Master2 HEALED.


Mr. Master 2 HEALED.

“Very good my Colby, I understand you may not enjoy the taste; yet. But you will, in time I assure you. That was very good for your first blow job. Now while I have you hear, kneeling, blind folded…”

Master Instructed Colby to lay on his back on the table and to spread his legs. Master ran his fingers over Colby’s pale body leaving goosebumps as he went. Finally resting his finger tips on Colby’s flaccid manhood. Master stood between Colby’s legs gently handeling Colby’s intimates. Master had no intention of bringing Colby to pleasure, but he did want to make Colby uncomfortable in order to extract deep feelings.

“Colby, tell me why you think you’ve had such a hard time with authority.” “uh..Yes Master. Thank you Master, I think it has a lot to do with how my parents just let things go. They always coddled me, allowed me to Misbehave, to the point where I would misbehave just to get some attention. I’m not saying that they were-“

Colby paused and drew a deep breath as Master stroked his hard cock, holding tightly around the shaft. “Continue, my pet.” “yes master, thank you, I am sorry. My p-parents were supportive, but never had a f-f-firm hand, or disciplined me.” Master rewarded Colby for his honesty by massaging his balls, while stroking his shaft. He stopped suddenly and walked from to the cubbard, retrieving a small bottle of lube, lubing gaziantep rus escort his palm. As Masters touch left Colby, Colby let a small moan escape his lips.

“How can you change your relationships? With the law, your parents, and most importantly with your partners…That reminds me, are you gay, or straight, or undecided?” “Uhm.. Master, I could..Be good. And I am straight, Master.” WHACK WHACK WHACK! Master slapped Colby’s ballsack, hard. “That does not deserve a positive reward. I will teach you to change your relationships.. First with your partner, I will find you a partner, and teach you to pleasure her as Sexual relations are what base your life.”
“yes Master, thank you Master.” “Good boy, that’s right.” Master asked Colby to explain his feelings, and listened while he stroked Colby’s cock once more, with a warm lubed hand, continuously bringing him near climax and resisting him release.

*weeks later*

“How can I make this better for you?” Stated Colby, while he was knuckle deep into his girlfriends cunt. She moaned and oohed, but Colby wanted to push her over the top with pleasure.. “MMMM! Use your tongue, here!” she instructed kindly, and Colby complied pushing her over the edge, she squirted into his mouth. As he swallowed her sweet nectar, he mentally thanked Master for all his lessons. He licked her clean and then mounted her. Pushing just his head into tight pussy, stretching her walls, Letting them grip his manhood. About 3 inches in, his head was met with resistance. Virginity.

Colby shook and pulled out, running from the room. He wasn’t expecting a virgin, he hadn’t prepared for that. For some reason all his anxieties flushed back to him and he ran from the room Leaving his partner on the bed. When he returned a solid fifteen minutes later he found none other than his Master making love to his sweet sweet girlfriend. Filled with rage he confronted his master, and pushed him.

“On your knees Colby!” weeks of beatings brought Colby to his knees immediately, even if he didn’t want to. Master pushed his blood covered cock into Colby’s mouth. “That’s right. Suck her sweet virginity off my prick. You left her unsatisfied, and until you can pleasure her, I will. Now watch.”

Master ate her out, again and again, allowing her to squirt over and over, before Master penetrated her again. He fucked her pussy, doing everything she begged for, master came inside her pussy hard, but kept thrusting, until he came twice, filling her pussy. Colby stood watching, shaking, hating what he was seeing. “Colby, get over here and lick her cunt. Thank her for taking my cock.”

Colby crawled between his girlfriend and sucked and tongued out his Masters evil seed, cursing his life, is profession, anything, including his girlfriend for enjoying it. He licked her cunt until it ran cleanly with her cum only, and run it did. By the time he finished cleaning her, he understood the lesson he’d just learned, and felt completely in control of his body, and life, for the first time in his life.

He stood and thanked her for milking his masters cock. She smiled and flipped over, exposing her ripe asshole. Colby looked to Master and he nodded and stepped out. Colby rested his cock in her pussy, lubing it up before he pressed it against her tight brown star. He pushed 4 inches in, holding it still letting her get used to his size. She screamed and begged him to remove it. He leaned over her shoulder and spoke evenly, lovingly. “I will remove it, if you want, but it will hurt the same when I put it back in. If you wait, and we wait, you will relax, and adjust.” He kissed her cheek and she agreed.

He waited and felt her muscles relax, he then slowly pushed his entire cock into her body, hitting bottom in her bowels. He waited again, kissing and worshipping her body while she adjusted. He then began to really rock in and out of her, enjoying himself. Soon after he relaxed she began to moan furiously, he fucked her slowly and fingered her clit bringing her to a full orgasm. Her butt tightened all over his shaft, bringing him to an orgasm, shooting deep into her butt, spilling his hot cum deep into her. He leaned down and kissed her, and whispered, “Thank you, Master.”

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