Memories chapter 4


My new ship was an old P&O Liner converted to a Submarine repair ship in Rosyth dockyard H.M.S. Ranpura I was only on her for 6 months an officer was drunk on duty he got me out of my hammock at 2am to clean his shoes for the parade next morning I lodged a complaint against him he got a reprimand and had to apologise to me I got a draft chit to another ship H.M.S.Indomitable at Portsmouth but about my stay in Scotland . We used to go ashore and into Edinburgh a few of my new shipmates took me to a bar even tho I was too young to drink but I did but not much it had a big room used for dart tournaments I was able to play before I joined the Navy and was quite good at it .I met a girl there she was older than me she was 20yrs old I was still under eighteen she never knew my age I was now 5ft-10in tall my cock nearly nine it never grew again but got a little rounder wavy blond hair blue eyes well muscled as I did a lot of sports and gym work when I could then in she walked a Scottish Marilyn Munro a perfect figure long blond wavy hair her breasts looked wonderful grey eyes long beautiful legs dressed well but when she spoke it was like foghorn leghorn from Scotland when she spoke loudly normally she spoke very quite as she knew what she sounded like but when she forgot she sounded like a Scottish fisher woman selling herring .I took her home a few times her parents and sister were always in bed. We kissed and cuddled and with the experience I had I soon had her breathing heavy she put her hand inside my trousers and took a hold of my cock she gave a little gasp and said you’re going to fuck me with that I didn’t know if she wanted me to or not the way she said it . She took my hand and said no noise led me out into the garden we went into a shed it was a Childs play room but had a big settee we undress each other and as I could only see her by the light of the moon it was hard to describe her but she was lovely well rounded breasts nice nipples wide hips well rounded narrow waist that lovely blond wavy hair but a lot of hair on her vagina I laid her on her back on the settee put my arms under her knees opened her legs wide she put me in and I pushed hard into her as she was saying hurt me .hurt me split me in two with your big cock I was shocked I’d never heard anything like it before as she kept on saying things We both came but I didn’t like it I never after that time went out with her again she kept asking my ship mates who went there when I was going there again. But soon I was in Portsmouth ,and met up with some of those I was in training with Christmas came and I was second leave and went home for New year for two escort gungoren weeks train to London from Portsmouth from Waterloo to Kings Cross then to Newcastle there was no seats in third class and we just moved into a first class carriage five of us a no smoker well they could only ask us to get out of it there was a lady sitting in it she was not happy about us being in the carriage she complained for awhile then gave up as we didn’t leave. The train got to Doncaster and the others got out leaving me in the carriage with her I left my hat on the seat and went to the toilet I came back and there was half a dozen sweets in my hat ,Do you like sweets I put a few in your hat she started chatting with me she was going to stop with her sister in Newcastle for a week then back to London . I took a good look at her semi flat shoes longish tweed skirt thick stockings fox fur round her shoulders a little cap with a small feather in it face too much makeup on it then she said she once was one of the Windmill girls in the chorus I just looked at her she then said? as she stood up and she pulled her skirt up to her panties showing me her legs how do you think I got these they were long and beautiful dancers legs like I had seen on posters on billboards at the Windmill in Piccadilly circus as I passed it . then she said you look like the Duke of Edinburgh then asked next time un London would I like to visit her she gave me her address and telephone number ring from Waterloo and she would get me picked up then she started to tell me about her cats the train arrived at Newcastle we both got off she said don’t forget to ring me I said I have a long week end in a month’s time ill ring you as she left me she said remember say the Duke of Edinburgh. I was home for two weeks I talked with Jean even had a couple of nights with them all nights till early at six in the morning as they had to open the shop Jill poor thing only had a month to go her belly was really swollen up but she only had one baby in her so the doctor said but she was now 43yrs and it was a strain on her but she was happy that it was in her and it was healthy and kicking strongly it was big so she was going into hospital early and was going to have to rest up she went in before I left to go back there was a few surprised nurses who guessed who the father was the way she talked to me and I guess they had a good look at jean and her baby when she visited Jill while I was there, as both where unmarried and Jeans baby had my blond hair and blue eyes and looks .I left and went back to Portsmouth Jill’s baby born two weeks later 10lbs lots of blond hair . In her bağcılar escort letter to me she was over the moon and thanked me for giving it to her but never again as she was ruined for life and would she ever shrink back to normal. I was back on the Indomitable we were at Portsmouth a couple of weeks later I went up to London for the week end and rang the number I had, a woman’s voice answered and I said the Duke of Edinburgh here the voice repeated it and I heard her say somebody says he’s the Duke of Edinburgh another voice a woman’s shouted and that’s for me and she came on the phone ,were are you ,Waterloo station I said stop there there’s two stone lions at the front stand at the right hand side one and I will collect you in half an hour . She arrived in a friend’s car it must of been the woman’s voice I’d heard first on the phone it was an old Morris 10 they stopped at the pavement called I saw her I opened the back door and got in she drove to Wembley in the street the houses were two flats one front door in theirs they had a phone in the hallway on a small table also an umbrella stand and a coat rack Joan the one I met on the train lived in the left flat the other was called Margo on the right we all went into Joan’s flat were she poured three Gins they had tonic me orange they had taken of their outdoor clothes it was winter outside still January it was then I saw that they were both tall old in the face too much makeup on but their body’s from what I could see looked great I noticed photos on the wall of girls in a chorus line they saw me looking at them Joan said that was us she said another drink I nodded Margo said ill get my album she left and was back in a couple of minutes we sat drinking for another hour and they showed me the album of their days at the Windmill tiaras bare boobs and a G-string they looked great I was a bit tipsy by this time and I said I’m not used to drinking Joan said have a lie down she showed me to her bedroom I undressed and got into her bed naked I had an idea they had watched me as I’m sure I heard whispering they must of had a few more gin and tonics as they came into the bedroom and lay on the bed fully dressed. I took my arms from under the bed clothes put my arms around their shoulders my hands into the neck of their blouses inside their bra and squeezed and tweaked their nipples. I said come on girls undress and get into bed Joan giggled she was really tipsy she started to undress as she hummed the strippers tune Margo stood up on the other side of the bed and joined her .Soon they were both nude and I didn’t know which one to look at .Both had beautiful bodies escort beşiktaş Margo tits sagged a bit Joan’s stood big round and straight out shoulders not to big thinning to a small waist the muscles like a six pack in their tummies ,their arses not to big well rounded with really long beautiful legs both looked as tho they trimmed the hairs on their possies one dark Joan she had long dark hair now it was let loose ,Margo fair not really blond and cut in a short style and a fringe in front .I kicked the bed clothes of me I was as hard as a rock Margo said my god I said it was big from what we could see as he undressed but just look at the size of that I’ve got goose pimples thinking of it they both lay on the bed either side of me and stroked my cock Margo said you go first you found him I told them how I liked it them on top doggy style legs apart and the other one to put me in Joan said great were going to be kinky she rolled over onto me legs apart her tits hanging down nipples sticking out as as Margo put me in I took Joan’s nipples between finger and thumb squeezed and rolled them around she nearly jumped of the bed but Margo was pushing down on her behind forcing me into her she relaxed and I slipped into her she was fast as she moved up and down on me how she controlled the muscles in her vagina I don’t know but they were squeezing and relaxing like I had never felt before she whispered to me I love this Duke I couldn’t hold back and I shot my load into her she said you’ve cum then so did she the muscles in her tummy stood out even her tits seamed to get tense she then relaxed lay on me a short while then rolled of .Margo said to her how was it Joan said you will love it .A little while later after they had been stroking me I got Margo to kneel at the side of the bed open her legs I knelt down behind her Joan took my cock in her hand. Margo had a lovely bottom nicely rounded her legs open between the fair hair her lips were parted pink and shiny wet the clit was sticking out like a miniature little cock Joan guided me in I pushed into her all the way she also could control the muscles in her vagina the way they did it I will never know a little while we both came she grunted squealed then relaxed we then went back onto the bed all three of us .A little later both of them got up but didn’t dress and walked around nude Joan had pedigree cats she used to breed and she was feeding them Margo cooked a meal in her flat I got out of bed don’t put any clothes on they said we like you like that the way it hangs down when its soft .I stopped there all week end went back to the ship on the Sunday night I stopped with them every other weekend ,till the ship sailed to the Mediterranean I was away for 5 months when I got back they had another man they were sharing I sometimes stopped with another of their friends. 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