Incestuous Harem’s Passion 4: Naughty Mommy Incest

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Incestuous Harem’s Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Four: Naughty Mommy Incest

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

April 23rd, 2019 – Clinton “Clint” Elliston II

The backyard party at the Reenburgs’ home was well underway. Their large house, verging on a mansion, had an impressive yard. Lights were strung across the bushes, lighting it up as twilight fell upon the world. It was a warm, April evening, the sky clear. Like when I’d done at the Reenburgs’ party last summer right before graduating from college, I had brought my mom as my date.

I had my reasons.

She looked great, her bleached-blonde hair falling in a mass of curls about her lush face, her large breasts stretching out the red party dress she wore, her shoulders bare. The skirt was short, her toned thighs on display. You could just see the top of the tattoo on her right breast.

Maria Reenburg, the daughter of the family, was with her brother. She was holding two babies in her arms, a big smile on her face as she spoke with her brother. I knew for a fact that Sean Reenburg, the brother, was the father of both children. One was Maria’s child the other their mother’s.

Mrs. Reenburg was talking with a group of women. The powerful, Sacramento lawyer was my mother’s boss and had discovered the delights of incest last June when she’d been seduced by her son. Her husband, a state senator, was schmoozing at the other end of the party, talking with some of the most powerful members of the State of California.

It was why I was here. Senator Reenburg had sex with his daughter from time to time, though he usually just watched his son fucking his wife and daughter, cuckolded by the younger man. Either way, he was involved in incest and my key to spreading my desire to make it legal.

“There he is,” Mom whispered, nudging my arm.

I turned in the direction my mother motioned and smiled at the older man, his hair gray, leering at one of the waitresses. The caterer had brought a group of young men and women to serve the guests food and drink, all in sober, black pants and long-sleeved, button-down shirts. I smiled and guided my mother towards Lyle Coburn.

Just the man I was here to see.

On the way, I noticed another of the guests. Mrs. Umayyah looked delicious in the silver party dress, something far more daring and revealing than the Arab wife used to wear before my harem had corrupted the college professor into deviant sex. Her large breasts rose and fell in the dress, the fabric contrasting with her dusky skin. Beside her stood her daughter, a twenty-year-old slut Mrs. Umayyah pimped out at my college.

Leyla looked scrumptious in the red dress that left her back bare, her ass cupped by the tight skirt. Her round breasts filled out the slender triangles of her dress that cradled them. She had a smoky look in her eyes as she caught my attention.

I winked at her.


Leyla Umayyah

I winked back at Clint, a wet heat rippling through my pussy.

“He’s making contact with the client, Mom,” I purred to her, loving the attention we were getting from the men at the party.

“Wonderful,” my mother said. A year-and-a-half ago, she had trained me to be her daughter-slut. She had molded me into a barely legal whore and pimped me out to professors and students at my college. It had been so hot. I loved it. Daddy had taken over by the end when he realized Mom was just as much a whore as me.

I loved fucking Daddy. He was my favorite. I’d given birth to his baby last year.

My friends had joined the fun, too. My best friend, Kimmy Myers, had become my brother Jalal’s personal whore. He would give her to his friends whenever he felt like it and she loved it. They were in love, and I knew they’d be married soon.

“That must be Mr. Coburn,” my mother said, her eyes falling on the old man Clint was going up to talk to. He had gray hair and looked in his fifties. Not too bad looking, either. He wore a tux and looked good in it.

A wet heat rippled through me. I stared at the older guy. I had a thing for fucking men who were old enough to be my daddy. It made it so hot. I was such a naughty, Arab slut. A bad, sinful Muslim whore. I pressed against my mother and moaned, “I’m going to suck his cock and fuck him so hard.”

“You know you are,” Mom said, pushing closer to me. “We’re going to have such fun.”

Clint shook the man’s hand, his mother on his arm. He had turned his entire family into his harem. That was hot, too. They weren’t sluts like I was. They only fucked one man: Clint. I fucked them all then came home to Daddy to give him the money I made as his little whore. He’d spank me and fuck me and love me.

My pussy dripped juices down my thighs as I waited for Clint to get through all the small talk with Mr. Coburn. I had no idea what Clint was up to with this guy, why he wanted this guy to experience my delights and my mother’s service.

I really didn’t care. I just wanted to fuck for money. Getting paid to have kinky sex was the best rush ever.

Finally, Clint waved us over.

I slipped my arm around my mother’s waist, and we sauntered to him. I put on such a big smile, my hair sweeping around my face. My short skirt clung to my thighs and ass. My breasts jiggled in the small triangles cupping them and led up to the strings that tied behind my neck.

“Look at that,” Clint said to the guy. “Mother and daughter. They are quite the treat, sir.”

The old man looked at us with abject lust. “They do look like they’re mother and daughter. They really are?”

“Really,” Clint said. “Isn’t that right, ladies?”

I flashed him a sultry smile. “Oh, sir, my mommy and I would love to get to know you better. We’re always looking for a strong man to keep us from being naughty. If we don’t, why, the things we get up to together.”

“My daughter is just a little harlot,” Mom added, her voice husky. “She’s not wearing any panties at all. See.” Her hand darted down and pulled up my skirt enough to flash my shaved twat at him.

The guy groaned.

“Eighteen,” Clint added. “Seventeen and needing a strong man to look out for her.”

It wasn’t uncommon for me to lie about my age. Eighteen sounded kinkier than twenty.

“Why are you doing this?” Mr. Coburn asked.

“I want us to be friends, sir,” Clint said. He clapped a hand on the man’s shoulder. “You can’t say no to barely legal twat, can you?”

“Mmm, my daughter has a tight, juicy pussy that you’ll love,” Mom moaned. Her hand slipped over my shaved pudenda before her fingertips slid down to my juicy vulva. I gasped as she rubbed my cunt, an incestuous thrill rushing through my body. My toes flexed in my tight, stiletto heels.

“Goddamn,” groaned Mr. Coburn. “You are the type of friend I like, Mr. Elliston.”

“Enjoy them, sir,” Clint said and released the older man’s shoulder. Then he took his mom’s arm and strolled off.

Mr. Coburn slipped an arm around my waist and my mother’s, sliding between us. I shoved my skirt down and pressed against him. He leered down at our tits while his hand slid down to cup my rump.

“I’m told we can use Mr. Reenburg’s study,” purred Mom. “He’s such a wonderful host, isn’t he.”

“That cocksucker’s in on this, huh?” he asked as we headed for the house.

“He’s a great friend of Mr. Elliston,” Mom said.

I opened the sliding glass door and we headed inside. Music played through the house. There were a few staff in here, but they hardly noticed a powerful man leading off a pair of hot women. They probably knew we were whores, but they wouldn’t know we were mother and daughter.

We were soon in Mr. Reenburg’s private office. Mom closed the door behind us and locked it. I shuddered as Mr. Coburn was on me in a flash. He kissed me with hunger, pressing me against the wall. His hands went to my youthful breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them. I shuddered in delight, kissing him with hunger. His tongue thrust into my mouth. I whimpered against him. My nipples throbbed in my dress as his hands pawed them.

He broke the kiss and groaned, “You are such a treat. Eighteen?”

“Mmm, does that excite you?” I asked, his hand sliding beneath my dress to cup my naked breast. My nipple rubbed hard. My hand cupped his cock. I squeezed him. “Oh, it does, doesn’t it? You’re all hard and in need of relief.”

“Damn, I am,” he groaned. “My days are so boring. Tedious. Just dealing with arguing assholes. I need this.”

“You’ve earned this, sir,” I moaned. “And so have I. Ooh, Mommy, he’s huge. He’s going to make our pussy feel incredible.”

“Mmm, you know I love a big, hard cock in my cunt,” Mom purred.

The guy grinned at me. Every guy loved it when you called his cock huge even if it was average. I didn’t care about his size. He was big enough to make me cum. His hand squeezed about my breast while I unzipped his slacks. The zipper rasped. I shoved my hand inside the pants and boxers. I found his cock, squeezing him directly through the slit.

He kissed me again, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I groaned as this powerful, old man kissed me with passion. His dick throbbed in my hand. I whimpered, my nipples throbbing. My pussy burned, drinking in all the wicked sensations. I whimpered into his mouth while silk rustled.

“Mmm, let’s get this jacket off of you, Sir,” purred Mom.

Her hands pulled on the tux jacket. The older man broke the kiss and pulled his hand from beneath my dress. The cloth was disturbed by his withdrawing hand, my perky titty left exposed, my brown nipple hard and aching. My nub had grown larger during my pregnancy, no longer small, but fat. Mom slipped off his jacket and draped it over the chair.

Mr. Coburn and I both noticed she was naked at the same time. Her large tits swayed before her, the same dusky-brown skin that I had. Her nipples were brown and hard, as thick as mine but her areolas were larger. She had a shaved pussy, her cuntlips thick and plump, engorged with her arousal.

“Damn,” groaned Mr. Coburn as the sight of her. “Look at those tits. They’re gorgeous.”

“Even compared to her young titties,” asked Mom as his hands went for those big mounds. He squeezed and cupped them. His fingers dug into them, kneading them and playing with them.

“They have their own charm,” he said.

I grinned and began unbuttoning his shirt, my one exposed breast jiggling. Mom attacked his pants. They fell off of him, revealing white boxers covered in blue pinstripes. His cock thrust out of his boxers, poking at Mom.

He stripped off his shirt, forcing him to release Mom’s tits. He turned to me as we pulled his shirt down his arms. Once off, his hand went for my tit, pulling my right boob out, too. My dress gaziantep eskort bayan fell between both breasts. He stroked a thumb over my nipple. He was down to his boxers and undershirt.

“Mmm, sir, you are so big,” I moaned, grabbing his cock. “I have to suck him, Mommy.”

“Oh, yes, you do,” she moaned and grabbed his undershirt, drawing it up his body. He was in decent shape, looking sexy for a guy his age. My pussy clenched.

I slipped to my knees before him. I licked my lips as I hooked the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. His cock bent then sprang free, bouncing before me. Precum splattered my face. I giggled and grabbed his dick.

I engulfed the crown with my hungry mouth.

“Damn,” he groaned, pleasure crossing his face as he experienced my hot mouth sucking on his dick. My tongue danced around his tip. “She’s a hungry one.”

“My slutty daughter loves sucking cocks,” Mom purred. She hugged him from behind, rubbing those big titties on his back. Her hands ran up and down his pale chest. “Just enjoy that hot, young mouth sliding up and down your cock. You’ve always wanted this delight, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” he groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. “Shit, her tongue…”

“She’s skilled, isn’t she?” Mom nibbled on his ear. “Mmm, she’s just a cock-sucking whore. A slut like her loves cocks.”

I did. I savored them. Having a dick in my mouth was the best. I sucked on his cock and bobbed my head. I sucked hard. My tongue danced around him while I slid my lips up and down his shaft. He groaned, his chest rising and falling beneath Mom’s stroking hands.

My right hand fisted the lower half of his cock while my left found his balls. His wiry, gray pubic hairs tickled my hand. I kneaded them. I played with them. I sucked hard. My cheeks hollowed as I loved this hunky, sexy man. He made my cunt burn and blaze. My pussy was on fire. My hips wiggled back and forth. The heat swelled and swelled in my twat.

It was such a treat to enjoy his cock and his salty precum. I swallowed it. I sucked and nursed hard. My cheeks hollowed. I bobbed my head. I worked my lips up and down his shaft. He groaned. Mommy purred, massaging his chest.

“You’re going to flood my daughter’s naughty mouth, aren’t you?” she asked. Her fingers found his little man nipples and twisted them.

His cock twitched in my mouth. “Yes!”

“But what if she wants your cum on her face?” Mom licked his ear. “My daughter’s such a whore, she loves being covered in cum. How does that sound?”

“Shit!” whimpered the old guy, his chest rising. His balls twitched in my hand.

“Yeah, you want to see my daughter dripping in your cum. Theeeen I’m going to lick her face clean. We’re going to share your jizz.”

The look on his face made my pussy clench. He smiled like he’d won the lotto. I loved this. I sucked hard. My cunt dripped cream down my thighs. My breasts jiggled as I squirmed. I fisted his dick, massaged his balls, and sucked hard on his cock.

He panted and groaned. I could tell he was getting closer and closer to cumming. His precum stained my tongue. The salty flavor brought me closer to the edge. I wanted him to explode against my face.

I ripped my mouth off his cock and moaned, “Cum on my face, sir!” I fisted his dick hard and fast, my hand sliding over his spit-soaked shaft. “Just erupt on my face so my mommy can lick me clean. We’re both such sluts.”

“We are!” Mom moaned. “My husband pimps us out. He loves fucking our daughter after we pay him what we make.”

“Holy shit!” groaned Mr. Coburn. He exploded in my face.

Hot cum sprayed across my features. That wonderful passion spilled hot jizz over my face. Thick lines of his passion painted me. It ran over my cheeks and chin. He splattered my forehead. It dribbled down past my nose to my lips. That salty seed penetrated my mouth.

I stroked him, feeling each eruption splattering my face. I loved it, my pussy clenching. Something almost like an orgasm rippled through my body. Juices soaked my thighs. I felt amazing. This rush of bliss washed through my flesh.

“Yes, yes, coat her face!” groaned Mom. She peered over his shoulder. Her eyes were burning hot as she stared down at me. “Ooh, you coated her. So much passion, Mr. Coburn. Mmm, what a man you are. You drenched her.”

“Jesus, I did,” he groaned, staring down at me. The cum dribbled down to my throat. One drop landed on my naked breast.

“Thank you for drenching my daughter,” Mom said as she moved around him. She fell to her knees beside me. “I’m going to lick her clean while you get hard to fuck her. I know you want to be buried in her barely legal cunt.”

She licked up my throat, gathering up my jizz. Her pink tongue sliding over my skin made me shiver. She crossed my chin and reached my lips. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, coated in spunk. I groaned at the flavor of his salty jizz as we shared our incestuous passion.

Mr. Coburn moaned at the sight of us kissing. He stared down at us, his hand grabbing his softening cock. He stroked himself, watching us snowball his cum back and forth. I felt so wicked and wanton.

Mom broke the kiss to lick across my chin. She moaned as she gathered up the spunk, cleaning my face. She was such a wonderful mother. My hands grabbed her big boobs. I squeezed and kneaded them as she lapped up the cum. I was so glad she trained me to be her slut. It was such a delight to be his.

Her hands slid around my shoulders and beneath my black hair. She untied the knot holding my dress up. The cloth between my tits fell away while she kissed me again. She thrust more of that yummy, salty cum into my mouth.

Mr. Coburn groaned.

He watched us with such hunger. Such a shock. It was all his kinky fantasies coming to life. A mother and her daughter sharing his seed. I loved it. Mom’s tongue dueled with mine as we traded his jizz back and forth.

Sadly, that wonderful cum melted into our saliva. Mom broke the kiss and purred, “It’s getting you hard again, isn’t it, sir? Watching me do this?” She licked up my other cheek. “You taste so good on my daughter’s face.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “You love it. You’ve always wanted to cum on a barely legal slut’s face, haven’t you?”

“God, yes,” he panted, fisting his cock. Life was breathing back into his dick. I bet it had been so long since he recovered so fast.

Mom licked and lapped and dragged her tongue across my cheek. She teased me. My heart pounded in my chest as she cleaned my face. She licked everywhere, up the bridge of my nose, across my temple, at the hollow beneath my ear. I trembled and whimpered.

When she kissed me, I savored that salty cum.

Then mom pressed me onto my back. I stretched out, my breasts forming into two firm mounds. My dress clung to my thighs. I spread them, aiming my shaved, barely legal cunt right at his cock. He stared at me. He groaned, fisting his hard cock.

Mom straddled my face. Her shaved pussy hovered above me, that tangy scent filling my nose. I breathed it in. The incestuous aroma made my mouth water. She lowered her cunt and planted it right on my mouth.

I loved it.

She ground her twat on my lips. Her juices flowed into my mouth. She wiggled her hips from side to side, her cream soaking me. She pressed her mouth on me. She teased me. It was such a delight. I was having so much wild fun. I whimpered and thrust my tongue into her cunt.

Mom slid a hand down my right thigh. A shiver ran through my body. Her fingers came closer and closer to my pussy. She reached it and stroked up and down my pussy lips. She rubbed at my hot flesh. I whimpered into her cunt. My tongue thrust into the depths of her snatch.

“Here’s your chance for eighteen-year-old pussy,” Mom moaned. “Mr. Elliston wants us to make you happy. Just slide that cock into her cunt. Penetrate that tight snatch. Fuck my daughter hard while she eats me out.”

“I love my mommy’s pussy!” I moaned. “But not as much as I love a big cock fucking my cunt. Just ram into me. Fuck me hard.”

Mom spread my pussy lips apart. “Just slide into her pink and fuck my daughter!”

“Yes!” groaned Mr. Coburn.

He fell to his knees between my thighs. He lifted my hips and then he pressed his cock into my cunt. I moaned into Mom’s pussy as he rammed into mine. His cock felt wonderful sliding into my silky depths. I squeezed around him, gripping him with my tight snatch.

He pumped away at me while I groaned into Mom’s pussy. My tongue darted through her snatch. I licked and lapped at her. Her juices filled my mouth. I fluttered my tongue through her snatch, licking at her tangy juices as Mr. Coburn groaned. His cock throbbed inside of me.

Then he pulled back.

“Jesus,” he groaned, my pussy clenching around his cock. “That’s incredible.”

“Nothing like tight, hot, young cunt wrapped around your cock,” Mom groaned.

“Nothing,” he groaned in agreement as he pumped away at my cunt.

He slammed into my pussy, fucking me hard. He buried into my pussy again and again. His balls smacked into my taint. I squeezed around his dick. The pleasure rippled through my body. I wiggled my hips from side to side, stirring his cock around in me.

I moaned into my mother’s cunt as I devoured her. I feasted on her snatch. I licked at her cunt. I dragged my tongue through her pussy lips. I flicked through her, savoring the taste of her incestuous juices. The cock plunging into my cunt inspired me to feast on her. To give her as much pleasure as the client gave me.

“Yes, yes, fuck my slut’s cunt!” Mom moaned. She shifted on me, leaning forward. “Look at you go. You’re just fucking her hard! You’re pounding my whore daughter with that big cock of yours.”

“So hard!” he groaned. “I’m going to cum in her!”

“Yes!” Mom wiggled her hips, smearing that hot, tangy cunt on my mouth. Her plump ass clenched before me. “Do it, Mr. Coburn. Cum in her cunt. Explode in her.”

“I will!” he moaned.

“Mmm, enjoy that tight, hot, barely legal snatch!” she moaned.

I heard the wet sounds of kissing. I shuddered, my snatch squeezing around Mr. Coburn’s cock. He kissed my mother while fucking me. I swirled my tongue through her pussy, my orgasm building and building. My cunt clenched around his dick burying into me. This heat surged through me.

I loved it. I groaned, savoring that amazing bliss burying into me again and again. This delicious pleasure surged through my body. I humped against him. My hips wiggled and stirred his cock around me. My breasts jiggled from the impacts of his crotch against my pubic mound.

“Mom, Mom, he’s fucking me so hard!” I moaned into her snatch.

Mom broke the kiss and moaned, “Cum on his cock, Leyla! Do it!”

She grabbed my nipples and pinched them. She twisted them. Pleasure shot down into my cunt. My snatch squeezed around his dick. The pleasure rippled through me. He slammed into me. My clit burst with pleasure.

I exploded in rapture.

“Yes!” I moaned, groaning into her cunt.

My pussy spasmed and convulsed. My body bucked. The pleasure rippled through my flesh. Wave after wave of bliss swept through me. Stars sparkled before my eyes. I thrust my tongue into Mom’s cunt, swirling around in her as the pleasure drowned my mind.

“Oh, god, she’s cumming!” moaned Mr. Coburn. “Her pussy’s sucking on my cock.”

“Then give my little slut your cum!” she gasped. “Cum in my daughter’s cunt!” She twisted my nipples.

He groaned and erupted in me.

My pussy convulsed around his spurting cock. My twat welcomed his jizz. I squealed into Mom’s pussy, the pleasure rushing through my nubile flesh. My body trembled. I bucked as the rapture shot through me. I whimpered and moaned into her cunt.

Then Mom joined us.

Pussy juices gushed out of her cunt and bathed my mouth. That tangy delight soaked my face and drowned my taste buds. My cunt rippled around Mr. Coburn’s cock while I bucked and shuddered through my orgasmic delight. I whimpered and moaned into Mom’s twat. I licked up her cream.

“Yes, yes, you’re flooding my daughter-slut!” Mom moaned.

“She’s so hot. So tight!” Mr. Coburn grunted. “Yes!”

He fired that last spurt of jizz into my cunt. That final splash of jizz. It felt amazing. My orgasm hit that wonderful peak. My entire body burned. I loved being a hot prostitute. I was so glad my mother turned me into a slut and pimped me out.

And I was thrilled when Daddy stepped in and took over. We were both his whores now.

“Mmm, that was delicious,” Mom purred. “You loved it, didn’t you.”

“Yeah,” groaned Mr. Coburn.

“And you have a daughter, don’t you,” Mom continued. “Tammy, right? She’s eighteen.”

“Yeah,” he said, his dick throbbing.

“Mmm, that’s a delicious age to enjoy.” Mom squeezed my breasts. “I’m great at turning girls into sluts. I could help train her. You could have this delight at home whenever you want it.”

Mr. Coburn let out a strangled groan.


Elisabet Reenburg

I finished nursing my new daughter, Natalie, and burped her. I had given birth to my son’s daughter a month ago. Having my third child was wonderful, and knowing it was my strong son’s only made it better. He had taken over the family, my husband little more than a cuckold getting off on his wife and daughter becoming his son’s women.

“She’s so cute,” said Representative Natasha Murphy. She was a friend of mine. I helped her win her first election to the U.S. Congress.

“Just a darling,” I said. Burped, I set my daughter down into the crib beside my bed. A second crib lay beside it for my granddaughter Siona. Maria, my first daughter, had given birth to Sean’s child within days of me. We had been bred at the same time. It was amazing.

Natasha didn’t comment on why there were two cribs in the master bedroom. She knew my daughter had a child, but maybe it didn’t click on her mind why her baby would sleep in here. It was 2019, hardly a scandal for an unmarried girl to a child. She made up some lie about meeting a guy at a party and not really knowing him.

“You’re brave to have another child at your age,” Natasha continued.

“Oh?” I asked as I drifted over to the balcony door. I stepped out into the cooling, night air. The party was going on below. In the shadows of a small grotto made by bushes, something naughty was going on. “Because of the risks. I had a great doctor. Recommended to me by my paralegal. She’s very understanding of women in my situation.”

“Pregnant in her forties?” she asked.

I smiled at him. Dr. Bernice Wilson was someone who understood a woman being bred by her son. After all, she was in a menage relationship with her son and daughter herself and had borne him a son named Devin. “Basically.”

“Still, you’re glowing,” she said. “You look just radiant, and you’re in great shape. Better than last time I saw you, and you just had a baby.”

I threw a look over my shoulder at her as she swept up holding a flute of champagne. I missed alcohol, but if I drank, it would end up in my breast milk. “There’s a reason I’m so happy.”

“Oh?” she asked.

“I took a lover.”

Natasha gasped and then rushed the last few feet to me. She had this broad grin on her face. She took my hand and squeezed it. “That’s so wicked of you. Mmm, and he’s a younger man. The father of the child.”

I winked at her. “He’s definitely a younger man.”

“Someone I know?” Her voice had an excited, husky quality to it. “Is it that cute secretary your husband hired. I’m surprised he didn’t go with another bimbo.”

“No, no, it’s my son,” I said.

Natasha’s jaw dropped. “What?” She pressed closer. “You have to be joking. Your son.”

I took her hand and squeezed. “Trust me, it is delicious. Decadent even.” Then I nodded down to the alcove. “Look at them.”

Natasha gasped as she spotted the naughty fun going on below. Clint had his face buried between his mother’s breasts. Cheryl’s bleached-blonde hair tumbled about her face. She quivered on the ground. Like me, she was a mother who had her son’s child. When Sean seduced me, Cheryl had been on her maternity leave. It was last June, right at the end of the school year.

“You’re not going to distract me with some trophy wife and her young lover,” Natasha said. “You and Sean? Really?”

“Oh, it’s incredible. Incest is incredible.” I hooked Natasha’s arm and pulled her close to me. “Look at them. That’s my paralegal, Cheryl. You’ve met her.”

“Vaguely,” Natasha said. “A few years ago. She was married to that handsome man. The one who looked like a construction worker but was suave. I swear he was hitting on me with his wife on his arm.”

“That’s her,” I said. “He passed away a few years ago. His son is a lot like him. He knows how to take a woman and make her feel great.”

“Yes, yes, suck on Mommy’s breast,” drifted up from below. I couldn’t have timed my line better.

“No way,” Natasha whispered, watching Clint moving down his mother’s naked body. He was nude, too. A strapping, handsome man, young and virile. He had dark hair like his father. He thrust his mother’s thighs apart. “That’s really her son.”

“Yes, he is,” I said.

“Yes, yes, eat Mommy’s pussy!” Cheryl moaned as he feasted on her. From up here, we could hear her passion above the noise of the party. Her thighs squeezed around his face. Her large breasts jiggled. The passion twisted off her face.

She did a good job pretending we weren’t here.

Natasha quivered beside me, watching the incestuous passion unfolding beside me. My pussy burned, soaking my thong. I would need Sean in me before the night was done. I wanted my son to eat me out like Clint was devouring his mother.

“She’s going to cum on his mouth,” whispered Natasha.

“Because incest is the best sex you’ll ever have,” I whispered. “Having your son back in your pussy feels right. He came from your flesh and when he returns, you cum so hard.”

“Oh, my god,” whimpered Natasha.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Cheryl. “Oh, Clint, you’re so good. You’re going to make your mommy cum!”

“Imagine Bryce between your thighs,” I said. “He’s eighteen now. Just the perfect age to love you for hours. Young men can fuck and fuck and fuck. They can keep up with your libido. It’s perfect.”

Natasha Murphy glanced at me, her eyes shocked and yet brimming with desire. She glanced back at Cheryl and Clint. I smiled, and let her soak in her desires. That itch in her pussy would grow and grow and grow.

When Clint Elliston told me his plan to get incest legalized, I thought he was a fool. It would never happen. But he had passion. Drive. And he had a plan. All it took was that little nudge. Once the idea wormed into your mind, the taboo and forbidden nature of it made you crave it.

We all coveted what we couldn’t possess.


Cheryl Elliston

Clint devoured my cunt with such hunger. My orgasm built faster and faster. It was so hard not to look up at the balcony where Elisabet and Representative Murphy watched us. I moaned, struggling to remember I was just a mother tonight.

Not my son’s devoted sex slave.

Clint devoured my cunt. His tongue licked and lapped through my folds. He teased me. The pleasure rippled through my body. I groaned and squeezed my thighs around his head. I held him tight. I humped against him. The pleasure washed through my body. My large breasts jiggled and heaved.

“Oh, yes, yes, you’re making Mommy feel so good!” I moaned. I grabbed his dark hair. The alcove made by the thick bushes ringed us. We were shielded from the party, but not from the second-floor windows and balcony. “Yes, yes, just make Mommy cum.”

“I want you to drench my face. Then I’m going to fuck you so hard. I’m going to pound that cunt hard!”

“I love it when you’re back in me!” I moaned, shuddering.

Clint sucked on my clit. I came on my Master’s mouth. The pleasure surged through me. My large breasts heaved as I bucked on him. My pussy juices gushed out. I squirmed and groaned, holding him tight to my pussy. The waves of pleasure washed out of my body. I moaned in delight. My head tossed from side to side, grinding against him.

The waves of pleasure washed through my body. I glanced up at the balcony for one moment, Representative Murphy staring down with such intense eyes as she witnessed my son delivering bliss to me. I loved this.

“Yes, yes, you’re making Mommy feel so good!” I moaned.

“I have to be in you, Mom!” Clint growled.

I groaned as he reared up my body. He was over me. On me. He kissed me. I groaned, tasting my spicy juices on his mouth. My arms wrapped around my strong son. I pulled him down to me. He settled between my thighs. His cock pressed into my cunt. I quivered as I loved how he felt against my pussy.

Then he thrust into me.

His cock plunged hard and deep into my cunt. The bliss surged through me. My pussy squeezed around him. His dick filled my snatch. I loved it when he was back in me. I felt so complete. For a moment, it was like I had my husband back. They were so similar.

I knew my husband was happy that Clint had stepped up and saved the family. He always wanted his son to dominate his daughters. If he hadn’t passed on, he would have started Clint on that wonderful education. But Clint had done it anyways.

I shuddered as Clint’s thick cock pumped away at me.

I moaned into the kiss, holding him tight. The watchers faded away. The sounds of the party dwindled. My attention focused wholly on my son pumping away at me. On him fucking me. He thrust his cock in and out of me. He slammed to the hilt in me again and again.

I loved it. My twat gripped him. His dick buried hard and deep into me. He thrust with power. With force. My cunt gripped him. This wonderful pleasure swept through me. I clenched my twat tight around him. I held him with my juicy pussy as he buried into my snatch with powerful strokes.

His balls smacked again and again into my balls. He filled me up with his hard strokes. With those powerful plunges of his cock into my incestuous depths. His strong chest rubbed against my bountiful breasts. My nipples throbbed.

He broke the kiss and growled, “Damn, Mom, you’re going to make me cum!”

“Yes, yes, I love it when you flood me!” I groaned, wanting to call him Master. My fingernails clawed his back. “Fill me with your seed.”

“Keep squeezing that tight cunt around me,” he panted, driving his cock to the hilt in me. “You’ll get it, Mom.”

His every thrust had me moaning. His dick filled me. Stimulated me. My orgasm built faster and faster. I climbed towards that explosion of bliss. It would rush through me. I would feel incredible while bucking beneath him.

His cock buried into me with powerful thrusts. His heavy balls smacked into my taint. My breasts jiggled even though they were crushed against his chest. His tongue thrust into my mouth. He claimed me again even as he buried with hard force into my cunt. He churned me up.

I loved it.

Loved him.

My Master pumped away hard at me. He fucked me with such powerful strokes. I whimpered and groaned beneath him. The pleasure surged through my body. I clawed at his back. His dick pistoned deep and hard into me. He filled me over and over. The pleasure rippled through my body.

I came closer and closer to that powerful explosion.

That incestuous rush at being united with my sun. My clit throbbed every time he buried into me. His pubic bone ground on my bud. Sparks flared. My pussy clenched around his withdrawing cock. He groaned into my mouth.

Then he slammed hard into my cunt and massaged my clit again.

My fingernails clawed his back. I trembled beneath him. My Master buried into me with hard strokes. Powerful plunges. His cock reamed me again and again. I reveled in it. I savored the bliss of him taking me hard and fast.

I would cum and cum and cum on his big dick. It would be the most incredible delight in my life. I squeezed my cunt around him. My orgasm built faster and faster. I hurtled towards the bliss of my climax.

I would spasm around him.

I would cum so hard. The bliss rippled through my body. I moaned and gasped into his lips. I bucked beneath him. The pleasure surged through my body. My eyes squeezed shut as the bliss swelled and swelled inside of me.

Clint buried to the hilt in me.

I exploded.

“Damn!” he groaned, breaking the kiss with me. “You’re cumming hard on my cock, Mom!”

“Yes, yes, I love cumming on your cock, Clint!” I panted, waves of ecstasy washing through my body. My pussy spasmed around his thrusting dick. “Mommy loves your dick! Cum in me! Please, please, fill me with your seed! I love you so much!”

“Love you, Mom!” he groaned and plowed into me.

My son erupted. His hot cum fired into my pussy. His jizz basted my twat. It was incredible to experience. I spasmed beneath him, my cunt milking his cock. Stars danced around his handsome face twisting with his passion.

He spurted again and again. I loved it when he filled me. I savored every naughty eruption. He basted my cunt with his jizz. Every mother needed this experience once in her life. If not more. His seed washed my cunt walls.

“I love you!” I whimpered.

“Love you,” he growled and then rose. He ripped out of my cunt, his dick dripping in my juices. “On your hands and knees, slut!”

“Yes, Ma… Clint!” I moaned. I glanced up at the balcony. They were gone. “Yes, Master! Fuck your Mommy-slut’s asshole hard!”


Clinton “Clint” Elliston II

I grinned and said, “You know just what I want.

“I’m your mother,” she purred as she rolled over and wiggled her plump ass at me. My cum dribbled out of her pussy and matted her dark pubic hair. The watchers at the balcony must be gone, or she would be in trouble for calling me Master.

No point in overloading the representative on just how kinky the relationship between my mother and me actually was. Baby steps.

I thrust my cock between my Mommy-slut’s butt-cheeks and found her sphincter in a minute. I knew all my women so well. My two queens, Melody and Pam; my little princess, Alicia; my older sister, Zoey, and her girlfriend, Stefani; and my sex slaves, Mom, Aunt Vicky, Mrs. Hiragawa, and my bratty Lee. I knew what they all craved and how to make them all cum.

My cock penetrated my mother’s asshole. She gasped and groaned. Her back arched as my dick slipped into her bowels. She groaned through her clenched teeth as my cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her anal sheath, her velvety grip squeezing about my cock.

“Yes, yes, fuck your Mommy-slut!” she moaned, her bowels squeezing around me. “Ooh, that’s good. You’re so big and thick.”

“And you’re so tight,” I growled. I seized a fistful of her bleached-blonde hair. “You’re going to make me cum so hard, aren’t you, Mommy-slut?”

“Yes! All my holes are dedicated to making my big, strong son cum hard!” She wiggled her hips, stirring that wonderful asshole around my dick. “Fuck your Mommy-slut, and you’ll cum even harder, Master!”

I drew back my cock through her anal sheath, loving the feel of her tight asshole, then I rammed back into her. My balls smacked into her taint. Her butt-cheeks rippled. The pleasure shot up my shaft. That wonderful bliss that would make me explode. I loved it.

I pumped away hard and fast. I buried into her anal sheath with powerful strokes. I used my Mommy-slut entirely for my pleasure. Just the way she wanted it. She moaned and gasped, her bowels clenching around my cock, increasing the friction.

And my pleasure.

“Damn, you got a tight ass, Mommy-slut!” I growled, slamming hard. My next orgasm built fast, the tip of my cock sensitive from my first eruption. “You’re going to drain my balls!”

“Your Mommy-slut will, Master!” she moaned, rocking back into me. “Oh, yes, yes, pound your Mommy-slut’s dirty bowels! Thank you! Thank you for using your Mommy-slut, Master! Ooh, Mommy’s big, strong son is sodomizing her with that huge cock!”

I groaned, gripping her hair tight. I held her fast as I plundered her. I loved every moment of it. I pumped away hard and fast. The pleasure surged through me. The bliss rippled down my cock. I panted as I used her.

Every thrust brought me closer and closer to that moment. Her asshole gripped me. Massaged me. She whimpered, squeezing down around me. I clutched at her hair, pulling hard as I rammed my dick deep into her bowels.

She moaned. Whimpered. Her passion echoed around me. It was incredible to listen to. It inspired me to thrust so hard into her. To fill her up with my cock again and again. I loved every moment of it. The pleasure burned through my body. My balls slapped into her taint with hard smacks.

“Let me feel that ass cum on my dick, Mommy-slut!” I snarled. My left hand shot down and seized her breast. I squeezed her hard. “Do it, whore! Cum on your son’s big cock!”

“Yes, Master!” she moaned.

I buried into her and she gasped. Her flesh rippled around me. She obeyed me like the good slut she was. My sex slave’s bowels rippled around my dick. That wonderful, convulsing flesh sucked at my thrusting cock. The pressure in my balls swelled.

I rammed into my mother and erupted.

Hot cum spurted from my shaft. It flooded her bowels. I threw back my head and growled through the pleasure. Every blast sent rapture slamming into my mind. That incestuous rush of spurting my jizz into my submissive mother’s asshole.

“Master!” she howled, her anal sheath milking my dick. “Yes, yes, yes! That’s incredible. Oh, Master, yes! Your Mommy-slut loves you!”

I shuddered, drawing back and slamming my erupting cock one last time into her bowels. Her flesh rippled around me. She drained my balls dry. I groaned as my orgasm hit that wonderful peak. Then it died into bliss.

“Oh, thank you for using your Mommy-slut’s asshole, Master,” she cooed.

“You’re welcome, slut,” I panted, ripping my cock out of her asshole. “Get dressed. We need to get back to the party and schmooze.”

Once we were dressed, I felt incredible as I escorted my mother out of the bushes, both of us flushed and panting from the incestuous fun we had. I spotted Representative Murphy talking with her son who was hanging out with Sean Reenburg. The way the MILF placed her hand on her son’s shoulder made me smile.

Those seeds were planted.

Then to my delight, Leyla sauntered up in her red party dress, her hair tousled. She stopped by me. “Mr. Coburn is eager to have his daughter trained. My mom’s working out the details with him right now.”

“Perfect,” I said.

“Mmm, Master, that’s wonderful,” Mom said. “You’re really going to do it. Make this all legal.”

“We’ll see,” I said. My first year of law school was nearly over. Things were progressing in that direction. Today was a good start.


January 23rd, 2027 – Detective Nelson Tucker

A month after interviewing Tad Blake and learning all we could of Clint Elliston’s college antics, we’d finally found a professor who was willing to talk. We had to be careful. Clint had friends, and if word came out that we were looking into his college, it could tip him off.

We wanted him unaware of our activity for as long as possible.

So we had to look at professors who’d quit or been fired. We posed as investigating allegations of fiscal waste at the school, probing the professors to see what would come out. Most didn’t know much, and when we asked if there was anything strange going on at the college that could explain why money was being wasted, they didn’t offer any.

Until we spoke to one professor on the phone. When Kassia Jeffery said, “I didn’t see any money issues, but there was sex,” I perked up. “Lots and lots of sex.”

“With who?” I asked, sitting up at my desk in the precinct.

“Professors, students, all of them. It was disgusting. Rumors of incest. Prostitution. I couldn’t believe it. I tried to report it, but it was all covered up and I was put under pressure to shut up.”

“Would you care to be interviewed about that?” I’d asked her, my heart racing. Blood pounded hot through my chest.

“Yes, it’s why I quit. Den of degenerates.”

“When can we meet?” I asked her, excited for this break in the case.

To be continued…

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