Jeff’s Boy


I was sitting in my dorm room apartment in my second year of college, when a knock came at the door. I opened up to a guy about my age. He had golden hair, a ten-day beard. Sweater, jeans, boots. Solid.

“Hi. I’m Justin,” he said.

“Hi, Justin.”

“Is Jeff here?”

“No. He’s not in.”

“Oh. I’m in his Physics class.” Jeff was an engineering major in college. “Are you David?” Justin said.

“Yeah, I am.”

“Oh. He told me a bit about you.”

“Oh, yeah? What’d he say?”

“He said you were a kick-ass guitar player.”

“Oh.” I laughed. “Not really.”

“Yeah. He said you were the shit.”


Justin smiled. He seemed to fumble a bit over what he wanted to say. “He, uh—he said a lot of good things about you.”

“Oh, yeah?” I was interested.

“He said you suck a mean cock.”

“Ah.” I said, looking this way and that in the hallway. “Do you want to come in, Justin?”

“Yeah. Thanks, man.”

I ushered Justin into the living room. As he walked, I checked out his ass, his back, his legs. His ass was packed into his very tight blue jeans. Very nice.

“You want a beer? Jeff’s at class ‘til four.” I said.

“Thanks,” he said. “So, were you surprised at what I said to you a minute ago?”

I paused for emphasis. “Yeah. About my umm…talents? “


“Yeah. I was surprised.” I laughed. “You said it loud enough!”

“Sorry,” said Justin, grinning. “Don’t be pissed of at Jeff or anything for telling me. It just came up in conversation.”

I was embarrassed, but feeling great. I liked that Jeff had told this hot guy about us. Jeff was my old friend. We had known each other since we were in elementary school. We had moved into dorms together since we had each chosen to go to the same university. One day, I realized, much to my surprise that I found him unbelievably sexy. I started to long for the time in the morning when he would get out of his bed and go to piss in the morning. I would watch his tight ass in his white cotton briefs as he walked into the bathroom, and, without closing the door, began to pee. I lay there and rubbed my cock as I listened to his piss flowing from his cock. I imagined opening my mouth to his golden stream and tasting his bitter, salty drink on my tongue.

“So, what else did he tell you about me?” I asked. I began to feel sexy. I began to feel like I could have this man who wanted me. My dick filled up.

“He said you clean him.”

I couldn’t believe this one. This had just come up in conversation? I closed my eyes.

“He said what?”

“Yeah. Do you?”

“What’d he say?”

“He said you clean him every day before he gets into the shower, by licking his feet, his armpits, his balls, his cock, and his ass.”

My balls ached. I was flushed red with embarrassment. What had Jeff done?

“I – I do help him to sometimes –.“ I was at a loss.

“Do you do that?” he said.

I sighed, and gave in. “Yesss. I do that for Jeff.” My mouth began to water. “It just started somehow, and now there’s no way there’s any stopping it.”

“You like that boy’s cock,” said Justin.

“I love it,” I breathed heavily. “Justin, do you want to see what Jeff likes me for?”

“I think I’d love to.”

“Do you want me to suck your cock?”

“Yeah, baby. Suck my big cock.”

It would be my second cock. Jeff’s was the first, longed for but unexpected. He fed it to me when he came home one night and walked into the bedroom while I was lying on his bed, rubbing his dirty underwear over my face while jacking off. The first bit of his flesh I ever tasted was his pretty round ball sac. I love Jeff’s balls.

I moved toward Justin, my dick pushing against my jeans, leading me on. I dropped in front of him where he sat on the couch and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Justin.”

With that, I reached for his belt and popped it open. Then his button, then his fly. Justin lifted up as I pulled his jeans down and off his legs. He had on boxers. His dick tented up in his shorts. I ran my hands up the insides of his thighs, pushing his legs apart as I went. I pushed my face directly into his crotch and felt his hard cock hit against my face. I nuzzled it, breathing in his scent through my nostrils. I could smell Justin’s sweat and some strong piss that had dribbled out on one of his visits to the john that day.

As I pushed and rubbed my face all around in his cotton-clad crotch, I began to lift Justin’s legs higher, so that I could get his ass out from under him. As he adjusted himself to give me better access, I moved my nose down toward where I knew his asshole was. I pressed my nose right into the fabric of his boxers, right in his hot rosebud, and inhaled deeply. His hot musky sweaty steamy stinky man-smell filled me up. I ripped down his boxers. His hard cock sprung out as the underwear released it. His balls were a big tight balloon with light wisps of golden brown hair. I threw my mouth on them. My tongue licked his sexy sweaty balls. I let my tongue run gaziantep escortlar up Justin’s rock-hard cock. My mouth was watering, and saliva already drooled from it. I rubbed his cock all over my face. I inhaled his scent, and relished in the taste of his flesh.

I started to become frantic. I lifted Justin’s legs high to expose his asshole. It was dark brown, like chocolate. I buried my nose in it and inhaled, unashamed, yet deeply embarrassed. I kissed his puckered asshole with open wet lips, and then let my tongue lay flat against his hole as I tried to lap up any of his flavor that I could. I kissed his asshole like it was a mouth, passionately thrusting my tongue in and around. Then from the small of his back where his ass began, I licked forward, down his asscrack, over his hot hole, up the soft flesh that lead to his balls, over his luscious nuts and up his hot hard cock.

When I came to the head I thrust my face downward and took Justin’s whole cock into me. Its mushroom head slammed into the back of my throat as I pushed downward and felt his cock slide into my throat. My nose was crammed against his pubic hairs and I began to choke. I came up for air, taking Justin’s hands and putting them firmly on my head. I took a deep breath and opened up to take this boy’s huge pole for the second time. I held his hands to my head as I shoved my face down on his cock, letting him know he should keep me there. As soon as my nose crashed into his pubes, his cockhead popped into my throat and settled deep. My body tried to expel the intruder and I erupted in a violent gagging cough which forced saliva and mucus out of my mouth and nose. My eyes began to flood with tears. I was impaled. I could not breath. He held me there.

I tapped his hands, and he let me up. I breathed, and then forced myself all the way down on his cock, then up again, then back down, until Justin got my message. He then took my head and began slamming it down on his rock-hard monster. Each time his cockhead rammed into the back of my throat, then down, and in. He skull fucked me while I gasped for any air I could, while I coughed up thick, clear, puky mucus from deep in my throat.

I ripped my self away. I inhaled a huge gulp of air and began to hyperventilate. I was crying and covered with my own slime, gasping for air.

Now I moved back to Justin’s beautiful dick and began to rub it all over my face and neck and nose and mouth. I sucked him now, steadily. He moaned and said, “Incredible.”

His dick tasted so good. I sucked on it eagerly, stretching my tongue down past my lips to massage his thick shaft. I bobbed my head up and down moaning and slurping. I said,” Justin, you’re delicious. I fucking love your hot cock.”

He moaned. “Oh, suck me, baby. Suck my dick, baby. You little whore.”

This got me insane and I began to pump my head up and down on his cock, occasionally taking it out to lick from his asshole over his balls, and up his cock. Then back down, and up, and down. Justin was moaning and yelling now. I was insane with cocklust. He said, “I gonna come, Devin!”

“Mm,” I said, sucking greedily, frantically.

His cock began to pulse and then to throb. Justin’s dick shot thick, hot ropes of creamy come into the back of my throat. I took my mouth from his cock and rubbed the head against my lips as I jerked him. His cock was shooting out beautiful spurts of hot white cum. It fell on my face and into my hair. It landed on his chest and rolled down his dick into his pubic hair. I pushed the palm of my hand into his round ball sac as the last shots of jizm shot forth.

Then I began to clean him off. I ate the globs of thick cum from off of him. He pushed it from my cheeks into my mouth. I licked it all off his cock and balls and fingers. Then I began to lick with long strokes all over Justin’s crotch. I took long, sloppy laps up and down his ass crack, over his hot hole, up his balls and back down.

I stood and took off my jeans and boxers. Then climbed up him, and started to lap at his belly and chest, his nipples. I lifted both of his arms and stuck my face into his armpits. He was sweating now, and I knew he had been sweating during the day. I rubbed his hot wet sweat all over my face, and then began to slurp and lick at his musky underarms. I pushed my cock into his belly, while his dick rested semi-hard at my ball sac. I sucked and slurped at Justin’s hairy armpits. I felt like a whore. I must have looked like a sloppy bitch. But Justin didn’t seem to mind. I leaned forward and kissed Justin’s swollen red lips. His tongue greeted mine and we fell into each other, sucking on each other’s tongue, moaning into each other’s mouth.


The door to the apartment opened, and in stepped my roommate, Jeff. My old buddy, my recent lover, had caught us at this.

“Woah!” he said. “Jesus Christ! What the fuck!” He walked into our bedroom and slammed the door.

Justin looked at me like, “Oh, shit.”

Then I heard a short, high, “Woohoo!” from the bedroom.

I smiled at Justin. “He’s fucking with us.”

“He is?”

“He’s not mad.”

I kissed Justin passionately. His mouth opened and our tongues slobbered over each other. Justin put a hand on each of my butt cheeks and spread my ass open. I moaned as I breathed into his hot mouth, as I pulled at his tongue with my lips. I raised myself up higher on Justin’s body. I now sat in the top side of Justin’s big dick. I let him rub the length of it between my ass cheeks. I felt like such a slut. I knew then that I wanted his dick inside me.

Jeff came out of the bedroom wearing nothing but his briefs. His dick and ass were highlighted in the contrast between the whiteness of his cotton briefs and the light coffee color of his skin. He walked into the kitchen and went to the refrigerator. I heard a beer pop open as he came back into the living room.

I was rubbing my cock against Justin’s hard, sweaty belly. Justin was breathing hard into my mouth. Jeff came up and touched Justin’s shoulder and said, “What’s up, man. Welcome to our place.” With that he pulled down the front of his briefs and let his beautiful, long, brown dick spring out. This was the thing I loved. Until that very day, Jeff’s dick had been the only one I had ever had. His cock made me so happy.

He gave it to me now, and I opened my mouth to let it in. I went all the way down on the first suck, then came all the way off. I lifted his dick up and put my nose down so I could smell his balls.

He said, “I’ve been sweating today.”

I inhaled his scent deeply. “Mmmmm. I can tell, “ I groaned. I wrapped a fist around his cock. I worked his dick.

With my other hand, I reached around behind me to push Darren’s dick tighter against my asshole. Jeff noticed this as I sucked him, and he took Justin’s dick in his hand, pulled it back, away from me, then leaned over and spit into my ass crack. Then he let Justin’s cock spring back and slap me in the ass. Justin held my ass cheeks open and the head of his dick now easily slid up and down over my asshole.

I sucked Jeff’s cock, and licked at his balls. Long strings of spit were now attached to his balls and his cock and my face. I lapped at his balls and breathed him in. I tried to get my nose up under his ball sac, but I just couldn’t from my place on Justin’s lap. Jeff knew what I wanted and turned around, lifted one foot up on the sofa, bent forward, and spread his ass open with his sexy hands. His perfect asshole, once again, pulled me in.

I rubbed my nose against his musky, sweaty asshole. As I brought my head down, I let my nostrils open against his rosebud and I inhaled as deeply as I could. I smelled Jeff’s entire day on his asshole. He had been active. I could see one or two little bits of white toilet paper on his pretty browneye. The smell of Jeff’s hot ass made me into an animal. I kissed his asshole dead-on with my puckered lips. Then I licked it with my tongue flat against his flesh. I licked it to clean him up. I sucked at the flavor from his hot ass. Then I pushed my tongue into his hole. I tasted his bitter creamy taste. I ran my tongue around the inner wall of his asshole, and pushed in deeper, licking up more and more of his hot flavor.

Justin had spit all over his hand and was now moving his slimy cock head into the puckered kiss of my asshole. I want to feel this hot stud’s dick in my ass. I rose up, and eased onto it. When his mushroom head popped through my ring, a sharp pain shot through me. When it ceased, I bore down like I was shitting, and slid neatly down the length of his hard shaft. His cock was completely engulfed by my body. It utterly filled me up.

As I lapped at Jeff’s hot asshole, I lifted all the way up on Justin’s dick. The fit was very tight, and the feeling was incredible. Then I sat back down on it until it slid all the way into me, and my full weight was back on Justin’s lap. I continued these hard thrusts and began to move up and down with high heavy strokes on Justin’s cock. Jeff turned around and his cock slapped me in the face. He stood on the couch now, held his cock in his hand and smacked me with it. I opened my mouth and groaned as he smacked my tongue. I took it in. I was determined to suck it until it exploded. I let Jeff slam his dick down into my throat. As I my throat choked and gagged and tried to push out Jeff’s hot dick, my asshole tried to force out Justin’s cock. I was choked and stuffed and exploding. I was a fuck doll for these two fucking hot dolls.

I said, “Your fucking cock feels so good in my ass, Justin. Fuck me baby!”

“Fuck his hot slut ass, Justin,” said Jeff.

“Oh, fuck me,” I said. ”Oh, yeah, fuck me. Oh, I love your hot cock, too, Jeffrey. Oh, yeah baby. Fuck my hot ass. Fuck me. Fuck me.” I said this in time with my increasing thrusts downward on his dick. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!”

Jeff’s dick slid in and out of my eager mouth now, and I hummed long, low, trembly hums around his shaft. He was delicious. His dick was rock hard, engorged completely. I knew he was going to blow soon. I began to fuck Justin’s hot hard cock harder and harder, humming, “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm,” as I bounced up and down on his dick, and bobbed my head up and down on Jeff’s massive cock.

Justin’s Cock was slamming into me. I felt the cum churning in my balls.

I yelled, “Fuck me, you two bad boys! Fuck your doll!”

Jeff’s cock tasted so hot. My cock was pinned between my belly and Justin’s sweaty chest. I rubbed my dick between us as I drove my ass up and down on Justin’s rock-hard shaft.

“Oh, fuck!” I screamed. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Yeah, baby,” said Jeff. “Pop out a hot wad on Justin’s sexy chest.”

“Give it to me baby,” breathed Justin.

I was fully up on Justin now. My dick was pinned between us. I slammed my ass down on him. I let Jeff’s hard dick slide in and out of my mouth. Drool was hanging from everywhere. As I rode Justin, my dick exploded and shot forth high hot strings of white cum. I howled around Jeff’s cock as ripples of shocking heat crashed all through me. Cum gushed from my cock to be mashed into Justin’s hot chest.

When my orgasm receded, I was whining and whimpering like a little baby around Jeff’s dick. I held his cock in my mouth and continued sucking it in long, slow, loving strokes. Justin’s dick was still rock-hard, and though I could feel how my ass had been punished, I allowed myself to settle slowly down on it until the length of his engorged dick was up my ass again, and my weight rested back on Justin’s lap. I lapped at Jeff’s balls and licked and slurped at his cock. I sucked his length into my throat and then brought my face back. I began to do this slowly in long rhythmic strokes. My lips and tongue were locked on Jeff’s beautiful shaft.

I kissed his cock head and moaned, “Oh, fuck yeah baby. I love your fucking hot cock. I love your hot cock, Jeffrey-baby. I love this hot fucking cock.”

With that I slammed my head forward and let his dickhead ram the back of my mouth before popping down and settling into my throat. Jeff had both his hands on my head now and began ramming his dick in and out of my throat. I gagged and coughed out spit and mucus. Justin, who was just too fucking turned on by this began to move beneath me again. His cock was still rock-hard and it filled me. I moved my hips back and forth to give him some pleasure, but what I really wanted to do was please my man. I wanted to taste Jeff’s hot, white cum.

Jeff throat fucked me, slamming his dick down my throat until my face was mashed in his pubes. A few hard strokes, and then he’d hold me down to smell his hot man-scent as my throat gagged around his cock, caressing it, milking it. Each time I was impaled like this, I stretched my tongue as far out of my mouth as I could to lick and caress Jeff’s balls. Jeff slammed his dick in and out of my face ten or so times in a row now before he said, “Here it comes, baby!”

He exploded into my throat and mouth. He smashed my face into his pubes and choked my with his hot, spewing monster. Cum and snot were coming out of my nose. Jeff kept groaning and fucking my face.

Justin kept saying, “Yeah, choke on it, you hot fucking whore!”

Jeff pulled his dick from my mouth and let go his final bursts on my face. Mucus and cum dripped from my face down to Justin’s face and neck and chest. Jeff pulled away a bit. I dove at Jeff’s cock and held it to my face, moaning and licking like a fiend. Justin seized this opportunity and rolled me off of him. I was now on my knees on the sofa. Jeff sat on the arm of the sofa facing me. He spread his legs open and said, “Clean me, bitch.”

As I moved my face toward Jeff’s cum-slopped cock, Justin moved behind and lubed up his dick. He new what he wanted. So did I.

I slurped ropes of slop from Jeff’s balls, as Justin drove his massive rod up into me. He began fucking my ass much harder than when I had been working it. He slammed into me hard, over and over again. As he fucked me, I lifted Jeff’s ball sac to get a look at his beautiful browneye.

I said, “Please, baby.”

Jeff turned over and put his knees on the arm of the sofa, and his hands on the coffee table beside it. Justin pummeled my ass. Before me now was Jeff’s glorious ass, his heavy ball sac, and his semi-hard cock, hanging down. His asshole pulled me back in. Laughing now, as Justin slammed into me, I pushed my mouth and tongue into Jeff’s ass. I sucked on his asshole like a greedy whore. I lapped at it and stuck my hot, wet tongue in and around it. Justin fucked me now, harder and harder, ramming his dick into me. I tightened my ass each time he pulled out, and relaxed as he pushed in.

Soon, he was exploding inside me. All of us were moaning now. I was eating Jeff’s asshole like it was chocolate. Justin’s cum filled my ass and dripped down my balls.

Finally, he stopped fucking me, and brought his dick around to my face he rubbed it all over Jeff’s asshole. It was the first time they had really touched. Justin told me to lick the cum from his cock and off Jeff’s asshole. I did so, then opened my mouth to Justin’s semi-hard cum-covered dick. “Clean it,” he said. “Taste your ass.”

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