Jocks of the South Pt. 03


The Older Brother

Over the next week, Nick gave Francis a blowjob twice and he’d gotten fucked by him another four. The only day they hadn’t done something together was when Francis had to go with his parents to drive to the airport in Dallas. Francis’ older brother—Matthew—was coming over during Spring Break to visit his folks and he’d flown in from Los Angeles. Nick was horny that night and was forced to jerk off alone.

The following Monday was the first day of Spring Break—Nick had two weeks off but Matthew was only visiting for a week. Nick was sure it’d be the longest week of his life, since Francis had told him to stay away while his brother was home. He also said that he’d be spending a lot of time with his brother and would text Nick at the soonest possible moment when he was free to fuck, and he’d give him their meeting place.

The Monday of break, however, Nick had a burning sensation to suck dick. He knew Francis had a whole day planned to go looking for a new tractor to buy with Matthew and his folks (this was fun for them, apparently), and he was sure there was no way he’d get any action that night.

However, Nick knew that they wouldn’t be home all day, and he also knew where the McCarthy’s kept the spare key to their house. Nick had the urge to sneak into Francis’ room and perhaps steal one of his dirty old jock straps—maybe even get one of Matthew’s pair of boxers. His fuck sessions with Francis had sure made him confident. And so as Nick woke up that morning, he got dressed, ate some breakfast, and drove down to the McCarthy farm, where he’d watch and wait until the boys had left.

Nick wasn’t sure if the coast was clear. He hadn’t seen anyone come out of the house so he wondered whether Francis had left with his parents or not. Nick got out his phone to text Francis:

‘Did you leave yet? I’m kinda horny. I can sneak up into the window if you want.’

Twenty minutes went by, and there was no response. Nick was sure Francis hadn’t read it—otherwise it would have said underneath at what time he’d seen the text. Instead, Nick got another idea. He opened the “Find Friends” app. Francis had added him on there so that they could meet up without delay. After a few seconds, and Nick having to try and connect to Francis’ wifi, he realized that his cellphone was still at home—yet his parent’s truck was not parked outside. The idiot must have forgotten his phone in his room or something.

Nick didn’t want to leave the house without getting what he came for—if no one was home, he could sneak in to steal one of Francis’ jockstraps to jerk himself off. Francis had shown him before that the spare key was under a pile of firewood outside. Nick hid his things in the bushes and started to head down the hill when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks—there was a boy in the river behind the McCarthy house.

The man was across the property, in the cool, bubbling river. He was shirtless, and there was a towel spread out across the gravel nearby. Nick’s heart lurched with longing. He knew that face. Before Nick was Matthew McCarthy. From what Nick could remember of him, he was 6’4″, with a seven inch dick when he was soft. He was around 22 years old—a senior in college. He looked a lot different from Francis—he had golden-blond hair, a hairless body except for a hairy groin, and armpits. He had huge, muscular pecs that Nick had only ever seen on gay porn stars. They were round and perky, sticking out from his body with erect, pink nipples. He had an eight-pack of bulky abs, way better than Francis’, and huge hairless thighs that glistened white like snow.

His face was soft and alluring: high cheekbones, a button nose with a square jaw but rounded chin. He was cute and hot at the same time—and he looked like one of those hot surfer dudes you’d find in California. His beach body was perfect in every way.

He had short spiky hair that didn’t touch the front of his forehead. From what Nick could see through the bushes, Matt was just swimming out in the river, stretching his huge, muscular arms and wading through the water without a care. He got his hair wet, and then continued to swim around.

Nick couldn’t believe it. He’d almost walked right into the house a few minutes ago, and now, he got to watch a hot beach hunk swim in the river. And the man was completely oblivious to the spy watching him.

Nick moved around, hoping to get a better view of the jock. The sight before him was mesmerizing. He watched the jock wade in the cold water, his nipples still fully hard. As he splashed toward shore, Nick realized another thing—Matt was completely naked.

The hunk was wearing nothing in the river the whole time, and was emerging from the water now without a second thought. Nick had expected the seven-inch cock to look smaller after being in such cold water, but it looked rather normal—in fact, it stuck out a bit as if Matt was hard. Was Nick dreaming?

The jock was only half out of water. The bubbling brook came right up to below his knees, and Matt was rubbing himself up. He was gaziantep escortlar turning white in random spots, and Nick later realized he was lathering himself with some shampoo. A bath in the river? Nick wasn’t sure what the hell was going on.

The jock was rubbing his chest, lathering his big, chunky pecs and spreading his fingers slowly over his hard nipples. Then, he moved down to his abs, feeling them as if he hadn’t known they existed. They were covered in a film of bubbly white, still silky smooth, like the skin of a newborn baby. Then, his big, manly hands reached down into his long, golden pubes. There was a slight trail coming down from his navel and into the thicket of hair below. It seemed as if Matt’s huge, hairless body was made up for in his crotch area. His long, thick cock stuck out of the dense hair, sitting contently over his shrivelled scrotum.

As the sun beamed down on the beach bod, Nick felt his own dick harden in his shorts. He was rubbing his own head by now, putting away any thoughts of going into the house. He needed to finish himself off first. The blond stud kept rubbing himself down there, moving his burly hands over his cock, which no longer seemed so bothered by the water anymore. The sun was warming him up, and his balls were starting to drop again.

By the time Matt had finally finished cleaning his uncut cock, it had grown to what seemed like nine and half inches. It was a monster on its own. The stud had turned around, exposing his huge, broad, muscular shoulders to Nick, and his fat, rounded ass. It was thick and round, bubbly like it was fake. But even Nick could tell, meat like that was natural—the McCarthy boys had a thing for big butts.

Matt rubbed his back, and then slid his hand over his round, pearly cheeks. He slid one through his crack, then pulled the cheeks apart to expose his hole. Nick looked at this hard. ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ Nick thought.

When Matt as finished with himself, and his hard cock, he slipped out of the water and pulled the towel lazily over his shoulders, wiping himself down. Still naked, he grabbed a few things from shore and walked back into his house, leaving the door wide open. His ass bounced as he walked, his dick and balls swinging from side to to side. Nick waited about ten minutes to see if he was gone for good. Then, when he was sure Matt wouldn’t come back out, he decided to take care of things.

Nick sat back up and pulled his dick out of his shorts, rubbing his throbbing shaft and slicking the pre-cum all over himself. Just thinking of Matt had gotten him fully hard again. He was too horny to wait any longer—Nick needed to jerk off now. He took out his phone and texted Francis back.

‘Never mind, I’ll just jack off.’ Nick wanted to rub it in that Francis had missed out on a good opportunity to get some ass that night.

Nick laid back and began to jack himself. For about a minute or two, he varied his strokes, rubbing his dick and massaging his head. Then, he almost jumped as his phone buzzed back. It was from Francis.

‘If you’re still horny, meet me at the house.’

It took a minute for it to register with Nick—Francis must have been home after all. Then, putting his hard dick back into his pants, he slowly crawled out of the bushes and made his way down. What would he say to Francis about getting there so fast? Nick figured that he’d lie and say that he was already on his way.

Nick tried to slow his pace as he made it down the hill, hoping he wouldn’t have to interact with Matt. The guy was way too hot for Nick’s brain to put together proper words, let alone hold a conversation. Nick went up the steps of the porch and walked through the open door.

“Francis?” Nick’s voice came. The house seemed empty. He walked into the living room to see Matt sitting on the sofa, completely wet and covered only in a small, white towel. His bare chest dripped with water and his big nipples were still hard. He sat so wide-legged that if Nick squinted, he could see a pair of balls nestled in between his thick, hairless thighs. He had a pink baseball cap on his head now, backwards. It made him look so fucking cute.

“Sup?” Matt said to him. He was holding Francis’ phone.

“O-oh. Hi. I’m Nick. Is… Francis around?”

Matt set Francis’ phone down on the table. “No. Just me. C’mon in, sit down.”

Nick didn’t move. He had no idea what to make of the situation—Francis wasn’t here?

“C’mon,” Matt smiled, his charming face making Nick’s knees weak. He was even hotter up close, and definitely hotter than Francis. He scratched his balls as he sat, as if being naked around people was a normal thing for him. “C’mon man, I’m not gonna hurt you! I just… wanna get to know the dude who’s fucking my brother.”

Nick’s heart stopped. “What? I-I’m not f—I’m not fucking him! A-and why do you have Francis’ phone?”

Matt smiled again. “Francis forgot it, obviously. I just… used it to get you to come here.”

“He’s really not here?”

“Nope. Just us.”

Nick wasn’t sure if this made things any better.

“Come and sit. Nick, isn’t it?”

Nick was still in the doorway. “Yeah.” He realized that by now, Matt must have read the text about him being horny and wanting to meet Francis. His heart continued to pound in his chest.

Matt moved his legs, pulling them farther apart and sinking deeper into the sofa. His fat nuts rested nicely below him. It was like he wanted Nick to his his junk. Something like this had happened to Nick two weeks ago.

“I’m Matt. Francis’ older brother.”

Nick began to step closer. “Yeah, I realized that.”

Matt nodded his head, showing him to a spot in front of him. Nick sat down right in front, with the perfect view of the stud’s soft, round balls and his thick, muscular thighs.

“You come here often, Nick?”

Nick tried not to stare at his balls—or any other part of his body for that matter. He was staring down at his own feet. “Um y-yeah. Francis t-trains me at the gym. We work out together.”

Matt nodded in a way that told Nick he knew he was lying. Then, he broke his silence. “It’s okay to stare, Nick.”

He looked up at his face, he had rosy cheeks, and cute, button nose. His bright blue eyes pierced him, looking at him in such an innocent way. But Nick knew better.

“So… how’s my little bro in the sack?”

‘A wild fucking animal,’ Nick thought, though there was no way he would actually say that. “We just workout together.”

“Really? Because in all these texts,” Matt held up the phone again, “you two seem to be doing a whole lot more.” He looked up Nick, a huge cocky smile on his face. Was that a bulge in his towel that Nick saw? “Ass pics, dirty talk… the whole bit.”

“P-please don’t tell anyone!” Nick yelled, distraught that within a month, two people had discovered his secret. He wished Francis had been smart enough to put a password on his phone like normal people did.

“Chill, chill! I’m not gonna say anything,” Matt leaned in, his ripped abs scrunching up and his face full of concern. He had huge, protective shoulders compared to his small waist. But Matt was so calm, so soothing. It was like he was trying to help Nick.

Nick tried not to cry. He didn’t want to look like like a pussy in front of someone so hot. “W-why?”

“Because at college, I have gay friends who’ve told me about being outed. They told me how it fucked them up in the head. How their families abandoned them. I’m not gonna let that happen to you.”


Matt smiled softly. “Yeah, bro. Also because… well… I’m bisexual.”

Nick stopped shaking. He looked back into Matt’s bright blue eyes. “You are?”

“Yeah. Just… don’t tell Francis. No one but my friends know.”

Nick couldn’t believe that Matt was being this nice, and that he had told him a secret this big. But while Matthew was insanely hot, he was staring at Nick like he was a piece of ass that he wanted to fuck. Nick didn’t know whether this was something he wanted or not, despite the rising tent in his pants.

Then, Matt leaned back into his seat. Nick could see his balls again, but there was something else that Nick spotted—the head of his dick, still covered in foreskin, was just visible.

“So Nick… you wanna fuck?”


Matt smiled. “My brother was bragging about you, dude. Saying you gave the best head he’s ever received. And if he wasn’t so shy about having sex with a guy, I bet he would have said that you gave him the best fuck too.”

“H-he really told you about me?”

“More or less. He didn’t say you were a guy, but I figured that out already,” he said, smirking as he held up Francis’ phone again.

Nick wasn’t sure what to say now. Surely, Francis was only fucking Nick to get off, but if Nick was fucking someone else, would it make Francis mad? And since this was Francis’ brother, something about it seemed weird.

“You… really wanna have sex with me?”

Matt looked at him innocently, his ice-blue eyes full of curiosity. He nodded, adjusting the growing cock in his towel. He was horny like a teenage boy, and it was turning Nick on.

Nick shifted uncomfortably. “W-what if your parents get home? Or if Francis finds out?”

“They won’t be home for ages. They’re going to, like, four different stores in town. And you’re not dating Francis, are you?” Matt really tugged on his lengthening dick now.

Nick shook his head. “No. Just… sex.”

“So, you’d be okay with fucking?”

Nick found himself smiling. He was horny and he was being offered sex with one of the hottest men he’d ever seen. Why should Nick pass up on it? “Yeah. I-I guess.”

Matt grinned. “You down for it now?”

Nick was getting harder just talking about it, and he had a serious case of blue balls. A good fucking seemed like the perfect solution. “Yes.”

The stud gave Nick the most charming, erotic smile. “Fucking nice. Where do you wanna do it?” he asked, still sitting with his legs unnecessarily wide apart.

From what Nick had seen, Matt’s boner was at least a good nine inches. If Nick was gonna mess around with something that big, he wanted to do it someplace comfy, where they could both have privacy and enough space to move around.


Matt nodded. “Great. My room.” Then, the stud got up to his feet, not shy about hiding the obvious, long imprint of his dick pushing against the short towel. He lead Nick upstairs, occasionally stealing glances back at Nick. “I think you’re pretty cute, y’know,” Matt mumbled to him, his ass bulging out of the damp fabric as he walked up the steps.

Nick blushed immediately. “Thanks.”

As Matt opened the door to his room, he gave Nick a shy smile, as if he himself was just as nervous about fucking. His arms and pecs were flexing and twitching uncontrollably. “You’re a bottom, right?”

Nick thought that was obvious by now. “Yeah.”

“Cool. I’m usually a top.”

Nick smiled at him, suddenly very curious. “Usually?”

Matt hid a laugh. “I, uh… experiment, sometimes.” His face turned a bit pink. “Male g-spot is up the ass, right?”

Nick nodded, laughing a bit himself. “Right.”

Nick watched Matt clear his suitcase and underwear off the bed. There were a few boxer briefs, a jockstrap, and a box of extra large condoms. The bed was made neatly, covered with a warm blanket and fresh sheets. It was next to Francis’ room, and was a nice change from the messiness that Nick was used to.

“W-why are there two beds in Francis’ room?” Nick asked.

Matt continued to put away his things. “My youngest brother shares with Francis.”

“Oh. His name is Marc right? How old is he?”

“Yeah, Marc. I’m twenty-two, and I go to UCLA. There’s Francis, who sticks around here. He’s twenty. And the youngest is Marc. He’s sixteen, but he’s on scholarship at a boarding school in Georgia.”

“Oh… I didn’t know about the boarding school.”

“Yeah… he left when he was twelve. He stays with us during the holidays. Except Spring Break. They’ve only got a week off so he doesn’t bother packing all his things. Probably spends the whole time jacking off…”


“Oh. Uh, Marc’s gay. And, well, he goes to an all boys’ school…”

Nick couldn’t imagine controlling himself if he were surrounded by so many hot dicks.

“Shit. Uh, don’t tell anyone I told you that. My parents don’t know.”

Nick nodded. He couldn’t imagine what a sixteen-year-old version of Matt or Francis would look like. “Does Francis know about it?”

Matt gave a laugh as if there was something he wasn’t saying. “Oh yeah, he knows.” Then, he looked back towards Nick. “Um… do you want me to use a condom?” he asked.

Nick wasn’t sure. He barely ever used protection with Francis, even though he knew it was much safer. Francis was always too eager about fucking to care. “It…uh, doesn’t matter.”

Matt nodded. “I’ll use it. Don’t want to make things harder than they have to be…”

Nick just then remembered that having a condom on would let Matt slip inside him much easier. And assuming that Matt had an active sex life, which seemed like an understatement, using a condom was the right thing.

Then, without warning, Matt got close to him. He looked down on him, right into Nick’s eyes. “You sure you’re okay with this?”

Nick was sure alright. Having the naked stud three inches away from him was already getting Nick hard. In fact, he could feel Matt’s package pulsing through his towel and onto Nick’s waist. Matthew was much taller than he was. “Yeah. I’m sure.”

Then, with some hesitation, Matt put his arms around Nick’s sides. He pulled him in for a kiss—one that wasn’t about just Matt getting off, but for both of their enjoyment. It was much different than what he was used to with Francis. Matt wanted Nick to enjoy himself too—it was mutual.

Matt moved himself in, brushing his soft, plump lips over Nick’s, their noses touching briefly. Nick felt his powerful mouth lock over his, and then they began to suck on each other. It was a hot couple of seconds, with Matt’s big arms around him, his hands feeling up the back of his shirt and reaching down over his ass. They were touching all over now, their faces breathing hot breath on each other, and both their chests grinding.

Nick put his hands on Matt’s waist too, gently touching his muscular obliques and then finally grasping his skin. It was so soft, and hairless, that it felt like Nick was engulfed by hot, rigid rubber. It felt so good to have two beefy arms around him in embrace, instead of trying to grab his ass just to fuck.

The both of them barely took breaks to breathe. Their mouths were so warm, their bodies pressed against each other, and neither one wanted to break it off. Nick could feel Matt’s hard-on pushing through the towel and it was trying to get at Nick’s own groin. It pulsed and jumped with each touch Nick made. Matt must have had a bad case of blue balls by now.

Both their crotches were pushed together as Matt pulled Nick in. He put a hand on Nick’s cheek, rubbing it down his neck and then grabbed the collar of his shirt. For a second, Nick wasn’t sure what Matt was doing to him.

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