March Madness Ch. 04

Big Tits

For a couple of weeks, a friend of mine since High School has been blackmailing me into having gay sex with him. Actually, I’ve been the one sucking cock and getting my ass fucked. He came over to my apartment about three weeks ago and was helping me fix my computer while we took in some of the NCAA tournament basketball games. He identified the virus on my computer but he also found some gay porn sites that I had viewed. I had never had sex with another man before. Nor had I really ever fantasized about it. It was actually something I often joked about with close buddies. But one evening while looking at porn and watching some of the lesbian videos, I was drawn to some of the guys going down on each other.

I actually looked at several videos of guys sucking and fucking and even downloaded a couple before I finally jacked off to an older couple seducing a young coed into having her first lesbian sex. Randy found the videos and e-mailed my Internet site history back to his computer and threatened to expose me to our friends if I did not give him a blowjob.

While at first I was indignant and refused, I did have a little bit of curiosity after watching the other videos. That and we had both drank a good bit that afternoon. Before the night was over, he not only had me suck his cock, my first, but he fucked my virgin ass.

I thought that would be the only instance, but days later at his apartment, he again made his threats. Since I had done it before, I put up just a little resistance although I informed him that was to be the last of it. What I did not know was this time he had hidden a video camera out of view and actually filmed me sucking his dick, taking his cock in my ass, and actually jacking off on camera. To make matters worse, he loaded the video on one of the very sites from which I downloaded the porn.

Most of the camera angles avoided showing our faces and in the few that did, he blurred them out. It was difficult to make us out. In the days that followed, he loaded more videos and at last count, no less than 30,000 views were tracked on one that showed him fucking my ass.

I’m not gay! I actually have a beautiful girl that I have dated off and on since college. Sandy is a gorgeous blonde that I met at a fraternity party. She had been seeing one of my fraternity brothers for a while. But he was one that moved around from girl to girl and eventually he stopped seeing her. But not before he told most of us in the frat what a good piece of ass she was. I had no intention of entering into a prolonged relationship with her. I just wanted to see just how good she really was… and he was right, she was the best I had ever had. Sandy seemed to be far more experienced than myself when it came to sex which was great by me.

Over the last few years, we have dated other people but always seem to come back to each other. Sandy travels a good bit in her job as a pharmaceuticals rep and I have never considered what she did on the road. But I assume she has been faithful to me over the last year, which is one of the things that has been eating at me. Not only was I having sex with someone else…it was with another guy.

What would she think? Would she think me perverted? I couldn’t allow her to find out and would go to any length and do whatever Randy asked me to do to avoid her or my other friends finding out. Last night, he called and asked me to shave the hair off my cock and balls paying particular attention to my asshole. If he found one hair, he said he would touch up one of the videos he had downloaded on the Internet and make it clear for anyone looking to see who the whore was taking it up the ass.

While I should have been put off by the request, I actually got excited about doing it and afterwards jacked off in the bathroom looking at my hairless cock. Sandy had invited me over for the next evening and I had already determined I would tell her I did it for her. Sandy has always shaved her little twat. It was hairless the first night I went down on her on our second date. Like I said, sex with her is just about the best thing in our relationship.

I arrived at Sandy’s apartment about seven giving her ample time to arrive home after going to the gym. Sandy goes to a fitness center about three times a week and keeps her body in great shape. I walked in finding Sandy just coming out of the bathroom after a shower. She had a towel wrapped around her body and one wrapping her pretty blonde hair.

“Why don’t we skip dinner and just get straight to the desert,” I said as I wrapped her tight warm body in my arms.

“I have a meatloaf in the oven, but I hope you’re feeling this horny later,” she smiled back as she planted her soft lips to mine.

Dinner couldn’t be over quick enough as she started cleaning up the mess from our plates. I went into help, more so to speed things up, than to be helpful. It almost seemed that all the sex with Randy made me that much hornier and I was excited to see what she would say about my newly shaved crotch.

We gaziantep bayan eskort grabbed our wine and headed off to her bedroom that already had a scented candle burning on her dresser. I pushed her softly down on the bed and eased down with her as I began kissing her. Her soft lips are plump and her tongue greeted mine as we lay together. She had changed into a satin robe after her shower and I untied the belt that held it at the waist and began trailing kisses down her neck. I could taste the lotion she applies after her showers and baths. Its sweet fragrance felt tangy on my tongue as I slid down to her breast and licked a hardening nipple in my mouth. She moaned softly as I pulled the bud in my mouth, sucking it, and licking all around her nipple. Switching from one to the other, I licked her breasts, stopping only to move up again and suck her awaiting tongue she would stick out.

“I have something I want to show you,” I said softly in her ear as I darted my tongue in, nibbling softly on her lobe.

“I hope you have something you want to give me,” she countered with a smile as I pulled off my t-shirt and then pulled at my buttons on my jeans. I had already slipped off my shoes and I rarely wear briefs with my jeans as I pushed them down and then stepped out of them as they bundled around my ankles.

Her gaze was right at my cock. Already hardening she stared, looking at my shaved cock and balls. “Baby, you,” she paused. “You shaved your cock,” she said in surprise.

“You’ve always shaved yours. I wanted to see what we felt like together… just our bare skin rubbing,” I smiled lying back to her. If she only knew I shaved because another man asked me to. No, commanded me to.

“Come over here,” she purred as she tilted her head over the bed. I stepped forward and my cock met her warm mouth. Her soft lips touching the head of my dick, her fingers dancing on my naked skin which just hours ago was covered in hair. She took my cock in her mouth, her lips sliding up and down on the shaft. Occasionally she would remove it, and as my cock slid across her face, she would kiss the skin just above my cock, trailing her tongue, and then moving back down my shaft to the crown.

“Oh baby. I like this. I like what you did. I can’t wait to feel it in my cunt,” Sandy said as she looked up at me, returning my dick to her hot mouth. She continued to suck on me for several minutes as I ran my fingers to her pussy. She spread her legs and gave me full access to her hot box which had already begun to moisten and become quite wet.

“Baby, I want you to fuck me…and then I want you to do what you did the other night,” Sandy cooed.

I knew exactly what she was asking. The other evening at her apartment we had kissed after she gave me a blowjob. It was the first time I had ever done that, which later led to me going down on her after we had fucked. She had pleaded with me to eat her pussy and to suck out the sperm I had planted there. She had no idea I had been eating a lot of sperm lately including my own from Randy. She just assumed it was a new element to our love making, taking our sex to another level.

“Will you? Will you fuck me and then eat me?” she asked as she continued to suck on my dick rubbing my ass cheeks in her hand as they moved up and down my back leg, grasping a cheek.

“If you want me to,” I said back, almost as if it were a chore. In reality, I wanted to. I had hoped she would ask me and maybe would have done it anyway.

She pulled me onto the bed and then flipped up on top of me as she again began kissing me. Sucking my tongue and forcing hers past my lips. She planted soft kisses down my neck and paused at my nipple. She knew that I loved her sucking on my nipples. It was an erogenous place we had discovered a couple of years ago. I never knew a guy could get off having his nipples played with. Now it was a regular thing for her to suck my nipples and sometimes stick her finger in my ass, although I had balked on her using a dildo on me — at least until now.

She bit and tugged on my little nip, sucking it, as her big lips made sucking noises as she toyed with them. She scooted down and then raised up as I felt her grab my dick and then guided her hot twat down. Softly she sat down and then raised up as I felt her juicy pussy. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I really could tell the difference as her hot box came to rest on my shaved crotch. Her juices coated my cock and ran down on my crotch as she rubbed her little clit and drew a titty to her mouth.

Her breast are not quite big enough for her to suck but she can lick them with her tongue and she did so, giving her right breast a good licking. We had been fucking for just a few minutes before she leaned back down and took my nipple in her mouth. She knows playing with my ass or nipples is a sure way for me to shoot my load.

“You gonna’ come for me baby? You gonna’ shoot your load in my hot little pussy and then eat it out for me,” she said as she looked down at me. She grabbed her titties in her hands and pinched both nipples between her fingers as she continue her oral assault.

“You gonna lick all that stuff you put in there? Clean me out real good,” she purred as she rode up and down on my cock. I watched her bouncing up and down. Her little naked pussy on my shaved cock.

“Damn baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m really gonna cum,” I declared as I felt my cock start to spasm. “Damn, here it comes,” I almost yelled as I raised up and she rode, pushing back and meeting my thrust.

“Yea, Dale. Come for me baby. Shoot it all in my cunt,” Sandy said as she leaned down and sucked again on my nipples, lightly biting one as she toyed with it until my orgasm started to subside and I collapsed back down on the bed.

“You really did cum baby. I bet you shot gallons up my cunt. Now do what you promised. Clean me up with your tongue,” she purred as she scooted off my dick as it plopped onto my stomach trailing a strand of cum. She moved up the bed and then crawled over my head with her legs to each side of my face as she lowered her steaming cunt to my mouth. “Go ahead baby. Taste our juices. Lick my little twat.”

I looked up to see her smiling as she parted her cunt lips as the first of my cum started backing up and dripped on my chin. I took my tongue and licked between the folds of her cunt, tasting the hot load that I had deposited there. It was salty and thick but I recognized the taste immediately. “Oh yeah baby, lick my little button. Lick my clit as you suck up all that juicy cum you put there,” Sandy said as she twisted her nipples.

I licked and would find a huge load of cum that I hungrily swallowed before I moved up her pussy and found her clit. I sucked and nibbled on it before returning to her cunt hole finding more sperm beginning to leak back out. She rubbed her clit with her finger which she occasionally stuck in my mouth before returning it to her button as I continued my licking. Finally I felt her legs quiver and tighten beside my head and knew she was close to cumming. I sucked harder on her clit and then stuck my tongue as far up her cunt as it would go as she began bucking wildly on my face.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yea,” she screamed as I continued. Eventually she collapsed beside me and neither of us moved for a couple of minutes. I wiped my chin which was covered in our juices. I looked over and she was staring at the ceiling fan which turned slowly above us. “That was some good shit,” she said almost out of breath.

“No one ever has eaten my pussy like you. Damn, you’re good in bed,” she declared. “You gonna’ stay the night?” she asked looking over.

“Sure, if you want me to. You have to get me up early though if I’m gonna’ get back to my place and change before going to work,” I countered.

“Good. I don’t think I can get up. Will you go check the doors?” she asked with a smile. Her breasts still rising rapidly as the sweat trickled down the mounds of her flesh and down from her forehead.

The next morning as I was stepping out from the shower, she was standing in front of a mirror applying liner to her eyes. She was wearing just a black thong but had already dried her hair. She looked over and watched as I toweled off, bringing the cloth up my legs and then between my balls. I saw that twinkle in her eye and that devilish grin just as she knelt on the tiled floor.

Give me the towel she said as she folded it over and shoved it under her knees. Then she took my cock in her mouth and began bathing my shaft with her tongue. Every once and a while she sucked on my balls, caressing them in her soft hands, and then running her hot tongue over the hairless sac. Her plump lips wrapped around my cock as she stroked my shaft, lubed with her spit. She coated her finger with her spit and then I felt her probe my backside with her finger. Dancing softly on the outside, she worked it in and then began to move the digit back and forth.

I wondered if she knew how stretched it had become. Could she tell that it was no longer as tight as it was before Randy started fucking me? Could she tell that I was no longer an anal virgin? That his cock had literally stretched my asshole. Her finger moved in and out and then, two fingers as she found I was relaxed and could accept more than just one.

It wasn’t long before I felt that familiar twinge and I launched a load, then another into her mouth. When I had cum, she stood up with my cock still in her hand. I knew what to expect as she closed her lips over mine and opened her mouth. Her tongue pried my lips open and I felt the warm cum flood my mouth as she stirred it with her tongue. Her plump lips slid over mine and we kissed for several minutes until we had both swallowed all the cum she had deposited in my mouth. She leaned back and looked me in the eyes and then gave me one more quick peck to the lips before she walked over to the sink and cupped her hand under a stream of water and rinsed out her mouth.

She finished dressing, brushed her teeth, and applied her perfume and then told me to lock up on my way out. I sat on her bed as I heard the sounds of her heels on the kitchen floor, then the sound of her keys as the door opened and shut.

On Thursday, Randy and I were scheduled to watch the Villanova — Duke game at his apartment. At least that was the story. I knew while the game was on, I’d likely see little of it. I arrived at his apartment dressed like he requested – barefooted in gym shorts and a t-shirt. We lived in the same apartment complex so it was a quick walk over. I arrived just before tip off and made my way in through his back door.

“Great, you’re here. I believe you know what to do,” Randy said with a somewhat smug look on his face. I slipped off my t-shirt and moved the shorts down my legs and stepped out. I dropped both on the kitchen counter and walked on into the den. It was then I noticed the camera set up on the tripod. In the past, the video camera had been hidden but this time it was in plain view. Looking at the TV, it was us featured on his wide screen…not the basketball tournament.

“I see you shaved it. That looks good. Has sandy seen it yet?” he inquired. I nodded my head.

“I asked you a question,” he asked again more firmly.

“Yes, I was at her place last night. We got together,” I replied.

“Got together,” he countered. “Ya’ll fucked,” he shot back. “Did you tell her I asked you to shave yourself?”

I shook my head as Randy retorted, “Of course not. You don’t won’t her to know what a little cock slut you’ve become — my little bitch. That’s what you are right? My little bitch?” he kept on as he took a swig of his beer.

“Get on your knees and come over here,” he commanded as I sank to my knees and crawled over. “Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want to have right now,” he sneered.

“I want to suck your cock. Can I please suck your cock?” knowing what he wanted to hear.

“Yea, yea you can have it. Come pull it out. Come wrap those fag lips around my dick,” he countered.

I crawled over and pulled his shorts down. He wasn’t wearing briefs either and his cock and balls were soon bared as I pulled the shorts off. Randy grabbed his cock in his hand and held it up. “This what you want boy? You want to suck on this a while?”

“Yes. Can I? Can I suck your cock? I want to feel your dick in my mouth. Please,” I begged. I couldn’t believe that was me. I looked over and saw me kneeling naked before my friend on the TV. He had a remote and zoomed in on my face. My own cock was hard and it bobbed up and down betraying my excitement.

“Yea, go ahead. Suck me,” he said as I placed soft kisses on the head of his dick. I took his cock in my mouth and began to coat it with my spit. I lifted his nut sac and sucked on a ball much like Sandy had done me the previous evening. I stroked his cock with my hand, gripping it firmly as I pulled the crown to my mouth and teased his slit with my tongue.

“Damn you’re one hell of a cock sucker now. You like sucking dick don’t you boy?” he snarled as I merely nodded up and down as his cock moved back and forth between my lips, my tongue bathing its head. He was right. After a couple of weeks sucking his cock, I knew what he liked and I felt I could take more of his dick down my throat without choking. I liked his dick in my mouth. I liked giving him head. I looked back at his high def TV to see me moving up and down on his wet shaft.

“Sandy suck your cock like that last night,” he said looking down on me. “Is that what she does? Damn, it’d be hot having you both sucking me off.”

My blood surged as he said it. She couldn’t know about this. She couldn’t know that I had become Randy’s little cock slave.

“What do you think? Think she’d like to suck this too?” he kept on.

“No. She can’t…she can’t know anything about this,” I said as I took his cock from my mouth. “And, she wouldn’t anyway. She wouldn’t do something like that.”

“Really? You don’t think so?” Randy kept on. “She’s not the angel you pretend. One of my friends dated her at Duke. According to him she was a bit of a wild thing then.”

I didn’t even know Randy knew her from College. But he was right in that she did have a bit of a reputation.

“So, you ever fantasized about getting it with her and another girl or maybe watching her with another girl?” he asked looking down at me.

My hand was still stroking his cock as his question sent chills down my back. I had thought about it. I had never been with two girls but on more than one occasion I had thought about making it with her and one of her gorgeous friends she invited out by the pool.

“Sure you have. It’s natural,” Randy retorted. “So you don’t think she would enjoy being with two guys?”

I had never considered that. But even so, it was out of the question. “Dude, I’ll do whatever you ask. Please don’t let her find out about me,” I pleaded.

“And how long before she does. I mean there’s no turning back for you. You like cock. You like sucking a dick. Having a dick up you ass. You like it…don’t you? Don’t you like it?” he said, demanding an answer.

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