My Angry Tenants Ch. 05


Since Ron and Gary had been living downstairs, I’d gotten pretty used to being wakened in the night to service their cocks. So, it was no surprise to open my eyes and find Gary standing over me with his big half hard dick dangling in front of my face. He pulled the sheet off of me, slapped me hard on the ass and said, “Get your fuck hole downstairs, we need you. NOW!”

He was gone before I even stood up and I made my way to the hall and down the stairs, excited against my will by thinking about the two steely cocks waiting to plow my holes and fill me with cum.

Their door stood open, as usual, and I entered…then stopped in surprise. Sitting on the sofa directly across the room was the biggest, darkest skinned man that I’d ever seen in my life. Even more surprising was that Gary and Ron were on their knees in front of him with one of his legs over each of their shoulders, Ron with the head of his fat cock in his mouth and Gary licking his huge balls. I soaked in every detail with my eyes. The man was all muscle, his smooth dark skin like burnished coal, gleaming and smooth in the light. His body was hairless, his head shaved and his cock a fat 10 inches of solid man meat with a wide flared head. His big hairless ball sac hung down so far it almost covered his tight asshole, which I could see winking at me between his spread cheeks. I looked up to his face, noticing how handsome he was, resembling a beefed up Don Cheadle, and he gave me an arrogant half smirk.

“I’m Mack.” he said. “Ron and Gary are paying up on an old debt and they’ve been bragging on their slave boy’s ass, so I told them to include you in the party.”

Gary let the big ball he’s been sucking on slide out of his mouth and he stroked Mack’s wide spread ass crack and fingered his tight hole while he growled at me, “…And make your faggot ass useful! Get over here and tongue this man’s hole while we work his cock!”

That wasn’t a command I needed to hear twice. Ever since coming through the door I’d been fighting the urge to push Ron and Gary out of the way and grab that prime fuck meat for myself. I crossed the room and knelt between Mack’s legs, his hairless ass crack spread open before me. His hole was a tiny, tight pucker, so little you almost had to search for it and I started at the beginning of his crack and ran my tongue upward. When I hit his hole, he jumped, and then thrust his ass forward into my face. I buried my tongue as far as I could in his ass and he sighed, “Whenever I’ve got a hot tongue in my hole, I start to understand why a man would want another man’s dick up his ass.”

His hole was sweet as honey and my tongue was fucking and licking it as I watched Ron and Gary service his big cock and balls, trading back and forth so that now one was swallowing his cock, then the other. Both of them looked pissed off and I couldn’t help enjoying watching them be the submissive ones for a change. They knew I was watching them and both took turns glaring at me, their mouths full of hard cock and juicy balls.

“Why don’t you climb up here and give me a look at that fuck hole these boys have been bragging on?” Mack said to me and I dutifully climbed up, turned around, straddled his hips on the couch and bent over so my wide spread ass was inches from his face.

“That’s a sweet looking asspussy.” Mack said, pulling my cheeks even wider apart. “Smells like cum, too, so I know there’s been some cock in there recently.” He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass back and I felt his tongue lick and then probe deep into my hole. “Tastes like cum, too!”

It should have. After I’d served Ron and Gary dinner earlier, they’d taken turns fucking my ass on the kitchen table for dessert and both loads of jizz were still sloshing around inside of me.

Mack’s tongue felt about as long and fat as his cock as it fucked in and out of my hole and I grabbed my ankles, the whole time watching my two main fuck buddies slobbering over Mack’s big black pole. I couldn’t resist rubbing it in and I said to them, “You boys suck cock like first timers. You better work harder than that!” and I heard Mack snort with laughter in my ass. Ron and Gary both gave me evil looks and I shivered, knowing that they’d soon put me in my place.

“That’s right, boys, you’re both mine for the night to do anything I want with and your little cherry assholes are looking better and better to me since you can’t make me cum with your mouths.” Mack said.

“Yeah,” I said, “Maybe a hard cock fucking their asses is just what these two bitches need!” and I knew then that I had pushed Ron and Gary far enough. They both stood up and Gary grabbed me and knocked me on the floor.

“And maybe it’s time you learned that you’re only good for one thing.” he said. They took hold of me and pulled me up from the floor, then spun me around to face Mack. They each grabbed a thigh and an upper arm as they lifted me in the air, my legs wide spread and my ass open to the breeze. Mack was slowly jerking his massive cock while looking at my exposed hole and he grabbed it around the base and pointed it straight up at the ceiling. Ron and Gary carried me forward and I could feel escort bayan gaziantep that plum sized cock head grazing my crack and then lodging against my hole. Ron and Gary looked at each other, then turned to me with a pair of evil smiles…and dropped me.

I felt Mack’s huge dick head split my hole open and then all ten inches of hard meat slid into my guts at one go.

It felt like my whole body was being ripped in two with that giant cock buried inside me all the way from the head to the base and I almost passed out from the shock and pain. Ron and Gary were laughing behind me, thinking they’d played a really funny joke on me but when I looked at Mack, all I could see was concern in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” he quietly asked and I decided to beat those two motherfuckers at their own game.

“Never better.” I said. I ground my hips to lodge his dick deeper in my hole and said, “Now that’s what I call a cock. I was getting tired of that puny white meat!”

Ron and Gary suddenly stopped laughing and I said, “Let me show you what an educated asshole can do for a real man’s dick.” I tightened my hole around the base of Mack’s cock and slowly raised my ass till just his head was inside, then loosened my ass and quickly slid down the length.

He laid back against the sofa with a smile on his faces and after I’d made a few trips up and down his cock, Mack smiled and said, “That hole is about to milk the juice right out of my cock!”, then he leaned forward, wrapped his thick arms around me and kissed me.

It was one of the best kisses I’d ever had in my life. His smooth plush lips were heaven and his hot tongue was probing into my mouth while his cock was buried deep in my ass and I kissed him back as passionately as I could. With his cock still in my ass and his tongue in my throat, he rolled us over on the sofa so that I was underneath him and he was on his knees on the floor, fucking my ass on the edge of the cushion. Slowly, he started drawing his cock in and out of me, making sure that it slid in full length on the down stroke, all the while deep kissing me and fucking my mouth with his tongue. I’ve been fucked plenty of times but this man was making love to me!

Ron and Gary had knelt on either side of us and they were watching Mack’s bouncing hips and his big dick sliding in and out of my hole while they stroked his back and ran their hands over his body. Ron stuck his index finger into his mouth and got it good and juicy and I watched over Mack’s shoulder as Ron slid his hand between Mack’s meaty ass cheeks. I could tell when he started finger fucking Mack’s hole because his cock swelled even bigger inside of me and he started thrusting his dick harder and deeper into my fuck pucker. His dick was pile driving my ass and I swear I could even feel the thick veins on his shaft as his cock slid in and out. The corona around his cock head was rubbing the walls of my fuck chute and pleasing every inch of it, popping open the tight ring of my asshole when he stroked backwards and then spreading my guts open when he rammed it deep inside me.

Ron moved around behind Mack and I watched as he lowered his head and buried his face in Mack’s ass. Mack started to pound my hole even harder as Ron tongue fucked his ass and his cock head grew even bigger and he buried the full 10 inches of his cock inside me. I felt his hot ball juice splashing against the sides of my raw fuck chute. Three big spurts of cum coated my insides and with each spurt, I could feel his cock swell and throb with the sensation.

Mack rested on top of me for a few moments, and then slowly started pulling his long piece of meat out of my ass. The big head popped out of my hole like a champagne cork and I said, “That was one of the best fucks of my life.” Mack got up and padded into the bathroom to wash up while Ron and Gary took turns examining my well fucked hole and sliding their fingers in and out, playing with Mack’s cum while caressing me and stroking my body.

“You’re not really getting tired of us, are you?” Ron asked. “We’re not always real nice to you but you’re the best thing that ever happened to us.” Gary was blushing and looking at the floor.

“How could I ever get tired of you? You two are the best thing that ever happened to me, too. I even dream about how your cum tastes and how good it feels when you’re fucking my hole. I belong to you guys.” I said.

Mack came back into the room and lay down on the sofa and I crawled up between his legs and popped his soft cock into my mouth like a pacifier. He reached for his cell phone and I was just drifting off to sleep, sucking his soft dick, when I heard him say, “There’s a party at Ron and Gary’s place and there’s some ass here you’re going to want to sample. Oh hell, bring him along, too. The more the merrier!” I drifted off to sleep; my asshole throbbing and knowing that round two was going to be starting soon.

I was wakened by the sound of the buzzer. I’d fallen asleep with my head in Mack’s lap and his big dick in my mouth and even though he’d fallen asleep, too, his dick was wide awake and hard as a crowbar-and still filling my mouth.

Gary buzzed downstairs and opened the door to the hall, which was soon filled with the presence of two men. One of them was even bigger and darker than my new buddy Mack and the other was a brown skinned man. Gary said, “Jay, it’s been a long time. You’ve grown, man!” and the bigger guy wrapped him in a bear hug. Jay let him go and stepped back to look Gary’s nude body up and down, then reached down and lifted he big cock and balls with the palm of his hand.

“Looks like you been growing, too.” he said and they both broke up with laughter.

“This is my friend, Sweet.” Jay said, and Ron, sitting in the chair across the room asked, “Sweet?”

I saw Sweet give Ron’s nude body the once over, then he fastened his eyes on Ron’s half hard cock and hanging balls.

“Short for sweet ass.” Sweet replied and Jay reached around and slid his hand up Sweet’s ass crack.

“Feels sweet and tastes sweet, too. Play nice and you might find out.” he said and he and Sweet both laughed again.

Jay then walked over to the sofa where Mack and I were and looked down at us. “Mack, brother, you feeding the baby his midnight bottle?”

“This is my pal Jay.” Mack said to me.

I pulled his hard cock out of my mouth and said, “Pleased to meet you.” Mack reached down and stroked my ass and I felt one of his thick fingers sink into my juicy hole.

“I bet you’ll be even more pleased before the night is over.” he said as he finger fucked my ass.

“Why don’t you guys make yourselves comfortable?” Ron said. He looked at Sweet, then reached down and wrapped his hand around his now fully hard cock and said, “Anything we have is yours.”

As Jay started to unbutton his shirt I jumped up from the sofa.

“And I’ll help” I said as I started undoing his belt.

“Yeah, where are our manners?” Gary said, and he and Ron crossed the room to where Sweet was still standing and started pulling off his clothes. I was still working on getting Jay out of his shirt and pants while Ron and Gary already had Sweet stripped nude and I looked over to see Ron running his hand between Sweet’s lush buns and kissing him open mouthed while Gary was stroking his hardening cock and licking his nipple. Sweet’s dark brown body was well muscled and hairless, his six pack clearly defined and in moments his hard cock was a fat 8 inches in Gary’s hand.

Jay’s shirt was off and his chest was massive, thick slabs of muscular pecs that stood free and were covered with coarse black hair. I finally got his pants down, too, and got my first look at what he was packing. It wasn’t a suitcase, it was a steamer trunk! His skin was deep, deep ebony and his cock and balls were an even darker shade, a true black, with a tight wiry bush and treasure trail. He had a ¾ cut cock, meaning the foreskin had been trimmed to make it pull back easily and left his cock head peeking out. Even soft, his cock was big enough around to fill both of my hands I reached down and slid the skin back over the head. It was as big and dark as a plum.

“Damn,” I said, “If that thing gets much bigger when it’s mad, we’re going to need to go out for more lube.”

“Don’t worry, little buddy.” he said. “I’ll take it easy on you. At first.” and he reached around and slid two fingers up my hole. His big ball sac was just as impressive and when I weighed them in my hand, it felt like his nuts weighed a pound apiece.

Mack had stood up and he pulled me to him, facing against his chest and Jay stepped up behind me. They wrapped their arms around each other with me crushed between them, Mack’s big hard dick against my belly and Jay’s rapidly growing cock forcing its way between my ass cheeks. They spent some time tongue fucking each other’s mouth above my head, and then Jay pulled back and knelt behind me as he spread my buns.

“Man, that little hole is going to look gorgeous when it’s stretched around my big dick,” he said, “and I can smell Mack’s cum up there already making it slick.”

While I’d been busy with Mack and Jay, Gary had pulled the mattress off the bed and dragged it into the living room. He and Ron were now on one side of it, Gary eating out Sweet’s asshole while Ron sucked his long hard dick.

Mack and Jay pulled me over to the mattress, faced us the other way and I immediately got down on my hands and knees and spread my ass in the air.

“You must be losing your touch, Mack. This boy is panting for a cock.” Jay said.

“You can’t put that on me.” Mack said, his hand wrapped around Jay’s thick cock. “One look at this monster and all any cock whore can think about is how it’s going to feel ramming up their guts. This boy is no exception. Hell, you know I’ve had to suck more than one load out of this black beauty over the years just to see it works!”

I was still on my knees and still waiting to get my hole fucked. I looked over at Ron, Gary and Sweet. Sweet was on his back and Ron was slamming his dick in and out of his spread ass while Gary was riding his face and having his hole tongued.

I spoke up and said, “I want you to fuck me till I can’t walk.”

Jay and Mack both laughed and Mack said, “We need to do less talking and more fucking.” He’d been stroking Jay’s cock, which had grown considerably. It was now a hard ten inches, equal in length to Mack’s but it looked twice as thick. The foreskin was all the way retracted so that the huge head shone in the light and Mack bent over and took the head in his mouth and covered it with his spit. Then, he guided the huge monster between my buns to my waiting hole.

It seemed impossible at first but my ass slowly relaxed as Jay pressed his cock head into me and I finally felt the head pop through my ass ring.

“The hardest part is over, baby. Here on in is pure pleasure.” Jay told me.

I could feel his massive cock slowly sinking deeper into my hole as he pushed and Mack came around and sat at my head and fed his cock into my mouth. Beside me, I heard Ron making the grunting sound that I knew meant Sweet’s ass was being filled with hot cum.

“Fuck his ass.” Mack said. “I want to see you tear his hole up.”

I glanced over at the other three just in time to see them change positions. Sweet rolled over and thrust his cum filled ass up in the air so that Gary could slide his throbbing cock deep into his hole and Ron lay on his belly in front of him so that Sweet could tongue his asshole while he was getting fucked.

I reached down between my legs and felt my own asshole and the thick cock that was now balls deep in it. Jay was rotating his hips and moving his cock inside me to relax my chute and it felt wonderful. I grabbed hold of his hanging ball sac and pulled his cock even deeper into my ass. Jay lunged back and started fucking my hole at a steady pace and I wrapped both hands around the base of the big cock I was sucking on and hung on for dear life. I could hear Gary’s hips slapping Sweet’s ass as he fucked him next to me and I looked over at the beautiful sight of his pale dick sliding in and out of that dark ass. I wished I could see my own asshole and the big African cock that was making it feel so good fucking it.

Jay was like a fuck machine, the perfect tempo and stroke each time and his wide cock head rubbed my prostate with each stroke, making my own cock throb with pleasure. My lips were flying up and down Mack’s long meat and I was making sure it popped into my throat with each down stroke. It must have felt fantastic because before too long, he was bucking his hips up to meet me and his big balls were drawing up to shoot their load.

“Take it!” he said. “Take my juice.” just as his cum started squirting out of his piss slit and flooding my throat.

At the same time, I heard Gary saying, “Open that ass, I’m cumming, I’m cumming in your hole.” and I glanced over to where he was clutching Sweet’s hips to get his cock as deep as possible into his ass.

All the talk of cumming must have inspired Jay because his cock was pounding in and out of my guts like a jackhammer and he actually wrapped his arms around my chest and lifted me in the air so that I was impaled on his cock buried deep in my hole. He groaned and it felt like a fire hose had let loose inside my ass. With each spurt of cum that flew out of his cock, he thrust his dick deeper in my ass and I could feel his juice running out of my hole to coat his balls. When his cock head stopped pulsing, he slowly lowered me back onto the mattress and I lay on my belly while he gently slid his giant cock out of my ass. As the big head popped free, I felt the air hit my ravaged hole and it felt so empty.

Sweet was lying on his side beside me, his head propped on one arm and I saw that his beautiful cock was still hard. I reached over and scooped up a drop of the pre-cum dripping out of the swelled head and sucked it off of my fingers, then said, “I’d love to get fucked with that for dessert since I already know its sweet.”

They all laughed and shifted around, Jay and Ron on one side of me on their sides with Ron in the front and Jay’s massive meat spilling out from between his legs and Jay’s arm around him. On the other side, Gary was holding Mack in his arms, one of his legs draped over his and he was slowly stroking Mack’s big dick so that his foreskin slid back and forth over his cock head… I was lying on my back and Sweet crouched between my wide flung legs, then raised them and put my knees over his shoulders. He reached down and guided his hard cock slowly into my juicy hole and I soon felt his balls resting against my ass. He started out slow and my ass was so sensitive from all of the fucking it had had that I swear I could even feel the veins throbbing in his cock. He was a great fuck, pulling all the way back and then plunging in to deep dick with every stroke and my ass hole was puckering and clamping around his cock of its own accord. He was panting, the sweat rolling off of him and dripping onto me and he started slamming his cock as hard as possible into my hole. It just felt too damned good and I bucked up against him as cum shot out of my dick without me even touching it. My hole was clamped tight around Sweet’s invading dick and the sight of my cum squirting put him over the edge and his big balls started draining their juicy load into my hot ass in massive spurts. He collapsed on top of me, and kissed me with his tongue deep in my throat.

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