How Good it Felt…


This is a true story and I could give a crap about what you think true or not.

Warning: This story contains gay butt sex, women with strap-ons, and please read what else it contains before jugging.

Part 1

It was a cold October, my friend John and I had just gotten off the bus as we walked toward his house, I told John that when we get to his house we should look at his dad’s porn stash since he was away on a business trip. Many times I had asked John to but he never did want to. John said that if his mom caught him we would both be in a lot of trouble. I told him not to worry, that when we hear her get home we can turn off the video and put it back. John was a bit skeptical but agreed. As we were getting closer to the house I asked him if he had ever seen a girl naked. He simply said no and that he was not that eager to. I was not that sure what he meant because he was shaking like crazy since this was the first time we would watch porn together. When we got inside, I walked into his living room and turned on the T.V and VCR while John grabbed two of the movies. He asked if I wanted to cover myself so I could beat off but I said if you want to look its ok. My dick was about 7 inches and so I felt like it was bigger then his.

When we started the movie are eyes were fixed on the TV I had a hard on in the first few minutes. I saw John glance over and see my dick already out of my pants. As the guy in the movie started to fuck the girl we were both stroking are dicks. About halfway through the movie John asked me if I was gay, I already new I was bisexual and did not hesitate to tell him, he said that he liked seeing naked guys and just naked guys. I told him if he wanted to touch my dick, it was alright. He hesitated and walked over I pulled my jeans down all the way and told him to feel it, as his warm hands touched my dick I gaziantep eskort bayan was even harder. John asked then to suck it and give me a blow job. I was ready to cum and said “Give it your best try.” As his mouth took my cock, his motion was all wrong he did not know what to do. I stopped him and said this is how it’s done. When I pulled his pants down an 8 and a half or 9 inch dick popped out, I loved it when I saw it. I have only seen one bigger to this day then that. As my eyes popped out of my head when I saw it I took it in my mouth slowly and stated to message the head of it with my tongue as I slowly bobbed my head up and down. This feels good John said drenched in pleasure. I took my finger and messaged his butt hole and slowly pushed it in and out. As his cock swelled he grabbed my head and in a split second his cum exploded all over my mouth and down my throat I loved his cum and swallowed it all savoring as much as I could.

As he let go of my head I polished his cock and stood up as he said “That was the best” and now wanted to try. As he started to lick me cock he did his own thing and started to suck and lick my balls and ever so often lick the shaft as he moved up he started to really get the hang of it, soon my cock exploded. John was not as good as me, but still got most of it. The first movie was over and so we took it out rewound it and then with the other, put it back. As we had just begun to really get into it we went into Johns room turned his computer on and started visiting gay porn sites John was hard again and said he wanted to try anal, I told him that I think his mom will be home soon but he said she would not be home for an hour or two. As he started to stick that giant cock in my ass I said it needed lube no sooner then a second he was back with a tube of it from his parent’s room. I felt the lube drip from his cock on my back and told him to stick it in. As he started out I was in pain but that went away as I relaxed and took that beautiful cock. After about 10 minutes he asked were I wanted his cum I told him right were it was, was perfect. As his cum dripped into my ass we heard foot steps and then “John I got home early, were are you guys.” As we froze with his dick in my ass the door opened and John’s mom nearly fainted. She took it in again and said not to move as she walked away she came back and told us to sit down on her bed. With my now limp dick and cum dripping out my ass we sat down on the bed. “Now John would you like to tell me what is going on here” John’s mom said as calmly as she could. I loved John’s mom when she was angry her long dark brown hair hung to one side covering her right breast. Her breast were about C’s and for 38 years old still perky. She was average size and had a big ass that would drive any man crazy. John built up the courage and said to her “Mom I did not want it to be this way but, I am gay and I would like for you to respect that” As John’s mom took that in she said back “Well I think if your going to be that way, I can at least show you how to fuck a man.” As I sat there confused by what she meant I saw her look at me and said “Turn around”. I started to and then was helped as she grabbed my ass, and put it in front of her. She bent down under the bed and grabbed a strap-on, after taking a few seconds to put it on I felt it go up my ass and again I was showered by the pleasure of anal sex.

As John’s mom was fucking me I asked if John and I could kiss, but was told to suck that giant cock of his. I did what I was told willingly and took that giant cock in my mouth again only this time I sucked his nuts ever so often to really get a taste of that cock meat. I was in heaven A dildo up my ass, and a giant cock down my throat, nothing could be better then this. As I kept sucking Johns cock I could feel it swell up again and prepared my self for it. As that cock exploded into my mouth again, I took my time swallowing it making sure every drop went down and that all of it was off John’s cock. As I finished John’s mom said to me “You’re a real pro” as I smiled and thanked her. She continued to fuck my ass for awhile and once John’s cock was hard again she said “Now it’s your turn honey.” As that cock stiffened he slowly pushed it in, I could not wait for a real cock inside of me. Once it was all the way in he did just as his mom told him, slowly building up speed and then keeping it at that past I was having so many orgasms in my ass all at once. After a few minutes John’s mom crawled across the bed in front of me and told me to eat her out as I went down I licked around the outer lips occasionally licking her clit, then onto the inner lips were I went all out burring my face like I saw in the movies she was getting hot now I knew she was ready to cum she grabbed a whip and hit my back with it as she moaned “Make me cum already, make me cum now god dam it.” As the whip kept coming I was in even more pleasure I knew she wanted to come badly so I berried my face and licked her clit all over until suddenly a giant flow of cum went all over my face as I got as much as I could. I licked her vag and cleaned just like she wanted. After I finished Johns cock exploded like a volcano into my ass when he pulled it out his mom told me to clean it off, she did not have to tell me twice as I whipped right around and cleaned it right up. Once I finished John’s mom walked to the door and said she was going to take a shower and that we could do whatever we wanted. Then the most surprising thing she said was “My porn stash is under the bed along with a few dildos, go crazy if you want”. John and I looked at each other and said “Her porn”.

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