Lisa and Lucy (part 2)


We started kissing passionately, tongues and spit going inside our mouths, I started to slowly move my hand to her ass and started to squeeze and finger the inside of her already wet pussy. She sighed and groaned like she was enjoying it. A lot. We slowly pushed ourselves away from each other and Lucy quickly escorted me to her sofa. She pushed me down and quickly began stripping herself and me. She took off our t-shirts first, then skirts, then for a few seconds she started teasing and I couldn’t wait anymore, so I threw my bra and pants off and she did the same

“You are so sexy” she exclaimed and in a split second, she pounced onto my body before I could respond. We continued kissing deeply and she started too go down to my boobs. My nipples were hard and were reaching for the sky. She spat on them, and then started sucking them. She then suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I questionned.

“Nothing” she said. “Lemme guess… Your a B”
I nodded in agreement.
“Astonishing! How did you- AHH ahh.” I screamed as she inserted her long tongue down my clit.

“IS EVERYTHING DOWN THERE OK LUCY?” someone shouted from upstairs. I assumed it was her mum due to the tonality of her voice.


“Oohhh can I come and meet her?” by the time she finished her sentence she was already half way down the stairs

“No gaziantep rus escort mum that’s not necess-” she tried to reply quickly. Unfortunately she didn’t get to finish her sentence and her Mum was right in front of our nude nude bodies.

“LUCY FRANCESCA WILDE WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?” she screamed. Lucy was trying to explain but her mum wasn’t taking any nonsense.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR FATHER WILL SAY WHEN HE FINDS OUT? AND YOU!” she pointed at me. “I HAVEN’T EVEN MET YOU FOR MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES AND YOU ARE ALREADY TEACHING MY DAUGHTER TO HAVE A DIRTY MIND!” I stood next to Lucy, I looked at her and smiled, she looked at me and smiled. “WHAT ARE YOU TWO SMIRKING AT? YOU THINK THIS IS A JO-“. Lucy ran towards her and passionately kissed her. While her mum was preoccupied, I quickly closed the curtains and started stripping her mother. I started with her trousers and pulled them down abruptly. She had the biggest ass I had ever seen. Silky smooth skin and a bright pink vagina. I stuck my fingers in there and I couldn’t resist to have a taste. It tasted sooo nice, but of course, not as good as Lucy’s. While fingering her vagina, I started to pull her t-shirt off and I had a quick glance at Lucy nd her mum and they were really going at it. I finally got her t-shirt and bra off as Lucy’s mum was sucking her nipples and lightly biting them. She turned around and said to me

“Don’t think I forgot about you!” I felta magnetic pull towards her mother and I started to kiss her rough mouth. She then breathed really loudly and we stopped kissing. She finally screamed “AAAAAHHHH!” I turned around to see Lucy quickly putting her tongue inside her mum’s vagina. With no other option, I grabbed her long blonde hair and started to lick the inside of her mouth and I went down to her massive breasts and licked her puffy nipples. She then screamed at the top of her lungs


I then joined Lucy and we licked her vagina and it tasted so sweet. Lucy then stopped. I thought she stopped to take a break but she went upstairs and came back down in a split second. I couldn’t see what she brought down because she hid it. She went behind me and when she pressed it behind myass I knew exactly what it was. A dildo. As I couldn’t take the pressure, I lied on my back as Lucy put the dildo inside my vagina. Feeling like I was paralyzed has never felt so good before and to top it off, her mother started to kiss me and fondle my boobs. It was heaven until we heard the crunching of gravel and saw the lights of a courtesy car.


“Lucy! That felt sooo good! You and your mum are like pros” I said in excitement as were getting dressed.

“I know.” she replied. “But I am ashamed”

“why would you be ashamed? It is the best feeling ever!”

“It will seem like that until everyone finds out. That is when the bullying starts. Believe me it has happened plenty of times before”. She then showed me a scar on her foot. “That happened at my old school when a boy stood on my foot with shoes. I felt unwanted in that school.” Her eyes started to water. I hugged her softly.

“Don’t worry honey, we will get through it together” I said in a soothing voice. After five minutes of silence, I heard giggling and people running up the stairs and a door shut loudly. At that point I decided to ring my mum and tell her to pick me up. After I hung up, Lucy asked to exchange numbers so we did. I heard my mum park in front. I was going to say goodbye to Mr and Mrs Wilde but I heard a lot of pounding and groaning. I was going to leave but before I left I gave Lucy a final kiss before leaving. I sat in the car and greeted my mum. It was an awkward silence until she asked

“When will I get to meet your new friend?”

“The time will come Mum. The time will come”.

Thanks for reading this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it and give me more feedback. The next part should hopefully be out tomorrow but read the comments in case there are any changes xx 😉

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