Las Vegas Fun


Hi this is my first time writing a story so I know its not that great. So if you could comment what I need to write better I would appreciate that. Thank you and hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hot Typical Summer Wednesday Afternoon-

James, Mike, Samantha (Sam), Selene, and Tiffany were on their way to Vegas. James was driving his mom’s mini van. He sat next to his girlfriend Tiffany. Mike, Sam, and Selene were squish in the back because of all the suitcases. As they enter the freeway Mike told James that he has to take a leak, so James pulls over. As Mike was emptying his pipe, Sam and Selene were making fun of Mike because he has a little penis. James heard about it and started to laugh as Mike enters the mini van. Mike was pissed at the girls and James.
Soon James reached a gas station and started to fill up the gas tank. Mike went to the restroom to take a leak. The three girls follow him inside the men restroom and locked it. As he started to pee the girls surrounded him and started to laugh. He was embarrassed. Then Selene reach in and grabbed his small penis ( 4 inches ). She started to stroke his penis and he began moaning. As she stroke faster, Tiffany and Sam started to take off their clothes and began to kiss each other. Selene got on her knees and shoved the penis in her mouth. She sucked on his penis, and Tiffany went over and kiss Mike passionately . He started to feel gaziantep rus escort he was going to exploded. Selene felt it too but she didn’t pull back instead she suck on him fast.
r until he began to shoot his load in her mouth. Mike lean back and relax a little, but it was just getting started. Sam pushed Mike down on the floor and sat on his face. He began to eat her pussy as Tiffany guided his penis into her pussy. As Sam was moaning Selene was playing with herself as Tiffany was bouncing up and down on his penis. As Sam reach her climax, Mike began to lick and finger her pussy at the same time. As he went faster Sam cums all over Mike’s face. He pushed her off and Selene came over and began to lick the cum off of Mike’s face. Tiffany began to bounce faster and faster. Mike felt like he was in heaven. He was about to cum so he told Tiffany to get off and and the girls to get on their knees. Mike puts his penis in Sam mouth and cums in there. After he finish, he pulls his pants on and saw Sam passing the cum into Tiffany’s mouth. They all put on their clothes and exit the restroom.

Las Vegas: Thursday ( 10:13 A.M. ) –

James just woke up to find Mike gone. As he sit up he saw the three girls in bikini staring at his cock ( 7 inches ). He was shocked to see he didn’t have his boxers on. As he pull the blanket over to cover his cock Sam pulled and threw the blanket to the floor.

“What do you think you’re doing?”, James ask.
“We want to fuck this shit out of you!”, said Selene.

James was surprised. As he lay down again Sam sat over his cock and guide it into her pussy while Selene sat on his face. While Tiffany was kissing Sam, James started to finger Selene’s ass hole and her pussy with one hand at the same time. While being finger fuck, Selene felt the trill. Sam started to ride James’s cock faster. After a few more minutes Sam stands up so Tiffany could ride James’s cock. Tiffany sat down on his cock and began to hump it while kissing Selene. Sam just sat there playing with herself.

Mike walks in and saw what was happening. He closed and locked the door. Mike pull his shirt and shorts off. Sam walks over to Mike and pulls his boxer down. Out sprang a 4 inch penis. She grabbed a bottle of lotion and put it next to her, drop a couple drop of it on her hand, and wrap it around Mike’s penis. She slowly stroke it and then after a few stroke she takes it in her mouth, begins to give him a blow job. After a few minutes she stand up and bends over, lean her hands on the bed and took in Mike’s penis. He began to fuck her doggy style.

Half and hour later-

The three girls got on their knees while James and Mike shot loads of cum all over their faces. After James and Mike finish they put on their clothes and exit the hotel room. The girls went in the shower to wash off. Few minutes later the girl changed into new clothes and exit the room. James went around the strip and enters a strip club. He sat down and order two shot of tequila and watches the strippers swinging around the pole. Mike went to a bar and met this cute girl in her mid twenties and they started talking on forever as if they were friends like for years. Sam, Tiffany, and Selene drove around the strip and exit the strip. As they were driving, a highway patrol unit car pulled them over. He gave them a citation for speeding. But they ignored it and pull his pants down and grab a hold of his cock. Selene begins to give him a blow job.

10 Minutes Later –

The officer started to cum in Tiffany mouth. She then released the cock and sallow the cum. The officer was satisfied he let them go. As Mike, James, Selene, Sam, and Tiffany enter the hotel room as the same time. After a while of relaxing, Mike order pizza. The pizza guy came to delivered it but nobody paid so Mike said instead he, the pizza guy, James, Selene, Tiffany, and Sam and going to have a group fuck. The pizza guy thought this is a great week ever.

Sunday –

They were all checking out of the hotel and load their stuff into the mini van. On their way out of Vegas James said, “Vegas is also going to be fun!”

The End

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