Mom’s Blouse


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Mom’s Blouse

When puberty hit me really hard I was just turning fourteen and couldn’t stop jerking off. Breathing excited me. Girls of any size or age just sent my cock into overdrive. I thought that I had done a good job of hiding my problem. I didn’t think anyone knew about my constant erections.

Then one day Mom said, “Too bad they don’t make a pill that deflates a cock. You know the opposite of Viagra that inflates them.”

I lied through my teeth; “I don’t have a problem.”

Mom smiled at me and then unbuttoned the top of her blouse. It was white and I could see a hint of her white bra under it. I noticed her nipples getting hard. Then I noticed that my cock was hard.

Mom laughed and said, “It only took one button. Sure, tell me that you don’t have a problem now.”

I rushed up to my room and jerked off. Soon Mom was calling me down to dinner.

Mom asked, “Feeling better?”

I replied, “Yeah.”

Mom looked right at me and rubbed both of her nipples at the same time causing them to get hard. She unbuttoned that first button on her blouse again and waited a minute before unbuttoning the second one. That did it I got hard and then I ran back into my bedroom with Mom laughing her ass off at my predicament.

When I finally came out again Mom told me to sit down and eat and that she would stop teasing me until I was done. I had to laugh because Mom had put on the bulkiest sweat suit that she could find.

After I finished eating Mom said, “Okay. It has come to my attention that I am the only girl that excites you beyond your wildest dreams.”

I looked at her and said, “What!”

Mom said, “You heard me. I’ve watched you around other women and girls but none of them excite you like I do. Even on the beach with all those young titties bouncing around on display and those tight little asses twitching you can keep it down until I come into your view, then all hell cuts loose.”

I glared at her and asked, “What are trying to tell me?”

Mom smiled and said, “Just that I know your problem. I excite you and there is nothing that either of us can do about that, I’m just your ideal woman, and you’re just a horny teenager.”

I asked, “So now what?”

Mom said, “I think I have a solution. It involves your cousin Andrea spending the summer with us.”

I snapped at her, “But gaziantep swinger she’s a slut.”

Mom smiled and said, “I know, that’s why I set it up. She is willing to let you fuck her as often as you need too. I want to see just which one of you two wears out first. It should be interesting, you jerk off a lot more than she gets fucked. My money is on you.”

I just looked at Mom in disbelief.

She continued, “Andrea will be here this afternoon. Then we can get started.”

I asked, “What do you mean by, get started.”

Mom smiled and replied, “Well you fuck your cousin, your mother gets you excited, and you fuck your cousin again…and again…and again…until one you straightens up.”

I couldn’t resist, “What do you mean by straighten up?”

Mom looked as if I had asked one too many questions, which had been my intention, that is until I pissed her off. Then she said, “Until either I can walk around the house nude without you having to go jerk off or Andrea decides to stop fucking everything with a cock.”

I knew better than to ask my next question, so I kept my mouth shut. However, I couldn’t help but wonder about my uncle’s two Golden Labradors fucking Andrea.

Mom left me alone for the next couple of hours until Andrea arrived. Her father helped her carry three suitcases up to the guest bedroom where she was going to stay. However, Mom made it perfectly clear that Andrea would be sleeping in my bed…nude…and me too.

My uncle had hardly gotten out of the driveway when Mom lifted her sweatshirt up to show me her bra. My cock got hard and Andrea dragged me up to my bedroom. She knew exactly why she was there and wasted no time getting started.

Andrea was naked in no time and taking my shirt and pants off. When she reached for my underwear I told her that I would do that. She smiled and waited impatiently for me, then she jumped me. I mean she literally jumped me, she wrapped her arms and legs around me, and her wet pussy slipped down onto my hard cock. It was like something out of a porn movie, not that I had ever seen one, but I have heard the older boys talk about them. It all went so quickly, she jumped on me, she shoved one tit in my face, and then she knocked me onto my bed all in one swift move. By the time I realized that I had lost my virginity I was firing gobs of cum up into her like there was no tomorrow. I was sure that I had never cum that much before. I was also sure that I could keep it down for a while.

Andrea told me that the two of us were to remain naked and glued together unless Mom told us to get dressed. She said we had to even go to the bathroom together. It sounded like something that my mother would say. Then we held hands and walked downstairs.

Mom looked up from her chair as we entered the living room and sat down on the couch together. Mom smiled and said, “Well I’ll give you a few minutes to relax.” Then she asked Andrea, “So dear, how was he?”

She replied, “He was really hard and really quick, just like most of the boys that have fucked me. The fact that he was my cousin helped give me an orgasm though, which was special.”

Apparently no one before me had lasted long enough to satisfy her. I found that hard to believe from a slut like her.

Then Mom asked, “Just how many boys have you fucked?”

Andrea answered, “Well according to my diary, sixty-three boys fucked me three hundred and forty-eight times since I turned thirteen twenty-seven months ago. That’s only three times a week.”

Mom said, “Holy shit, sixty-three different boys, and you’re only fifteen. I don’t know a single grown woman that has let sixty-three different guys fuck them.”

Andrea just shrugged her shoulders.

Mom removed her bulky sweat suit and then started unbuttoning her blouse that was underneath it. When the third button came undone I saw a glimpse of her bra and my pecker popped up.

Mom laughed, Andrea stood up, and then she dragged me back up to my bedroom. That time she got on the bed and I got to fuck her until I came. I liked being in control because it felt better. I still cum quickly but she seemed to like it anyway.

Back downstairs Mom let me rest and recover as we talked and then that third button got me again. Andrea said that she was tired of hauling my ass up the stairs and asked Mom to go get us some drinks. She said that it shouldn’t be too awfully long.

She was wrong, that third time in an hour was great. It took at least four minutes for me to cum that time.

Just as I pulled out Mom came in. She must have been watching. She told Andrea to stay where she was and then Mom got on her knees on the floor with me. Mom opened Andrea’s pussy lips and pointed out her clit to me. Mom rubbed it until Andrea had an orgasm. Then it was my turn. I gave Andrea an orgasm and it felt very nice giving her some pleasure. Mom made me give Andrea another one for good measure and then she told me that I had to do that for Andrea before and after I fucked her from now on. That seemed fair to me.

Thirty minutes later Mom stayed in the room while I fingered Andrea, then she pretended to leave while I fucked her.

Afterwards Mom suggested that we try it doggy style the next time. Sure enough about forty-five minutes later we were trying it. Andrea liked the way that I held onto her hips and plowed into her ass. I realized that there was a longer time between me getting hard and that I was lasting longer. Andrea enjoyed the clit rub and that in turn made her enjoy the fuck even more. She had an orgasm during the forth time and then every time after that.

At bedtime Mom had made it down six buttons and I could her skin below her bra. Andrea and I had sex eight times. We were both getting sore but we didn’t say anything until after we were alone in bed, and then we just whispered it. Andrea said that my cum kept her pretty well lubricated and that that had helped tremendously.

The next day Mom completely unbuttoned her blouse, the following day she removed her bra and was topless, and then the day after that she only wore her panties around the house. Then she was running around naked like Andrea and I did.

When I was finally able to tolerate Mom’s nudity for a few hours she made me touch her breasts and suck on them, after that she made me rub her clit and give her orgasms, and then finally she made me lick her pussy. When I had succeeded in all of her challenges she started sucking my cock and making me fuck Andrea. By the end of the summer and the end of Andrea’s stay I was fucking Mom.

Those weeks that Andrea spent with us she only added one more boy to her collection but she added four hundred and twenty-three fucks. I was proud to say that I had fucked my cousin more times than all of the others put together. I had given her orgasm during our fucking and I was the first one to have anal sex with her…thirteen times.

After that summer Mom and I got along great, we slept together, and we both dated other people without any jealousy. Andrea settled down to just one boy at a time but changed them every few weeks for variety. I took her to special school dances like Proms and I always got lucky afterwards.

The End
Mom’s Blouse

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