My Best Mate Dan

Big Tits

Chapter Four

It was strange all week, at school, I desperately wanted to grab Dan and kiss her. The static between us was almost visible but we behaved. We were still best friends although I think a couple of guys and a few girls noticed the change in our relationship. We were a bit more touchy feely than “just pals” should be.

Friday night couldn’t come soon enough but sure enough it finally arrived. Dan said to be round at 8pm so I timed my arrival to perfection, spot on 8 o-clock.
Dan greeted me with a passionate embrace and a wet sloppy kiss.
I hoped this was a prelude to more to come?
Dan grabbed my hand and led me inside, we sat on the sofa where there were two wine glasses and a pizza. I had already eaten and didn’t care for wine but couldn’t refuse when she informed me it was a “Romantic dinner for two”.

We sat ate and drank, although I managed to let drink most of the wine, not so that she would get drunk, just I didn’t like wine. We snuggled on the sofa and kissed and cuddled for a while. It was nice. Dan then slowly got up, smiled and slowly made her way over to the bookshelf in the corner of the room, she moved some books and produced a DVD. “Want to watch this?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye. I couldn’t see the cover but whatever it was, was O.K. by me. She purposely posed her bum at me and shook her booty. Dan had a great bum, pear shaped and womanly, not like most of the girls at school, theirs were either huge or boy like. She “Hummed” as she inserted the disc and came back to snuggle next to me. The disc started.

“Woah” I chortled as I realised what she had put on, porn! I’d seen porn before but never sat next to a girl. The film started with the usual cheesy music and lame excuse for an intro, soon getting the girl and guy naked. I don’t know what it is about pornos but they don’t have much imagination, first the girl sucks the guys cock, then he licks her pussy then penetration, but who was I to complain.

Just as the guy finished licking the girls pussy and before the guy mounted the girl, on the film, Dan stopped the disc playing. “Jack, will you do that to me?” Dan asked all girly like putting, her head on my shoulder and fluttering her eyelashes.
I stuck out my bottom lip and put on droopy dog eyes. “Not whilst your wearing those shorts” I answered.
She knelt on the sofa, facing me, pulled off her top, put her arms around her back and unclipped her bra. Now I know I’ve gaziantep travesti seen her boobs before but evry time was like a new, wonderful, experience. She then hooked her thumbs into her shorts and peeled them down her legs, panties too. Laying back on the sofa she shuffled her bum so that it was on the edge. Taking her lead I knelt at her knees, put one hand on each and parted her legs, she giggled as my eyes set on her crotch. My face must have been a picture. There in front of me was the object of every boys’ (and mans’ desire).

I snaked my tongue up her thigh, just as the guy in the film had done, the came to her pussy. I didn’t really know what to expect, taste, smell, feel etc. Still I stuck my tongue out and licked up between her slit. As my tongue reached the top I felt her clitoris on the tip of my tongue. I’d seen the guy on the film do it so I swirled my tongue around Dan’s.
She squealed in delight and grabbed my head, kicking her legs in the air.
“Oh yesss do that again” she instructed me.
Accustomed now to the taste of her juices, which were a lot more pleasant than I had imagined, I continued to toy with her clitoris.
I gazed up to see Dan moulding her boobs and pulling on her nipples, porn star style. I smiled up at her, she gave me a dreamy smile back.

I put my hands under that cushioned bum of hers and pulled her forward so that I could bury my tongue deep into her pussy canal. What with all the saliva and juices I was having to constantly swallow. Dan’s legs were now over my shoulders, her feet high in the air as I probed and licked her pussy and clit. She was moaning like a true porn star and really giving her boobs a work-over. I licked up the inside of her pussy lips, doing big circles with my tongue around the inside of her labia. They were much smaller than the girl’s on the film. (Do they grow longer as girls get older?) went through my head.
“Ooooh Jack” she moaned. I was concentrating that much on pleasuring Danielle that I suddenly noticed my own member went flaccid! What was I going to do if she actually wanted to make out? Then sudden thoughts about how I was doing this to my best mate. All the things I shouldn’t have been thinking about went through my head, until.
That’s when Danielle brought me back to reality, she started to move her hips from side to side and up and down, I was having a job keeping my head between her thighs. Then a huge groan, she banged her pussy in my face, pushing my head into her and clamping her thighs against me a couple of times, then a huge sigh as her juices gushed from deep within her. My face and her inner thighs got plastered in her juices.

After puffing and panting for a while I took my place next to Dan on the sofa. Pleased that my erection had returned, I felt quite proud of myself. Dan took hold of my erection in her hand. “I suppose this little fella wants to play now” she said. “Hey not so much of the little!” I chastised her. We both laughed as she started to stroke me.

“Jack, do you want to.. you know?” she asked tentatively. Knowing, I thought, full well what she meant, I wrestled with my conscience. Hormones and a raging hard on are hard things to beat but I managed to eventually say. “Do you think we ought to wait until your safe? I haven’t got any condoms.” Dan smacked me hard on the shoulder, “Owww youuu!” she cried at me.

“Look how about we almost but actually don’t?” I asked. She looked puzzled at me. “Look, I’ll lay on my back and you straddle me, that way you can slide your pussy up and down on me but not actually put it in.” Dan thought for a moment and then pushed me onto the floor and straddled me, as I had suggested, she put her hands between her legs and opened her pussy lips and squatted on my cock. She sat upright and slid along me. Her juices coated my cock and although I wasn’t actually inside her, it felt O.K’ish. Her weight on me wasn’t what I had expected but I could feel her pussy and juices rubbing me. A couple of times Dan slid a little bit too far forward and had to re-adjust.

Dan then took to leaning forward, still rubbing herself on me, and planting little kisses on my lips. I almost slipped inside her a couple of times as she slid too far forward and on the return back my bell-end pressed against her opening. Each time this happened she stopped, kissed me softly and resumed the “safe” position. Totally in charge, with just my hands on her hips, she slid back and forth, faster and faster she went then, she flung her arms around my neck, stuck her tongue in my mouth and slid back on me. The tip of my cock penetrated her, I felt the vice like grip of her vaginal opening wrap around the end of my cock. “Dan,Dan, Dan, NOOOO!” I screamed at her as she pressed down onto me. My cock slid up inside her tight tunnel, her pussting great effort into accommodating my invading penis inside her. Finally I was all inside her and she stopped pushing. She lay on my chest, her head tucked over my shoulder. “Oh Jack” she whimpered.
“Dan, Dan, much as I want to I don’t think we should do this” I told her as she lay motionless on me.
“Jack, I’ve wanted to do this ever since we were six years old”, She informed me.
Six, six, bloody hell I never even knew people did this sort of thing when I was six!
Just goes to show how much more advanced girls are than boys. All I ever thought about her was as a playmate.

We just lay there like that for ages, enjoying the fact that we were joined, kissing.
The feeling of being inside her was so intense, her hot insides wrapped around me, made to fit each other as finger and glove.
Dan then started to slowly shuffle her hips. My cock felt as if it was on fire.
She “huffed” three times, each one louder and higher pitched than the last, then leapt of me, just in time! My head felt as though two great sledge-hammers hit me either side and my balls felt as though some-one had just kicked them as sperm shot out of me. I kept cumming, it wouldn’t stop, the feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced, the orgasm so intense.

“Woah, Dan. You nearly got us both into a lot of trouble then!” Dan lay on her back, hands between her legs, grinning broadly she replied, “It was sooo good though, wasn’t it?”

We had crossed the threshold, no longer just friends. Was she just experimenting with me? “Dan” I asked, “Are we more than friends now or?” I didn’t finish, she cut me off. “No, now we are lovers, were going to get married have children and live happily ever after”. She informed me as she rose and gave me a cuddle.

That week-end we made love several times, though no more actual intercourse, oral and manual satisfaction only, neither one of us wanting to do more than pleasure the other.

True to her prediction, we married a few years later. After several, blissfully happy, years we had a daughter Holly, she’s got her mother’s green eyes, my curly hair and her maternal grandmother’s statuesque figure, now 16 years old quite a stunner.
Dan and I are still as good a friend to each other as we have ever been, as well as lovers and partners. I’ve never hankered after anyone else and she tells me she has never even dreamt of another guy and I believe her.
Obviously as her father I am more than a little concerned about Holly but Dan says that she will vet any prospective boyfriends, “After all I chose you” she told me.
Who can argue with logic like that?

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