Lovely Brunette


In the city of Fullerton, Lisa arrived home after a long day at work. She had hoped to see her husband in the house, and when she walked inside, she heard the faint sound of music originating from upstairs. At first, Lisa thought none of it. But then, she began to recognize the distinct mainstream sound of the song. It was a song performed by Katy Perry, from one of her earlier albums. Her husband never had the tolerance to listen to pop music. He usually listened to Oasis, Fall Out Boy, and other various rock bands.

Lisa grew curious. The twenty-seven-year-old woman tiptoed upstairs and looked to see that the door to the master bedroom had been left partially open. She could see that her husband had closed the curtains. The music continued to play at mid-volume. Lisa crept closer to the door. And when she reached it, she leaned against the wall. Slowly and carefully, she leaned forward to see what transpired in the bedroom.

What she just witnessed had become an instant shock. Corey, her twenty-seven-year-old husband, had a different look. He stood in front of the mirror wearing something only worn by women. It was a white dress with a sleeveless top, a thin brown belt around the waist, and a skirt that ended at the knees. He had taken his shoes and socks off, which revealed his hairless legs. He seemed to have enjoyed looking in the mirror and seeing himself wearing it. He danced by moving his body in a slow and seductive motion while whispering to himself with a more feminine tone of voice.

“Oh, you look wonderful.”

He still didn’t notice his own wife staring at him from the open entryway. He had changed from his normal persona to one that Lisa had never seen before. She became astonished at his transformation. But she also felt quite amused at the secret.

She folded her arms across her chest. “What do we have here?”

Corey turned around with a look of surprise. With his eyes wide open, he blurted, “Oh, no! It’s not what it looks like.”

Lisa smiled. “Don’t try to lie to me. The truth is out.”

She ignored his shock and examined him with an elaborate gaze. Corey actually did quite well with his temporary makeover. With the exception of his short brown hair, he would have succeeded with what he aimed for. His short and slim physique matched his womanly role. The white dress seemed perfect for him.

Corey almost had trouble speaking. “I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

His embarrassment meant nothing to Lisa. “I can’t really complain. You really look good in that.”

Corey now looked a little perplexed. “You really think so?”

“Oh, yeah. I never expected you to wear something like this, and yet it fits you. My only question is, how long have you been doing this with me out of the house?”

Still looking nervous, Corey replied, “For about a month now.”

“That long, huh?”

Corey just nodded.

Lisa walked around him, keeping her gaze on the dress worn by her husband. “Why are you doing this?”

“Well, you see, uh…I just wanted to see what it felt like wearing this dress. You know, I just fantasize being like you, wearing this and all that. Please don’t think less of me for that.”

Lisa laughed. “I just find it funny that you’re not going all the way with this.”

“Uh…what do you mean?”

Lisa stepped closer. “Well, in order to be like me, you’re gonna have to do what I really want to do.”

“And what’s that?”

Lisa stepped forward and whispered in his ear. “You know how naughty I can be.”

She looked down to see Corey trembling for a moment. He said, “Yes, you can gaziantep bayan eskort be really naughty when you want to be.”

Lisa gave him a big smile. “Now, it’s your turn to feel this way.”

She pulled out her smartphone from her pocket and selected a specific phone number to call.

Corey asked, “Who are you calling?”

“Just wait. I want to see if Martin is home.”

Martin was their next-door neighbor. He was one year younger than both of them, and always had a taste for brunettes.

When he picked up, Lisa announced, “There’s someone waiting for you in our house. Why don’t you come in and we’ll introduce her to you?”

When Martin told her that he would be on his way over, she hung up.

Corey looked confused. “What’s happening here?”

Lisa showed off her sly smile. “If you want to know what it’s like to be me, then you’re going to have to feel what it’s like to be me.”

Corey’s eyes widened yet again. “Oh, please tell me you’re not being serious. Please tell me that this is a joke.”

Lisa hushed him up by placing her finger between his lips. “Oh, don’t be afraid. I’ll be here with you. I’ll show you how to take it like a woman.”

Corey still didn’t look too sure of this. “Um…you know, I’ll just send this dress back to the store and ask for a refund.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Lisa wagged her finger at him. “Don’t disobey me. Stay here.”

She left the room and went downstairs to open the front door. Martin had arrived just in time. He was a well-built figure, with black hair, muscular arms, and a healthy thirst for beautiful women. She led him upstairs and into the master bedroom.

She almost laughed at the sight of her own husband. Never had he looked so nervous, especially in a white dress. It could have very well been stage fright at this point.

Martin had one good look at him. “Oh, he looks good. REALLY good.”

Corey already began to play the part of the feminine side. He grew weak in the knees and raised his closed fists up to his chest like a powerless damsel in distress.

Martin stepped forward. “Yes, that’s what I want to see.”

Lisa took a seat on the bed and watched as Martin touched her husband on the shoulder. He slid his fingers down Corey’s arm with confidence.

Corey took deeper breaths. “Maybe I’m just too shy.”

Lisa chuckled. “That’s even better. Pretend that you’re helpless. Pretend that you eagerly await your fate, even if it’s a little frightening to you.”

Martin raised up Corey’s skirt and smiled. “No underwear. You already can’t wait. I like that.”

It appeared that Corey tried to laugh but failed.

Martin’s smile almost had a sinister vibe to its appearance. “Fall to your knees.”

Corey still shivered. “Why?”

“Don’t ask. Just do what I say.”

Corey didn’t say another word as he went down and stood on his knees. He and Lisa watched as he unfasted his belt and unzipped his pants. He revealed a long hard cock that emerged from its hiding spot.

Corey gasped. “Oh, my…It’s so big.”

Martin laughed. “Impressive, isn’t it? Just wait what happens next.”

With quickness, he grabbed Martin by the head and pulled him closer to his cock. Corey’s eyes remained wide with shock as the cock had complete access to Corey’s mouth.

Lisa couldn’t help but smile. Everything had started off well. She could hear Corey moan like a nervous virgin. His suppressed femininity arose from his first encounter with another man.

Lisa gave her command. She made sure that she said everything with a suggestive flair. “Don’t be afraid. Take it in. You’ll like it very much.”

Corey didn’t attempt to escape. He stayed on his knees and let both his wife and their neighbor take compete control of him while gaining satisfaction with their directions. His white dress completed the image of a submissive soul waiting to be used by his predator.

Martin licked his lip. “That’s right. This is what you really want.”

Corey grabbed hold of Martin’s legs as the latter thrust his cock deeper into the gaping mouth. Lisa paid close attention to this spectacle. With her own husband wearing the white dress (which he most likely purchased from a store without her knowing about it), it now made her approve of his continuation toward an unexpected path. She stayed silent as Corey kept moaning with his girlish tone of voice.

Martin whispered, “Let me feel some of that tongue action.”

Lisa assumed that Corey started to lick the dick from all sides. That certainly made her giggle with delight.

Martin’s thrusts grew quicker and harder. Corey sounded like he almost had trouble with the cock in his throat as his voice gave off a gurgling sound. Nevertheless, he still didn’t try to fight back as he clearly adored this new feeling that he received.

Martin suddenly growled and squeezed Corey’s brown hair tightly. Corey’s wide eyes gave Lisa the impression that Martin had ejected his contents deep inside his mouth. From between the lip and the cock, a thin trail of semen slid right out and dripped down Corey’s chin.

Martin let go of Corey’s hair and pull his cock right out of him. “It tastes good, doesn’t it?”

Corey wiped away the thick cum on his chin. “It was really warm. I like it.”

Lisa loved the sight of her husband feeling quite satisfied while wearing that dress. “Oh, Corey. This is just the beginning.”

Martin seemed to have agreed. He pulled a chair from the corner and took off all his clothes. Corey, while still on his knees like a slave, saw everything. Just gazing at the naked body made him moan with an eagerness unseen from him by his own wife.

Martin took a seat on the chair and showed off his cock still erect even after its most recent eruption. “Go on. Sit on it.”

With a deep breath, Corey stood up and went for his next objective. He and Martin faced each other. He lowered himself right on top of Martin’s cock while lifting his skirt.

Lisa added, “I hope you’re ready for it.”

Corey spoke with a womanly voice. “I am definitely ready for it.”

The tip of the penis touched his hole. Without a moment to lose, he lowered himself even further down. In just a few seconds, the entire cock was now deep inside him. He gasped but didn’t have time to linger. Martin seized him and held him tight. Corey wrapped his legs around Martin and, with pure astonishment in his eyes and in his voice, continued to embrace the similar feeling that Lisa would have with their own passionate pastime.

Lisa fanned herself with her fingers. “Oh, this looks really good. You love that dick, don’t you?”

Corey bounced up and down with glee. “Yes, I love it when it’s deep inside me!”

Lisa never looked away. She saw her husband and their neighbor joining together and jumping upwards on the chair as the cock attacked the hole. Corey’s hair danced in the air as a result of the bouncing that he participated in. He squeezed his eyes shut as Martin thrust his cock straight up inside the tight ass. This lasted for several minutes. Martin held Corey right and never let go. Corey, still wearing the white dress, seemed to accept this most thrilling performance as the truth in its most glorious form.

Martin breathed between his gritted teeth. “It sure feels good, doesn’t it?”

Corey never stopped bouncing up and down. “I want more!”

Lisa felt proud of him. “That’s right. That’s how it’s done.”

She could see a drop of sweat pouring down Martin’s forehead. In fact, the bedroom seemed to experience a higher temperature, as well as higher humidity. Both men in action gave an atmospheric improvement with their explicit roles.

Corey wailed like a woman. “Let me have it! Your dick is so big!”

Martin smiled. “Oh, you really love a dick in your ass, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes! Yes, I want it deep in my ass!”

All of a sudden, Martin jump up off of the chair and brought Corey down to the ground. Now, Martin was right on top of him. He thrust his big cock downward. Corey couldn’t help but give a little yelp when this happened. He dug his fingers into the carpet as his obedience matched his alter ego.

He cried out, “Oh, give it to me! Give me that dick!”

His voice almost reached a higher pitch. Martin didn’t stop. He kept ramming his companion with so much force and passion that Corey would never dare to believe that there would be even a hint of disappointment.

Lisa felt the need to reach down her pants and rub herself to heighten the tension in her body. Watching her own husband being someone else as another man gave him the ultimate thrill ride made her feel lucky that she chose someone like him. She even rarely blinked throughout. She smiled as she embraced her freedom to observe the adventure that Corey was willfully partaking in.

His moans grew louder. “Oh, keep fucking me! Don’t stop!”

Martin showed no signs of ending his pattern. “Keep acting like a bitch!”

Corey’s womanly gestures continued. “Oh, I want that dick!”

Lisa’s body tightened as she knew that the climax was approaching.

Martin yelled, “Oh, yeah! Here it comes!”

Corey screamed as loud as he could. Martin’s last thrust was the strongest. As soon as he was finished, he finally pulled out of Corey and laid right beside him. Lisa leaned forward to see large ounces of semen spilling out of her husband’s hole and forming a small puddle on the carpet.

She asked, “So how did it feel?”

Corey, still stunned by Martin’s stamina, replied, “Oh, it felt good.”

Martin stood up from the floor. “I’m going to enjoy having him around.”

Lisa smiled. “And I’m going to enjoy watching it.”

Corey let out a long sigh of relief as he remained lying on the floor. He wiggled around on the carpet with his newly formed feminine mystique. “I think I like being this way.”

Lisa leaned over and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I knew you would. Now do you see what it feels like to be a woman?”

Corey moaned. “I want to feel it again. I hope I get to do it again this week.”

Martin chuckled. “Don’t worry. I still be around to fuck you hard.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Hell, yes.”

Lisa received a new sense of pride for her marriage. She had always seen her husband as an innocent individual who never engaged in wicked activities. Now that she discovered his secret, this would change their relationship for the better. She enjoyed watching him experiencing a more feminine scenario. Seeing him in a dress made her want him to be dominated by another man. And she had many other men in mind besides Martin. In her mind, she quickly went through various single men who would be willing to make Corey submit like a shy and gentle creature.

She whispered in Corey’s ear. “Let’s see how many other men you can handle.”

That statement alone made this lovely brunette shiver with excitement.

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