My Disgusting Neighbor


I’ve been divorced for almost 8 years now and while I still love women, I melt at the sight of cock.

I can’t say I love men, I don’t. But even twenty years ago while watching porn on VHS tapes I always wondered what it would be like to be the woman sucking that man’s cock. I wanted to be that woman.

About 10 years ago, when my favorite online site had chat rooms, I slowly worked into connecting with a local doctor and discovered I loved sucking cock. Not sure if I wanted to swallow his load I asked him to hold my head in place so I would, and he did and I discovered I love to swallow.

Since then I’ve connected with about two new men a year and connecting with my doctor friend whenever possible. It would have been more men but my daughters live with me and I couldn’t risk being caught with a man in my house, so it’s been difficult and I am cautious about who I hook up with. Always married men who need head and nothing else.

I moved into my current home about five years ago. It’s in a quiet suburb just north of Long Beach that reminds me of my hometown in the Midwest. Rows of old but well kept homes and friendly, and yes, very nosy neighbors.

The house a few doors down the block changed hands about three years ago. A retired man moved in and almost instantly the house became that one in every neighborhood, the house from hell. With unmowed weeds where the grass should be, dead flowerbeds, unwashed cars and dirty windows and that little dog in the back that barks If the wind blows.

My neighbor looks to be about 65 to 70 years old, is tall, lanky with shoulder length silver hair. Kind of a burned-out hippie of sorts. For the first year I only saw him get out of his van or his car, both older and both in need of a good cleaning.

Recently I’ve noticed him trying to take care of his yard by watering his weeds and he surprised me by saying hello. We talked a bit and I have since tried to be outgoing whenever I see him. But I never saw him with a woman or a man. He would drive off during the day for a few hours and return.

I was in one of those moods yesterday where I was craving cock. The kind of craving that gets me into trouble now and then.

It’s odd, because when I was dating women I never settled for anyone less than an 8 in appearance. I was never without a date when I wanted one. When it comes to hooking up with men, I don’t care what the man looks like. It’s all about his cock. He could be 300 pounds, ugly, and a smoker (I don’t smoke and hate it), and if he sent me a photo of a great looking cock that’s all that mattered.

I was online on a men for men hook-up site to see if anyone was in my immediate area looking for a blow job. I prefer anonymous sex where I go the man’s home or office, walk in and drop to my knees and get started. When it’s over I leave.

I was in the chat room looking for others in Southern California and seemed to be seeing the same crowd as I always saw. Mostly gay men looking to get fresh ass more than anything. A blow job just wasn’t enough for them.

I finally discovered a man whose profile indicated he was divorced, older, lives alone and was looking for a blow job. His profile indicated he was about 5 miles from me, so I started chatting with him.

He indicated he normally dates women but most women his age, 68, would never consider sucking cock, so he told me he occasionally hooks up on line with other men. He had seen my photos in my profile and was impressed. My pictures show me sucking a couple of different men’s cocks at different times, but they don’t show my face.

We both agreed to touch base with each other and over the next couple of weeks we continued to chat on line. He asked for a face picture and asked me where I lived. I gave him a the major cross streets, Bellflower and Del Amo, and he indicted he wasn’t too far from me.

In exchange for my face picture I asked for a photo of him below the waist. I wasn’t interested in what he looked like, just in what it was he was going to be feeding me. When he received my picture he told me I was a nice looking guy. I was impressed seeing his photo of a rock hard cock that he was just over six inches in length. A perfect mouthful.

He reminded me that it had been a couple of months since he had unloaded in another man’s mouth and was looking forward to a possible hook up. Like me, he said he wasn’t looking for love and if things worked out we could explore more later but for now just a simple blow job was what ne wanted.

I asked him, “When I walk in, where is the first place you want my mouth to go on your body?” I reminded him he would already be getting a blow job so I told him to make it memorable. Something he would be able to remember me by in the future, knowing “that special place” was the first place my mouth went on him.

He told me he wanted to me drop to my knees and start at his balls.

Mmmm, this was going to be fun. Next to sucking cock and swallowing, sucking balls is my favorite intimate action with a man.

From our previous chats escort bayan gaziantep he knew my oral desires and I had mentioned I always swallow, unless the man I’m with wants to paint my face. My favorite line is, “I will swallow anything your cock can deliver.”

I also told him that since he liked my profile photos so much, he was welcome to use my phone to take a picture of me with his cock and balls while we were together. As I’ve done with past partners, I offered to send him copies of the photos. I had even mentioned in one of our chats that I would also like to have a movie of me sucking his balls or what ever he wanted to capture so we could both post it to our profiles on the men for men site.

In our earlier chats he had asked me what I had ever done with other men over the past few years. Had I ever rimmed a man (once, only once, because it is the second most humiliating thing a man can do to another man). He asked me if I had ever kissed a man. Again, once. The man I was with had caught me off guard and I wasn’t comfortable with kissing. I only wanted to suck cock, and balls and swallow cum. I wasn’t interested in kissing another man.

He asked me if I had ever tried anal. No, never but it’s on my bucket list and I’ve been wanting to try it. I had a few rules before trying it. First, not on the first ‘date.’ Second, I had to swallow a man’s cum before I would let him fuck me, not just suck his cock. Third, the first man who gets my ass has to be disease free because I wanted to make it very special for the two of us.

He asked me if I had ever tasted another man’s or woman’s piss. I had told him no, that receiving another man’s piss would be the most humiliating thing one could ever do to me.

Had I ever been with more than one man. Not yet…

Had I ever been with a man of color, either black, Asian or Mexican. No, not yet but I was looking forward to men of all colors.

All of these questions had come over our past chats. I know I had asked him a few questions about his desires as well but because I had an open discussion with about five other men during this time frame I forgot what his overall desires were other than to unload into a talented mouth.

He sent me another photo of his cock. Again, beautiful, leaking precum with large hairy balls. I melted. I always melt when I see a nice cock. I asked for his address, which he gave me and told him I would jump in the shower first and be on my way in about 20 minutes.

I have a ritual that I always follow before hooking up with a guy. Nine times out of ten I end up chickening out and not going to meet the guy, so I have a file of hundreds of photos of beautiful women called the Make Me file. told myself if I saw three hot photos of women in stockings, or sucking balls or rimming, I would go. I give myself 6 chances. and if three of the six are super hot, it’s a sign that this connection was meant to be.

I took my shower, jumped into a pair of shorts with no underwear, a Tshirt and loafers. I went to my computer and clicked on the Make Me file. The first photo was a nude picture of Doutzen Kroes, always hot. The second photo was a picture of another Victoria’s Secret model with pierced nipples, wearing long dark stockings. The third picture was of a white woman licking a black man’s ass… bingo, 3 out of 3. This was meant to be.

I walked out to my car and found a bright yellow sheet of paper on the windshield held in place by the wiper blade. Probably a sales flyer or something. I grabbed it and jumped into the front seat to start my car while opening the flyer.

I looked at the flyer and my heart sank and I felt the hairs on my neck stand on end while I knew my face was turning a deep crimson red.

The note was addressed to dear neighbor and it thanked me for our recent chats online. The writer said he couldn’t wait to have me on my knees, where I belonged and to get to his house immediately to get started. Not 5 miles away. It was the disgusting neighbor just a few houses away and he knew who I was and where I lived.

I didn’t know what to do. I got out of my car and slowly walked to his house trying to figure out how to get out of this. The door was ajar and I heard him telling me to hurry up and get in the house. He told me there was a glass on the table and to drink it as quickly as I could. I picked up the double sized shot glass, which was icy cold, and swallowed it completely. The liquid was ice cold but burned all the way down.

“Now get in here and let’s get started,” he barked.

He was naked lying on his bed, with his legs hanging over the edge of in position for me to drop to my knees and start at his balls.

“Give me your phone. I’ll take those photos you wanted.” I handed him my phone with the camera activated and asked him to try to get photos of me in action without my face in the picture.

Looking at his body, he was heavier than I expected. His belly was bigger than I thought it would be. He was unshaven and his silver hair seemed wet or oily, but his cock was the same one in the photos he sent me and that’s all I was focused on.

“Get started slut,” he said. “Your profile say’s submissive oral and I will be testing you fully tonight.”

His room seemed to be very bright, much more so than a normal bedroom, but my alcohol clouded mind was on the job ahead. I’m not a big drinker.

His cock was beautiful, and still soft. I started to head to his balls and he said, “Change of plans. I want you to lick my ass. And I want you to impress me.”

My head was spinning a little from the drink and it seemed to make me more submissive than I would have normally been. I know it was some kind of Vodka but I didn’t know if there was anything else in it.

“If you’re worried about the drink, it is a very good Vodka. Two shots, with a kicker to go with it to help relax you. Now, get started fagot.”

Being told what to do always turns me on. Being called names also turns me on. This son of a bitch knew this from our prior chats and he was in total control of me.

My head dropped past his cock, which smelled of dried piss. Lower to his balls, where my tongue started licking before I was slapped in the face. “I told you start at my ass!”

My face burned where it had been slapped. I quickly dropped my face to his ass. Fortunately it was clean and I stuck my tongue out and started licking his ass hole. My stomach was twisting and turning at first, but it slowly settled down while my face was buried in his ass.

My tongue slowly worked its way into this mans ass, then I flicked it up and down and back and forth while working it in and out. He seemed to like this. “You have done this more than once fagot,” he said.

It seemed like a half hour but was probably only ten minutes before he told me to service to his balls. I moved up to his hairy balls. His body was hairy, and his crotch area and balls were also very hairy.

As I began to mouth is balls, one at a time, I looked up at him and said, “Thank you for not shaving your balls.”

He laughed at my comment.

Besides loving sucking cocks and balls, hairy men are a turn on. It never bothers me to wrap my lips around a hairy cock or hairy balls, and this man had never shaved in this area. I always end up with hair in my mouth that I have to pull out but for whatever reason I love a hairy man.

After sucking his balls for awhile he pulled my face up to his chest and told me to suck on his nipples.

My desire was to suck cock and balls, but he was putting me through the paces. I had not expected to suck nipples but I went with it and started sucking one nipple, then minutes later the other nipple.

“Look at me faggot,” he said. Get up here and lick my neck. That always turns me on.”

I remembered how my girl friends had kissed and sucked my neck and how much it turned me on. That’s what I needed to do to him to get to suck his cock, so I acted like my girlfriends had, slowly working my tongue and lips on his neck, hoping I would get to his cock next. Anything to get this over with.

Suddenly he turned to face me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. Totally unexpected and it was not what I wanted. I was here to suck cock but he was treating me like a girlfriend. I tried to resist and pull away but he was stronger than me. Eventually I gave in and except for his stubble of beard it started to feel natural to me. I kept my eyes closed and focused on a past girlfriend to get through it.

I didn’t know what was happening to me but I started to relax and started to return his kisses. I had not planned on this but he was getting to me. I think the Vodka helped as I still felt warm and light headed from the drink.

“I knew this would turn you on fagot. You’re more gay than you think you are,” he told me as we continued kissing for a few more minutes.

He grabbed my hand and pulled it down to his cock, and I began slowly stroking his cock.

“You ready to suck my cock faggot?”

“Yes, please.”

Lie down and get comfortable, I’ll be right back.

He went into the kitchen for a minute while I relaxed hoping to suck his cock and leave, and then I head him walk into the bathroom to take a piss before returning to me.

He handed me another double shot of Vodka. I shook my head no but he slapped my face one more time and told me it would get worse if I didn’t drink it. I swallowed it quickly while he climbed onto the bed, placing his knees on either side of my head pinning my arms to the bed.

I’ve been in this position only a few times before. It is the most frightening position to be in because there is no way to escape. Pinned to the bed he fed me his cock, finally. It smelled of dried urine and he had a few drops of fresh urine from just going to the bathroom. He fed me his cock and the taste and smell were disgusting.

I’ve sucked men in the past who came to me with dried urine on their cocks and the only thing one can do is to suck it quickly to clean it off and make the odor go away, and that’s what I did.

He fed me his cock for a few minutes, slowly fucking my face, causing me to gag a few times. Then he lifted up slightly and moved forward and fed me his hairy balls teabag style. This is one position I do enjoy and sucking balls is second in my book to cocksucking. A couple of minutes later he moved up even further and told me to once again lick his ass hole. I couldn’t move so I did as I was told.

I was almost grateful for that second drink. It helped calm me down a and just do as I was told without giving it a second thought. I really got into licking his ass this time.

A few minutes later he adjusted his position again and reintroduced his cock to my mouth. He moved slowly at first, giving me a chance to adjust to the change. Even though it was only about 6 inches it was entering my throat enough to make me gag now and then. I had not yet perfected deep throat but he was taking it slow enough to help me get over the gagging.

He picked up speed and his cock was buried to the hilt on most thrusts.

I didn’t realize it until now, but he had stopped pulling my head to his cock, I was doing it on my own.

“When you sent me your picture I knew I had to have your mouth. I played you enough to know what you had done and what you didn’t want to do. I know you only wanted to suck cock but tonight is for my pleasure and not yours faggot,” he said.

His room seemed unusually hot now. It was still very bright but I was too focused on his cock and getting him off. At least I was doing what I had come to do and was getting a taste of his delicious cock.

I felt a drop on my forehead, then a few more and I realized he was so hot he was sweating on me while he was fucking my face. I wanted to get this over with and get home, but I also wanted to taste his load.

After a few more minutes his body started to tighten up and I knew his release was close. I love it when a man cums in my mouth. It meant I’ve won and he has given in to me. It also meant he would be satisfied and this nightmare would soon be over.

He pulled his cock out of my throat and I feared he was going to pull it out of my mouth, depriving me of my reward but he left his cock head in my mouth and suddenly he was unloading an impressive amount of slimy, hot cum.

I always gag slightly when a man first cums, catching me slightly off guard, but I quickly recover and swallow all that I can.

I could taste every single drop of his delicious cum. Because it had been some time since his last orgasm there was plenty of thick cum to swallow and he made sure I swallowed it all, holding my head in place so I wouldn’t back away. He must have shot off 7 large shots into my mouth. I didn’t miss a single drop, swallowing every time he unloaded a blast of cum.

He rolled off me to lie next to me on the bed. I looked at his slime covered cock and did what I do with every man I suck. I lowered my head to his cock and licked it clean, swallowing the last few drops of his load. This usually surprises the man I’m with at the time, but they always appreciate my submissive slut-like efforts.

I was worn out so I fell onto my back to relax.

He got up again and went to the kitchen, then to the bathroom one more time.

When he returned he held his cock near my mouth, which I automatically opened to accept it. He had saved more than a few drops of piss this time, but only enough to squirt some into my mouth while I sucked his cock.

I swallowed his disgusting piss, almost hoping he would give me that drink he brought me again. Instead he lay down next to me and started rubbing my cock. I turned away from him, and he started rubbing my ass.

He stuck a finger in my mouth and told me to suck it like the cocksucker I was. I did as I was told. Next he pulled his finger out of my mouth and stuck it slowly into my ass. I was really caught off guard but still turned on so I let him play with my ass.

“The next time we meet up, I’m going to make you my bitch faggot. This is a taste of what it’s going to be like, do you understand?”

“There isn’t going to be a next time ass hole. This was a mistake and I won’t be coming back,” I responded.

He pulled his finger out of my ass and forced it into my mouth.

“Lick it clean cocksucker.”

Unfortunately I had no way to escape and I licked it clean. It was disgusting and I knew he would not be the one to take my ass. That privilege will go to someone more deserving.

He handed me the third drink, another double shot of Vodka.

“I saved this for you to clean out your mouth,” he said.

It burned like the other two, but it was a refreshing welcome to my senses.

I finally looked around his bedroom and was horrified to see the cameras he had set up. The bright lights made it possible for him to get both still shots and two angles of videos of our night together.

The clock on the nightstand showed I had been here for over an hour. The total of six shots of Vodka was still taking its toll on me as I was very light headed. I knew if I didn’t get out of here he would be able to do more to me that I didn’t want, so I grabbed my clothes and shoes and started to leave.

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