Its never too late part 1



I’d led a pretty sheltered life having been at boarding school since I was 9 and although I’d had some sexual experience with the other boys this was mutual wanking and some cock sucking. I was very feminine looking and had taken to wearing my mothers underwear during the holidays so I brought some panties, suspender belt, stockings and bra back to school with me and the other boys liked to wank all over me dressed as a girl. 25 teenage boys produce a lot of thick, white cum and I was covered in it.

When I was 16 I went to stay with my auntie Freda and Uncle James for the summer holidays. She was only 13 yrs older than me and very attractive. He worked late most days and she worked until 2pm so I had most of the day to myself. I soon found myself opening drawers in her bedroom and laying out her underclothes on the bed and wanking myself silly till after lunch.. Now this was in the very early 60’s and she was still wearing corseletes with suspenders and she had a wonderful collection.

I soon felt the urge to put on her clothes and apart from her large breasts I was the same size as her.
I put on a black corselette, black stockings and black lace panties. I sat at her gaziantep lezbiyen dressing table and did my best to apply make-up to my slightly feminine face in fact I was soon looking like a girl. I searched in her wardrobe and soon found her collection of wigs. I put on a long blonde one. Then I took a dress from the wardrobe and slipped it over my head and stood in front of the full length mirror. Wow, I did look like a girl except the cups of the corset were empty. I searched around and eventually found a box of Christmas decorations with some balloons. I blew 2 up and soon had 44dd tits of my own.

My cock was really hard, trapped as it was in the lace panties but I didn’t want to cum yet so I went downstairs and sat in the living room as if I was the lady of the house. I wondered about going outside, I knew the neighbours were at work so I walked into the back garden and sat in a garden chair and fell asleep in the sun.

I was woken by a kiss on my forehead and I felt awful when I saw it was my aunt. I was speechless, I couldn’t think of anything to say. She soon helped me through my awkwardness and said that there was nothing wrong with what I was doing and she would put aside some of her older clothes and make up for me to wear.

I was amazed at her acceptance but then she did something I could never have imagined. She knelt in front of me and ran her hands up my stockinged legs until she reached the panties. She stroked my rock hard cock through the lace. Then she pulled the panties down and began stroking my cock. I think she knew I was close to cumming so she began sucking me.

I knew about cock sucking from school and I thought it was something boys did, it never occurred to me that women also did it. She was so gentle and her soft lips slid up and down my cock until I could take it no more and shot my load into her mouth. I couldn’t stop cumming and I had the biggest orgasm I’d ever had. She eventually stood and I saw cum dribbling from her mouth. She leant down and kissed me and I tasted my cum for the first time, this was heaven.

It was now about 4pm so I said I would go and get changed but she said I should stay I was, she was sure James would love it. She then explained that both her and James were bi-sexual and had many friends who were the same and they had many secrets to teach me.

So when Uncle James walked in from work and saw too women sitting on the sofa he didn’t bat an eyelid.
He sat down between us and pulled us towards him and kissed us both on the lips. I had not replaced my panties so it showed as my cock got harder. James told me to go to the kitchen and in the top cupboard was a tube of KY Jelly he said I was to rub it on my cock. I did as I was told and when I returned Freda had her skirt around her waist, her panties were off and James was naked and about to fuck her from behind. He called me over and told me to fuck his arse while he fucked Freda. I slid my
Slime covered cock into his arsehole. It was so tight I had to push but soon I was deep in and my balls were banging against his arse. He was soon fucking hard and I realised that for this to work I had to get in the same rhythm so soon I was fucking his arse hard and thoroughly enjoying it. I could feel the rhythm getting faster and James and I yelled together as we both came and I sunk my cock as deep as it would go as I pumped and pumped all my hot load inside my Uncle.

That night we all slept in their king size bed and I fucked Freda and James sucked my cock. Then he wanked cum onto my face and they licked it off, I had never thought that sex would be like this but I had seen nothing compared to the following night…..

To be continued

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