything so gorgeous and she was shocked.

“Mike, what is this for? I can’t accept it. It must have cost a fortune.”

“You made me grow as a person as much as I helped you to improve yourself. It is kind of a going away present. Don’t worry, the cost came out of my 50% of the profits,” as he laughed.

“Going away present. What do you mean by a going away present?”

“Sandy, I know you are not pregnant. That part of the contract terminates now too. You don’t have to have a baby for me. You are free to leave whenever you want. You never have to see me again. I am hoping to find a woman who will be a true partner with me to have a family with. You taught me how to be a loving man, not a cold, cruel manipulator like you also once were.”

Sandy started sobbing uncontrollably. “I can’t believe you are kicking me out of your life.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Mike, I used to hate you but over these three months I’ve fallen in love with the new man you’ve become and hope you feel the same about me.”

“I am in love with you now too Sandy. But I can’t forgive myself for how I treated you so cruelly. Being with you will just remind me of how I used to be such a self-centered douche.”

Do you remember that poem? “If you love something set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be. You were willing to set me free. I don’t want your money or my freedom. I want you to just love me forever.”

“Sandy, are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes, and I want to have your baby, but not by force. Willingly.”

“Sandy, I would like nothing better than to be an equal partner with you in our relationship and our businesses.”

“Mike, there is something I want though.”

Mike got worried that she was reverting to the old gold digger Sandy. “What is it Sandy?”

“Can you buy me a wig until my hair grows out more? This short hair doesn’t look good on me. I want you to remember me the way you first saw me. Except I am not a bitch anymore. I think you did fuck the bitch out of me!”

“Where did you get that expression from? I used to say that phrase to myself in the beginning of our relationship when I was forcing you to have sex.”

“I must have read your mind. Can you read my mind right now?”


“Let’s go home and make that baby. I am going to fuck the cum out of you every day until you give me what I want.”

“What’s that?”

“A little Mike who is going to be raised to not be a douche. Or a little Sandy, who is going to be raised to not be a bitch.”

“One more request, Mike.”

“What’s that?”

“Can you punish me sometimes for old times sake?”

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