Life Changes, Chapter 5


Life Changes, Chapter 5. Christina’s House.

On the way to Christina’s I mentioned our luck to Cindy.

“It’s amazing isn’t it?” Cindy responded. “I think we’ve been to that restaurant before and had Christina as our waitress before, but never even noticed her until today. Of course, we still probably wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t made me show my tits and make Sam feel them!” She giggled. Sam stayed mum.

“Sam.” I looked at her in the rear view mirror. “Do you like sucking dick and drinking cum?”

She looked down, a little embarrassed smile drifting across her face. “Yes, sir.”

We arrived at the address and it was an older 1930s era home. It had a large square-columned porch that went completely across the front of the house, and two large window gables poking out on the front side. How she could afford this place on a waitress’ salary, I had no idea.

We parked on the street right in front and made our way to the front door. As soon as we got to the porch, the front door opened and a completely naked woman stood there. She was about 5’ 5”, with large pendulous breasts, a small waist, and nice size hips. Her pussy was shaved to just a small landing strip above it; the lips clearly visible. “Good afternoon. My name is Josie. Please come in and make yourselves at home.” She said as she stood to the side and waved us by. “Mistress Christina has asked me to take care of any of your needs while she gets cleaned up from work.”

I let Sam and Cindy go first. I noticed that Sam tried not to look, but Cindy was openly staring at Josie and checking her out. As I passed Josie, I reached out and pinched her right nipple. She gave a little squeal and smiled. “I am available in any capacity while we are in the house as long as Mistress has given her permission.”

Sam, Cindy, and I sat down on the couch, Cindy in the middle. There was no coffee table, so Josie kneeled down in front of the three of us and sat back on her heels. “Would anyone like anything to drink?”

We all decided that we didn’t need anything at the moment, and then Christina came in. She was fucking hot! She was wearing a leather-like corset that went from the top of her hips to just under her tits. Her pussy was on display, another one with just the small landing strip, her generous hips shaking back and forth as she walked. Her more than generous tits were jiggling all over the place as she came in wearing three inch heels. I couldn’t believe how fucking torrid this woman’s body was. She looked a little heavy in her work uniform, but out of her clothes, she just looked voluptuously edible.

“Hey, all. I hope Josie has been a good hostess. Did she offer everyone drinks?” We all replied affirmatively. “Good. Josie, please stand the two women up and undress them. Ladies, after you have been stripped, please remain standing.”

At that Josie immediately rose and took Cindy’s hand first. She stood up and didn’t move while Josie removed her blouse and skirt. Josie smiled when she saw there were no undergarments. Then she took Sam’s hand. Sam looked over at me and I nodded. She stood up and let herself be stripped. Then I felt Christina in front of me and turned to look at her. “Let’s get you undressed as well.”

She stripped me in no time. Once I was naked, she took my almost completely erect penis in her hand. “I think this will be perfect.” She smiled up at me and I laughed. She then asked me to introduce everyone and I did.

“Josie, show these ladies my favorite position. Ladies, I expect you to get into the same position immediately.”

Josie turned her back to the couch, went to her knees and then bent over and placed her face on the floor. She reached back and spread her cheeks so that her ass and pussy were on obvious display. Sam and Cindy watched closely. As soon as Josie spread her cheeks, Cindy copied her. She looked fantastic in that position. God, my wife was so hot! Sam, however, hesitated. That was not acceptable to Christina.

“Sam, assume the position immediately. You will get disciplined for not reacting immediately. Do it now!!”

Sam dropped into the position, but her last look at us showed her fear at succumbing to this stranger. Christina walked over to her and felt her ass. Then she suddenly drew back her hand and smacked her hard on the left check and then the right cheek in quick succession. Sam let out a large gasp each time and then seemed to whimper a little. Christina looked at me. “Is she usually disobedient or was she just a little scared by the new place and people?”

I told Christina that we had only begun this routine last weekend and that Sam was just now finding out that she wanted to be controlled gaziantep lezbiyen in this manner.

“Well, it’s best that she learn to obey immediately.” She turned back to the three women, rudely displaying their assets. “This is quite a smorgasbord. Josie is the voluptuous type, Cindy is tight bodied, but womanly, and Sam is thin and model-like. I think I’m going to enjoy this.” She turned to me. “Make yourself comfortable, John. I have a little show for you.” Christina then left the room.

I sat down, my dick as hard as it had ever been. I was looking at three gorgeous, dripping pussies and three tight little anuses. I wondered how long before Christina was going to involve me in the action.

Christina came back in with a small bag and wearing a large strap-on. It was very lifelike and looked about 8-inches long. She got down behind Josie and said to me. “Okay, John, I’ll need your assistance over here.” I got up and joined her, kneeling behind Cindy, my dripping dick just brushing her delectable ass. She tried to push back against it. I looked down and saw that Christina had taken a small tube of lube out of the bag. She handed it to me. “Rub some of this over my strap-on and this.” She held up a small butt-plug. I put some lube in my hand and first did the butt plug and then her strap-on. She eased her fake dick toward Josie’s pussy. As she started to slowly push it into the pussy, she also took the butt plug and began pushing it into Josie’s asshole. I watched closely as it swallowed up the butt plug until it was completely seated. Josie let out a little moan. Then Christina fucked her for about 20 seconds before pulling out. “Move over.” Christina was ready to do Cindy.

I didn’t say anything, but I knew that Cindy had not had anything but my finger in her ass, and that was not very often. The butt plug was not overly large. I just knew that it would surprise her and couldn’t wait to see Christina shove it in my wife’s virgin ass.

Once again Christina lined up the dildo on a pussy, while I lubricated the butt plug. As she slowly sank the dildo into Cindy she also began inserting the butt plug. Cindy flinched a little. Christina grabbed Cindy’s hips with her left hand while she kept up the pressure on the butt plug with her right. She was also flexing her hips and pushing the dildo into Cindy. Cindy was starting to squirm, but I could tell that she wanted to play along. Finally, her ass opened up enough to let the largest part of the plug in and it slipped completely into place. Cindy moaned loudly and Christina gave her a few fuck strokes with the strap on. Then she pulled out and we moved on to Sam.

As Christina moved behind Sam, I could see that Sam was trembling. Christina put her hand on Sam’s lower back and said. “Sam. Relax. I am going to put a small butt plug in your ass and fuck you a couple times with my dick. Nothing too difficult. Just relax and enjoy the sensations. Once you get used to it, you’ll love having something in your ass… including John’s dick.” She looked at me and grinned. Then she did the same thing to Sam that she had done to the other two. Sam didn’t say a word and actually took it pretty easily.

By the time Christina had finished all three women, just watching had my dick on edge. I thought that I would come as soon as I put it anywhere. So did Christina.

She looked at my dripping dick and said. “John, I don’t think you are going last very long the first time. We’d better get this first one over quick. Have you ever fucked anyone in the ass?”


“Well, judging by the way Cindy and Sam took the butt plugs, neither have they. Let’s get you off in Josie’s ass first. I made sure that she was clean before you came, and she likes being fucked in the ass. Right, Josie?”

“Yes, Mistress, I love being fucked in the ass.”

We moved over behind Josie and Christina removed the butt plug. She lined my dick up with Josie’s ass and pushed me on the butt. I thought I would slowly ease it in, but she shoved me from behind and my dick buried itself into Josie’s ass in one thrust. Josie moaned and said, “Yes, fuck my ass!” Christina moved around to the side and smiled at me. “She just loves to be ass-fucked.” Then Christina turned to the other two and gave more orders. “Cindy, get over here and get your face under your husband. I want you to lick his balls and Josie’s pussy. Have you ever tasted pussy before?”

Cindy scrambled to get under me. “I have tasted it, both my own and Sam’s from my fingers and John’s dick, but I’ve never actually eaten a woman’s pussy before.”

“Well, time to get busy. Get under there and pleasure them.”

I was holding still, waiting for her to get into position. Christina had other ideas. “Let’s go, John. Start fucking that ass.” Then she turned to Sam. “Sam, get over here. I want you to put your face on Josie’s back and get ready to take his load. John, when you are ready I want you to pull out and let Sam suck your load out of you. Sam, you are then going to hold it until I tell you otherwise.” Sam, not wanting any further smacks, hurried into position. She looked up at me and managed a small smile. I just started pumping.

I was now pumping my dick into Josie’s ass, using long strokes. Even though it had been fucked before, it was still very tight. My wife was underneath me, licking my balls, and then up across my dick and onto Josie’s pussy. It felt wonderful to have that attention as well as fucking my first ass. Sam was kneeling next to Josie, her face on her back and turned towards me, watching up close as I buried my dick into Josie’s asshole. With all of this going on, I knew I wouldn’t last long, but then Christina leaned over and ran her finger up across my ass and against my asshole, teasing it. That was it, I knew I was going to cum. I lunged a couple of more times and then pulled my dick out of that tight fucking ass. The first spurt was already spewing when Sam got it into her mouth. It had arched up over her face and left a stream from her hair down across her cheek. I moaned and kept pumping my load into Sam’s mouth. She just kind of stayed still while I fucked her mouth. I think she couldn’t suck because the size of my load was filling her mouth too full. When I finally finished, I pulled back and sat on the couch. Christina took charge.

“Sam, sit on the floor and lean back against the couch.” Sam obeyed. “Now lean back against the couch just a little more. Good. Now let all that cum dribble out of your mouth and down across your body.” Sam followed the instructions to the letter.

I watched closely. Sam was sitting there with the butt plug still in, sitting on it, and letting my cum dribble down across her tits to her belly in long streaks. My wife was sitting on the floor watching closely. Josie had not moved, probably because she followed Christina’s instruction to the letter.

It appeared that all the cum had been drizzled across her body, and Sam was awaiting further instructions. Christina gave them.

“Okay, Josie, you can get up now. I want you and Cindy to clean every drop of cum off Sam. Sam, I want you to slide down until you are flat on the floor so that they can clean you properly.”

I watched closely as Josie and my wife went to work. They both started at the bottom of the streaks of cum, which were near Sam’s belly button. I could hear both of them licking and slurping up the cum as they worked. It was making my dick stir. It was almost mesmerizing watching my beautiful wife do this. I would have never even considered this a couple of weeks ago. Now she was slurping my cum off of one of our friends Sam, along with a busty women we just met, at the instructions of another woman we just met. Wow! She had worked her way up to Sam’s tits and started smiling and looking at me while she did it. She appeared to be in heaven! She loved it. It made my dick jerk a little and it started growing larger.

Finally, they appeared to have cleaned off Sam’s body and Josie moved in to kiss Sam and lick her lips and chin. That was exciting as well, and my dick continued to grow. Christina just watched with a knowing grin.

“Okay, children.” Christina clapped her hands like an old-fashioned schoolmarm. “Time to take care of momma!” She walked into the dining room and crawled up onto the table there. She scooted right to the near end so that her ass kind of hung over the edge. Then she pulled her legs up in the air and held them with her hands. “Sam, I want you to worship my tits. Cindy, you get my pussy. Josie, my ass.”

The ladies all scrambled to make sure they were not perceived as lollygagging. Sam licked and sucked Christina’s tits and nipples like a starving infant. Cindy stood between Christina’s legs and bent over at the waist to perform her very first woman-only cunnilingus. This allowed Josie the ability to get under her and try to get her face and/or fingers into Christina’s ass. When Cindy went up to the top of Christina’s slit to work on her clit, then there was just enough room for Josie to try to get her head in there and tongue-fuck Christina’s ass. They finally settled on Cindy attacking the entire region with her mouth while Josie shoved two fingers into Christina’s ass. I moved closer, my dick once again swollen and leaking. It was a scene out of a lesbian porn film.

It took only about two minutes before Christina was screaming out her orgasm. She let them work her thru a major, muscle-clenching, orgasm and then asked them to back away. She sat up, the three women all anxiously awaiting her next command. Christina looked at my dick and said, “Your turn. Get up here on the table.”

I clambered up and lay down, my dick sticking up in the air, begging for attention. The three “slaves” all licked their lips like starving lionesses looking at a wildebeest.

“Okay, ladies. Make him cum. I want to see you make him cum, but when he does, let him cum up into the air. I want to watch it.”

The three women attacked my body. Cindy, still standing at the end of the table pushed my legs up and to the sides. She started licking my balls and rolling them around with her tongue. Sam started kissing me, hard. Josie took the first turn at just plain sucking my dick. I was in sensory overload! I knew that even after cumming twice today, this would not take long.

Sam let up and I looked over at Christina to see that she was watching me, her arms crossed just below her fabulous tits, a pleased smile on her lips. I felt a change in positions and I looked down to see that Josie had given up my dick and now my wife was sucking it like a seasoned pro. She was always good, but seemed to have an increased desire to prove how good she was. Josie and Sam got alongside and watched her, each waiting their turn. Sam then tapped Cindy on the head and Cindy backed off and let Sam have a turn. Then Cindy did something unexpected. She pushed my balls up out of the way and started tonguing my asshole. She teased the rim and ran her tongue all around it while Sam was licking the head. Then Cindy tried to push her tongue into my ass. This was a first. We had both played around with each other’s ass, but she had never tried to tongue-fuck my ass. While the other two were busy below my waist Josie starting licking my nipples. I’m not all that turned on by that, but she seemed to like it. Finally, as I was approaching orgasm, Christina could recognize the signs and suddenly yelled “Stop!”

Everyone stopped and looked at Christina, including me.

“Back away, ladies, I’m going to finish this myself.”

The other three backed away, the reluctance showing in their faces. Christina stepped between my spread legs, grabbed my dick in her right hand, my balls in her left, and lowered her mouth to my dick. She slowly lowered her mouth over it taking more and more in, moving her hand and swallowing until she had it lodged in her throat and her nose was buried against my pubic hair. Damn! She was good! She also knew I wasn’t far from cumming. She started going up and down on the top half of my dick, once again grabbed the lower part with her right hand, and suddenly shoved a lubricated finger into my ass. She knew that would be the final straw and pulled her mouth off just as I started thrusting toward an orgasm. She held my dick tight in her right hand and let me thrust into it. I finally jerked and came. The first shot went only about a foot up and landed on my stomach. She let the rest come out and dribble all over her hand. I knew there would not be much after two orgasms already today.

Christina released my cock. “Sam, you’re my cum-lover for today. Come over here and clean up John.” Sam moved in and went to town licking and sucking my cum from my belly and dick.

While Sam was cleaning me up I watched as Christina put her right hand, still covered in my cum, up to my wife’s face. Cindy immediately grabbed her by the wrist and starting cleaning up Christina’s hand. Within a couple of minutes, both Christina and I were clean.

“That was amazing!” I said to Christina.

“Not bad for our first romp.” She replied matter-of-factly. “It’s still early, so I think we should go somewhere a little more fun.” She turned to Josie. “Josie, see if we have a schoolgirl uniform that will fit Sam. Cindy, put on what you came in. Josie, put on your schoolgirl uniform,too. We have someplace to go.”

The other ladies left the room. Christina looked at me. “Let’s get dressed. I think you will like my next stop. It will be good for both Cindy and Sam. Oh, yeah. You’ll like it, too.”

I just remembered Bill. “Christina, Sam’s husband Bill is also a bit submissive and will be off work soon.”

“Outstanding!” Christina was excited by this. “Call him and tell him to meet us here. I need to make a quick phone call and then we’ll leave as soon as he gets here.”

I called Bill. He was petrified… and excited. I got dressed and was greeted by a picturesque scene when the ladies came back in. Josie, Sam, and Cindy were all wearing the “schoolgirl” look. I couldn’t wait to see what Christina had planned for the group.

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