Liz Part Five


After blindfolding her I tied her spread eagled to the bed, I wanted it to be special for her, she was leaving tomorrow and I wouldn’t see her until her next visit, I doubted that we’d continue the affair I guess both of us
had too much to lose. I stroked her face with my finger across her lips, over her chin down her neck, tracing my finger down to her breast, then slowly circling her nipple watching it respond and harden, I licked her lips and pulled away watching as she opened her mouth ready for my kiss, I touched her tongue with my
finger and returned to her nipple to smear the saliva over it repeating it until her nipple glistened, then I blew on it turning the saliva cold, her nipple hardened more, I couldn’t resist it and sucked the nipple into my mouth, moistened it again and blew it to make it cold. I concentrated on the same nipple for what seemed like ages, revelling in the taste and the cold as I caressed it each time with my lips.

I lay my head on her breasts and traced patterns across her stomach with my fingers, just touching the top of her pubic hair, she raised her hips slightly to meet my caress. Looking at her face was a delight, I stopped my exploration and kissed her hard, my tongue entering her mouth, just as she started to respond I pulled away watching as her tongue stroked the air searching for my lips,
“Don’t tease, it’s not fair.”
“Do you want me to be fair ?”
she paused, I used this to again kiss her, my tongue flicking against hers, I lingered for a moment as she responded to the kiss, then left her licking the air again, she strained her head up trying to find my lips. I left her searching for me, I continued to tempt her with fast and furious kisses or longer passionate ones. I lightly touched her cheek with my tongue, she turned her head and I covered her mouth, our tongues played with each other, finally breaking away, both of us gasping for breath.
“I get turned on just kissing you.”
she sighed gently in response.

We kissed again my finger touching her again, as I stroked her waist she giggled,
“Stop, you know I’m ticklish.”
“Ah yes, your weakness.”
I licked her neck down her shoulder and started to stroke my tongue over her armpit, she laughed caught her breath then stopped,
“See I can stop myself if I want to.”
I stopped and thought for a moment
“So you won’t mind if I carry on then ?”
“No. Don’t. You win.”

I smiled then moved down her body and started to caress her feet blowing her toes then touching them with my tongue, I licked my way up her legs paying special attention to her thighs and hips, I licked, nipped and kissed her stomach, touching her inner thigh with my hand, she gasped escort mecidiyeköy as I traced the line of her lips with my finger, I ran my tongue down the curve of her leg getting ever closer to her pussy then stopped, my hot breath caused her to jump, without warning I sucked her clit between my lips, my tongue running circles around it occasionally rubbing over it, her hips bucked, as soon as I’d started I stopped, she groaned, I could smell the mix of our fluids inside her.

Her breathing was faster than before, I smiled knowing that she was getting aroused,
“Don’t stop, please.”
the need in her voice was incredibly stimulating, I slowly slid a finger into her, as it eased inside a small amount of liquid oozed out, I caught it on my fingers and let it drop onto her lips, she sucked it in and ran
her tongue over her lips removing the final traces, I eased the tip of my finger into her again, more of our mixed juices escaped from her, again I let them drop onto her lips, this time I let her suck my fingers clean, I positioned myself between her legs put my mouth up to her pussy and opened her lips, ready to catch the fluid that escaped on my tongue, an odd, though not unpleasant, taste spread across my tongue, when I had enough in my mouth I moved back up over her body kissed her and pushed the contents into her mouth, her tongue greedily accepted my offering then searched my mouth for more, it was one of the most erotic things I’d done, heightened by her enthusiasm,
“Let me taste you again.”

I willingly obliged, this time sliding my tongue in and out of her before collecting and returning the nectar to her mouth, I returned my mouth to her pussy and eagerly tasted her, I thrust my tongue into her revelling in
the sounds of pleasure escaping her lips, she began to roll her hips in time with my thrusting, I stopped teasing her again, her legs strained against the straps holding her in place, she moaned quietly, pulling her arms against the bonds, I replaced my tongue with two fingers watched her initially tense then relax as they slid deeper inside her, I slowly started to fuck her with them gradually building up speed, occasionally stopping and rubbing her inner walls, she started to make a humming sound, I smiled if she was a cat, that would have been purring, my mouth came down to cover her clit she tensed and stifled a gasp as my tongue ruthlessly attacked her sensitive bud, her hips jerked and her legs tensed, I brought her right
to the edge of orgasm then stopped, she jerked once more then pulled hard against the straps holding her arms in place, I started to kiss her, she shook her head,
“No, please I’m so close, make me come, please.”
she istanbul escorts sounded desperate,
“What price will you pay ?”
“The price ?”
“Anything, anything at all, please, just make me come.”

I returned my mouth to her clit and slid two fingers into her she sighed as they entered, I thrust them in and out flicking her clit with my tongue, she moaned then cut off the sound, her back arched lifting her hips from the bed, I thrust into her stopped and stroked the walls of her pussy whilst rubbing her clit with my tongue, a sudden jet of fluid erupted from her as a cry broke from her lips, I started to thrust again, still rubbing her
clit with my tongue, a drawn out muted cry escaped her, she tensed and another squirt flew from her pussy.
I started to slowly circle her clit and removed one finger from her pussy, her breathing was ragged, I wanted her so much my groin ached for release, I grabbed the butterfly and struggling finally managed to put it on her, I stopped undid the straps from her ankles and wrists and asked her to turn over, her body was shaking so much I had to help her, once in position I retied her wrists, tucked her knees up to her chest and re-bound her ankles together, she was like a rag doll completely limp.

I picked up the butterfly control and turned it onto a low speed, I knelt behind her and slid my throbbing penis fully inside her, she gasped at the sudden and deep penetration, I stopped savouring the feel of my penis fully enveloped in her wet vagina, as her breathing started to return to normal I could feel her begin to grasp my shaft with her muscles, I started to slide in and out of her slowly never once fully removing my penis from her, I continued to slide into her, just enough to keep us both on the boil, I reached over her back and ran my fingers through her hair, slid the blindfold from her eyes and bent, placing kisses on her back,
“Liz, can I enter your rear.”
“What ? No.”
“You did say any price.”
she paused,
“I’ve never done that before.”
“If you don’t want me too I won’t.”
“No it’s just I’ve never thought about it.”
“Never mind, I won’t do anything you don’t want to do.”
there was pause then she said
“Do it before I think of some reasons not too.”

I quickly picked up the KY from the bed squirted some at the entrance to her arse and slid some inside her as well, I smeared some over the shaft of my penis and an even more generous amount onto the head, I guided the tip until it was touching her,
“Are you sure ?”
“No, but do it anyway.”
“OK, but try and relax, this might hurt a little.”
I turned up the speed of the butterfly and escort şişli pushed against her until I could feel her sphincter opening to accept me, suddenly I slid into her, she cried out, I stopped instantly,
“Should I go on.”
my only reply was a nod of her head I held her hips and slid in further until I was completely buried in her, I leant over and released the straps holding her arms,
“Are you alright.”
Again she nodded,
“We can stop if it hurts.”
“It hurt going in, but now it just feels, well, I don’t know, just different.”

I eased out of her picked up a small vibrator slid it into her very wet pussy , she gasped, and grabbed the sheets as her hands made fists, I again put my penis against her arse and slid into her, a lot easier this time, she moaned until I was once again fully buried in her rear passage. I held her hips and slowly started to fuck her arse, the first few strokes were almost unpleasant but after I established a rhythm she relaxed and I was able to increase my pace, I knew that with a very tight arse wrapped around my shaft it wouldn’t be too long until I came, I turned up the butterfly and felt her immediate response as her hips started to sway, it felt wonderful.

I started to speed up, entering and withdrawing from her with long strokes, she dropped her hips a little and I felt the tip of the vibrator push against me from her pussy, it was an odd but nice sensation, I stopped all movement to continue the vibrations that were running along the length of my penis, she moaned quietly and started to rock back against me driving me further into her arse, I felt her spasm around my shaft and thrust hard and deep, I heard a muffled cry as she buried her face into the pillow.

Her hole body seemed to be shaking, her arms were locked straight and her fists were turning white as she clasped the linen, I felt my own orgasm approach and knew I couldn’t hold it even if I wanted to, I thrust
hard into her and stopped I erupted deep inside her bowels, pumping wad after wad of my sperm inside her, through my ecstasy I heard another muffled cry, as I came down I slipped from her untied her and removed the vibrator and butterfly from her, lay next to her and cradled her body in my arms. We lay together for a while not speaking.

She gripped my hand tighter in hers, I almost jumped at the reaction I thought she’d been asleep, after what seemed an age I realised it must have just been a reaction. I fell asleep, my arms wrapped tightly around her, I awoke alone with the sound of her in the shower. I smiled. We spent the night together just holding each other, I stirred when she got up and was vaguely aware of her moving around the room, she kissed my cheek and whispered
I smiled and drifted to sleep.

As I said I was a lot younger when I wrote this. Feel free to let me know what you think…

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