Mask Night


I’ve been frequenting one of the local spas for some time. I’d learned that the place only gets crowded on weekend nights around 11pm. These nights could produce a crowd of 20 to 30 men. Other times the place could be empty. I’d had some nice encounters at this spa and made the drive over to the place for another night of fun. This story is from the notes I made right after such a memorable trip.

I got down to the spa and discovered there was no parking. I had to park a couple of blocks away and walk. I knew there was an event of some kind but didn’t figure it was at the spa until I opened the front door. The door leads to small room with a counter. There was already several guys packed into the room waiting in line to get in. By the time I got to the front of the line, I observed that it was a “mask night” The clerk was presenting each man with a black hood with the customary towel.

When I entered the spa it was packed. Never seen anything like before or since. The lockers next to the door were all in use and I had to take a locker in the basement. I stripped and lubed up my ass, sealed my locker and moved into the crowd nude. Most of the guys were wearing towels but I like to be naked.

The whole place was packed but the downstairs which is a maze of gloryholes and cubbies was just full of men. There’s a main room with seating around the edge and a hanging platform in the middle. The room is so packed full of men it’s hard to move around. There’s cocksuckers down on their knees and several couples fucking. Many dudes watching and wanking everybody wearing masks.

I focus in on a man lying on his back feet up on the central hanging table. He’s being fucked by a man standing next to the table. He’s cock is rock hard and obviously enjoying the penis pounding his bunghole. I moved up next to them him for a closer look. I’m joined by a thin man with a raging hard on together we watch the cock sliding in and out of the ass in front of us. I reach down and fondle the guy next to me and we exchange hand jobs. I bent over and went down on him. His cock tasted good and I took him in deep as he held my head and pushed himself inside me.

This left me bent over and exposed to a room full of horny dudes. It didn’t take long for hands to grab hold and steady my hips. He held me in place and gaziantep bayan eskort drove his dick through my happy hole and began to fuck me slowly. He opened me up and pain subsided. He fucked me for a few minutes and pulled out and moved on. I don’t think he came but he patted my ass as he left.

The guy I was blowing moved behind me as soon as my ass was free and drove his spit lubed cock into my now open hole. I rested my arms on the hanging table which placed them right next to the couple fucking in front of me. I felt the cock in my ass as I watched the anal action an inch away. The guy on his back getting fucked pushed my head to his dick. I was back in double penetration. Drilled from behind going down in front and still able to glimpse the dick fuck right under my nose.

The guy fucking leans down on top of me still fucking and whispers “Can I breed your hole?”

“Umm Ummm” is all I could manage with a mouthful of cock. It doesn’t take long for his orgasm to hit. His fucking becomes a furious twitching as he releases his load inside me. He pulls his softening cock from my fuck hole and the dude I’m blowing pulls at me to get me on top of him. I get up on the table and straddle him on my knees. I lower myself down onto his cock as he continues to enjoy the pounding his ass is getting. The dude fucking him has been hard and going at him for maybe 10 minutes or more. Now I’m pumping myself up and down on his cock as he takes it. I could see more action on the far end of the table. The whole room is still packed with guys in their masks nude going at it.

The guy below me finally reached orgasm and moaned and twitched as he pumped a second load into my juicy hole. He finished off and I released him so he could move away. Three guys in a row had just fucked my ass with little or no breaks in between. I was ready to move on but the dude that had been fucking in dude inside me was now interested in more. His dick had been inside out of sight fucking but now it was standing up at attention behind me. He pulled my face to his manhood. His dick glistened with lube from his prior fucking and he was truly gifted. I took his magnificent hard on into my mouth and sucked him good. I don’t often go ass to mouth but I was in rapture now.

He gave me a few minutes before he turned me around and slammed his boner up by fuck hole. I was bent over belly to the table. I was so open at this point even his aggressive pounding was turning me on something fierce. He just kept pounding. I’d watched him fuck for a good 10 to 5 minute before he started in on me. A couple of guys gave me hand jobs or tried to get under me to suck my cock. The whole time this dude just pounded my ass till I could take no more. My ass wanted more but the rest of me had move. Once free from my asshole this guy wanted more head. He push my head towards his cock. I needed little urging to suck him. I figured two loads inside my fuck tunnel and his cock was coated with cum. It was like icing on a cake. I cleaned it all off his dick before he released me.

I wasn’t though yet. I was so horny warm waves of rapture filled me a hunger for more cock. I worked my way into the back hallway. There was a big knot of guys gathered around one cubbyhole that had a mattress. I had to press my way thru several gawkers to get to the action. I was now pressed together with a dozen or more guys all freely going at it. I fondled a few cocks until I found a nice hard one to go down on. I bent over exposing my bare ass and took a cock into my mouth. As I sucked him I had a hold of several other hard cocks that were standing against me.

I was bent over deep throating this guy whose butt was leaned against the mattress. Without warning a dude forced his cock up my ass. No hands or fingers just cock straight into my hole. I let the force of his thrusts push my blowjob down my throat. I was so full of cock. The guy I was sucking pulled me up and grabbed my cock. He pulled me by the dick on top of him. I lost the cock in my ass. I ended up on my knees perched over the guy fucking me. His legs dangled over the edge between mine. The guy that had been fucking me was still behind me and now pushed himself up to me and forced his cock down into the cock in my ass and then joined the dick inside my fuck tunnel.

This was a first for me. Two cocks in my ass. It was kind of funky fucking and both dicks fell out of my gaping hole. We tried to get it back but it wasn’t working out. I got up on to the mattress and sat down facing the crowd around me. There was a guy taking it doggie style from beside me and another kneeling in front of the mattress giving head.

A new guy approached me and opened his towel. He reviled this absolutely beautiful cock. He was uncut with a perturbing foreskin. He stoked himself and pushed up to me. His cock was pale white and totally smooth. I leaned down and took him into my mouth. I so wanted to satisfy this cock. It was more than big enough to push into my throat and pushed my nose into his stomach. It was heaven. The taste of pre-cum the smooth dick sliding back and forth over my tongue I remember still. He let me blow him for a few minutes before he pushed my legs apart and droving that beauty right up my ass. I laid back legs up and let him pound me good. When he pulled out I took him back into my mouth. I cleaned all the cum from my ass off his cock. I’m not sure if any of it was his as he was still very hard.

I laid back and was joined by another dude that took over pounding my ass. The guy in the doggie style beside me moved over my cock and starter sucking me as my new fucker drove into my ass. He sucked me like he knew I didn’t want to cum backing off and toying with me keeping my legs up in position to be fucked from the floor. I’m pretty sure the first guy came inside me but he was replaced by another. I found myself pinned down and exposed to anyone else that wanted my ass.

The second cock in my ass was grinding away at me, when the guy blowing me moved on top and straddled me. His hard on bobbled up and down as he rocked his ass down enveloping my cock. I was still being fucked myself as my cock squeezed into the warm wet man cunt. I felt the cock in my ass hit climax. He pushed himself fully inside and rested his cock as it pumped and squeezed juice up my ass. There was a guy on top of me riding my cock so I could see him as he came. When he dismounted me his cock was immediately replaced by a warm and welcome tongue. I know my ass had been juiced again and again and now some horny ass licker was eating all down. His wet tongue explored my hole as the cum dripped down into his mouth. It drove me over the edge. I started bucking and quaking as I deposited my ample load up into the ass above me. I shivered as the orgasm hit me and I went limp as it passed. The guy eating my ass moved up to my cock as it slid out. There was cum all over it, my balls, and stomach until he’d licked it all up.

As he finished his treat he said. “That was a lot of cum.” I gave him a big proud smile.

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