Marty Discovers Men Ch. 03


The week before, Marty had spent several days with Paige, just before her mid-terms. So, we wanted to do a guy’s weekend…no Paige…no Tina…just us. A guy’s weekend…in Vegas; it was perfect, and we stayed right on the Strip in one of the newer hotels. I thought we could use some champagne and a couple beers before going out for dinner, so I ordered room service at check-in. We’re both beer snobs and you never know what’s stocked in the mini fridge…but it’s usually crap.

Anyway, when the guy came in with the beers, Marty was getting into the shower and I was putting shit away. I told him to set tray down on the ottoman near the bedroom; there was a big glass wall, looking into the shower, and I noticed he could hardly take his eyes off Marty. I couldn’t either, but smiled and said something like, “This place has the coolest bathrooms doesn’t it?”

He smiled, but tried to stay professional, despite the situation, “Yeah…um…they are cool. Well sir, please let us know if we can assist you with anything further…and enjoy your…um…evening.”

I think he wanted to say shower (or maybe boyfriend) but caught himself. When he turned to leave, I watched him steal another quick glance; I’m sure he had a big hardon when he left. I watched Marty for a minute, through the glass, and sipped my beer. Soapy strands ran down over his hunky, muscled frame, over his chest, his thighs and down over his thickly muscled ass. Marty was hot, sexy and alluring…and it was no surprise that the guy could barely keep his eyes in his head.

Marty was completely unaware and focused on showering, soaping up his crotch and rinsing. Trickling with suds and hanging heavy between his legs, the thick shaft and balls looked so fucking enticing. I asked, “How’s that shower feeling?”

“Amazing! Get in here…join me!”

“Room service came with the champagne and beer…all iced down…it’s pretty sweet! I’m on my way.”

When I joined him, I brought him a beer.

He took a big sip, “That fucking hits the spot! All I can say is, this’s perfect, dude!”

I hadn’t pissed since boarding and the hot shower triggered a huge one; Marty grinned, “Same thing happened to me, dude.”

He looked at me standing there with a heavy stream spraying over the floor. I was half hard and he took another sip. I could almost hear his thoughts…he wanted to hold it…he wanted to feel it inside…he wanted to lick it…and he wanted to taste it.

I grinned, “Guess you like what you’re seeing,” and shifted the arc to spray up over his cock.

When it splashed over him and ran down his legs, he slid his hand through the warm spray, and moaned, “Mmmm…yeah…fuck yeah! That’s it…cover me, dude…mmmm!” He flexed as his hand passed over the muscled flesh, “It’s hot, dude…mmmm…yeah…we do need to do this more… fuck yeah!”

The stream quickly dwindled, but his gaze was fixed, till the last pulses trickled out. Still feeling the heat on his skin and horny as fuck, he wrapped his hand around my cock, “Mmmm…can’t wait till it’s hard…and full grown.”

Our eyes met and I grinned, “Use your mouth and help it along.”

I watched as he dropped to his knees and the hardening shaft slipped through his lips; he immediately reached down and started pumping himself.

“Marty, you’re hot to watch in the shower…but this is even better. The hotel staff’s probably fighting over who gets to deliver room service, when you’re in the shower.”

He pulled off to answer, “What?”

“Um…let me explain later, over dinner…let’s do this now!”

He went right back to it, and I couldn’t believe how hot he looked on his knees; I was rock-hard, and it looked beautiful, pumping into his mouth.

He was almost smooth, except for his pubes; Marty just didn’t have much hair on his body. He had some sprinkled his chest and a narrow strip, down over his belly button. I paused to watch water trail down over his body…his taut, muscled chest…broad shoulders…and a firm, beefy ass.

When he was satisfied with state of my erection, he started washing it; he worked soap into the wispy pubes and around my dick…my balls hung low and heavy, and demanded special attention. He squeezed water from the cloth to rinse me…working with the steamy shower spray, he rinsed me and watched water flow over the lean, muscled flesh…he was as turned on by me, as I was with him. Once he was done, he dropped to his knees to take it back into his mouth. He licked all over, circling the head and licking up and down the hard, girthy shaft. His tongue followed ripples of water, on my legs, up to my ass…he slurped what was trailing down over each cheek.

My dick, standing upright and arching out over my belly, had water streaming down over the shaft and dripping from my balls…he held one in his mouth and drank. When he ran his hand, up and down, over the shaft, his tongue followed, and then his lips.

I moaned, “Mmmm…fuck Marty! Yeah…yeah…that’s good…stroke it like that!”

He gaziantep suriyeli escort went back to lap the balls, but when he got to my ass, he spread it open and poked his tongue inside. I groaned, as he probed deeper, “Fuck Marty! Fuck, that’s nice! Mmmm…you know…yeah, you know I like that…fuck, I like that!”

I heard his voice, “Me too…Rob, me too.” His hands massaged and his fingers dug into each cheek, “Mmmmm…that’s so fucking hot…I’m liking this shower time, but my ass needs some of your attention, too!”

When he stood, he grinned and gave my ass a little swat, “Maybe sit over there and let me ride?”

I smiled, “I love a hot cowboy, in the shower,” and positioned myself on the bench. I was out of the shower spray and he grabbed lube. Our eyes met, while I lined myself up and he carefully lowered himself. Once he came to rest in my lap, he groaned, “Fuck! Fuck yeah…love that big…mmmm…that big dick…yeah…mmmm…fuck!”

Very slowly, riding up and down, his stretched muscle savored every veiny detail of the shaft. It drove him crazy; it always did…Marty really loved to be fucked…and he loved to ride. “Mmmm…that cock feels…uhhhh…uhhhh…it feels so good…ahhhh…ahhhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s good!”

While I buried my dick in his gut, I swatted at his ass. “Fuckin’ ride it…mmmm…that’s it…ride it…ride that dick! That’s it…yeah, ride it!” Every time he got a swat, he’d squeeze and slam down over my dick. His moans grew to be continuous, and his ass had a steel-grip.

“Mmmm…spank me, dude…I like to be spanked…spank that ass…fuck me…spank me…spank yer cowboy!”

I rolled my hips up to meet him and he groaned, “Yeah…you know what I want…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck…fuck…fuck…me…fuck me with that dick…big dick!”

“Fuck, that dick…dick…feels good…so good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…good…feels…good!” He groaned, “Mmmmmm…it’s so good…uhhhh…uhhhh…gonna…ride ya till I cum…ride till I cummmmm…fuck!” After a few short minutes, he couldn’t take it and grabbed his cock.

He stroked hard, impaling himself, over and over, “Fuck…fuck… uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…I’m gonna…uhhhh…fuckin’…cum!” His body heaved and jerked wildly, as I pummeled his ass harder and he moaned, “Ahhhh, fuck…that’s it…cumming! Yeah…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…ye…sssssssssssssss!”

I watched it pour from the tip and run down over his fist. After peppering the floor, he came to rest in my lap, “Fuck! Rob, that was fuckin’ perfect…but it’s your turn…your turn to cum!”

He jumped off, leaned against the glass wall and spread his legs wide. I grabbed him and started to slowly push inside, but before I got it all in, he started pumping his ass to get it deeper.

I held his hips tight and started fucking, humping every last inch into his belly. The sight of my dick piercing those hot muscled cheeks pushed me ever closer. After his frenzied release, he was bucking his ass into me, almost knocking me over.

My whole body yearned for release and my moans intensified. I felt it in my balls, as I pumped a load, deep inside his shuddering body. “I’m cumming…fucking cumming…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck…fuckkkkkkkk!”

He caught his breath, “Well, that was a great way to start a vacation,” and grinned.

I retrieved our beers and handed him his. We clinked the bottles and I said, “To vacations in Vegas!” They were warm, but still felt refreshing going down.

We finished our shower but could hardly keep our hands off each other…it’s almost like we were newlyweds. Needless to say, the feel of trickling, wet muscled flesh kept us both hungry for more.

We never did go soft; as we dried off, both of us were still long and semi. Emerging from the thick pubes, they both formed sensuous, long arcs…even then they looked the same, like two bookends…thick, semi-hard bookends.

I thought…mmmm, beautiful springy, semi-hard cock…they bobbed and bounced while we toweled off. I had to force myself to get dressed, but I knew there’d be more later.

Our crazy horniness almost kept us in the room, but we did have an amazing dinner at an Asian place, in the neighboring hotel. My dumplings…and hot we decided it would be great for lunch, too. And, of course, we had cocktails after dinner at this place called the Vesper…we both had Bond-themed martinis.

We were talking over the drinks, when Marty asked, “Now, what were you saying back there about the staff…the hotel staff?”

“Yeah, I almost forgot; the guy from room service, could not take his eyes off you…you were in the shower. You’re making friends fast, here in Vegas!”

“Shit! I didn’t even give it a thought…you can see everything.”

“Oh, he didn’t mind…and I certainly didn’t.” I think he was ready to jump in the shower with me. It would’ve been a shower threesome, featuring a hot guy, delivering some special room service.

He laughed, “That checks all the boxes for some hot, gay porn…that’s an entire plot, right there!”

I raised my glass, “You got that right…let’s check all the boxes this week!”

Our glasses clinked and he smiled, “This’s perfect, Rob…absolutely perfect!”


When we finally hit the bed, that night, we were both travel-day comatose. The next morning, we were just waking up and I quietly looked over at Marty, “I’ll head out for coffee or maybe call room service.”

Apparently, Marty had been waiting for me to awaken and had something better in mind; he attentively ran his fingers up and down my growing cock and grinned, “See if we get the shower guy again?”

“Yeah,” I laughed, “I’m pretty sure he’d jump at the chance to visit this room.”

His gaze met mine, “Rob, I got all the man I need right here.”

Well…I thought that was the right thing to say…on many…many levels! After losing Darin, my first boyfriend and Megan, things had been rough…ending relationships is always hard. On top of all that drama, Marty has gone from first time with a man…to fuck-buddy…to boyfriend; all in just over three months.

His gaze shifted back to the cock in his hand, “You know, Rob, we’re good and its super easy to be a little obsessed with a cock…a cock like yours.”

I responded, “Or yours, dude…your girlfriend and I talk, and she and I are forming a fan club.”

Marty got a big smile and shrugged, “Yeah dude, what can I say? We both got nice dicks…and love to share…you know?”

He continued stroking it and fondling my balls. I laid back and watched proudly as he worshipped my cock till it was rock hard, “Uh…maybe…maybe coffee can wait?” Eager for morning sex, I grinned, “You need some…some morning wood?”

“Um…let me just suck you…I’m a little sore. I wanna feel it in me, but I rode pretty hard yesterday.” He laughed, “I think my ass has fucking road rash from your dick.”

He continued stroking and admiring it, and I grinned, “Sounds good…when we’re done, I’ll get the coffee and something for that road rash!”

Marty stroked, using both hands, gently working up and down the hard, meaty shaft. A total cock slut, Marty certainly had a fascination for cocks, but who am I kidding…so do I; I loved watching him admire and stroke it…but what guy wouldn’t like having his cock worshipped.

I really enjoyed what Marty could do with his hands, but I wasn’t a fast shooter. Four or five minutes had passed, and I moaned, “Dude, use your mouth…suck me!”

I think he was mesmerized and moaned, “Mmmm…yeah,” wrapping his lips around the head.

Using his hand for the shaft, his mouth sent pleasure surging through my body. While watching my hunky boyfriend devour my cock, he sensuously pumped the base, beyond his lips. At that point, I was getting close, pumping my hips to push it deeper…to go faster…to go harder.

It felt so good, I moaned, “Oh god…Marty…fuck…fuck yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s it…faster…faster…take it deep…deeper…oh god…oh god! Fuck…fuckkkkkk…cum…so close…almost…cumming…cumming…cumming!”

He wasn’t about to pull off…he wanted it! I humped forward, while steamy, hot seed pulsed into his mouth. As I grunted, the heat splashed over the back of his mouth.

After finishing me, Marty pulled off and began to swallow. I grinned, “There are few things sexier than a boyfriend with a mouthful…let’s see it, dude…let me see that load.”

He opened wide, to show the creamy reward, pooled on his tongue. Satisfied, he nodded and sat back to savor it. Working it around his mouth, it took him a couple times, before the last of it trickled down his throat. I grinned, “You like it…taste good?”

He licked his lips and grinned, “Tastes like boyfriend…salty…earthy, just like my man.”

I had to take a piss and headed to the bathroom, “Well buddy, what’s the plan today?”

“We should do the strip today…just check things out! And, I wouldn’t mind having breakfast by the Eiffel Tower. Maybe we can get a table outside; they have the cool patio.”

I yelled back, “Sounds perfect…let me run down and get us coffee first.”

He laughed, “Yeah…need it for all the cream in my belly.”


That day we went shopping at a big mall on the Strip. I bought a shirt, but the high point was picking out sexy (and skimpy) underwear; it really made us feel like a couple, I guess. Anyway, I think we got about a dozen apiece, picking different colors and styles…but they were all sexy.

When we got back, we both had to try some on and model…like male stripper night. We still had the champagne from check-in, and we got them to ice it down again.

I barely managed to get my robe on before they came with the ice. Marty ran into the bathroom and made me promise I’d call if it was our “the room service guy.” He planned to come from the bathroom in his new underwear and ask how his butt looked. It was probably a good thing it turned out to be an older man…who was very serious…and professional.

Anyway, our plan was to watch the fountain show with champagne, before dinner. We were out on the balcony and it was just starting to get dark…well, as dark as Vegas gets at night. I forget what time it was, but we were sipping champagne when it started. Just to set the stage…two horny, bisexual men, champagne, and sexy underwear…something was bound to happen…and it did.

He smiled, “Thanks Rob,” when I topped off his glass; his outstretched hand caressed the rise in my new bikini briefs. His fingers explored the pouch, “Dude, this is some sexy fuckin’ underwear! I like the camo shit…you got a hot, army stud vibe.

He spoke softly, “Just relax and watch the show…while I help you with that.”

Before he slipped my underwear down, he rubbed the outline with his chilled glass. Sliding the underwear down till my cock sprang free, he admired it with a transparent grin, anxious to feel it stretching his lips. It was sticking straight up, forming a long arc that reached my navel. It was hard as a rock and I couldn’t imagine how the thin skimpy fabric held it all in.

Slowly, he slipped the underwear down to the floor and I kicked them aside. With barely a second passing, he leaned in to wrap his lips around the head. The cold champagne, contrasted with a warm desert breeze and his warm mouth, felt like heaven. Still holding the champagne, he managed to take most of my dick into his mouth, and when he started sucking, I gently pumped my hips.

His sexy, pleasured moans felt good as they reverberated through the solid flesh. When it was deep and poking at his throat, he paused with his lips stretched tight around the shaft…I could feel my heart pulsing blood through its girth and throbbing against his lips.

I held his head, at one point, and fucked his mouth, just shy of the gag reflex…he loves to have me nudge his throat. I loved it, too, but I knew what he really wanted…he wanted to be fucked hard on the balcony. When we found that our room faced the fountain, he couldn’t wait to have fountain sex. I was a little shocked it didn’t happen the very first night, but we were really exhausted.

While he went to get lube, I sat down with my chair, facing the fountain. He came back out with a huge sexy grin, “Here stroke some of this on.”

I stroked it and teased him, “You think you want this dick…you want my dick…my big dick?”

As he lubed himself, he grinned, “Fuck…fuck yeah, I want that dick…I wanna ride that big dick!”

I joked, “Think you can handle it, cowboy…you really think you can handle all this dick?”

He stroked his own, “Fuck yeah! You can see I’m horny as shit, here…and I’m gonna ride till we’re covered in jizz…gonna ride you like never before!”

“Well then get on it, cowboy! Show me what you got!”

I was ready to ride and lined it up, while he grabbed the rail and leaned back to impale himself. When he was in my lap, I humped into his body, driving it as deep as I could. “Ahhhh…yeah…yeah, take that dick…take that dick, cowboy…mmmm…yeah!”

When he started, he moaned, “Ahhhh…yeah, that’s it…that’s it, Rob…just like that…let me ride it…fuck myself…let me fuck myself…fuck…wanna ride that thing!”

When he slammed his ass down, I humped up to meet it; his dick bobbed and bounced over his belly and he jacked his hand over the shaft. He moaned, “Fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…don’t stop…don’t stop…fuck me, Rob…fuck me!”

Ride it…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah, ride it…ride it hard…hard cowboy…ride it hard, cowboy!”

Overcome with the pleasure of our first fountain-sex, it wasn’t long before his dick pulsed a spray of cum over his belly. “Fuck! Fuck! Yeah…yeah…yeah…cumming…oh fuck, cumming…fuck me…fuck meeee…fuck meeeeeeee…with…that dick!

I felt each pulsing cumshot, as he contracted around me. Once done, he sat in my lap to catch his breath and turned, “Let me finish you off…you want me to stroke it for you!”

“No, just bend over and lean on that rail…I’ll do you from behind.”

In one long thrust, I pushed back inside. As the thick bulbous head stretched and pushed through the muscled ring, he moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…that’s it…fuck me…fuck me!”

When I started fucking, he moaned, “Oh yeah…mmmm…mmmm…yeah…fuck yeah!”

Ogling that beautiful, muscled ass, I humped my dick deep, pressing my body into his. Each time, pumping deep, until I felt his warmth on my skin, I fucked him with long, forceful strokes. Crazy turned-on and burying my dick in my hot boyfriend, I caressed and tightened my grasp, while my hips slapped loud over his cheeks…flawless…muscled cheeks.

Once I picked up the pace, it wasn’t long before I felt it brewing in my balls. “Yeah Marty…work that cock…work it for me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, you’re getting’ me close…milk that cock…milk it!”

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