Mi Familia Ch. 16


Jared watched with widened eyes. His cock stirred in his jeans, eyeing the man he wanted more than anyone about to pierce Vince.

That could be me.

Yes it could be but Diante’ was clearly smitten with Vince and vice versa. How would he infiltrate their seemingly unflappable relationship? He had to interfere to even have a chance.

Jared sighed and moved on to his room. He leaned against the door, placing his ear there, trying to listen. The older man knew both of them would have an issue with him standing there observing. He wished he could join in again.

Only for him.

“Damn…” He grabbed his crotch through his jeans. It got stiffer with every moan and grunt from beyond the door. His balls drew up against his body, nipples hardened like glass and small breaths escaped his mouth. “Oh God, Diante’.” Jared continued to rub himself. “I want you so badly…I need to show you how much better of a man I can be.”

* * * *

Vince looked at his gorgeous partner, staring into his light brown eyes. Diante’ was his and only his. Seemingly, their older friend had understood there would be no sharing here. He reached out for him. “Mi amor.”

“Si’.” Diante’ stroked himself and Vince simultaneously. He felt the pressure in his groin. He clenched his lover’s jewels before moving downward, fingering his perineum.

Diante’s partner groaned, enjoying the feelings of his affections. He spread his legs wider giving him easier access. “C’mon D, I’m ready…”

“Yeah?” Diante’s breaths labored. He ran his slick index over Vince’s pink bud. Carefully, he slipped a portion of it inside.

Vince eyed the ceiling then closed his eyes tightly. He moved against his man’s hand as he played with his anus. “Mhmm…” He bit his own lip. Vince had never wanted to be penetrated so badly until now. “Ughh…oohh…Diante’. So good…please, baby…inside.”

Morillo grinned and pressed another into him, slowly spreading his walls for his sweet invasion. He continued jerking his own cock as well while gingering his own balls. He inhaled.

“Oh God…yes…I don’t know how long I’ll last.” He slipped the condom on.

“Mhmm…try babe. ” Vince sucked in some air and tried to prepare himself for Diante’s penetration. He relaxed and pushed out.

“Ooh yes…oh God, Vince!” He threw his head back. Only the head of his dick was within his partner.

“Are you alright?”

It hurt like hell but Vince wouldn’t allow the pain to ruin this moment. He took another breath and pushed, “C’mon, baby…go on, love…give it to me.”

Diante’ did as asked but still at a methodical pace. Once he had himself all the way in, he looked back at Vince who only closed his eyes. Morillo leaned down. “I’m hurtin’ you aren’t I…I’ll…”

“Nooo…please…I’m fine. I’ll be better when you loosen me up. Go on, D…move. Don’t be scared. Do it, please.”

Diante’ kissed Vince’s head and built a rhythm. He slid inside again, over and over with his lover’s ass cradling his cock. “Ooh shitt…I’m so close, Oh Gooddddd…VINCE…”

“Mhmm,” he began to hyperventilate and grit his teeth. He could feel himself loosening. Vince pulled Diante’ in for a long embrace, forcing his tongue deep into his mouth. The action he initiated made him forget about the pain temporarily. “Oohhmmmm…” He felt the moisture between them. He gripped Diante’s back, digging his nails into his muscles. “Ooh shit, Diante’!” Finally, he felt his anus stretching to accommodate his lover as he wanted.

“Damn…oooh God, Vince. Yes…” he trembled and muttered inaudible words. He angled himself and leaned in again, pressing into Vince once more.

“Yesss…Diante’…I love you. God, I love you so much.” He raked Diante’s long curls through his fingers. The shakes were wearing down and the musky air filled his nostrils. Vince never thought he’d want this but now being in love changed all those things. He had his man and nothing was more pleasurable than enjoying him one on one.

“Mhmm…Vince, shower now, right? Please. Too hot today and besides.” He licked the sweat from his lover’s brow. “I want you to pierce me.”

Vince connected with his partner’s lips once again. “Yes…and I wanna be there, Diante’. Believe me, I do.”

* * * *

Diante’ enjoyed the moment being on top for once. In gaziantep bayan eskort their relationship, he always felt like the weaker vessel, like a woman sometimes. Vince made him happy, allowing him to exchange roles. Even though he as happy being the one that was always protected, there were times he wanted that control as well.

He got up, holding his hand out for his lover to take. When he did, he pulled him up and held him tightly against himself. Slow kisses and gropes of Vince’s buttocks made both of them breathless. He signed into his man’s mouth. “Te amo…mi amor.”

“Te amo…”Vince smacked Diante’s hips, hard. He covered his lips again

“Mhmmm…” Diante’ led Vince to their bedroom so they could enjoy the rest of their afternoon alone.

Everything is perfect…almost.

Almost meant that Diante’ really wanted all the men to be friends again. Why couldn’t they get over these feelings and become close again? Jared being alone worried Diante’. Not alone in the sense he had no one to be with because he had plenty of women but he had no companionship. He wondered did he make friends with the people in the industry.

Morillo knew that Vince would not allow the 3 of them to get together again but Diante’ had to wonder, would trying it once more make them closer as they should have been?

Why couldn’t they be best friends and lovers? Diante’ would try bringing it up to Vince at a later time. Right now, he’d keep these thoughts to himself so he could keep the peace.

* * * *

The weeks continued to roll by with Jared having a severe case of blue balls. He had his chances to be with some women but they just didn’t excite him as much as they used to. Could he be turning gay? Maybe gay for only Diante’ since he was still filled with jealousy over Vince being his lover.

It hurt him seeing the two of them so happy without him, carrying in their lives, doing what they needed to do and coming home making love, not caring about all the noise they we’re making, causing the poor man to be very envious. He really wanted to try convincing the two of them how wonderful it would be to share another moment and rekindle their relationship in a different way. How would he do it, he wasn’t sure but he had to attempt it because the feelings for Diante’ were not going away anytime soon.

Still, first and foremost was his porn career which seemed to be doing well in print but he really wanted to break into movies. He recalled what the woman told him about doing the gay for pay films just to make a quick buck but he just couldn’t see himself having sex with any other man. Jared had to get over this so he could start his ascent into stardom sooner than later. As he’d be told many a time, a porn stars career is quite short. When you start flabbing and your dick starts sagging, they don’t want you anymore. Being only 19, he still had a while but he still didn’t want to be in porn for the rest of his life either. He aspired to be back in the mainstream after his adult film stint was over. Many had attempted and failed, but he intended to succeed in everything he’d done.

After another sleepless night, Jared got up and took a shower. The water felt great to his young body, cascading down his chest and legs. He decided a cold one was in order to get rid of the hard on he was sporting, no amount of masturbation would cure how he’d been feeling, period. Jared needed to be with Diante’ again, he wanted that more and more every day. He really didn’t want to cause trouble but how could he continue to think of his friend without desiring him?

The older roommate leaned against the wall and took his cock into his hands. The vision in his mind, Diante’s coffee brown buttocks in the air as he pierced Vince from behind. The sweat glistening in his back, illuminating his new artwork he’d decided to get. Muscles flexing, his cock probing Vince’s tight ass repeatedly.

“Ooh shhiitt…” Jared couldn’t focus on anything else. Damn this shower for not doing the job. He turned the levers and moved the curtains, only to look into his desired’s face.

Diante’ grabbed the towel on the rack and handed it to him. “Que Paso, mi amigo. I’m concerned about you.”

The model grinned and started drying off his back. His eyes automatically dropped from Diante’s gaze on down to the erection under his shorts. He swallowed hard. “Why would you be? You have your man.”

“Don’t start that, okay? I hate this. I hate that we can’t even converse any more without all the jealousy. I don’t recall the last time all of us even had a meal together.”

“Yeah well…” He stepped out the shower trying to keep his eyes straight ahead. “Your man is being an ass. He’s so worried that I might do something to you that he won’t even allow us to be friends.”

“Yes and that’s gonna stop.” He folded his arms over his chest. “I’m tired of us not having any type of relationship but a hi and bye, no camaraderie, nothing. I’m not having it anymore, so… we will have dinner tonight! We will talk everything out.”

Jared really didn’t care to talk anymore, he wanted action. He really wanted to be in bed with Diante’. If he’d said that to Vince he knew that wouldn’t go over well. They’d be scrapping on the floor and Jared would make sure to hit back this time. He was still bothered by the fact he allowed Vince to beat him. “I don’t see how that’s going to solve anything, Diante’. Vince is too wrapped up in his fits of rage and you allow him…”

“What? Wait, excuse, me?” Diante’ stepped in front of Jared. He poked him in the chest. “I don’t allow Vince to do anything these days. I told him things must change and I would no longer put up with this crazy shit.”

“Yeah?” Jared raised an eyebrow. “Well you can prove it to me tonight then. I want you to show me that he isn’t the one in charge here because what it seems like is you are the female in that union,” he laughed and rolled his eyes. He left out the bathroom quickly so he wouldn’t be in there along with Diante’. Jared had to keep his composure.

“Why don’t I show you, right now?” Morillo yanked Jared backwards and pressed him against the wall.

Jared gasped and his eyes bulged. “Diante; what are you doin’ man? You lookin’ to start a war? If Vince comes in here…”

“He’s not.” Diante’ pulled Vince’s towel from his waist and tossed it on the floor. “And even if he did, I’d still do this.” The younger and shorter Diante’ pinned his lips on top of Jared’s while taking his own leaking cock into his palm, stroking it softly.

Vince exhaled and sighed into the young man’s embrace. His hands automatically found Diante’s sides, pressing his fingertips against his brown flesh before moving in a downward motion to slide his shorts from his waist. “Oh shiit Diante’!”

“Mhmmm…Jared, let me do this, yes? Turn around, baby, let me be inside you.”

“Yes, oh please.” Jared kissed his friends mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside. He rubbed himself against Diante’. “Let’s go in my bed, babe.”

“Okay,” he whispered. He crushed his lips against Jared’s once more, still fondling his hardened muscle.

Jared couldn’t believe this was happening. Diante’ wanting to prove he could do what he wanted when he wanted.

About damn time

He led his desired into his bedroom and sat on the mattress. Diante’ stood over him and stripped off his shirt in one motion. “Fuck…me…you look better and better everyday baby!” And he did. Jared noticed the young man had been working out with Vince. It was definitely paying off.

Diante’ grinned. “Open your legs, Jared.” He pushed his cargo shorts down to his ankles and stepped out of them.

Jared gripped the head if Diante’s cock and gave it one vigorous suck and tug. He moved back and spread himself wide. This moment with his friend, though not like this, was exactly what he’d been waiting for. “Jeezus, Diante’! Don’t make me wait!”

Morillo smiled while sheathing himself. “I’m not…lay back…just be ready, hmm?” He angled his body and leaned over him. “Now who’s in charge?

Who’s the one?”

“You are baby.” Jared grunted and wrapped his arms around Diante’s neck. He pressed his lips and nose against Diante’s skin, tasting, smelling, and enjoying the closeness. This had been a long time coming and now it was finally occurring. Jared raked Diante’s curls and prepped himself for his sweet invasion.

“Love, relax, your tensing.” The younger man kissed him again. “I want this just like you. I’ve been wanting it, but, I’ve let him take over. That’s stops now, Jared. We need to be friends and lovers, right?”

Jared sighed and winced. The pain was excruciating but he knew eventually it would subside. “Yes…” he bit his lip. It was the only word he could manage. He really didn’t agree but why do that now when he had Diante’ in bed with him. “Mhmm…” he groaned and gripped onto Diante’s back. Slow thrusts, inch by inch, he finally felt himself loosening up a little.

“Yes, good, I feel it, babe. There we go.” He picked up the pace.

“Uhhhuh,” Jared sensed he wouldn’t be much longer. He clenched his muscles and grabbed onto his friends back. “God, yes…Diante’. You feel amazing.” He felt Diante’ expanding inside of him.

“Ooh fuck, Jared!” He pushed harder and kissed him with fervor. The younger man shook and trembled, clenching his teeth. “Ooh shitt…Jared.”

“Yess…” Jared pulled him down again, to meet his embrace. He loved this moment with Diante’ and would cherish it forever. And now that it happened, Jared wanted Diante’ even more so now. Not to share but for himself.

* * * *

Once they rested a little and enjoyed more kisses, Jared was ready to return the favor. Diante’ happily accepted with the two of them going for at least another half an hour before collapsing on the bed. The potential porn actor grabbed Diante’ dragging him from the mattress on top of him. He enveloped his lips again, tongues wrestling and gripping his back once again. “God, I want you.”

“Yeah? That was amazing, Jared. Almost as good as…” he stopped and laughed.

“Oh wow,” he chuckled. “You are a mess. I’m not as good as Vince?”

“No, I’m sorry to be blunt but I do love him, Jared. I could love you too but he and I are so much closer, mi amigo.” He ran his nails across the man’s forehead. “I’m open to being with the both of you but he has to want that as well.”

“No, I’m not hurt. I know you two were friends and now lovers for much longer I just…just hoped…that maybe, we…just you and me could have this, even if it was a secret.”

“Jared, are you kidding? We can’t do this on the regular without telling Vince. He’d have a fit. He’s already jealous. I dunno if I can keep that from him.”

“What happened to Vince not being in charge,” Jared rolled his eyes. I thought you said he didn’t rule you.” Jared was playing hardball and he knew it.

“This is different. I’m not gonna let him tell me what to do but I’m not gonna withhold this from him.”

Jared shook his head. “If you’re not worried about what he’d say or do then you won’t let him tell you who to sleep with.”

“Yes, and, I’m going to tell him the reason why I did this.” Diante’ rolled over onto the bed.

“Which is?” Jared moved to face him directly. He was genuinely interested in knowing what Diante’ was speaking of.

“I already told you. I want the three of us to get along, be friends and lovers. If neither one of you aren’t willing to do this then I’m moving out.”

“What?” Jared got up. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am. I love Vince very much but I’m going to put the ultimatum out there and if he really cares for me and if you do too, then you’ll both let this occur.”

Jared could not believe what he was hearing.

Would Diante’ truly leave the apartment and live somewhere without the both of them? Jared cared for Vince but the recent weeks events made him dislike the man a little more. He wasn’t sure he wanted this to occur. After all, he was still accepting that he might be gay and not bisexual.

How would he handle this situation?

* * * *

Vince leaned against the wall at a small bar, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. Jared’s old girlfriend worked at this particular place so when he came in, she convinced the guy he was the age his fake ID read.

It really bothered him that Diante’ was trying to convince their friend to be part of a threesome. He truly didn’t want to share his good friend and lover. Knowing that Diante’ was in bed with Jared caused the envy to rise inside of him.

Why does he want this? Why couldn’t it just be the two of them and they promise to all be friends like it was? Vince had to agree though because Morillo had laid down the law and told him what he wanted. Seemingly, Diante’ was not only gaining physical strength from their workouts, he was also becoming of stronger mind and tough which would bode well for the near future. However, at the present time, Vince wanted that control back. He really didn’t like this sharing thing. He had to let his man know why.

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