Looking for Mr. Wells


My initial story told of my first experience with another man. “My Cross Country Adventure” detailed my evening with Walt, the elderly gentlemen who picked me up while hitchhiking and taught me a great deal.

This story tells of my further explorations in this way of life. One thing I should have mentioned at the top of the last story was that these events happened in the late 70’s; a time when there were far fewer health concerns than there are today.

I encourage you to read the previous story, but it is NOT necessary in order to be able to read and hopefully enjoy this one. Don’t be put off by the 3 pages, as the last page is only one paragraph. Thanks!


1. College.

After making my way out to my brother’s place in Wisconsin without any further problems, I made the necessary arrangements for school and then investigated the area around Milwaukee. I was still reeling from my incredible evening with Walt, and I was unsure about exactly what I was.

I had always been attracted to girls, and those feelings were still there. Men were another thing. I had never been attracted to men, or so I had thought. Yet, the more I thought about it, the more often I remembered looking at other guys changing in the locker room at school.

I also remember the couple of times I got stuck taking a shower when the gym teacher would insist upon everyone doing so. He even took roll call as you went in, as if you could work up a sweat standing around for a half hour waiting to take a couple of swings at a softball.

Those times were hell, especially when I realized how shortchanged I was in the penis department. When I saw those guys walking around with their cocks swinging I covered myself up as best I could and took the shortest shower imaginable, followed by a quick exit to get my underwear on at top speed. The humiliation was unbearable. Mind you that people never said anything, probably because they didn’t get a good look, but just the same I dreaded it. I took no measurements, but I sure did peek, and I never saw any guy with a smaller dick than mine.

This had a great effect on my love life, as you might guess. I got a hand job from a girl once, and she didn’t say anything bad, but she probably wasn’t all that excited because we stopped seeing each other after that.

From then on, I figured that I needed to find a very innocent girl; one who hadn’t seen very many men before. Marry her before she knew how she was getting cheated, and live happily ever after.

After being with Walt and seeing how little importance he placed on the size of my dick, however, I started to think that just maybe I had been looking in all the wrong places for love and affection.

I recalled that evening often and how much I enjoyed holding another man’s cock; how good it felt and how erotic is was for me. The fact that Walt was so well developed had frightened me at first, but that became a source of excitement as the night went on. When he ended up taking me, the pain was intense but so were the thrilling feelings that came with it. I lost track of how many times I got myself off during the ensuing weeks just thinking about it.

2. Changing myself.

One thing that came of that night was my desire to get into better shape. The sight of me naked in the mirror in all my pudgy glory made me determined to get in condition. I took to running around the campus, and while it was tough at first, once the weight started coming off it became easier. I lost the 25 pounds I was aiming for plus a few more. Now when I stood naked in front of the mirror I looked a lot more presentable without my pot belly.

Another thing that had always bothered me was my hair, or lack thereof. I had no hair on my chest, and my legs had only the lightest dusting on the insides of my lower calves. I could probably have easily counted the few hairs under my arms, and the little tuft around my dick was next to nothing. I didn’t have to shave my face more than once a week either.

The decision took a long time to make, but the actual shaving didn’t take more than five minutes. When I got finished, the only hair on my body was on the top of my head and my eyebrows. Everywhere else was smooth as silk.

My reflection in the mirror was a jolt at first, but the more I looked, the more I liked what I saw. Besides, the absence of hair around my dick made it look bigger. Well, maybe not bigger, but at least you could see all of it now.

After admiring the new me looking back from the mirror, and recalling Walt and that night, a few seconds of pulling on my dick got it hard, and so I began to jerk myself off. I looked at my reflection in the glass as I did, and only the acorn shaped head of my dick was visible with my hand wrapped around it. Nothing to be done about that, I thought to myself as my fist began sliding up and down my dick harder.

Better to finish this in the shower, I thought to myself, and as I stood in the warm spray and rinsed the remnants of the shaving gaziantep bayan eskort cream off my body, I brought myself to a nice orgasm, all the time thinking about Walt and the incredible things we did together.

3. The mixer.

I saw flyers posted around campus for a mixer being thrown by the gay and lesbian alliance and took note of the time and date. It certainly seemed like a possible way to meet a guy, since at least you didn’t have to worry about whether someone was gay or not if they were there.

I dressed neatly but casually in the new clothes I had been forced to buy with my weight loss. Wearing 32 waist jeans was something I hadn’t done since I was 12, and I looked okay in them, although stuffing a sock down in front might have helped the look a bit.

Outside the place that the mixer was being held, I watched as people went in. Most of them just walked right in without a care, while I stood outside trying to make sure no one saw me go in. Finally, after walking past the door for the umpteenth time, I turned abruptly and bolted in.

Inside there were about 100 people standing around talking and listening to the records a guy was playing over in the corner. A girl asked me my name and promptly slapped a big smiley face sticker with TIM written on it in big bold letters. I got a drink and wandered around the room, trying to figure out what to do next.

“Having fun yet… Tim?” a tall husky guy said as he came up to me from the side. I had already heard his distinctive voice rising above the din earlier, and now I saw the face connected with the voice.

“Not yet, but I’m hoping to uh…,” I offered lamely while looking at his name tag. “Doc,” I said while finally finishing the sentence.

“Well, at least you still have hope,” Doc bellowed with a boisterous laugh. “Most of the rest of us here have no hope. I’m sort of the chairman of this sordid group, and it’s my fault you’re standing here in this wake. I know you don’t come here often, because I would have remembered.”

“No, it’s my first time.”


“Excuse me?” I asked in confusion.

“Deer. You look like a deer caught in the headlights.”

“Oh! Sorry.”

“No, please don’t apologize,” Doc said. “I love the shy and innocent type.”

“That’s me I guess. I don’t even know if I should be here or not.”

“Why? Are you FBI or something?” Doc chuckled.

“No, I’m just confused about who I am, or what I am,” I finally said.

“Join the club Timmy. You don’t mind me calling you Timmy do you?” Doc asked and continued without waiting for me to answer. “Most everybody here is confused, and the ones that say they aren’t confused are liars. College is a time for figuring things out, and getting to do it on the folks dime is a bonus.”

“Doc. Is that your real name?” I asked.

“Might as well be, because that’s all everybody calls me,” Doc said. “I’m pre-med, but I’ve been called Doc for almost my whole life.”

“From the cartoon… you know, What’s up Doc?” I suggested.

“That would make for a more socially acceptable story, but I got tagged with that moniker because I’ve always loved giving physicals to guys.”

“Good practice for the future I guess.”

“You could say that, but I was doing it long before I knew my ass from my elbow,” Doc said and exploded with laughter. Doc’s laugh was contagious and I couldn’t help but join him.

“I’m a deviate, but a likeable one,” Doc said as he patted me on the back.

“Maybe I’ll make an appointment with you sometime,” I told Doc. “It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a check up.”

Doc’s laughter faded away and he looked at me with a glint in his eye.

“No appointment necessary for you Timmy,” Doc said softly. “In fact, if you want to stick around until this thing ends, maybe we can go have a drink afterward.”

“Okay,” I heard myself saying, and Doc smiled and headed off to try and get his party energized.

I watched as the very genial Doc went from group to group while I finally started breathing again. I guess that I had just been flirting with a guy for the first time in my life, and it appeared that I had succeeded. Doc seemed like a really nice guy and at the very least the night might be entertaining.

Doc was a big guy, that much I noticed from standing beside him. He was about four inches taller than my 5’10” and had a husky build, much like mine, or should I say like mine used to be. I guessed him to be in his early 20’s, which made him about 4 or 5 years older than me.

Doc had carrot colored hair, cut a little shorter than my just over the ear look. His meaty arms were covered with hair, and the fur on his chest was peeking out from the open neck of his shirt. He was just a big old teddy bear, and as I watched him work the room my imagination worked as well, wondering what the rest of the night would bring.

4. Doc’s place.

I helped Doc wrap up the mixer, and found myself walking up the stairs to his apartment soon after. He had a small but neat apartment, and as Doc got us a couple of drinks, I looked at his record collection. It was mostly jazz, and I recognized a few as ones I owned.

“You a jazz fan?” Doc sai from behind me as he handed me a beer.

“Some of it. I love Bitches Brew,” I said pulling out the album. “Weather Report. Stuff like that.”

“A fusion man,” Doc said with a chuckle. “Sounds good to me. Now if I could only get you to relax.”

Doc stood slightly to my side and behind me, and I could feel his breath on the back of my neck while his hand gently kneaded my shoulder.

“Sorry,” I said as my heart went up to my throat. “I’ve got to be honest with you. I’ve only been with one man in my life.”

“It must have been good for you, or else you wouldn’t be looking for more,” Doc whispered into my ear.

“It was,” I admitted.

“Tell me about it,” Doc asked while I looked blankly ahead at his record albums without seeing them. “Don’t spare any details, and talk dirty too. That really turns me on, and believe me just looking at you already had me turned on plenty.”

“You really want to hear about it?”

“Hell yes,” Doc said as he nuzzled the back of my neck, causing my whole body to shiver.

“I was hitchhiking after I got my bus ticket stolen and this elderly guy picked me up and drove me west a few hundred miles. He got us a motel room and after we went to bed I felt his hand on my hip.”

“Oh man, I’m going to cream in my jeans any minute,” Doc said as his hand slid down my back and squeezed my ass.

“He reached down and grabbed my dick and started to jerk me off.”

“Then what happened?” Doc asked.

“I came. Then he went down on me and I came again.”

“And you liked it?”

“God yes!” I exclaimed. “It was the first time my dick had been in a mouth. Then he put my hand on his cock.”

“How did it feel?”

“Big,” I said.

“Mmmmm… you like the big cocks then Timmy?” Doc said as he rubbed my back.

“It was the only one I’ve ever touched, so I don’t know,” I confessed. “I did like that one though. Problem is, everybody else’s cock looks big to me. I’m really small.”

“Oh yeah?” Doc asked. “I’m not. That okay?”

“Yes,” I croaked meekly.

“Here,” Doc said as he took my free hand. “See what you and your story have done to me?”

Doc brought my hand down and put it on his crotch. I felt the thick bulge in his jeans and my hand slid down to follow the outline. As my hand finally reached the end of his cock well down the inside of his thigh my breath caught in my throat, creating a sound that matched the nervous way I felt.


“What else did you two do?” Doc said as he rubbed up against me some more.

“He put a finger in my ass, and then another one,” I said rather breathlessly. “Then he put his cock in.”

“You let this guy put his big cock in your ass?” Doc said. “How did it feel?”

“It hurt. It hurt real bad,” I recalled. “But then it started to feel okay, and by the time he came, I was sorry it was over.”

“Oh you are such a naughty boy Timmy,” Doc said. “Anything else happen?”

“He let me stick my dick in his ass.”

“You did? You liked it?”

“Yes, but I liked jerking him off while I did it just as much,” I said. “I put his cock in my mouth while he was asleep, but I never got the chance to really do it.”

“Never sucked a cock before?” Doc said, and I shook my head no in response. “How would you like to suck on mine? I’d love to be your first.”

“I’ll probably do it badly, but I want to try” I said.

5. Doc’s bedroom.

Doc brought me into his bedroom, which was covered with posters of a wide spectrum of topics from music to nature and everything in between. The light stayed on, which made me a little uncomfortable at first, but things were happening so fast I had no time to react.

Doc brought me over the the side of his waterbed and took my hands in his and put them on his chest. My fingers were trembling as I fumbled trying to undo the buttons, My ineptness caused Doc to smile as he watched.

“You’re so sweet Timmy,” Doc said. “I don’t care whether you’re an actor or just really innocent. You’re turning me on like I can’t believe.”

“No act,” I muttered in frustration. “Nobody could be this lame on purpose.”

“Not lame Timmy. Sweet. Just take your time man. We aren’t going anywhere, or at least I hope not, and I’m not laughing at you.”

I managed to eventually get all the buttons of Doc’s shirt undone and pulled it off his beefy shoulders. His upper torso was completely covered with thick red hair. My hands ran through the dense carpet, and as my fingers ran over Doc’s plump nipples I watched them blossom before my eyes. He was a little chubby but fairly solid, and had to be the hairiest man I had ever seen.

“Not exactly Charles Atlas, am I?” Doc asked.

“You look nice,” I said. “Feel nice too,” I added while running my hands over his shoulders. Impulsively I raised his arm and buried my face in the thick tuft of hair that fairly exploded from Doc’s armpit. When I kissed and licked the lightly scented fur and heard Doc groan, I knew that I was doing something right.

My hands fumbled with Doc’s belt for a moment before Doc gently pressed down on my shoulders. I went to my knees and worked on opening the buckle. I could have done a better job with it but I had a lot of trouble keeping my eyes off the absurd bulge that commanded my attention. There was a slight damp spot right where the bulge ended which I found exciting to look at. I suspected I had a stain of my own by this point, because my dick was pulsating with excitement.

The belt opened up and I pulled Doc’s jeans off with his help. Doc’s legs were coated with more of the brilliant orange hair that he was apparently covered with. He was wearing white boxer shorts with red stripes. They were not the real long and baggy variety, but it was still an unreal sight when I saw the pink tip of his cock peeking out of the leg opening. A strand of precum hung off the end, and my finger swiped at it before I reached up for the elastic of his boxers.

My hands were now shaking so badly that I was getting dizzy looking at them. I undid the clasp at the top and slowly pulled them down. As they came down, the thick pelt of hair continued until just above his cock, where it seemed that Doc had shaved around the base of his member.

Doc’s cock was pinned down along the leg of his boxers, and as the shorts came lower it came into view. The base of his shaft was thick and actually seemed to get thicker as more was revealed. When I got the boxers down past his cock, it sprang up wildly in response to being freed, almost clubbing me in the chin as it swung upward.

Doc’s cock was breathtaking, and the gasp that exploded out of me when it was exposed was unintentional but honest. Doc’s gigantic cock bobbed in front of him much like a diving board being jumped on. The impossibly long and almost inhumanly thick tool arched slightly upward toward his navel, exposing the richly veined underside and the pale white skin stretched so taut that it seemed ready to tear from the strain. The gentle upward curve also exposed Doc’s pendulous scrotum, which was as outrageously oversized as the rest of his equipment. The way he had shaved around the base of his cock made it look even larger than it was.

I looked up at Doc, who was smiling down at me, clearly enjoying my look of awe which I couldn’t have hidden if I wanted to.

“You do like the big cocks, don’t you Timmy?” Doc asked while he cradled the back of head and pulled me toward his tool. “Show me how much you like mine. Just watch your teeth.”

I didn’t need any encouragement, and I leaned forward, letting my tongue slide along the underside of his cock right down to his balls before retracing the path right back up to the tip. My tongue dabbed at the cum which was leaking out of the opening of his cock, and it tasted musty but not unpleasant. I dragged my tongue up and down the underside, which not only made Doc groan but kept the precum oozing out of him. My fingernails ran up and down his furry thighs as I licked away.

This teasing was not only fun for me, it also bought me some time, as I tried to figure out how I would ever be able to get Doc’s huge cock in my mouth. The head was bulbous to say the least; the pink crown was the size of a plum and the ridge of it flared out widely.

When I finally touched Doc’s cock for the first time he groaned loudly. My fists squeezed the shaft tightly, and I gently twisted my hands as I pumped him. My lips slid up the head of his cock, and I tried to keep my teeth from scraping the bulb as I took him in. Once I got the head inside my mouth, I began moving my lips back and forth over the ridge, unable to take much of the shaft beyond that. I tried to make up for what my mouth couldn’t do by using my hands on the rest of him.

I knew that I was doing something right, because Doc was grabbing handfuls of my hair and breathing heavily. His knees buckled a little and he suddenly yelled out to me.


I had so little warning that I had no choice about what to do. I felt him spurt into my mouth, and the roof of my mouth absorbed the first few blasts. Another spurt went down my throat which almost made me gag, but I put my tongue over the tip of his cock. This diverted the force of his orgasm, and I managed to keep him in my mouth while his ejaculations eventually subsided.

Doc pulled me up to my feet and kissed me, his tongue dancing inside of my cum-filled mouth, while his hands clutched my buttocks. The slightly sour taste of his cum was not unpleasant at all even after his tongue spread it around my mouth.

“If that was your first head, you are going to be unbelievable in no time,” Doc said as he held me close.

“I think my jaw is dislocated,” I said as I flexed it to get it back into alignment. “I guess that there are big cocks, and then there are BIG cocks. Your cock looked so amazing that I wanted to take all of you into my mouth so badly.”

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