Mom and Dad break the seal on taboo love


Rob and Lori were in their late 40s and even they had to admit they were leading a life of success, leisure and passion. They had met after college when each were working in Atlanta on their first jobs. Colleagues from their two offices happened to be at the same bar and the chemistry between Rob and Lori was instant.

Both had spent a good portion of their college years experimenting and exploring their libidos. Rob had several threesomes – both MFM and FMF. Lori had done the same in terms of threesomes plus in her first two years of living on campus she and her roommate often had sex. They were good friends and there was never an emotional attachment – they just each enjoyed sex and when they were horny, it was just as simple to explore and satisfy each other’s bodies as it was to go find a hard cock.

Early in their courtship both were frank and honest about their sexual histories and their erotic fantasies. Engaging in threesomes with other males and females only tightened their bond. Soon after marriage, they started to get together with couples into the swinging scene and they loved the freedom of having sex with other people. And it greatly enhanced their love making at home.

They had their first two children a year apart – Jacob and then Julie. Three years after Julie, their youngest – Janelle – was born. Being parents became a priority and their heir love life was scaled back. They still were able to get away for a night of swinging once every couple of months, but it wasn’t until Jacob turned 18 that Rob and Lori’s love life took an unexpected turn into taboo territory.

The summer before Jacob’s senior year, he was visiting colleges. Julie was playing on her traveling softball team and Rob was busy at work and would be at home with Janelle. Despite Jacob’s protest that he could travel alone, Lori went with him.

On the last night of their trip, the reservation for their airport hotel was screwed up and instead of two rooms there was just one, with a king bed, available. They were both tired and didn’t want to hassle with trying to find another hotel. Lori was a bit uncomfortable about sharing a bed with her 18-year-old son but decided she was being silly.

Jacob had played lacrosse for four years and had a solid, sinewy body. When he got ready for bed, he was wearing just a pair of boxers. His body was lean, his stomach flat and toned. Lori had seen him shirtless around the house but seeing him just wearing boxers was different. There was a flicker of arousal in the back of her mind that she quickly dismissed. Still, she admitted that her son was more of a young man than a teenage boy.

Something in her libido was sending signals to her brain and her dreams had a vague sexual nature. About 4 a.m., she woke up to go to the bathroom. Jacob was on his side, facing away from her. When she finished and before she returned to the bed, she gasped. Jacob had rolled on his back and his erect cock was pointing straight up through the fly in his boxers. He was at least as large as his father.

Lori’s feet were glued to the floor. The light from the bathroom illuminated half the bed and enough for her to see her son’s erection. She realized her breathing was quickened and that her nipples were getting hard and poking against her oversized sleep shirt. She tried as hard as she could to push the thoughts from her mind, but she realized that her sexual tension was primed and that she wanted her son’s cock.

She left the light on and climbed onto the bed, kneeling over his erect rod. He must have had some sort of dream for him to be this hard. She could see a silvery drop of precum that had leaked out of his tip. Lori closed her eyes, her chest heaving with desire. She was about to go off the deep end.

She reached forward and wrapped both hands around his prick and started jacking it, her hands twisting up and down. A moan escaped his lips and he was slowly coming out of his deep sleep. When her thumb rubbed over his swollen cock head, using the precum for lubrication, that erotic sensation brought him out of his slumber.

“MMMMMAAAAHHH, that feels … so good … damn,” he mumbled. But then his eyes focused on who was bringing him such pleasure.

“MOM. HOLY SHIT … WHAT THE HELL? You’re jacking me off… MOM, are you alright?”

“Calm down, just relax sweetie. I woke up and went to the bathroom and when I came back, I was looking at this. What an impressive cock you have. You take after your father.”

As she spoke those words, she continued to masturbate his tool. She leaned over him and spit on his purple glans, then rubbed that slickness on his swollen cock. His head rolled from side to side.

“JESUS MOM … FUCK … that feels so good.”

His hips were rocking. One of Lori’s hands reached down to caress his ball sack, her fingernails lightly teasing. That was all he could take. His cock erupted like a geyser, his creamy spunk shooting over a foot in the air. He arched his back and thrust his hips upward as his mother continued to milk his cock and tease out every drop of his jizz.

Jacob felt like the lower half of his body had turned to jelly and his brain was in a fog. None of his jerk sessions had ever produced an orgasm that powerful. He quickly regained his senses and returned to reality when he felt a hot mouth and tongue on his stomach. He looked down to see his mother licking and lapping up the splotches of his thick cream.

“Mom, gawd, what are you doing?”

Lori didn’t answer, she just moaned as she collected his fresh spunk in her mouth, swallowing each time she got a mouthful. Jacking off her son’s strong, beautiful cock had flipped a switch in her libido. Thoughts of taboo relations with her first born had been shoved deep in the back of her mind. She wanted his cock and another load of his cum.

Jacob yelped in surprise when her mouth covered the end of his still hard cock, licking the slick residue that remained on his swollen prick knob. An accomplished cock sucker, Lori showed him some of her skills and as her mouth worked on the end of dick, she could feel it twitching with arousal.

Assured that her son’s cock was primed, she straddled his hips and yanked aside the crotch band of her panties. She fisted the base of his cock, positioned her juicy pussy over the swollen knob and slowly lowered herself, skewering her pussy with his rod. Jacob threw his arms wide and he growled his approval. “FFUUUCCCKING SHHITTTTT. Gawd, my cock … inside you. SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.”

Lori whipped off her night shirt and Jacob watched her C-cup breasts, still firm, bounce as she rocked herself up and down on his hard rod. He brought his hands to her chest and cupped her mounds, feeling her hard nipples in his palms.

“YESSSSS. Play with my titties,” she hissed as she continued to bounce up and down on her fleshy pogo stick.

Neither participant needed much stimulus. Lori reached down and diddled her hard clit as she rode her son’s cock, which soon began to throb in preparation for another explosion. When he began spurting his loads into her mother’s belly, the excitement was enough to push her to an orgasm.

Lori rolled off and she could feel his creamy spunk leaking between her pussy lips. She went to the bathroom to clean up as much as she could. She changed into a fresh pair of panties and put on her night shirt.

Jacob was on his back, his cock deflated and still outside of his boxers. Lori tucked it inside his shorts.

“Jacob,” she said in a soft voice, “there is no shame in what we did. This was between a young man and an older woman who each needed their bodies to experience sexual release. We’ll talk about this more when we get home. There’s a lot that your father and I need to discuss with you and your sister. It’s nothing bad, nothing to be concerned about.

“I think you enjoyed our little fun time here. I certainly did. You should be proud that you gave an older woman so much pleasure.”


Their flight home didn’t leave until early afternoon. Jacob woke up first and Lori could hear him taking a shower. Her mind rewound their middle-of-the-night tryst. She was wondering what, if anything, might change in the light of a new day.

That thought was answered when Jacob walked out of the bathroom. He was naked gaziantep rus escort and his cock was at full attention. He stood and looked at his mother, who was under the sheet, her hair tousled from sleeping, a look that added to her sexiness. She could see his cock twitch.

Without a word, Lori got out of bed and walked to her son. She dropped to her knees and folded a hand around his prick’s base and her mouth engulfed his cock head. His skin tasted fresh and clean and she was soon rewarded with salty drops of his precum. Jacob spread his stance slightly and moaned as his hands tangled in his mother’s hair.

Lori’s oral skills soon overwhelmed Jacob’s sensitive rod. He gritted his teeth, leaned back and his hot sperm spurted out of his cock, filling his mother’s mouth with a creamy load that she gulped down.

She stood up and gave him a motherly kiss on the cheek. “Get dressed and go down to the restaurant for breakfast ask for a table in the corner, away from people. I’ll get showered and dressed and meet you down there.”

Over breakfast, in hushed tones, Lori and Jacob discussed the new dynamic of their family life. Lori did most of the talking and most of what she said gave Jacob an erection and put a grin on his face. His mother explained that while a vast majority of people consider incest a deadly sin, what went on in a family was that family’s business. Last night had broken a seal that could never be closed. Lori didn’t want it closed. She told Jacob that as long as he lived at home and for as long as he wanted, they could be sexual partners.

After they returned home, Lori and Jacob acted as if nothing had happened. Julie had returned from her tournament. To the relief of the mother and the son, that Sunday night was like hundreds of other Sunday nights.

Rob and Lori went to bed early. Lori was hesitant to tell her husband, but she worked up the courage to explain what had happened between Jacob and her. They were laying on their sides, facing each other. Rob asked her for details, which she provided. Her story ended with her de***********ion of her morning blowjob.

Rob was silent before smiling. “That lucky … mother fucker,” he said, realizing his de***********ion was totally on target. “Damn, Lori. So, you really enjoyed Jacob’s cock?”

She answered with a nod.

Rob quickly pushed her flat on her back and moved to straddle her. She could see his cock was fully erect, pushing the front of the gym shorts he slept in. He grabbed the bottom of her sleep shirt and yanked it up around her arm pits. He pounced on her breasts, moving his mouth back and forth to lavish each hard nipple with his tongue, lips and mouth.

He pushed his gym shorts down his hips, exposing his cock. He leaned forward so it was in range of her mouth. Lori quickly captured his rod and began to suck it. But she could sense that Rob was far more interested in fucking that getting sucked. After a few minutes of fellatio, he threw off the covers and moved down between her legs. His hands grabbed her panties at the hip and jerked in opposite directions. She gasped as he tore the flimsy material, exposing her mound.

Rob wasted little time. He lodged his swollen cock head at the entrance of her slit and with one fierce thrust impaled her on his rod. Lori’s breath whooshed out of her lungs at the controlling and powerful nature of his sensual assault. Her pussy’s slick walls flexed around his prick, milking it with her kegel muscles.

Rob gritted his teeth. Of the hundreds of times he had fucked his wife, this felt different. His cock felt powerful and her pussy felt like a velvet glove. He wanted to make it last, but he doubted he could. He began to pump, fucking her with fast and deep strokes. It was like he was reaffirming that he was her man.

Lori bucked hard against her husband’s thrusts, trying hard to return his amped-up passion. She could sense that there was a subtle difference to this love-making session.

After a few minutes, they were both sweaty and panting like marathoners. With a growl, Rob made a powerful and deep thrust, sending his cock as deep as possible into his wife’s slick grotto. His creamy jism began to pour out in powerful spurts. Lori locked her legs around his butt, pulling him closer as she could feel his sperm spewing deep inside her.

He withdrew, his cock plopping on her wet vaginal lips as a few last small spurts deposited cum on her mound. Rob rolled off onto his back next to his well-fucked wife.

“Well,” she said, “that was quite a ride you gave me, sir. You seemed more … inspired.”

Rob sighed. “Well, you tell me about having hot sex with our son, what do you expect?”

There was about 30 seconds of silence. “My turn to confess,” he said. “While I was fucking you, I was imagining you were Julie.”

Rob expected a reaction of shock or surprise. Instead his wife leaned over and kissed him, a deep, passionate, tongue-dueling soul kiss.

“You horny bastard,” she said with a chuckle. “I’m not at all surprised. I suppose that if I’m gonna have sex with Jacob it’s only fair you get to seduce your oldest daughter.”

That thought sent a tingle to Lori’s pussy.

“I’ll let you figure out how you’re gonna do that,” she said. “We just have to be careful around Janelle… We’ve always been a loving family, but this is taking things to the next level.”


Jacob had one of the best senior years in the history of senior years. While he had a steady girlfriend and they were having sex, his relationship with his mom continued. He and Lori took advantage of an hour here and an hour there when no one else was home. His senior schedule was flexible, and he often got permission to leave campus when he didn’t have class. Typically, he wound up at home for a quickie.

Lori kept Rob informed, usually when they were in bed at night. Her replays always led to some passionate love making. They also talked about how they could introduce Julie to their new family relationship.

Julie’s softball career was fizzling and by the spring semester of her junior year she was more interested in looking forward to college. Rob’s opportunity came when, like his wife had with Jacob, he accompanied Julie on a weekend visit to colleges in North Carolina. They spent the three-day weekend visiting Duke, Wake Forest and UNC. Because they had trouble getting flights back that Sunday night, they spent the last night of the trip in Raleigh.

They were in Rob’s room talking about the plusses and minuses of the three schools and sharing a bottle of wine. Rob could tell is daughter was getting a bit tipsy, so he changed the subject to her boyfriends. He knew that she didn’t have a steady, but she was popular and rarely had a weekend without a date.

“Have you been a good girl, or have you fooled around some,” Rob asked with a grin.

“Daaddd,” Julie rolled her eyes but smiled. “A lady never kisses and tells.”

“I’ll take that as a yes. You know, don’t you, that your mom and I are fine with you having sex as long as you’re careful. You are being careful, aren’t you?”

This time Julie blushed. Her sophomore year she had lost her virginity to a senior. He had used a condom and had been gentle, but it wasn’t a great experience. Nonetheless, she became bolder, and had fucked probably 20 times since then. She’d had her pussy eaten (not well) and she had sucked cock (improving with each opportunity). Julie didn’t consider herself a “woman of the world” but compared to most of her female classmates, she had “been around.”

“Yes, I’m careful. I always make sure the boy uses a condom.”

“Good girl. Once you get older and if you get on the pill, maybe you can transition where your partner doesn’t have to wear protection. I think you’ll find that the skin to skin contact makes for more pleasure.”

Rob’s eyes were boring into his daughter’s and she felt a shiver as she imagined a hard cock without a latex cover invading her pussy.

He got up and went over to his suitcase and pulled out a baggie that contained several reefers. “If you’re drinking wine and you tell me you’ve been having sex, have you smoked any weed?”

Julie’s eyes widened. She had been at some parties with some hard-core drug use but had always drawn the line at anything beyond grass. She had gotten mellow more than a few times and most of the time she had wound up having hot and satisfying sex. She had come to associate the smell of pot to orgasms.

“Dad, really? You and mom are into this?”

“Yeah, we’re not squares. And it’s not a habit or anything. We just enjoy the feeling of getting high and relaxing.”

Rob removed a well-rolled reefer and fired it up. He took a drag and then handed it to his daughter. He joined her on the king-sized bed as they toked in silence, gazing at the ceiling as the pungent smoke swirled above them.

Rob finally broke the silence, sensing the moment was right to make another momentous move for his family.

“Jools, when your mom and I had ‘the talk’ with you about sex, we told you that we’d been pretty wild and crazy in our youth,” he said. “We wanted to be open and honest. We told you most of what we did, being with couples, your mom experimenting with her roommate.”

Rob turned his head to look at his daughter. Her eyes were closed, and she nodded her head as she recalled her thoughts she had conjured about her parents’ sexual history.

“Well, we told you a lot but not everything,” he continued, lightly chuckling. “Your mom and I have always considered sex to be a natural part of life. After we had you kids, we’ve cut back quite a bit, but we’ve still been able to do some swinging. You know what that is, right?”

Again, she nodded. She realized the wine, the pot and her father discussing some wild sexual scenarios was arousing her. She thought that as soon as she got back to her room she was gonna masturbate.

“Your mom and I have decided there’s something you should know,” Rob said. “Remember last summer when she and Jacob went on his college tour. The last night they were on the road, the hotel screwed up the reservation and they had to share a room.”

He paused. Rob could sense the sexual tension that was building, and he thought allowing Julie to think about her mother and brother sharing a bed would help stoke her imagination.

“Well, something happened. Your mom and Jacob … well, they wound up making love. And they’ve continued that relationship.”

Even in her mellow state, Julie was shocked. She sat up and turned to look at her father, who had a stupid grin on his face.

“WHAT? Mom and Jacob? That’s … that’s incest. What the fuck, dad? You’re OK with that?”

“Yes. Yes, I am. Your mother is a wonderful woman and I totally trust her. The way I look at it, Jacob is a young man who has sexual needs. No doubt he can screw any of his female friends but he’s getting quite a sexual education from his mom. She tells me he’s becoming an expert lover. He’s going to make some woman very happy someday. The way your mother has made me happy.”

Julie was getting a bit lightheaded. She was processing information that didn’t compute. She loved and respected her parents, but this news was making her wonder if they were sexual perverts.

Rob sat up next to his daughter. She was wearing a tight, stretchy tank top that hugged her firm breasts. And her hardening nipples were visible through the material. He could feel his cock stirring. He was approaching the jump zone.

He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close for a half hug.

“Baby, are you OK? I know this is quite a shock. We didn’t think we should keep it secret any longer.”

Julie took a deep breath and sighed. Her father shivered with arousal as he watched her breasts rise and fall, pushing against her top.

“I know you both have told me that sex isn’t bad or dirty and that it can be beautiful. I do … enjoy … it. It just seems wrong when it’s family.”

“Actually,” her father whispered, “it’s not wrong. It’s better.”

He leaned his face toward hers and kissed her lightly on the cheek and continued to move his lips over the side of her face. Julie gasped and tried to pull away, but he firmly gripped her shoulder.

“Dad. Dad. What are you doing?”

His free hand cupped her chin and turned her face toward his and his lips clamped on her soft mouth.

“MMMMFFFFF,” she tried to break free, but he was insistent. His tongue came out and stroked across her clenched lips, trying to push inside.

Rob changed his tactics. He pushed her back down on the bed and quickly rolled over, straddling her hips. He grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head, holding them there with one strong hand.

Her hair was tousled, and she was breathing heavily. She looked up at her father. His nostrils were flaring as he too was breathing hard, his arousal and desire obvious. If she had glanced at his crotch, she would have seen his erection tenting the front of his gym shorts.

“Julie,” he hissed, “you’re a beautiful, sexy young woman. You’re wise beyond your years. You’ve experienced a lot. Now you’re going to experience being with a man. We’re going to make love.”

She closed her eyes and her head rocked back and forth. She could feel her pussy tingling with arousal, and she knew she was getting moist. Her logical mind was screaming this was wrong; her libido was screaming that it was a sexy man who wanted to fuck her, probably as she has never been fucked before.

Julie felt his free hand cupping her right breast. She opened her eyes and craned her neck to see her father kneading and feeling her mound through the thin cloth of her top. Her nipple was rock hard and sensitive, and she moaned as he alternated gentle massaging with rough, possessive grabs.

Rob leaned forward and this time his French kiss attempt was met by an open mouth. His tongue found the warm, wet cavern and immediately began exploring. Julie’s tongue pushed against his and there was a muffled gasp at the sexy soul kiss helped fan the flames of desire. His hand continued to tease and toy with her breast.

After the passionate kiss, Rob moved his mouth to his daughter’s face, neck and ears, kissing, licking and nibbling at the spots he intuitively knew were sensitive.

“MMMMMMM, gawd, so good … Dad … your mouth. So good.”

Satisfied that he was properly arousing his partner, Rob sat back on his haunches. His hands grabbed the bottom of her tank top and started pulling it up and off. Julie arched her back to help and then he had whisked it up and off. Even though she was no longer restrained, she left her arms above her head. Her eyes met those of her father, and it was a look of “I’m all yours.”

His large hands engulfed her mounds. Like other mother, she was blessed with nice breasts. They were full and round with two sensitive nipples surrounded by neat, round, dime-sized areolas. Robs fingers and thumbs tweaked and teased and twisted her hard nipples and she mewled her approval.

He rolled off and laid down next to her, his mouth moving from one breast to the other. His mouth sucked and nipped at the hard nub on one breast while his hand occupied itself with stimulating the other breast. None of her young friends had paid this much attention to her tits and her arousal was like a roller coaster slowly reaching the peak of a huge downhill run.

Julie’s hands tangled in her dad’s hair, pulling his face harder against her breasts. Her chest heaved and moans and groans alternated as she expressed her approval.

While he busied himself on her left breast, he moved his right hand slowly down over her torso. Her head tilted back on the pillow and she looked at the ceiling as she felt his fingers trail over her stomach to the waist band of her shorts.

“GAAAAAWWWD. YESSSSS. Dad. I’m soooooo HOT.”

Slowly, his fingers worked inside and moved over the front of her panties. He could feel the moisture and heat of an aroused pussy. His index finger traced its way to the top of her slit and made contact with her clit, which was just beginning to emerge from its sheath.


Julie’s hips bucked and her legs flailed in the air. Rob was surprised at the power and suddenness of her orgasm. He left his hand cupping her pulsing mound, but he pulled away from her breast, rolling on to his elbow. He watched as she arched her back and her body undulated as she recovered.

“Julie, baby, you OK? I’m sorry I didn’t realize you’d be so … sensitive. I should have gone slower.”


Julie was breathing heavily, like she had just finished a marathon. Her breasts were rising and falling on her heaving chest. Her eyes were closed, and she had a half smile on her face.

“Dad,” she whispered, “thanks for the great cum.”

Rob felt his rock-hard cock twitch in his shorts. He skimmed his t-shirt off and then pushed his shorts down and off, having to stretch them to free his tool.

Julie heard the rustling of clothes and got up on her elbows. She gasped when her eyes landed on his twitching rod. Her pussy was still aroused from her orgasm, but she felt it twitching in anticipation.

For Rob, the time for conversation was over. He grabbed his daughter’s hip and rolled her on her stomach, then started to tug her shorts and panties down over her firm ass. She didn’t hesitate to comply, raising up slightly so that her father could completely strip away her final garments.

He pulled her up, so she was on her knees. Her vaginal slit was prominent between the tops of her thighs, the pink lips wet from her juices. With a growl, Rob pushed his face under Julie’s ass and his tongue made contact with her sex.

Julie’s hips bucked and she let out a mewl of delight as her father’s experienced tongue began exploring her most intimate place. Being on her knees and having her butt thrust out was a new position for her and the sensation of a hot mouth on her pussy was pushing her to new sexual heights.

Rob’s tongue licked up and down her slit and when it reached her clit bump, the tip of his tongue slid over and around the nervy nub in a most erotic fashion. Her thigh muscles tensed, relaxed and shivered seemingly all at once.

“DADDDDD. Your tongue. GOOOD GAAAWWDD. It’s so FUCKING GOOD.” Julie’s fingers clawed at the sheets and she thrust her hips hard against her father’s ministering mouth.

Rob’s strong hands mauled Julies firm ass cheeks, pulling her crotch even wider to allow more access to his mouth. The index finger of his right hand moved toward her asshole and gently poked and prodded at that virginal opening.

The sensation of her father tonguing her clit and his finger probing her ass was more than enough to set off another orgasmic blast. Her scream of release was muffled as she buried her face in the sheets.

Rob pulled away and Julie collapsed on the bed, half laying on her side as she breathed hard and fast trying to recover.

Rob’s cock felt like it was made of reinforced steel. He was so turned on he was almost light-headed. He licked his lips to taste his daughter’s sweet secretions. He knew the next step in their tryst would break the final taboo boundary.

He grabbed her ankles and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. She gasped slightly as he manhandled her, placing her ass on the edge of the bed and folding her legs back and apart, totally exposing her honey pot. Rob could see her vagina was pulsing, her inner tunnel winking as the erotic arousal fired off the nerves and the muscles.

Julie raised herself on her elbows and looked through the valley of her heaving breasts. She saw her father’s impressive cock and she knew exactly what was going to happen. The high school boys she had been with had not aroused her like this. Even though it was wrong in so many ways, he wanted her dad to fuck her.

Rob stood at the edge of the bed, looming over his daughter’s splayed body. He grabbed his cock at the base and pushed its head against her squishy, slick labia, He used his purple knob to rub over her mound, pushing against her clit bump and eliciting a quivering groan.

Their eyes made contact and Rob made a simple declarative statement: “I’m gonna fuck you now.”

As that final word was out of his mouth, his cock found its purchase between her labia and his swollen cock head entered her vaginal tunnel. Julie’s breath hissed past her clenched teeth as she felt his fleshy rod stretching her most private place. Rob slowly kept moving against her hips until their crotches met and his cock was fully inside. Her pussy was tight and fit his prick like a warm fleshy glove. He shivered at the sensation and the knowledge that they were now committed to “doing the deed.”

Rob’s cock twitched but he kept it embedded, savoring the feeling and allowing Julie the chance to adjust. His hands moved slowly up over her torso until he reached her breasts, which were flattened slightly. He cupped her mounds, her hard nipples rubbing against his palms. She closed her eyes.

“Jesus fucking Christ, dad,” she quietly groaned. “I can’t believe how good this feels. Your cock is filling me up … it’s sooooooo hot.”

Rob moved his hands down to her hips and slightly lifted them. Then he slowly withdrew his cock until just the head remained inside her. She gasped at the feeling of his withdrawal, but he soon slid his length back in. He began rocking back and forth, slowly sawing his cock in out of her clasping pussy sheath. It was a slow, sensual fucking and Julie felt as if she could feel each centimeter of her dad’s cock as it made its in-and-out journey.

She could feel another orgasm building as his steady stroking seemed to be turning her pussy into liquid pleasure. She hardly noticed that her hands had found their way to her breasts and she was toying with her erect nipples.

Rob also could feel his balls churning with a load of semen. While his wife was an excellent partner and their swinging had produced dozens of memorable encounters, having his cock inside a teenage pussy was something he hadn’t experienced since high school. Whether she was controlling them or not, Julie’s cunt walls were squeezing against his thick tool every time he was fully inserted.

With his orgasm approaching, Rob started to increase the pace of his fucking. His hips began to buck faster and faster and his cock pistoned in and out of Julie’s clinging pussy.

“DAAAADDDD. FUCCCCKKKK. Your cock … so GOOOODDD.” The words came out in between her grunts as she absorbed her father’s powerful strokes that were tingling all her sexual nerve endings.

As he felt the familiar tingling feel of an oncoming ejaculation, Rob slammed his cock fully and deeply into her clinging vaginal tunnel. He knew that he could not come inside her so with a growl he pulled his rod out of her snatch and gripped it, holding it just above her slit.

“Aaww, awww, awwww, I’m cum-I’m cum-minggg,” he growled. The first spurt of his creamy white spunk exploded in a long string that landed between Julie’s breasts. His cock continued to unload his balls with the jizz puddling over her lower torso. As his orgasm wound down, he pushed his swollen knob against the top of Julie’s pussy, ejecting a few final spurts that landed on her clit and was followed by his cock head squishing that nervy nub.

Her dad’s cum bath plus his cock making contact with her clit pushed Julie over the edge. The taboo of their tryst along with the feeling of her dad’s hot sperm on her body fired off her orgasm.

“IIIII’mmmmmm ccccuuuummmminnnngggg. Jesus, I’m cuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!!!!

Julie’s hips were bucking as her orgasm rocked her body and nervous system. Her hands roamed over her torso, rubbing the hot jizz into her skin like it was a fine body cream. Her eyes were closed, and her teeth lightly bit her lower lip. Rob panted as he stood over his daughter’s freshly fucked body and he watched her rubbing his cum with her hands.

Rob crawled on the bed and took his daughter in his arms. “Baby, was that OK. Are you OK?” He was feeling a twinge of guilt now that it was over.

She giggled. “Dad, I’ve never had three orgasms like that, that close together. It was wonderful. I never knew it could be like that. Wow.”

He hugged her tighter, her breasts pushing against his chest. “I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I think your big brother understands how great sex can be now that he’s spent so much time with his mom. And I’m hoping you’re OK if we do the same.”

Julie reached between them and grasped his semi-hard cock. “If you think I don’t want more of this, you’re crazy.” They laughed and kissed, then fell asleep in each other’s arms. They were so tired that even sleeping together nude failed to lead to any further play time.


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