Meeting Mr Right


Online dating…what could go wrong
OMG he messaged me, it had been 2 days since he txt me, I was starting to think he wasn’t interested… I met Chris online when chatted he seems genuine but who knows anymore but at least he isn’t sleazy… we swapped numbers and then nothing til today…. I’m so not going to sleep with this guy straight away this time….

He’s so sweet, asks me about my day he seems genuinely interested in me, it did get a little dirty though…

Tonight we msg’d for hours it got a little naughty, but he makes me so hot, he sent me a pic of his cock, its so big I’m a little nervous to hookup

Im meeting Chris for coffee today, wow i’m nervous I hope we have chemistry I think I like him…
OMG….this guy.. masculine and strong, the sexy 5’oclock shadow, tall, confident but so sweet and thoughtful…. I’m going to go to his house to watch DVD tonight….

I’m at his front door so nervous keep thinking of how big his cock is…. Oh lord he is hot, muscular arms, strong shoulders, nice hair all graded in and styled on top, name brand jeans and shirt that’s just tight enough to show he is built solid…
He welcomes me in, I hand him the bottle of wine and chocolate I’m holding as I’m a little shocked at just how luscious this guy is….
The house is stunning, bright and modern with timber floors, I walk into the entry way as he closes the door he turns puts the wine on the buffet and asks if everything is ok? As I begin to respond, he lunges at me grabbing me by the throat forcing me up against the wall, my back hits cold surface with a thud. He looks deep into my eyes squeezing me throat he speaks so calmly, you will do as I command slut!! terrified I’m frozen, he shakes me raising his voice says you will do as I say. I stammer out a broken yes…
Holding me by the throat the unzips my jeans pulls them down, just enough to jam 2 fingers into my pussy… he leans forward whispers so gently in my ear, you make me so fucking hot, I want you to be my slut, I promise I wont hurt you….at that moment I realize he is playing out the fantasy we txt’d about, my heart calms a little and I succumb to him. With his fingers deep in my pussy I’m dripping wet, he kisses me so seductively, so gently… he slowly begins ramming his 2 fingers into my wet pussy harder and harder squeezing my throat I feel faint, I start to moan in delight I can feel my body tense as my orgasm approaches…. he suddenly stops pulls his hand from me soaking wet cunt and jams them in my mouth. I lick and suck his fingers clean he smiles and tells me I am pleasing him…. I will make a good slut….. he lets go of me turns and walks away.
For a minute I don’t know what to do, I collect my thoughts do my pants up and follow him……

He casually asks me if I’d like a drink and offers me a seat on a beautiful leather modular lounge, as I sit, not sure what to do I make small talk, you have a beautiful house I say looking around, he tells me he shares with friends but not to worry as they are all out for the night..
We sit for a while making small talk, he is so funny, I feel so at ease but I’m a little unsure of what to do as his welcoming was so full on but now he is the amazing person I met for coffee earlier today….who is this guy….
We chat, he asks how I felt about what happened I tell him it scared shit out of me but I kinda liked it, he tells me he likes to dominate his woman for her to know her place as his dirty cum slut. With that he moves closer, touching me ever so gently running his hand over my leg, touching my arms, my shoulders, my neck slowly staring in my eyes he moves in ever so slowly and kisses me, so passionately, the kiss lingers he holds my bottom lip with his so gently. I’m so turned on, in his deep sexy voice he tells me how beautiful I am, touching my face, he says you have skin like a angel, fondling my breasts an as he does makes a deep grunting sound……his hand quickly moves gaziantep swinger up my back, to my neck into my hair pulls my head backwards violently and whispers in my ear, fuck your a hot slut…. all of a sudden he is standing in front of me unzipping his pants and his enormous cock is in front of my face…. what the fuck just happened I think to myself, I’m shocked it is bigger than I thought easily over 8” and so wide, omg so thick… I stare in silence, if you ask nicely I will let you suck it he says… I lean in an open my mouth. NO! He barks, he grabs me by the hair yanking my head back, looks me in the eyes and says you have to ask nicely….uhhmm may I please suck your cock I ask nervously, he smiles allows my head to move forward I grab his thick cock and begin to lick and suck the head of his enormous cock, he says, your a fast leaner, I like that.
He tells me to hold the backs of his legs, I am not to use my hands, but I can only just fit my mouth around his fat cock , the feel of his solid shaft sliding between my lips is turning me on, I can feel my pussy juices begin to drip, I’m sitting on edge of his lounge with him directly in front of me, balls deep into my face, he has both hands firmly wrapped in my hair as he continues to give me instructions, I’m not used to this so I have to remember to listen to his voice, each time I don’t do exactly as he commands he rams his thick member down my throat and holds it til I choke, he demands eye contact, my eyes are watering, his dick is huge, I cant breath he holds my head as he flexes and forces himself in and out, fucking my face, I’m not used to this. Im used to vanilla sex, but this is really turning me on, I feel frightened but safe, I want more….faster and faster he motions, violently fucking my face then tenses and jams his cock to back of my throat holds my head in places as he comes down my throat, a hot wet load down my throat…I swallow all of it and omg i’m dripping wet… he praises me saying I’m such a good slut, its been so long since a bitch could handle him…..I feel proud of myself
He puts his cock back in his pants does up his jeans kneels in front of me smiles and leans in to kiss me, so passionate, he embraces me and we continue so kiss deeply and lovingly, I’ve never felt such a connection so quickly before…
He stops kissing me sits back on his heels caresses my face stares at me, he says will you be my slut, I promise I’ll look after you… I’m melting inside.. I lean in a kiss him, I rub my hands over his shoulders god he’s strong we continue to kiss for few minutes i’m more and more turned on, our hands are wildly moving over one anothers bodies, I’ve taken his shirt off him and run my hands over his chest, his skin is smooth, except for tuff of hair in crease of his chest, I can feel he is already hard again, he slides his hands under my thighs and begins to stand, he has picked me up, I grab on, arms around his neck… Fuck me, he is so hot…

He takes cautious steps to his bedroom as he continues to kiss me and drops me on his bed, I look around, its a solid timber King size bed everything is so nice and modern and clean.

I turn to see him staring at me, he beckons me towards him, I oblige an crawl over, silently he removes my top then my bra, pausing for a moment he reaches out to touch my bare skin, I reach out to him an he smacks my hand away, NO! he barks you cannot touch slut. He motions for me to turn around, I do he bends me over to all fours rubs my back down to my ass gives it a hard slap, I groan he slaps harder I look back at him over my shoulder he is biting his lower lip, god he is sexy.
He reaches around unbottons my jeans and begins to wiggle them from me.
Finally removing the last items of clothing from us both he bends down and inspect my pussy, still on all fours he spreads my knees apart as his inserts 1 fingers, he feels around, he says tight hole for a dirty slut, removes his hand leans down an licks my pussy, his tongue is so soft my pussy is so moist I begin to quiver as he flicks at my clit, I feel my body tense his hands on my hips pulling my pussy onto his face I feel my body tense…oh fuck, what.. he slid a finger in my ass, oh fuck that is amazing, he stops flips me over kisses me deeply and says you squirted all over my face, slightly embarrassed he leans in again kisses me so again I can feel the cum all over his face he pauses an says, can I tie you up, I nod at this point I think i’ll agree to anything.. He pulls 2 black ropes from under the mattress, the knots are already tied he slides my hands in pulls the end and thats it i’m secure, I being to think, did he plan this, he has obviously down this before, I test the ropes and they don’t budge, my mind wanders as he slides down my body pushing my legs up slaps my ass hard and face plants right back into my hot wet cunt, he continues down beginning to lick my asshole, no one has ever licked my ass before it’s a odd feeling but I kinda like it, he inserts 2 fingers into my pussy, I can feel another orgasm coming, and then I hear voices, they’re calling Chris, dude you home, Chris, man is that bitch here or what, I snap out of it I try to sit up but my hands are tied, Im waiting for Chris to respond but he ignores the sound an continues to tongue lash my cunt…The voice is getting louder I begin to move and say Chris!! I think your friend is home…

Chris Sighs, stands up and leaves the room, Im left laying there butt naked tied to a random guys bed, what the fuck have I got myself into, Im such a slut….
at that moment Chris appears in the doorway he apologies and lays down next to me he kisses me and pinches at my nipples he says his friends popped in home they’ll be gone in few minutes he asks if im ok, if I want to continue…I start thinking omg over react much, an I say im fine, he says good now where was I. He heads back down to start eat my pussy again, wow his guy knows what he’s doing within minutes im convusling in pure bliss and his entire face is glistning with hot wet cum, he looks at me smiles and crawls up my body, his fingers touch every part of me, hands still tied above my head while starring into my eyes he ever so slowly enters me, my pussy receives his erection and slowly relaxes to allow all of him to fill me, he’s so big, I feel so full, frozen for a moment he takes a breath, quietly he says fuck your cunt is amazing and slowly he begins to slide in and out, staring at me, after the third stroke he stops pulls out, he whispers your a good slut, he flips me over my arms twist with the rope and he enters me again, from behind grabbing me by the hair he pulls my head backwards and I see 2 of his mates standing there, next to the bed cocks in hand, and he says, now be a good slut and suck these cocks for me.. Im totally shocked when the fuck did they get there, what the fuck… Chris notices my reaction and says dont worry baby we will look after you, now be a good slut and open you mouth…..
For some reason I feel like Ive known Chris forever, like I can trust him, so I do as he asks, they climb onto the bed kneel infront of me an present 2 stunning dicks, one another 8” and the other a bit shorter but just as wide as Chris. I begin to suck on the long one and Chris says thats Steve I take Steve out of my mouth and put the fat cock in my mouth Chris says now that is Danny. Now you are all friends….
Slightly distracted by the 2 cocks in front of me I haven’t really taken much notice of Chris is pounding away behind me til he jams his finger in my ass, with each stroke he goes deeper now 2 fingers…. Steve and Danny’s hands are everywhere all over my body I cant keep up, Steve says flip the bitch it’s my turn…Chris comply’s

Steve is quick to flip my body an take up position he’s not as gentle he slides straight into my moist wet hole an begins to pump away, Danny is watching and Chris stands over my body and lowers himself over my head, suck my cock slut, clean your juice from me he demands, I open and Chris begins to deep throat me I close my eyes and allow these 2 cocks to destroy me… Steve says to Chris, where the fuck did you find this one Bro? And they both laugh, Out of nowhere I hear Danny’s voice say come on, my turn. With that Steve moves aside, Danny’s cock is huge, much wider than Chris’s an it takes a moment for my pussy to let him in, now I can feel my pussy stretch around him, its such a turn on. Chris is still ramming his giant member down my throat.. I feel the ropes on my wrist loosen, an realise Steve has undone the rope, Chris gets off as they joke, see the slut loves it we don’t need to tie her down…Steve wants me on top of him, so he lays down and I sit on his cock it’s so long it feels like it touches something inside me, I love to ride cock so I begin to buck back and fourth as Danny grabs my throat an forces his cock into my mouth, with just the right amount of pressure around my throat I can feel myself weaken, so close to orgasm Steve pulls out an begins to put his cock up against my ass, Chris exclaims Na, Dude what are you doing I get first go in her ass….
Steve doesn’t listen and begins to insert the tip of his cock into my ass, I’ve only ever done anal a few times so my ass is tight, and it hurts, Danny squeezes my throat as he pulls my face towards him, I can hear Chris’s voice saying spit roast the bitch, he slaps my tits, it stings, he spits on my cunt and jams 2 fingers, I think feels like more…With Steve now buried in my ass, pumping away he says fucking hell boys, her ass so fucking tight as fuck, Danny laughs, no for long hey…..
I look to Chris he must read my thoughts as he demands his turn, I get off Steve and climb onto Chris he goes straight for my ass, but he so much wider and I cry out in pain he slaps me hard on the ass, Steve comes round a jams his long cock in my mouth an say, clean it slut, I’ve never been treated like this before, I’m used to vanilla sex with 1 man with a very average penis, I was married for 16yrs but omg I’m loving this, Chris’s giant cock is filling my ass, I have Steve’s long lolli pop in my mouth and somewhere is another cock waiting to fuck me….
I feel like Danny is being left out, I stop bouncing up and down on Chris’s cock I sit up and look into Chris’s eyes and say are you guys going to fill all my holes….fuck I feel like a dirty slut…
Chris pulls his giant cock out from my ass jams it in my pussy an Danny steps up behind me, Fuck I didn’t think this threw Danny’s cock is huge, I take a deep breath a wait 1, 2…no 3 he’s shaft is already slowly filling my ass….With Chris’s huge cock already in my pussy i’m stretched beyond breaking with Danny’s giant cock in my ass, OMG I’ve never felt this before, the pressure I’m withering in ecstacy I hear Danny say she’s airtight now, as steve grabs my hair pulls my face up our eyes meet he smiles and says your a good slut, he squeezes my throat Chris is squeezing my tits and Danny has firm grip on my hips… all 3 pumping in and out of me, Danny jerks abruptly an I realise he’s cum in my ass, he withdraws and swaps with Steve as I lick his member clean, just as they get the rhythm back Chris wants to swap, I stand and turn around I lower my ass onto Chris and Steve inserts himself into my pussy, Steve begin to tense he pulls out grabs me by the throat an quickly forces my face onto his cock pumps in and out, he pulls out and blows all over my face then jams his cock back into my mouth I begin to clean him, Chris still pumping my ass begins furiously fucking me he to unleashes a load of cum deep in my ass, he pulls me off and forces my head down onto him as I clean his cock, as my ass is lifted into the air as Danny begins to eat my pussy, I shake and convulse one last time as I cum and collapse in aheap on the bed. Covered in cum Danny and Steve slap me on the tit and say good fuck slut, see ya soon… Chris looks over to me and says you can leave now…I’ll call you when I need you next……..

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