Mrs Patterson Part 1


It was my finally year of high school. but yet there was the matter of the finally exams. in school i often struggled in math so badly i had been pre enrolled into a special type class. not really for students with mental illness but those who have a hard time learning. so any ways it was my final year of going to school which was a big stress taken off my back. i felt that i would fuck up on my exam and fail so i decided to seek help from my teacher Mrs Patterson. Now Mrs Patterson was a Cougar in here late 30’s or so, there was something about her i felt strongly aroused to. her body had some fine features even after having two kids. she didn’t have a nice pair of breasts to be entirely honest but her butt. was fine when ever she would wear yoga pants or jeans it gave me a sensation in my penis. freshman year was the year i was so aroused that when i would get home from staring at her beautiful phat butt and start masturbating. there was several times i managed to get close to that nice butt.. one she had us do a graphing assignment and we had no tables at the time so we had to do it on the floor i didn’t fully understand on how to do the project and i asked for help she smiled and we went to the back of the class room which use to be speech class we went to the back and worked behind the wall she laid down on her belly graphing i sat there and couldn’t help but notice her in her tight yoga pants showing that nice phat butt of hers my penis was slowly erecting. i tried to hold it back but she was only making it worse levent escort i acted as if i got up and tripped and it worked i fell and my erected penis bumped into her butt she didn’t notice and i apologized she smiled and said watch where your walking. another time was one when the power went out and i bumped into her from behind she was startled and said watch out please. there was one time where she bent down up close to pick up some papers she dropped luckily i was the only person in the classroom and i quickly took out my phone and started taking silent photos of her fine ass. the same routine followed sopmorhe and junior year i no longer struggled in math but from time to time i went to her class to seek help with complicated math questions finally came senior year. so here i was sitting alone studying next to her desk. she had been wearing those black yoga pants that made her big phat butt really show. then i made the big stupid… i blurted out something i would regret saying to her. “Mrs Patterson I Love you i mean like you heh”
she looked up from her Laptop and smiled at me i love you to Brian your a kind and smart student i am going to be sad that i won’t see you any more. i enjoyed having you as a student. thank you Mrs Patterson. Please Brian Call me jenny. um jenny do you ever have a secret attraction to some one?. Mrs Patterson paused and looked at me and smiled. and said lets get back to the assignment shall we? so after studying the following week came the exam. taksim escort i got nervous during it.. i couldn’t help it anymore the thought of her and the fantasies of her phat butt being penetrated by my cock. after the exams where i done i went to the boys locker room stressed out. i passed out for quite some time and woke up. then i realized it was almost 11 PM. no one was here not even a janitor i ran out of the locker room in a rush to get home while running down the hallway past a flight of stairs there was a voice to my right. Brian? it was Mrs Patterson she had stayed late to file some paper work. she asked me what i was doing here so late i was trying to catch my breath when she invited me into her classroom. there i sat exhausted. she was typing on her laptop, i couldn’t resist it anymore i had to say it. Mrs Patterson i want to tell you something Yes Brian? Mrs Patterson i have been your student for almost 4 years and i find you unique. i’m not going to lie to you freshman year when you wrote on the smart board when you wore those tight pants i took candid pictures of your ass on my phone i really like you and i want to have sex with you and i want it to be meaningful for us both. she looked at me for 5 minutes and smiled and finally said i like you to i do really i have a strong attraction to a young handsome man like you i always had your one of my favorite students but your the one i admire deeply I sat there amazed and for the next 50 minutes i took a total of 900 photos fatih escort of her phat butt in different pants. some in her panties as well. we finally moved on to the main course. she cut a hole in her pants she started stroking my cock she started to build up speed and i cummed on her face. she licked it up yummy she said. i took my finger and slowly proceeded to finger her anally she moaned and said Oh Finger me good yes!. she proceed to suck my cock i started to Deep Throat her. finally i entered my cock ramming it into her pussy she moaned loudly we didn’t care we just wanted to fuck we fucked loudly finally i cummed inside of her i kept going. afterwards we planned to have sex in certain places secretly and that’s what we did. graduation ceremony was number 1 on the list we met in a private area.she had on some tight white pants she had bought along with other outfits we would use for our secret sex life .she removed my pants while i squeezed her huge phat butt tounge kissing her. she slowly started stroking my cock i squeezed harder she stroked a bit faster i squeezed as hard as i could she let out a moan she started stroking fast with a good grip on my cock finally i cummed i laid on my back she pulled down her pants and shoved that huge phat butt on my face she sat there for a while face sitting on me while she sucked on my cock.i licked her vagina. we finished and made it back in time to watch the graduation i made it on stage. the following week i got supper horny. she agreed and lied to her family about her going on a trip for work we met up at my house luckily my parents were gone for a while along with my other relatives we had the house to our selves. so would begin our summer sex life.
To be Continued in Part 2. Thanks for reading.

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