My First Sexual Experience Ch. 02


I feel the need to continue my story. As I indicated, there have been many sexual experiences since my first with Bruce Crawford, but I would like to recount a few memorable ones that continued my path to being a total cum slut whore. Yes, I became addicted to cock so much so that I felt the desire to suck as many cocks as I could. I began to gain a reputation in the office as an easy fuck and boy did I enjoy each and every cock. But I quickly realized that I was lacking something but I wasn’t sure what it was. So I spoke to my mentor.

“This weekend I am taking you to a private club that is dedicated to what most people call “kink.” In reality the truth is that you will be entering another phase of your education. Do you think you are ready for a mind blowing experience?” I answered in the affirmative and so began the preparation. We had three days for me to prepare. And so I followed his orders on how to prepare. Step 1 – shave my entire body, step 2 – clean my body from the inside (enema, etc), step 3 – dress like a cum pig which included hot shorts, tight tee, white sneakers no socks, jock strap.

The day finally arrives and I am ready for anything. Bruce drives me to the private club and proceeds to guide me to the front door of what seems like a typical suburban home. Bruce rings the bell and the door opens. A massive black man with only a thong on welcomes Bruce and ignores me. We enter and Bruce now leaves and the massive black man is now in control of my being. I bow my head in submission and await for him to speak. With a start, he raises my head and slaps my face with some force. “You are now my escort bayan gaziantep slave, bitch and you will follow my every command. Is that clear scumbag?”

I respond in the affirmative. Sir pushes me into a small room located near the vestibule. The room consisted of a chair, a cot, and a tiny table with a small lamp on it. The flooring was a thin carpet. Sir ordered me on my knees directly in front of him.

“Okay, scumbag, let’s see what you are capable of. Slowly remove my thong and start to lick me all over beginning at my feet.” At this point I was feeling very excited at the prospect of worshipping his body. I removed his thong with my teeth and then began to lick his body beginning at his right foot. My tongue slowly inched up to his knee while my wet tongue roamed along his hairy leg. His left foot was next and licked in earnest. It was almost like licking a lemon flavored lollipop. My next task was to wrap my hands around his ass as my tongue approached his ball sack. I lovingly and delicately swallowed each ball in my mouth as if it was a gourmet delicacy. While the balls were being captured, his big fat and hard cock lay on my nose. “Hey scumbag, are you sure you never did this before because it looks like you either are or are becoming a cum slut whore. Listen boy, now start eating my ass and I mean do it good or I will slap the shit out of you, got it?” and with that I turned to his beautiful round and tempting asshole. I tongued his ass crack and began to move in and out using my tongue. The smell and taste was wonderful. I could feel him moving back into my mouth and rubbing his ass in my face. I was in ecstasy!

“Okay scumbag, now work on my nipples and my pits.” This task was a pleasure. Finally, I moved my face down to his cock. ” You really want to suck my cock, right? Okay scumbag, go to it.” Finally I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked with all my might. His cock was rock hard and I could feel him beginning to erupt in my mouth. Now I felt his cum shoot into my open mouth. It seemed to go on forever and I did my best to swallow all of it. Even so, some cum leaked from my mouth onto my chin. He proceeded to use his still hard cock to rub it over my face. “Listen boy, you had better lick me clean or else.” With that said, he slapped my face as a warning. I followed his instructions and licked him clean. I even lapped his balls. Finally he was satisfied and indicated that my education as a cum slut whore was on track.

“Now get on your hands and knees and follow me and make it snappy.” What was next I thought with some excitement. I followed sir out of the room, down a corridor, and into a spa like area. There were a number of men lounging in various parts of the large area. Some were in the pool and others were laying and relaxing on bleacher type stone steps. What all had in common was that all the men were naked. Sir headed for the top tier of the pool area and I obediently followed with some difficulty. “Not to worry scumbag, we are almost there and you are in for a treat.” At the top there was a narrow walkway and sir opened a red door and led me into a dark corridor. “listen up boy, you will lay on this cot that is in the middle of the room. I am leaving you for now so be a good boy and pay attention to the men that will be servicing you. If you don’t cooperate, I will kick your ass.” Before leaving the room, Sir slapped me in the face and then left. I thought I was alone but as I lay on the bed, slowly, men approached from all sides and proceeded to touch me all over.

One man in particular seemed to be the leader of this group. “Now boy, we will be breeding your ass.” I trembled at the thought of being manipulated by at least six men that I could see. My head was turned to the left in order to begin sucking a cock. Then after a few minutes, my head was turned to the right and another cock was shoved down my throat. My legs were lifted up over my head and one of the guys began to tongue my ass. Now this was hot and I quickly became wet with pleasure. One by one each man fucked my ass while my mouth was used as a receptacle for a hard cock. I was filled to the brim with cock from both ends. I was in my glory being breeded by these hot men. After a while, it seemed that the evening would never end. But end it did with the last man filling my mouth with cum. His cock went deep into my throat with his balls laying on my chin.

Sir returned to pick me up. I was thorougly exhausted but completely satisfied. “Looks like you have become a real cock slut. Time to go home for you but first you need to be disciplined so that next time you will perform like a true cum slut whore that you are.” He proceeded to slap my face several times. This marked the end of the beginning of a new chapter in my education as a faggot pig. Bruce entered the scene and took my home. No words were spoken but I knew what I needed to know. When we got to the apartment, he fucked me several times over.

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