Late Night Movie with Mum Part 2


I felt the cold night air roll over my body as I laid on my bed breathing heavy as I thought about what had occurred. I had not only just fucked my own mother, but I had filled her with my cum. We both laid there in silence. I instinctively wanted to apologies to her. I remained silent and eventually I noticed her breathing becoming soft and rhythmic. I turned to my side to see my mother looking stunning, completely naked in my own bed and now she was asleep. I laid back and allowed myself to fall asleep as well.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. “Damn!” I thought to myself, forgetting about the fact I had my alarm still set from yesterday. I didn’t turn it off for the weekend. I rolled over in my bed reaching over to turn it off. That’s when last night came flooding back to me, I was naked in my bed and my mother was no where to be seen. Immediately I felt my stomach drop and worry wash over me. “Had she regretted it? Did she hate me for it? Did she think I got her drunk? Was she going to tell Dad?”

I threw on a pair of pants and a shirt and slunk down the stairs feeling the pang and sense of guilt wash over my body. I made my way to the kitchen like I would every morning. My mum had a pair of black sweats on and what looked to be one of my shirts. The fact she was wearing one of my shirts threw me for a spin emotionally. “Was she acknowledging what happened? Was she okay with it?”

“Oh, you’re up. I was just about to call out to you. I made some eggs and toast again.” She said as I entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, I uhh forgot to turn my alarm off last night.”

She paused for a moment as I mentioned last night briefly, before giving me a soft smile. In that moment I felt relaxed, and comfortable.

“You must have been distracted last night then.” She teased.

“It was a little distracting.”

“It was or the girl was distracting?” She asked. I couldn’t believe how straight forward she was acting about it all. She was still pretending we were strangers last night? I figure this is how she resolved and coped with it in her mind. I mean, she couldn’t admit to herself that she had slept with her own son.

“She was distracting, she was much more than that actually.”

“Oh, and do you plan on seeing her again?” There it is, she wants to do it again. She wants to know if I want to do it again? Dammit, I hadn’t thought about that. I mean she is my own mother, but she is so hot.

“I am not sure, I was hoping to see her today. But I am happy if I don’t, I mean I can just spend the day with you.” I replied not sure how she would respond.

“Would you really want to spend the day with your mother, instead of a girl that you slept with? I don’t believe you.”

“Well, I mean it could be just as entertaining.” I teased back. I had forgotten about the food on the table as I felt a familiar feeling of blood rushing down to my cock. A tent forming in my pants.

“It’s up to you then. Did you want a stranger to help you with your problem, or your mother?” She said with a gesture to the bulge in my pants.

I gulped as I thought about it. I mean we had already definitely crossed boundaries last night. After all I had cum inside of my own mother, but we never acknowledged our relationship. Now she was asking if I wanted to, I mean it would be another boundary we cross.

“I’ll tell you what, you have breakfast. I am going to get changed into something more… revealing and you can decide who you want to hang out with today. Meet me in the living room after, and if you don’t want to do anything. Then that is okay to, just message me when you have decided.”

With that my mother went off upstairs to her room, as I sat there stunned I heard the shower come on. My own mother gaziantep lezbiyen was making an effort to come onto me. The more I thought about it, the more special it felt. I mean, yes she was my mother but she was letting me decide this. She just wanted to be with, and sleep with me. I definitely wanted to sleep with her again.

I finished up my breakfast and looked down at my phone. I was about to send her a message saying I had decided before my phone lit up with a message. It was from her, and I quickly opened it. The photo was of her breasts pushed up into her chest with a hand across her nipples. Her large 36DD breasts looked even bigger, all soaped up and shiny in the shower. Attached with a message. “I think they are clean now 🙂 ”

“What about the rest of you?” I replied quickly. She sent me another photo, this time her curvy body was on full display in the mirror, with a big smile on her face and just her glasses on. “Yep, everything is all clean and dry now. Now to find something revealing to wear.”

“I mean nothing is pretty revealing.” I responded.

“It is, but I wouldn’t want to be over dressed.”

“Oh no you wouldn’t be, in fact I will be in the same attire.” I responded once more before heading out to the living room stripping off my clothes and taking a seat on the couch. Just as I sat down I got another reply.

“and who would you like to come downstairs?” She asked. I had completely forgotten about that question, I was focused on my own lust. I took a long moment before making my descision.

“I want you mum.” I said, my heart beating so hard in my chest as I typed that message. I wasn’t sure how she would react, I mean she was asking for it right? So she must have liked the idea of it as well. “Well mummy is feeling very naughty tonight, she wants to be treated like a whore.”

It felt like I was waiting for an eternity as I sat on the couch naked. My cock still hard as I kept had the photos in my head of my own mother.

“The idea of your own mother turns you on?” She asked as she entered the living room completely naked. My mother’s bare and soft skin. She had completely shaven, and her soft light pale skin was bare. Her slightly chubby body was on full display in front of me and as she walked towards me she grinned. “What a naughty boy. What about mummy turns you on?” She asked. She was enjoying this. She was enjoying being my sexy mother.

“Everything… Her boobs… her pussy… Her ass…” I say lightly as she talks about herself.

“Oh, well you have sucked on these.” She squeezes her breasts lifting them a little. “You have been inside here.” Her hands slid from her breasts down over her pussy, spreading her lips a little. “But you haven’t been in here yet.” She says turning around grabbing her large ass cheeks squeezing them, pulling them a part a little to expose her tight little hole to me.

I am speechless as I sit with my throbbing hard cock while I watch my mother show off her fantastic body for me. “You really are a dirty boy, not only do you want to fuck your own mother. You want to fuck her tight ass, I bet you would eat my ass too if I asked. God you’re dirty, but that’s okay so am I.”

It was surreal hearing my own mother talk like this. Something I only imagine was done in porno movies for a guys benefit. It was so much more hot coming from not only a real woman, but my mother. I was silent as I sat there unsure how to proceed. Luckily my mother was already taking the lead as she moved onto her knees and between my legs taking my cock in her hand.

“Now do you want me to show you just how dirty I can get?” She asked as she stroked my cock slowly. All I could do was nod, and as soon as I did she dropped her head down and began to suck on my balls. Her hot mouth sucking and pulling at each one as she jerked me off.

Suddenly she pulled away from my balls, and griped my shaft tightly. Her mouth moved down further and I felt her tongue press against my asshole. My own mother was giving me a rim job as she jerked me off. I had never felt anything like this before. I let out a loud groan in appreciation before she pulled her mouth away and moved it over the head of my cock. She began to suck my cock and jerk me off into her mouth.

Each time her mouth took my cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Finally removing her hand from my cock. Allowing herself to deep throat me and gag on my cock. Her saliva dribbling from her mouth down my cock and over my balls. I reach down moving my hands over her head. Holding her steady as my hips lifted up and began to fuck her throat.

My mother gagged and choked on my cock as I held her steady. Every few thrusts I would pull her tight down my cock, holding her in place choking her. I pulled her up from my cock with saliva down her face, and tears had began to run down her cheeks as I looked down at my mother. I was using her, using her like my own personal whore. I guided her mouth back down onto my cock again letting my hips rise and push up hard into her face. Each time my cock drove down her throat I could feel it tighten and react as I choked her with it.

It took only a few more times of forcing my cock deep down into her throat before I felt myself explode. My mother noticed my cock jerk and tense as I was about to cum and took the initiative. Her mouth over the head of my cock and returned to jerking me off into her mouth as I exploded.

My mother sucked and swallowed my cum, taking it all in her mouth. It was certainly less than last night, and she was able to effortlessly swallow my load. As my cock became sensitive she continued to pull on my cock. Letting her mouth pull away and just her tongue run along it. Teasing me and keeping me hard as she worked on my cock. Her lips finally moving down to kiss the head of my cock before she climbed up on top of me.

She moved her pussy down along my cock. Sliding her hot wet pussy against it. Letting just the head slide into her. I could feel just how tight she was, and could feel her squeezing it. Her lips were against my neck giving it soft kisses.

“Did you enjoy that? Enjoy being able to fuck your mother’s face?” She whispered into my ear as she continued grinding against my cock.

“I did, and you seem to really like talking dirty.” I responded.

“More than just talking, I enjoy being a dirty whore for you. Now are you ready to fuck me? Are you ready to fuck your mother Alex?” She said in her soft sultry tone before biting down on my earlobe.

I let out another deep moan and moved my hands to her hips squeezing them hard. I squeezed too hard as she let out a yelp in pain for a moment. “I want nothing more than to fuck you mum. I’m going to use you just like a whore tonight.”

“Oh, you’re going to treat me like a whore? Why don’t you cum in the only hole you haven’t yet.” She said with a grin as she climbed up off of me and began to turn around.

I instantly knew what she meant and stood up grabbing her by the hips and pushed her body towards the couch. Pushing her onto her knees so her ass was presented to me. “I will show you how to give a rim job. Before I fuck you like a whore.”

I gave her ass a hard slap as I knelt behind her. She let out a scream in pain as she didn’t expect it. I could feel the sting through my own hand, so it must have hurt her as the red hand print appeared instantly. Kneeling down behind her I spread her fat ass cheeks and leaned in licking at her ass almost instantly. I flicked my tongue down over her pussy before bringing it up over her asshole. Running my tongue against, pushing against it every so often.

“Oh that’s it, show mummy you are a naughty boy and eat mummies ass.” She moaned, and with words of encouragement I found myself probing my tongue into her tight little hole. It was hard to force my tongue into her and I grabbed hold of her cheeks and spread them more, allowing me to eat out her ass.

Once I was satisfied with her, I stood up and let my hard cock rest against her ass for a moment. “Spread your ass apart.” My mum pushed her face down into the couch as she reached back grabbing her ass spreading it for me. Her large round ass was not only on display for me in the air, but it was ready to be used.

My mother was right, she wanted to be used and treated like a whore. This was a far cry from how we slept together yesterday when it was much more passionate. This was all our lust being let out for another. “Beg for your sons cock in your ass.”

“Fuck, Alex I need your cock. I have felt your cock all the way down my throat. I have felt you fill my insides up with your cum, as you fucked me last night. I really need you to fuck my ass. I really need my own son to stretch out my tight little ass and fuck his mother tonight. I will do anything for it. I will let you fuck me tomorrow.” As my mother began to beg for me to fuck her ass I cut her off.

“Will you clean my cock after I have fucked and cum in your ass?” I asked.

“Anything sweetie, I just need it. Your whore mother needs your cock. I need to be fucked. I need you to stretch out my tight little ass.”

That was all I needed to hear, I reached down and forced the head of my cock into her tight little asshole. She was definitely right about it being tight. I had to force the head in, I could feel it being stretched out by my cock.

Her tight ass squeezed around my cock and I let out another groan as I began slide it inside of her. She pulled away a little, clearly in pain as my cock got thicker towards the middle. She let out a small whining cry as I pushed all the way inside of her. I slowly pulled my cock back out, enjoying the sensation of my thick member stretching out her hole.

“Oh god Alex, fuck it’s so fucking big. Keeping going nice and slow for mummy. Let me get stretched out before you fuck me.” She moaned.

My hands moved over her hips and as I pushed my cock back inside of her I was more forceful. I let my hips smash up against her ass. The sudden force caused her to cry out in pain and she let go of her ass cheeks. It smothered my cock and encouraged me to push harder into her ass. She moaned and screamed more as she cried into the couch, her hands grabbing and clawing at the cushions as I fucked her.

As I stretched out my mother ass, I could tell she was beginning to accept my cock. Her screams were now just moans and she was actively sliding her ass back onto my cock. My fingers dug into her hips as I pulled her back with each thrust. It didn’t take long of pumping my cock in and out of my own mothers ass before I unloaded in her. My hot cum shot deep inside of her. With a final few bucks I pushed my cock deep inside of her one last time before pulling out.

My mother collapsed down against the couch, but before she could rest I grabbed her hair and pulled her over to my cock. I forced my mother down my cock. Making her suck my length. She bobbed her head up and down sucking my semi-hard cock until it was clean. I sat back down on the couch beside my mother who cuddled up beside me.

“That was amazing.” She said softly.

As I held my own mother in my hands I checked the time seeing it was just before lunch. “Well tonight, I think we should do something romantic and have dinner together.”

“That would be nice.”

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