Living a Dream

Arietta Adams

My wife leaned back on the overstuffed chair. Her pretty green eyes were glazed with lust and she had a hungry expression on her beautiful face. We had been married for over three years and together for six. She sighed deeply as her fingers glided across the slick wet folds of her excited pussy. I had never seen her so excited. Not even the first time we had sex on the sixth floor of the Atlantis Hotel and Casino in Reno.

My eyes moved back across the room then slowly up his body as he knelt in front of me naked and ready to lead me on a journey of self discovery. I had never been with another man sexually before and while I had fantasized about it a good deal in recent years the idea that I was bisexual was still very new to me after nearly forty years as a totally straight man.

I heard my wife moan softly as I reached out with trembling hands and touched his smooth naked flesh for the first time. She had recognized my latent bicuriosity before me and she had brought it to the surface years earlier when we were fantasizing about and roll playing one of our favorite BDSM scenarios.

We were both sexual freaks and we had discovered early in our relationship that we had an affinity for bondage and dominance. We both identified as switch but my wife seemed to embrace the dominant role while I preferred being her submissive. The scenario we were fantasizing about was her dominating me and making me suck a strap on before bending me over and fucking my ass. We had talked about and messed around with the scenario before and it always got us hot.

My wife had looked down at me with the big realistic looking latex cock strapped to her hips and asked me if I would ever suck her strap on if it was on someone else. We had often discussed group scenarios, though we had yet to indulge those fantasies, so her request was not totally out of the blue. I told her that I would and she said “even if it was on a guy?”

I was a little surprised by her question because while she was openly bisexual we had both agreed that guy/guy stuff did nothing for us and yet I had instantly known what she was asking me.

“Baby, do you want to see me suck a real cock,” I had asked as my mind replaced the image of sucking her strap on while it was around the waist of a pretty woman to me kneeling in front of a buff naked guy.

“Kind of, yeah,” she had answered tentatively. “I know that we both said it wasn’t our thing but I think under the right circumstance it would be really hot. Would you do it?” Her pretty gaziantep bayan eskort eyes fluttered and I could see how much the idea excited her. I had honestly never consciously considered it but I would be lying if I said I had never had a bisexual dream.

“Yes, does that surprise you?” I had asked. I felt my cock throb with excitement at my admission.

“A little but I kind of expected it too. I do know you better than anyone,” she had mused and she did. Often times it seemed like we shared one mind and our sexual proclivities were always perfectly aligned.

“Even myself,” I had replied and it was true. Her question had led to an epiphany as I realized that she was right. Under the right circumstance it would be really hot and as always we both agreed on the circumstances. We both agreed that the guy would have to be buff and shaved and that my wife would be in charge.

“Would you swallow his cum?” She had asked and I told her yes. “Would you let him fuck you in the ass?” She had continued. I told her maybe but over the weeks that followed that changed to a yes and we set out to find a buff, shaved guy to fulfill our fantasy. Our search had taken over a year but it was worth the wait.

My hands slid over his muscular body from his strong thighs to his rippled abs. I could feel my wife’s eyes on me and her soft mews of encouragement added to my excitement as I looked at his big hard cock with rabid lust. It was slightly above average in both length and girth but not freakishly big and it had a bulbous pink circumcised head that glistened with a sheen of precum. Anyone could tell that it was a pretty cock and I couldn’t wait to taste it.

I could smell the faint musky scent of his juices and they seemed to drive my excitement level even higher.

“You like that don’t you Baby, ” my pretty wife groaned deep and low as the wet squishy sounds of her fingers inside her excited pussy.

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned softly as I explored his hard athletic body. My hands moved slowly toward his dick. I’d had the powerful urge to go right for his big dick when I first joined him on the bed but I fought it because I wanted to enjoy exploring his hot, hard body and I wanted him to enjoy the build up to the main event as much as I. Before my epiphany I had never dreamed of blowing someone but in the years afterward it had become my biggest fantasy and I was glad that the reality was living up to my fantasy.

“Suck him Baby,” my wife cooed. “You know you want to.” She was right and I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed his big delicious cock with both hands and took the head into my mouth. The taste and feel of it was incredible and I moaned deeply like a wanton slut as he filled my mouth with hot delicious cock.

My right hand caressed his soft skin and wrapped around him, grabbing his ass and drawing his cock deeper into my mouth as my left cupped his smooth shaved balls. I had sucked my wife’s strap on countless times and his cock was roughly the same size so I was able to take it all the way down my throat without much struggle.

He moaned softly and held my head as his hips jogged slowly fore and aft fucking my hungry mouth with deliberate strokes. We had met him online through a swingers site. He was experienced and openly bisexual and during the previous weeks we had found that we had a good amount of sexual chemistry.

I held his cock deep in my throat for several long moments fighting my gag reflex and enjoying the feel of his throbbing manhood inside me. It was similar to my wife’s strap on but it was warm and alive making it much better. I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I gave head. I was hooked.

“Oh god Baby,” my wife cried out loudly as her body shook with a very powerful climax. Her big natural breasts heaved and jiggeled and her head thrashed from side to side.

He guided me off his dick and onto my back on the big king sized bed I had shared with my wife since we had been married. He straddled my head and lowered his balls to my mouth.

I sucked his big orbs into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them making him groan with pleasure. They felt firm yet soft in my mouth and the salty flavor of sweat was surprisingly pleasant.

I felt the bed shift as my wife joined us. I had wondered how long it would take for her to join in the action. I had been certain that she would not be content to just watch despite her claims and I was right. She climbed between my legs and lowered her dripping wet cunt onto my cock engulfing it in velvety wetness. We had always fit together perfectly and she got so wet that I was able to fuck her and stay hard for hours without cumming. She was the sexiest person I had even known both physically and mentally and she excited me more than anything on the planet.

My wife’s hips ground hard against mine with my dick balls deep inside her as I sucked his delicious balls like I had been doing it all my life. It was complete comfort mixed with nirvana.

I could hear them kissing and I was sure he was playing with my wife’s perfect natural tits. No man could resist them and she squealed with delight as he pinched her nipples hard. She had always loved a little pain and my cock twitched deep inside her liquid core.

My wife rode me hard to a thunderous orgasm. Her body twisted and writhed with pleasure as wave after wave crashed over her like dunes in a hurricane. She rolled off my dick once her orgasm ended and lay beside me with her pretty green eyes locked on the union of my mouth and his balls.

I released his balls and kissed my sexy wife as he leaned forward and began sucking my dick. He gave great head and I moaned loudly as his head bobbed on my hard tool easily taking my thick meat down his throat.

My wife guided his cock into my mouth and moved behind him. I hadn’t noticed but she had her strap on ready and she lubed his asshole before burying it in his ass.

He grunted and exploded in my mouth filling it with hot cream as my wife pounded his ass hard. I had tasted and swallowed my own cum many times before and I liked both the flavor and texture but his was better. It may have been psychosematit but it seemed sweeter and I swallowed it all like a greedy cum guzzling whore.

My wife pulled her strap on from his ass and moved behind me as I lay on my back. She licked my asshole as he sucked my cock making me squirm and moan. Her long tongue penetrated my sphincter and her saliva coated my ass making it slick and wet.

“Are you ready Baby?” She asked as she rubbed it across my ass. She had often fucked my ass and she slid her strap on all the way in with little resistance from my well lubricated asshole. The combination of her girl cock in my ass and his mouth on my dick was too much and I erupted like Mt. Rainier had in the 1800’s spewing gobs of hot cum down his throat. He swallowed it all and my wife bent down to kiss him, sharing the flavor of my seed in a deep passionate kiss.

We lay naked together in bed with my sexy wife sandwiched between us. Our hands roamed over our warm bare flesh touching one another without regard for gender or couple. I kissed my wife and she kissed him. I squeezed her big tits, rubbed her wet pussy and caressed his cock and balls. He touched me and her. She touched both of us. There was no sense of urgency and we allowed our passion to build organically as he and I recovered from the ferocity of our recent orgasms.

“When you two are ready to go I want to watch him fuck you,” my wife sighed. I could tell by the tone of her voice that was only the beginning of her requests and I was fully prepared to honor them all.

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