My favorite cousin pt. 3 of 3


Part 3 of 3…enjoy!

Lying in a heap of naked bodies, Heather, Jill and I looked up in awe at my Aunt Claire. Apparently she had left the credit card at home and so she and my mother had to return early. Thankfully my mom was still in the car waiting! We all sat there speechless, nobody knowing quite what to say before finally I spoke up. “We uh, I mean I uh didn’t know what was going on…we’ve been drinking I swear!” That’s all I could muster in this most embarrassing, yet strangely arousing situation. My two hot, naked cousins lying on both sides of me, their breasts slowly moving up my arms because of their breathing, and the smell of sex all over the place. Aunt Claire looked very pissed off….at first. She had this weird look towards me as if she wanted to yell at me and punish me (in the bad way!) but she couldn’t. She finally spoke up and said “ok listen. I don’t know what happened, I don’t want to know nor do I ever care to know….get dressed RIGHT NOW, go sit in separate rooms of the house, and when Rebecca and I return later this afternoon, Jill and Heather better be gone! Understand?!” With a nod we all hustled out of bed, grabbed out clothes and ran out the room into random directions. I quickly sprinted to the bathroom, got dressed, picked up the football and ran outside. No way in hell I was ever going back there!

After walking around the property for a few hours, I took a brief nap. I awoke to the sound of a car pulling in, and the sound of rain pouring outside. Seems like a storm blew in, forcing the men off the golf course. Shortly thereafter, the women rolled in, with Heather and Jill out. Dinner could not have been more awkward, as nobody was talking. While grabbing for some potatoes, I reached in at the same time my Aunt Claire was, and our hands touched. I looked up and turned beat red, as she had saw me naked earlier today, with her daughters of all people. She on the other hand smiled, and I could have sworn she winked! What the hell? Nobody else saw this thank God. After this little incident, I looked back at her when she was deep in conversation with Jill and I finally noticed that Claire wasn’t wearing a bra. Peculiar I thought, and I could easily see the outline of her nipple in her shirt. She had firm breast for an older woman. I guess they were a C cup. She was still good looking (in her late 40s), with some wrinkles but she tried to keep her womanly body in shape. She had a big ass, and a curvy little body. As I pondered her body I noticed I was forming a little tent in my pants and had to adjust. Just picturing her nipples was turning me on! What is with this family?! When I hid my tent, I also asked myself “what else is she not wearing?”, implying her panties. I pretended to drop my fork and when I bent down to pick it up, I looked across the table. Damn! She had on white cotton panties, but hold on! She was spreading her legs for me! This is too bizarre!

After dinner I watched the ball game with my dad and uncle while the women all went to a movie. I had retired to bed before I got home. This is when things got interesting (and gaziantep swinger kinky later!). I was tossing and turning and when I rolled around, I felt someone’s body against mine. That’s odd I thought…must be dreaming. When I woke up I could see the outline of someone’s naked body with her back to me. Since she had blonde hair I assumed it was Jill, which got me harder than a rock but also kind of anxious because of the day’s events. I decided to see where this was going and leaned up behind here, and began to caress and kiss her body, slowly rubbing my hand up and down her arm, while kissing her neck. I could hear her moan, which got me going. I took things a little further and pulled down the sheets, and removed my boxers. I rubbed the tip of my cock up and into her ass crack, feeling the warmth of her body. As I continued to kiss her neck, I began to rub her stomach, feeling her soft stomach and her smooth skin. Got I just wanted to fuck her right then. I then moved my hand slowly up her body, to her tits and began to rub and pinch her nipple. The instant I felt her boob I knew something was off. They were a bit smaller than Jill’s, and since Heather had brown hair I knew it couldn’t be her. Then it hit me. Aunt Claire!!! Oh shit what was I doing? She felt so good. While I was pondering what happened, her hand suddenly took a hold of mine, and slid it down to her clit. I took her cue, still not sure if she was awake or not, and began to massage her hairy pussy. Now I knew for sure it was my aunt. I could hear these soft, sexy moans escaping her lips, as I pinched a nipple with one hand, while massaging her clit with my other. I had never had a mature woman before, and now was my time!

The more the massaging and heavy petting continued, the more our bodies got into the moment and I started humping her lightly, with my cock still in the warmth of her ass crack. I then turned her over slightly and locked lips, diving into this warm passionate kiss that nearly made me cum. I couldn’t believe I was on the verge of fucking my aunt, just hours after a fuck fest with my two unbelievably gorgeous cousins. I broke the kiss, and looked at my aunt. She was wide awake now and whispered into my ear “you turned me on so much today when I saw you with my girls. I want you to do to me what you did to them, I heard all of it and I know you’ve got so magic in you!” This was an open invitation to her snatch. I kissed her neck and began kissing down her chest, over her hard nipples, down her stomach and to the promised land between her thighs. At first the pussy was a little hard to navigate, because she was so hairy, but when I found those lips I was not letting up. I began to run my tongue up and down her pussy, while she grabbed my head and buried me in there. After a few minutes of licking the inside of her super wet box, her body arched and I could feel the orgasm coming. She let go of my head, grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. My mouth went from tasting her wetness to the sweetness of a girl’s pussy after an orgasm. I lay there kissing her lips for another minute or two, and then climbed up on top of her. I was aiming for a blow job but when I saw those mature tits just sitting there I knew I had to titty fuck her first. I grabbed her boobs and rammed my cock in between them, watching her moan in the process. God she felt so good. After a minute of this I let go and placed my cock on the tip of her lips. She took the hint and began to devour my cock. I guess I know where Jill and Heather got their skills from! She was taking me in inch by inch and I just couldn’t hold it anymore. But I knew I couldn’t scream because I didn’t want to wake everyone up. “ohhh aunt Claire, ohhhh man that feels so good. Ohhhhh yea, ohhhhhh I am going to cum!! Oh shit I am cumming” I whispered as I felt my troops getting ready to deploy. Only this time I pulled out and blew my load all over her luscious tits! I sprayed everywhere and collapsed next to her, my cock now going limp and a look of pure ecstasy on my face. As I looked my aunt in the eye she looked down, scooped up some of my cum with her finger and licked up! I couldn’t believe it!

What happened next was beyond my control. After she had licked up all my come, my aunt mounted me, and kissed me. I could taste my cum in her mouth but I was so into the moment I could care less. She grabbed my arms and spread them out, turned me over then without warning handcuffed me to the bed. In all the passion of the oral sex I hadn’t noticed them there! I guess she snuck them in while I was sleeping. I loved kinkiness, but not being on my stomach! This is getting too weird I thought and I asked her what she was doing. She leaned in and whispered into my ear “you thought it was going to be that easy? Huh? Did you, you little perv? Well its not that easy, and before I let you have my way with me, I need to punish you for fucking my daughters like that today. How dare you hurt them!”. Before I could answer her back a piece of tape was quickly put on over mouth, leaving me to make muffled little sounds. What the fuck is going on? This is not hot anymore! She leaned in again, and whispered “relax, you will enjoy this, just don’t scream. Your uncle Jason doesn’t like to do this with me, so I thought I’d try it on you.” Still confused and scared shitless, I felt the warm sensation of a lotion hitting my lower back, and oozing down towards my asshole. My asshole. OH SHIT. Aunt Claire had now had a lock on my legs, keeping my cheeks spread open. She began to lube up my rear with the lotion and that’s when the most painful, yet oddly sexy moment of my life happened. I felt the tip of something cold, but soft slowly pierce my asshole. At first she thrust it in slowly, then quickened the pace faster and faster until she was reaming me with it. I realized that there was a mirror in the room and when I looked over I could see her with a strap on dildo, ass fucking me! Oh Lord did this hurt, but I could also feel my cock springing back to life. I guess I did like this after all. As my aunt continued to pound my ass, I looked back and saw her playing with her nipples, while sticking her hand between the dildo and rubbing her pussy. She had her eyes closed and began to buck mumbling “ohhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss” to herself. She just had orgasm number two.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably 5-10 minutes, she pulled out, and threw the dildo into a bag on the floor. Her bag of tricks. Luckily it seemed empty so I guess this was the last surprise. After she unlocked me and ripped the tape off of my mouth she said “you liked that you little fucker didn’t you!”. I was still in shock, and she looked down at my cock, still somewhat hard and began to stroke it, getting it rock hard again. She got on top of me and guided my cock deep into her mature pussy, looked at me and said “now its your turn!”. With my arms free I grabbed her by her shoulders, and just started pumping her full of my rock hard cock. I could feel her moist, aged pussy lips wrap around my cock, while I let out soft moans. She was in a state of pleasure as well. After I was threw banging her I pulled her off me, and spun her around in the doggy style positioned. I took some of her pussy juices and lubed up her asshole so I could finger fuck that thing. I slid my cock in her warm pussy and began to fuck her again, this time with more intensity as I fingered her ass. God she felt so warm! This was too much for me to bear, and I couldn’t hold back. I leaned up and whispered in her ear “I am going to cum all over your pussy you bit….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss” and blew my second load inside her mature snatch.

We collapsed onto the bed and caught our breaths. My asshole was getting real sore now. Aunt Claire got up, kissed me on the cheek, grabbed her stuff, got dressed and said good night. The next day I woke up relieved but in loads of pain. Today was time to leave, so I showered, packed up, didn’t even go down for food, then when the time came I hauled ass out of this house. Last night was strangely erotic but down right painful. I can’t believe she dominated me like that! I loaded the car, shook my uncles hand, hugged heather, then hugged Aunt Claire. As I did this she whispered into my ear, “if you ever fuck my daughters like that, you better include me, otherwise I will punish you again”. She never has to ask that twice! Jill was still in her room getting ready, so I dashed upstairs to say goodbye. I walked into her room in time to catch wearing just a g-string as she was putting on the bra. I came up behind her, grabbed her, squeezed her tits then kissed her on the mouth for our first real kiss since the first time I ever fucked her. She leaned down, pulled out my cock and sucked it for a second. I wanted her so bad again, she was the first true lust I had towards anyone in this family. She said bye and we were on our way to the airport. A dirty, sexy, amazing, scary, painful, arousing, and satisfying weekend had just come to an end. Over the next few months I saw Jill on occasion, and twice we fucked, including once at a bar! But that’s another story. One day while I was sitting in bed watching football, I got a text from Jill saying “hey sexy, mom and sis are in town this weekend, want to have some fun?”….

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