Mountain Men Ch. 04: Ridden


Tom Prescott woke up with a hot mouth wrapped around his stiff cock. It was still dark and he could hear a soft rushing sound in the distance. He guessed it was the wind.

It had been five days since Tom had gotten lost in the Rugged Mountains and found his way to Clint Hardwick’s camp. Tom had been straight, with a girlfriend, but Clint and some of his lusty friends had taught the young man how good man-on-man sex could be.

Yesterday, two sexy U.S. Forest Rangers had teamed Tom while Clint watched. Now, he and Clint were at Stonewall Ranch, where Clint lived with several other gay men.

Tom had gone wild when they were finally alone in Clint’s cabin last night. He’d sucked Clint’s cock aggressively, eaten his ass, and then hammered his butt relentlessly. Worn out, they’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

Tom was sure awake now. “Wow, Clint,” he whispered. “This is a great way to start the day.”

The man didn’t answer. He was just an indistinct shape kneeling between Tom’s legs in the darkness, bobbing over his rigid pole and kneading his tight balls.

“Oh, man!” Tom rolled his hips, driving his hard-on deeper into the cocksucker’s mouth. “Keep doing that and I’m gonna come.”

The dark figure lifted his mouth off Tom’s throbbing tool and reached over to the nightstand. A moment later, his hand—now slick with lube—closed around Tom’s straining cock. The hand stroked Tom’s hard rod, coating it with the slippery gel.

“You gonna sit on my cock now?” Tom asked.

The man answered by straddling Tom’s hips and lowering his butt onto his turgid pole, taking its length in one easy slide. He rolled his hips, smoothly riding Tom’s hard hot rod.

“Oh fuck!” Tom groaned as the pressure built in his balls. “I’m getting close.” He reached up and jacked the man’s stiff cock while he bounced on Tom’s rod.

“Jesus!” Tom came, firing thick pulses of hot cum up his partner’s ass.

“¡Oh Dios mío!” the man riding Tom’s cock gasped, splashing cum on his chest. “Come for me!”

“What?” Tom pulled the man’s face down to his and kissed him fiercely. He didn’t have Clint’s beard, just a sparse mustache. “Who are you?”

The wind sounds had stopped some time ago. The bathroom door opened, flooding the sleeping area with light. Clint stepped out. He was naked and dripping wet. “Sancho!” he growled. “What the hell are you doing with Tom?”


There’s nothing like waking up beside a sexy stud . . .

It was still dark when Clint woke up. He looked out the window at the night sky. It was about two hours before dawn.

Tom was snoring softly beside Clint. His hard athletic body was an indistinct shape in the darkness.

He reached for Tom, but then pulled his hand back. Let him sleep for a while longer.

Tom groaned and rolled onto his stomach. Clint stroked his hard cock and kneaded his balls while fantasizing about the other man’s muscular buttocks . . . and the hot little hole between them.

It was either fuck Tom or get up. Clint decided he really needed a shower, after a long drive and all of yesterday’s sweaty sex. And waiting would make the next time with Tom even better.

Clint escort bayan gaziantep went into the bathroom and closed the door. It was cold. The little room had an electric heater, but it wasn’t turned on. He didn’t bother with it. Instead, he turned the shower on.

He studied himself in the mirror while he waited for the shower to heat up. Not too bad for a guy in his late 20s—tall, slender, and rawhide tough, with weatherbeaten features, collar-length black hair, and a short black beard. And an unusually large cock, hard from thinking about Tom, sticking straight up from a forest of black pubic hair.

He adjusted the water temperature and got into the shower. His dick was rock hard. It stayed hard as he soaped and rinsed his body. He played with it, a little, teasing himself and fantasizing about Tom’s hot butt.

Clint turned the water off and got out of the shower. The windows and mirror were fogged. He opened the door to let the steam out.

The bright light from the bathroom flooded the sleeping area. Clint froze in shock, staring at the men on the bed. A slender man with short black hair was kneeling on the bed, riding a bigger man’s cock.

“Oh fuck!” the man on the bottom groaned. “I’m getting close.” Clint recognized Tom’s voice.

The man bouncing on Tom’s rod went faster, riding him hard. “Jesus!” Tom muttered, thrusting his cock up into the thin man’s ass.

“¡Oh Dios mío!” the man riding Tom’s cock gasped. “Come for me!”

“What?” Tom pulled the man down to him and kissed him. “Who are you?”

“Sancho!” Clint stepped into the main room, dripping with water from the shower. “What the hell are you doing with Tom?”

The men on the bed stared at Clint silently. Tom looked stunned. Sancho was grinning.

Clint flipped the overhead lights on, then stomped over to the bed and pulled Sancho to his feet. “Why are you fucking my boyfriend?”

Sancho shrugged. He was Stonewall Ranch’s youngest cowboy, a slim 19-year-old Hispanic man with short black hair and a sparse mustache. His body was almost hairless, except for a lush pubic thatch. His hard uncut cock—gleaming with traces of cum—was unusually large for a man his size. “Because he’s got a dick?” He reached down and stroked his rod, sliding its foreskin on and off its bulging cock-head.

“Are we boyfriends?” Tom asked from the bed. He was in his mid-20s and built like a football player, with buzz-cut blond hair and five days of dark beard stubble. His stiff cock—oversized, like Clint’s rigid pole—stood straight up from his crotch.

“Uh . . .” Clint hadn’t really thought about that.

“It was dark. I thought he was you.” Tom sat up and swung his feet to the floor. His dick stayed rock hard. “But, you didn’t mind me having sex with Harry . . . or the Rangers.”

“That’s different.”

“How?” Tom stood up, wrapped his hand around Clint’s hard cock, and kissed him.

“It wasn’t in the dark.” Clint kissed Tom back, hard with an aggressive tongue. “Sneaking around.”

“It’s light now,” Sancho said. “And you’re just mad because I slipped in ahead of you.”

“Well . . .” Tom turned to face Sancho. “Technically, I slipped into YOU.”

“Fucked the hell out of me, as a matter of fact.” Sancho turned around and bent over the bed, then waved his butt at Tom and Clint.

“I’m gonna fuck you now.” Clint gripped his stiff rod, guided its head between Sancho’s butt cheeks, and pushed into the young man’s asshole. It was still slick with lube and Tom’s cum, and Clint’s hard cock slipped in easily. He fucked Sancho roughly, drawing back and then slamming home, bouncing his balls against the boy’s buttocks.

“Oh shit, man!” Sancho gasped. “That hurts.” He clenched his anal muscles and pushed back, taking Clint’s swollen pole deeper.

Tom stood beside them, stroking his hard cock while he watched Clint pounding Sancho’s ass. “No fair,” he said. “He’s already had his butt fucked.”

“Okay.” Clint pulled his dick out of Sancho’s hot tight hole. “I’ll give you a shot.” He pointed to the bed. “Get on your hands and knees.”

Tom got into position. Clint lubricated his cock and drove it up Tom’s ass. “How’s that?” He fucked Tom hard and fast, watching his cock sliding in and out of the other man’s sculpted butt cheeks.

“Great!” Tom gasped. “Pound my ass.”

“All right.” Clint hammered Tom’s butt, drawing back and then driving forward, slamming his crotch into the blond man’s buttocks and shaking his body.

Clint was close to coming when Sancho’s cowboy-strong hands gripped his waist and brought him to a stop. “Hold still. I have something for you.” Sancho slid a lubricated finger up Clint’s asshole and worked it in and out a few times, then replaced it with his big thick cock.

“Jesus!” Clint gasped as Sancho’s oversized rod entered him. “That’s BIG!”

Sancho stopped with his balls pressed against Clint’s butt cheeks. “Your asshole is fucking tight.” He pulled completely out, waited for a long moment, and then pushed back in, through Clint’s tight anal ring and on into his depths.

Clint’s dick—buried deep in Tom’s tight ass—jerked and throbbed as Sancho’s long thick cock moved in and out of his asshole. “Damn! This is good!” He fucked Tom’s muscular asshole slowly while Sancho’s hot rod invaded his anus.

He almost came after the first few strokes, but managed to hold back. After that, it was an amazing rush that built as he fucked Tom harder and faster, while Sancho’s cock hammered his butt in time with his increasingly rough thrusts.

“Oh man!” Clint gasped as the tension in his nuts reached the boiling point. He rammed Tom’s ass, firing a heavy pulse of cum. A split second later, Sancho drove his stiff dick up Clint’s ass and shot a big load.

“Jesus!” Clint hammered Tom, coming harder than he’d imagined possible, while Sancho’s long thick cock fired shot after hot shot of cum up his ass. It was way more than double the pleasure of fucking or getting fucked. He didn’t have words to describe the sensation, but he wasn’t interested in words. Only in this amazing climax.

It seemed to go on and on. Finally, Sancho pulled his dick out of Clint’s ass and stood up. “That was fuckin’ hot.” He bent over and kissed Clint and then Tom. “You’re both fuckin’ hot.” He went into the bathroom and closed the door. A moment later, the water started running.

Clint’s dick slipped out of Tom’s ass. Tom turned around on the bed to face him. “Sancho is right. That really was fuckin’ hot.” Tom’s cock was rock-hard, rising from a thick forest of dark blond pubic hair. “You two got off, good and hard. I’ve never felt you shoot so much cum.” He curled his fingers around Clint’s softened rod, which hardened instantly. “Now, it’s my turn.” Tom pushed Clint onto his back.

“Yeah.” Clint lifted his butt and grinned at Tom through his spread legs. “Come fuck me.”

Tom positioned his broad cock-head at the center of Clint’s puckered hole and pressed forward. It slid in easily. “You hammered me like never before. It was rough, but I liked it. Now, I’m gonna pound you, just as hard.”

Clint moaned and jacked his stiff cock while Tom drilled his ass with amazing—and exhilarating—violence. He was close to coming again when Tom gasped, “Oh fuck! I’m gonna shoot!”

“Yeah, man,” Clint said. “Give it to me.” His body shook as Tom hammered his ass, shooting pulse after hard hot pulse of cum into his depths. “That’s right. Come in me.”

Finally spent, Tom pulled his dick out of Clint’s butt and flopped down beside him on the bed. He lay there on his back, breathing hard and staring up at the ceiling. “Man. That was hot.”

“What’s hot?” Clint asked. “Fucking me just now? Or the whole thing?”

“What whole thing?” Tom sat up and curled his fist around Clint’s softened rod. As usual, it hardened under his touch. “This whole thing?”

“I was thinking a little beyond our dicks.” Clint gripped Tom’s equally hard rod. “Even though they’re fun to play with.”

“The whole thing.” Tom knelt between Clint’s legs and pressed his cock-head into the other man’s puckered hole. “Not just this morning, but Harry, the Rangers, and especially you.”

The bathroom door opened and Sancho stepped out, carrying a towel. He was naked and dripping wet. “Wow!” he said. “You guys are still at it.” He dried off quickly and then got dressed. “I’d love to stay, but I’ve got chuck wagon duty this morning.”

He put his coat on and opened the door. His breath steamed in the golden light of dawn. “Breakfast in an hour.”

“Well, that gives us an hour.” Tom pushed his hard-on into Clint’s ass. He got its head through Clint’s anal ring, but then his cock went limp. “Fuck!”

“That’s all right,” Clint said. “It’s time for a break.” He pulled Tom down on top of him and kissed him passionately.

They kissed for a long time. Then, Clint pushed Tom away and stood up. “It’s everything for me, too . . . But, especially you.” He couldn’t describe his excitement at watching Tom discover himself, so he didn’t try. Instead, he pulled Tom to his feet and led him into the bathroom. “We can talk about it in the shower.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2020 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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