My friend’s dad 7


“Callie I know I just got you pregnant and that was moving really fast, but I know I love you just as much as I loved her mom. She knows I really loved her mom. I’m asking because I know you love me right back. I’m not doing this just because you are pregnant, but I know we can make this work. So Callie Dillon, will you marry me?” John asked.

I sparked a few tears, I was so touched by the question honestly. I never in a million years saw that coming I knew I was 8 weeks pregnant, but still this wasn’t on my radar, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I just went with my gut I guess.

“Yes John, I will marry you,” I replied.

Then John slid the ring onto my finger and gave me a kiss.

“Now you are officially gonna be my step mom,” Jeanette cheered as she came over to us.

Then we all had a group hug. I was officially engaged and Jeanette seemed a hell of a lot happier than I would have thought. She even sparked a few tears as well. As John and I were done with the group hug, Jeanette wasn’t.

“I’m not done, I want to hug you until I break you both in half,” Jeanette said.

“Well that really won’t be good for your brother or sister though,” I replied.

“Well, I know you can’t have any Callie, but would you mind if we had some wine?” John asked.

“Sure it’s OK John,” I replied.

Then he left the room to get some wine and a couple glasses, but Jeanette didn’t wanna let go yet.

“Holy shit, I didn’t see that coming,” I said.

“But you’ll see this though,” Jeanette replied just before she kissed me.

I didn’t see that coming either, but on the other hand, she was really happy for us.

“Well thank you, my soon to be step daughter,” I said.

“Your welcome. Will it be weird if I start calling you mom?” Jeanette asked.

“Yes,” John replied as he came back in the room.

Then we all sat down and he poured some wine for himself and Jeanette. I just had some water to drink.

“Well, I wanna propose a toast. To you two. Dad, you fell in love and got my best friend pregnant. Now you are gonna marry her too. Wow… you… suck, but I wanna wish you both the best and I love you both,” Jeanette said.

“Thanks sweetheart. Even though we suck, we love you too,” John replied.

Then we started eating our dinner, but of course John and I had to sit right next to each other. So we held hands the whole time.

“Just make sure you don’t do anything too sexual at the table,” Jeanette said.

“We’ll try our best,” John replied just before we kissed once.

That was the best meal I ever had up to that point. Probably because of what happened right before the meal, but truth be told, I wasn’t sure if marrying him was the best idea honestly. I mean what we had was already great, were we being greedy by trying to make it better? I had no idea, but I wasn’t gonna worry about it too much.

“Well Jeanette, do you mind if Callie and I have a little time alone?” John asked.

“Sure, just try to not be too loud,” Jeanette replied.

“Thanks sweetheart. We won’t be too long,” John said.

Then John and I went into the bedroom for some fun. We both sat down on the bed first and he just looked at me.

“First, can you promise me you want this?” John asked.

What could I say? I was pregnant and living with him already. I thought in time maybe I’d be more happy being married and having a baby at my age.

“Yes John. We love each other, so why not?” I asked.

“OK good. I just don’t want you to gaziantep travesti be unhappy. I want you to truly want this,” John replied.

“I do want it John, I promise,” I said.

“Kiss on it?” John asked.

Then I kissed him once and he grabbed my boobs.

“I love you Callie. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you,” John said.

“Me too,” I replied as I took off my shirt.

Then we both laid down and continued to make out for a few minutes. He put his hands on my boobs once again as well and he squeezed them nicely.

“But are you happy with our sex life? I mean I’m not gonna be able to once I get big,” I said.

“Well, I can wait Callie. We can always get Jeanette to take care of the baby for a minute here and there, but I’m happy with how much we’re doing it now,” John replied.

“Good, because you are the best I ever had,” I said.

“Really? Me?” John asked.

“Yes, now I want you inside me,” I replied.

Then he got on top of me. We made out for a few minutes and then I pushed down my pants a little.

“We’re gonna need more room than that my lady, let’s get you naked,” John said.

He got up and got on the floor. Then he took off my pants and underwear completely. He slowly came back up with me and he kissed me the whole way up. From my foot all the way to my lips. I was breathing steadily, and my heart was racing even though we hadn’t actually started having sex just yet. He was making me wait, and seconds felt like years. As he made it up to my face, he planted a very big kiss on my lips. That kiss last for over 3 minutes.

“So how does it feel to be engaged now beautiful?” John asked.

“Amazing, but it would feel a little more amazing if you’d stick it in me right now,” I replied.

“Aren’t you a feisty one my lady. And I’m not one to not give my lady what she wants either,” John said.

So he got the side of me and undid his pants. He took them off along with his boxers and got on top of me slowly. I don’t know if he was just milking the anticipation or what exactly, but it just made me want him more. He put his cock right in front of my pussy.

“Would you put it in already?” I asked.

“I just love you, and want this to be special. I want this to last as long as I can make it last my lady,” John replied.

“I love you too,” I said as I put my hands on his neck.

Then he slowly inserted his cock into me. And building up the anticipation was not for nothing. It did just make it better when he put it inside me.

“Oh yes my man. That’s what I’m talking about,” I said.

Then he laughed a little and gave me a kiss. He put his arms underneath me and began thrusting his dick in and out of me slowly. I let out a few soft moans. I didn’t wanna moan too loudly because of Jeanette, but then on the other hand, maybe I did.

“Oh fuck John, yes! Jam that cock in there deep! I mean fucking deep!” I screamed.

It was weird to him that I was screaming like that, he wasn’t pounding me just yet.

“Hey keep it down, remember Jeanette is in the house,” John said.

“Sorry sweetheart. I’m just having sex with my fiancé, and I want you to pound me while you can. Remember, I’m pregnant,” I replied.

Then he kissed me once and did begin pounding me rather hard. I wrapped my arms around him tightly then. I was breathing a little heavily then, it felt really good to say the least. But also at the same time I was thinking about all the things we’d be doing in the near future like planning the wedding. So I think I was on a high.

“Oh yes my dear. Yes, just like that but harder. I said ‘harder’ John. Make your woman cum everywhere,” I said.

He liked my sexy talk most times, but that cracked him up a little.

“I love you Callie, not just for the sex either,” John replied.

He leaned down to my face and we kissed again. He stayed down with me and my boobs were going up against his chest nicely. We made out for only a minute that time as he stopped thrusting as we made out, but then he started back up once again and made me moan very loudly. As if he didn’t care that Jeanette was there. And as a matter of fact, she was right there watching us again. I saw a small glimpse of her as John was still thrusting his dick in and out of me, but of course I couldn’t just pay attention to the door. When he had his cock inside me, I couldn’t focus on anything but him. But I still made sure Jeanette got a good show to watch. So good that she might get some popcorn.

“Fuck John! Yes, get that cock up in there deep!” I screamed.

He put his hands onto my boobs and squeezed them as hard as he could. That just heightened the pleasure a great deal. I put my hands onto my butt and started to grabbing his butt cheeks really tightly, but unfortunately for him, I had long nails so that hurt a little.

“Ow Callie. If I gotta be nice to you, then you gotta be nice to me too. And if you do it again, don’t think I won’t punish you because you are pregnant and best friends with my daughter,” John said.

I was gonna try and give Jeanette a thrill.

“And what would you do to me for my punishment?” I asked.

“I would make your nice pussy very sore and make you scream so loud that we both go deaf. And I would spank you hard. I don’t mean lightly either my lady. So you better be good my lady, if you know what’s good for you,” John replied.

Now that was funny. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

“I’m sorry sweetie. That was erotic, but a little funny,” I said.

Then he just kissed me again and got as close to me as he possibly could. My boobs were very squished to say the least. Then we were both holding onto each other very tightly as he had his cock inside me as deep as it could go. Every inch of his cock was inside me.

“Shit John. I think your cock has gotten a little bigger now, did you add a few inches?” I asked.

“Well I’ve been having sex with the woman I love a lot lately since my daughter found out about me and her. So it’s been pretty damn good lately,” John replied.

Then we both turned over and I was on top. I think Jeanette was attracted to me mostly because of my tits. So I looked over at the door and she was still there. I saw her and she knew I saw her. She even waved, but how did she know I wouldn’t say something right there? I had no idea, but I still loved the idea of her being a voyeur watching us have sex. I even saw her with her left hand down her panties. She was masturbating, but then John covered my boobs and he grabbed onto them and squeezed them once again.

“Hey be nice to my boobs, if I gotta be nice to your ass, then you gotta be nice to my boobs as well. It’s just that simple,” I said.

Then I began bouncing up and down as I rode him like mad. I belted out several moans as he began finger fucking me as well. He played with my pussy lips and made me moan ever louder than I did before.

“Oh finger fuck me too John. Do it to the woman you love and make her cum all over your stomach. You know you’d love it,” I said.

I even saw her laugh a little. Then I mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to her, but John thought that was for him.

“I love you too my lady,” John said.

Then he leaned up and gave me a kiss. I put my hands around him, but I also kissed my left hand and blew Jeanette a kiss. She blew one back to me and then mouthed ‘I love you too’ to me right before she left. My boobs pressed up against him once again and I was loving it like chocolate. And I love chocolate. I kissed him on his neck several times and began bouncing up and down once again.

“Oh yes my lady. Ride the man you love as well. Make sure you let me know how much you love me. Love is a two way street you know,” John said.

“I know, I love you more than anything else, except maybe the baby,” I replied.

And Jeanette, as I was having sex with him then I also had her on my mind too. I couldn’t get her off my mind. Then we switched to doggie style. I wanted him to ram me as hard as he could and make Jeanette come running back for more.

“Oh John, oh John, oh John. Oh yes, do it harder. I wanna have the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had before. I want you to give it to me,” I said.

“Your wish is my command my lady. Prepare to be fucked very fucking hard,” John replied.

Then he put both his hands onto my butt and took in a very deep breath first. Then I felt his cock get into me even deeper and he began thrusting his dick into me as hard as he possibly could. I immediately started screaming.

“Shit, you fucking good motherfucker!!” I screamed.

“Well you are gonna be a mother very soon,” John replied trying not to laugh.

Then he brought me up with him. He put his right hand on onto my pussy and his left hand onto my left boob. He pinched my nipple and titillated me a great deal. My pussy was very wet, so his hand was drenched in my juices.

“Give me that hand now lover,” I said.

“Yes my sexy lady,” John replied.

He brought his hand up to my mouth and let me lick all the juices off it. It’s not something I’d do before honestly, but being with him I guess just really brought out the kinky side of me.

“That is so beyond sexy my lady. I could never ever get a woman to do that before, and you not only do it, but you like it too. Damn I’m glad I proposed to you,” John said.

“But you proposed because you love me right?” I asked.

“Well I also love you sweetheart, and you got our baby growing in there,” John replied.

“Good. I love you too my big strong sexy man. Now I wanna make you cum like mad. So shoot your load into my pussy,” I said.

“I will do that for you Callie. I’ll do anything for my angel,” John replied.

Then I leaned back down and he began thrusting his dick in and out of me once again. And he rammed me very hard. I think as hard as he could. I belted out a shit load of moans then.

“Yes John, yes. I wanna feel it inside me. So build it up and shoot it like a shotgun into me,” I said.

So he did. It didn’t take too long, we were having great sex and his load was huge.

“Fuck Callie, it’s fucking coming now!” John screamed.

Then he shot his load into me. At least 4 good shots of hot and sticky cum was inside me. Then I exploded as well. Then we both slowly laid down and cuddled together as we both were trying to catch our breaths

“That was amazing,” I said.

“You are telling me my lady. And just imagine, you are marrying me,” John replied.

I just hoped that great feeling wouldn’t disappear.

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