Little Red Riding Hood_(5)



Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood (called Red for short) was a young girl who had just turned fourteen years old. Her father was a lumberjack, so their family lived in a snug little cottage buried deep in a forest. Red was the only child and so she often got bored and lonely. All she did all day was do the chores in the morning, give the family donkey food and water (and sometimes stare at its penis, since it was a male) and clean out its pen.

She would then help her mother weed her mom’s vegetable garden, during which she would ponder about her own garden down south in her young lithe body. She would often dart quick secretive looks at her mother’s ample bosom, and how it heaved with each breath her beautiful mother looked. Just like Red, her mother had auburn coloured hair that fell lightly around her waist.

It was silky and sometimes tied in a bun or a ponytail. Her eyes were dark brown and fierce when angry (or when making love to her father, as naughty Little Red Riding Hood sometimes watched while spying on them at night). Being alone in the woods, Red had become a rather promiscuous young girl who tried to keep her occupied with a diverse amount of things.

One of them was reading and Red was pleasantly surprised to find a large amount of naughty books complete with pictures telling one how to do various sexual things. It made Red all hot and flustered so that she had to jab her little finger into her small pussy and fuck herself furiously while keeping watch on her mom and dad so as to not get caught. They never found out but just reading about sex got boring after a while.

Naughty Red wanted to have sex. She wanted to shove a thick cock into her pussy and get fucked until she broke her hymen and started bleeding. That’s right! Being only fourteen, she was still a virgin since her father forbade her from going with him to the nearby village as he said that a big bad wolf lurked in the forest. He was silky black with blood-red eyes and five times bigger than normal wolves.

Apparently, he could speak in the human tongue and talked and thought like one too. He acted like humans in some ways as well but Red had never seen the wolf. Her father bore a nasty scar on his cheek though in the shape of a claw mark so there had to be a wolf, for whenever Red asked about the scar her father never said anything and walked away.

Needless to say, Red got bored out of her mind on a daily basis and had taken for long walks in the woods all alone when her father was busy chopping down trees and selling the wood. Then one day, her grandmother had moved to the other side of the forest several miles away and Red was ecstatic to be able to visit her on occasion.

She would go there with her mother who would then have “girl talk” for hours, boring Red to death once again. But it was different than life at home and much better with her dad. So she would go there by herself secretly and her grandma wouldn’t care one bit. She got spoiled rotten and listen to tales of the grandma as a young girl in the “Old Days” as her grandma said.

Red was on one such trip now through the woods. It was a particularly hot day, so Red was only dressed in a thin cotton robe without any sleeves. It did have a hood though that was pulled well over her head to block out the bright sun. Her robe fell only a little past her knees and Red wore absolutely nothing underneath it. She felt no need to since there was none here gaziantep lezbiyen but her immediate family and it’s not like any of them would stare.

Red was wrong though as someone was watching. She could sense it and tightened her grip on the basket she was carrying. Today she was bringing a basket of fruit as a gift to her grandma. Her grandma liked eating fruit, particularly bananas and melons. Red often wondered why her mother and grandmother joked and teased each other about sizes and shapes of bananas she’d bring, particularly when they hushed up whenever she asked why and when they’d blush furiously.

She skips down the winding forest path to her grandma’s house now with a smile on her face. The memory of laughter and joy has washed away her fear of the woods. She doesn’t care now and it seems only minutes until she reached the house.

The small one-story cottage with a thatched roof, bay windows, and a squat rectangular chimney puffing out thin wisps of grey smoke greets her. Red smiles to herself and climbs up the few steps to the front porch. She sets her basket on the ground and knocks on the door. No one answers. Worried, she knocks again. Still no reply.

“Grandma?” She asks.


That’s odd.

Red frowns thoughtfully to herself.

Oh well, She thinks. Better go see what’s wrong.

Knowing where the spare key is, she takes it and unlocks the front door – her first mistake. It creaks open and Red steps into a darkened sitting room.

“Grandma?” She asks softly.

“Over here,” Says a raspy old voice.

Thinking her grandma isn’t feeling well, sick perhaps, Red dutifully follows the voice up a flight of stairs and to her grandma’s bedroom. She opens the door and freezes in shock as she sees not her grandma in bed but a big bad wolf with black fur and blood-red eyes.

“So nice to greet you,” The wolf crows. “So nice to eat you!”

And before Little Red Riding Hood can react, the big bad wolf leaps out of the bed with a snarl. She falls on her back with a yelp, her pert little preteen breasts jiggling as she falls on her bum. The wolf snarls and knocks her flat, winding her.

Red is too scared to cry out and can only writhe in fear and wish she hadn’t disobeyed her daddy. But to her relief, the wolf doesn’t eat her. Instead, he ducks his head under the hem of her dress and she can feel his hot breath wash over her. Her bare creamy thighs and groin-area are tickled by his thick fur.

“Oh no!” She whimpers. “Please don’t go there. That’s naughty!”

“Well you are a naughty girl for disobeying your father’s orders,” The wolf snaps, laughing cruelly.

Red whimpers as the wolf sticks out its cold tongue. It laps at her pussy and she flinches as the unusual texture invades her most private area.

“Please don’t!” She moans. “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Oh yes you will,” The bad wolf growls in a silky voice. “You will earn your punishment, and you’ll like it.”

And with that, the wolf begins licking her sensitive pussy. Red mewls in surprise as his soft slithery tongue laps at her hot cunt, making her squirm in pleasure. She fought against the emotions that soared within her but to no avail. The persisted and refused to let go of her.

Oh well, She thinks. If I am forced to endure this I might as well enjoy it! I have wanted to do this after all for so damn long.

“That’s it, bitch,” The wolf croons. “Squirm for me.”

“Oh my!” Red cries out as she feels a rush within her.

It’s just like when she used to finger fuck herself only ten times better! She knows she’s coming soon and the wolf seems to anticipate it.

The animal’s patience is rewarded for soon her cunt clenches and her muscles strain. She screams in pleasure as she releases a torrent of pushy-juice into the wolf’s awaiting throat. The wolf drinks the juice eagerly and savers every drop as if his very life depends on it.

“Yum, yum,” The wolf says licking his lips.

Red sobs.

Did she just cum for the big bad wolf? How could she? He was an animal and deserved to be killed. He had just raped her!

“Please leave me alone,” She whispers frantically. “I learnt my lesson and will be a good girl now.”

“Yes you will,” The wolf drawls. “You will be a good fuck too. I like fucking little girls, so innocent, so young, so young and naive. They are like angels from heaven, fallen angels – fallen angels for me to reap.”

“No!” Red whimpers.

But it is too late. The wolf is too strong for her and stands over her, lowering his head. Just as she thinks he is about to kill her, the wolf digs his teeth into her dress (avoiding her flesh) and rips at the soft fabric. It tears easily and Red cries softly as the wolf pulls her dress totally off her and throws it aside.

She is now stark naked save for her fiery red hair and the light sheen of sweat that covers her body. The wolf has already licked her clean of any cum and stands over her again, breathing in her scent with glazed eyes.

“So beautiful, so delicate,” The wolf intones. “I have never ever had sex with one so fine as you, my sweet.”

“Please, no more,” Red protests. “My daddy will come looking for me. He’ll kill you!”

“Do you not remember his scar?” The wolf sneers. “He tried to kill me once because I fucked his wife and she liked it. Your daddy tried to kill me and failed. He will pee himself whenever he sees me. He will not rescue you.”

Red sighs, giving up and letting her shoulders sag in defeat. Fighting is worthless against the beast, against the big bad wolf.

“Fuck me then,” She whispers. “Fuck me quickly. I want to get it over with.”

The wolf gives Red a feral grin and saunters over her.

“You must suck my cock first, my sweet,” He croons.

He stands over her so that his penis is directly above Red’s face.

“No teeth,” He barks.

Red nods fearfully and takes the wolf’s animal cock in her hands. It is different than her daddy’s penis, much larger and softer. He would be green with envy to see the size of this monster!

Heaving a sigh, she engulfs the cock with her lips and throat. She sucks on it gingerly like she read in the book.

“Faster, slut!” The wolf snarls, panting and bucking his hips.

Red picks up the pace and her head bobs as she gives the wolf a blowjob. Her cunt twitches and she wants the wolf to suck her off again. Suddenly, the wolf howls and yanks his cock from her lips roughly, bruising them and leaving a trickle of blood down her cheek from her lips.

“It is time,” He says in glee.

Red closes her eyes and struggles against her fear but it’s no good. She is scared half to death, even more so as the wolf lowers his giant erect penis into her sore, aching pussy.

She squirms and writhes but to no avail. The wolf plunges it in her and Red shrieks in pain. Her back arches and the wolf snarls. He sits on her so that the soft fur of his underbelly grazes the tender bare flesh of her own belly and chest.

Red’s body is on fire with excruciating pain as her hymen is burst and as the wolf continues to ravage her hurting cunt with his thick, monster cock. She screams relentlessly in pain and her eyes are screwed shut, against a flood of tears that threaten to break loose.

The wolf howls as he rapes her, thrusting hard and fast. Since he is an animal and not a human, he last’s much longer than a normal man and fucks her for a full ten minutes. Red heard about how pain is supposed to turn into pleasure towards the end, but it most certainly does NOT happen like that.

She has given up her facade now and sobs freely, her body limp as the wolf gives several last brutal thrusts into her tight virgin pussy. She groans feverishly and gasps as the wolf pauses. His muscles are tense and his eyes are flashing furiously. He throws his head back and howls.

Red cries out in renewed pain, intensified ten times over, as the wolf releases a torrent of his animal-seed into her bleeding, mutilated pussy. The wolf collapses on top of her and buries his face in her quivering breasts, lapping at them briefly.

Just when Red thinks he is finished, the big bad wolf climbs slowly off her yanking his limp cock from her pussy. She nearly vomits when he lowers his head and licks up all the blood, cum, and sweat from her groin. Her eyes grow wide in horror as he climbs over again and licks all over her pert breasts.

She can only whimper in fear wondering what he’ll do to her next. The question is solved as he falls asleep on her wretched form for the next couple hours. Just as she dropped off into a nightmare-filled sleep, she wakes up to find herself lying on her chest with her bum in the air. She gasps in shock as the wolf plunges his now-hard cock into her tight arse-hole.

Will this trauma never end? She wonders.

She is too weak to cry though and has spent all her tears. She can only bounce up and down on the wooden floor-boards as the wolf pumps his cock into her arse-hole. Her bum flames with pain and she cried out in agony but he fails to listen to her pleas of mercy.

She doesn’t bleed this time but feels just as bad when he cums inside her shit-hole. He pulls his cock out at the last minute and sprays his last drops of seed all over her back. Red hears running footsteps and anxious voices. The wolf snarls and jerks away.

“You were a hot fuck, my sweet,” He says, turning her over to lick her breasts quickly. “Much better than your old mother. I must go now but mark my words; I shall return wherever you are.”

With that warning in mind, the wolf leaps out of the open window and lands easily out back despite jumping down two stories. He races off into the woods, leaving Little Red Riding Hood in her grandma’s bedroom. The elderly lady has returned with the whole village eager to fight off the bad wolf.

But all they find is an exhausted, unconscious young girl – stark naked, sweaty, and bloody. But oddly enough, there is a weary smile on her face.

So, that’s about it! What do you think? Was it utterly horrible? Or should I continue it? I was thinking about writing a compilation of “Naughty Fairytales” similar to this parody. They would be the fairy tales basically but with sexual encounters in them. Any thoughts? Should I try that or even continue this story? I left it open just in case, as I want to know if this was good or a waste of time. Your feedback and reviews are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

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