My Memories of David Ch. 04


##### Author’s Note ########

It’s been about two years since I last posted a story. I found a half done draft of this chapter and remembered how much I loved writing these, so I’m back and finding more interesting ways for Mark and David to get into naughty trouble. I hope you enjoy it.


Several months had passed since the bachelor party. It was now summer in London and things between me and David were still going strong. While we were still largely in the closet from our family and friends we were for all intents and purposes a very much in love couple. Very few people knew that we were in a relationship and we liked to keep it that way.

One particularly warm July morning, I was working the early shift at the gym. As usual, it was quiet with only a couple of really determined businessmen getting their morning workout in before they went off doing whatever business they had in the city. If I’m honest, I hated this shift. It was so boring, people rarely needed my help and I wasn’t allowed to do my own workout while I was working. Instead, I was sat by one of the windows, nursing a rather overpriced coffee and waiting to wake up properly.

“Hey, sleepyhead!” a woman yelled towards me. I jumped up thinking that something must be wrong, but found it was just Andrea, one of the customers, walking towards me.

“It’s Mark, actually,” I replied with more than a little sass, “what’s up?”

“Your cheekbones, sweetie!” She said with far too much enthusiasm for before 8am,

“My… err… What?” I stammered,

“Your cheekbones,” Andrea repeated, “you’re perfect for a job I have coming up. Lift your shirt up for me.”


“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” she said, grabbing my tshirt and yanking it up, “my oh my, those abs, you are perfect sweetie!”

Feeling more than a little confused, I pulled my tshirt back down and took a step back, “Perfect for what?”

“The photo shoot I’m organising, silly.”

Still no clearer on what was going on (had I mentioned that it was before 8am?) I asked an obvious, but slightly stupid question.

“What are you talking about?”

“Wow, you’re pretty but dumb as wood, sweetie,” she replied with a little scorn, “I’m a scout for a modelling agency and I’ve got a job on tonight and I’m looking for two male models. It’s a saucy calendar shoot for this christmas’ seasonal releases. You’ve got the look, you’ve got the body, it pays well and shouldn’t take much of your time, are you interested?”

“Erm… Well I dunno, I’ve never modelled before.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, it’s easy. The photographer will guide you through everything, costumes will be provided and all you’ve got to do is show up, get makeup done and stand around looking sexy. Let me write down a number,” she swiped my pen, grabbed my hand and scribbled a four digit number. My eyes went wide.

“That’s yours, plus a 10% bonus if you can find me the last model I need.” I was just staring at my hand, I couldn’t believe it. I whipped my phone out and went into the camera roll. I found a picture of me and David on holiday, tanned and shirtless together.

“How about him?” I said, showing her the photograph. This time her eyes went wide.

“Oh sweetie, yes, he is superb. What a picture! I could just gobble the two of you up!”

I laughed a slightly uneasy laugh as she got her phone out and tapped out something on the screen.

“Go to this address, 8pm for the two of you, you’ll be out by 11 and I’ll get your cheques straight in the post.” We exchanged details, she blew me a kiss and left to go to work. I looked at the message on my phone from her with all the details. The studio was within walking distance of our flat. It was all so exciting, I just needed to convince David that it was a good idea.

Convincing him hadn’t been hard, as soon as I told him how much we were getting paid he jumped at the chance. Plus he said he’d always wanted to be a model, which I laughed at and pointed out that his ass was too big to be a model. I probably deserved the knee to the groin he gave me for that…

8pm arrived and we wandered up to the address. Neither of us had known what to wear so we just turned up in jeans and tshirts. After all, Andrea had said that costumes would be provided. We hit the buzzer on the nondescript looking black door.

“Who is it?” A distorted voice asked over the intercom,

“Mark and David, for the photo shoot,” I replied. Without another word the door buzzed and we went in. The stairs led directly escort bayan gaziantep to the top floor of the building, where a sign saying “Walker Photography” sat outside a glass door. Walking through, the studio was light and spacious, with a white backdrop set up, lit from all sides with some powerful lights.

“Boys!” I heard Andrea before I saw her. She clopped towards us, her obscenely high heels making a hell of a noise on the wooden floor, “I’m so glad you could both make it. Now, to makeup!”

Before we could reply she had our hands and took us to a table with all manner of makeup products on. I looked around, I couldn’t see anyone else around.

“Where are the makeup artists?” I asked, “and for that matter, the photographer?”

“You’re looking at her,” she said, “my normal photographer is sick and I always do the makeup myself. Don’t worry sweetie, I’ve got you covered, I’ve done this all before.”

Hesitantly I moved to sit at the table as David walked over to join us.

“Not so fast sweeties,” she said, “this is a glamour shoot, so you need makeup on more than your face.” She rustled in a bag and produced two g-strings. “Put these on, then I’ll get you all sorted out.”

“Erm, okay,” David said, “where are the changing rooms?”

“There aren’t any,” Andrea chirped, “just change here. Don’t be shy, it’s not like you’ve got anything I haven’t seen. Come on, chop chop.”

David shrugged at me and started to undress. I did the same and before long we were stood completely naked in front of Andrea. She was staring intently at us.

“Andrea…” I said

“Andrea… ANDREA!”

She did a double take and looked me square in the eye, “wh…what?”

“The G-strings…” I replied, pointing to the two tiny bits of underwear in her hands.

“Oh, my, yes,” she said, slightly flustered. I took them and as we were putting them on, I smiled at David and he grinned in a very knowing way, clearly amused at Andrea’s reaction to us.

We sat in the reclining chairs and Andrea started to apply makeup to our faces, then our bodies. Part of me was wondering if she was enjoying it a little too much. She was oddly quiet during the whole process.

When she’d finished, I couldn’t really notice a difference in either of us but she assured me that we looked great for the camera.

“One last touch,” she said, rummaging in a bag, “AH-HA! Baby oil!” She chucked a bottle at me and beckoned for us to apply it to each other.

“Is that really necessary?” I asked.

“Sweetie,” she started, “this is a hunks calendar to be sold to lonely women and gay men. They want glistening bodies and baby oil makes them glisten. So oil each other up and let’s get on with this.”

I opened the bottle and poured some out onto my hands. David stood in front of me and lifted his arms up. I rubbed the slippery lotion across his chest, his perfect abs, down his sides and over his arms. I poured more oil out and kneeled down, covering his legs down to his feet. As I stood up he turned around so I could do his back, his tight ass and the back of his legs.

I handed the bottle back to him and allowed him to do the same to me. As David got onto his knees to do my legs I noticed that Andrea was by the camera but still staring at us. She really was enjoying this sight. Instead of turning me around David simply moved behind me as he did my back and my buttocks. He stood up next to me and we both turned to face Andrea.

“Ohhhh my, boys…” She said pointing down. We looked down and saw that we were both hard as a rock from oiling each other up. I could feel myself start to blush, but my hardon was raging still.

“Oh this is going to be a hot one boys,” she purred, “let’s make it a double feature. Both of you, stand by the backdrop.”

She positioned us in the frame of her shot and started us off close to each other, with our arms around each other’s backs. She fired instructions at us like pout, sultry and the cliched “make love the camera” that I never thought a photographer would say.

She then turned me around so I had to look back over my shoulder. She put my hand on David’s bulge and put David’s hand on my ass cheek. She liked this shot. She kept asking me to squeeze the bulge gently, which I’m sure David didn’t mind at all.

Over the space of an hour we went through a variety of poses together. From hugging, making sure our bulges were pressed together, to splaying our legs out, presenting our asses and generally being as revealing as possible. I was just glad I’d insisted we get waxed before we came to the shoot.

“Boys, I think I have enough to satisfy the calendar’s needs, but I wonder if you want to make some more money,” she said, visibly flushed and clearly really turned on.

“By doing what?” David asked. I was sure I liked where this was going.

“Going all the way,” she said with a smirk, “I’ll double your money if you two have sex right here and let me photograph it.”

Trying to keep up the pretence, I started “but we’re not g-“

“Oh don’t be shy, of course you’re gay, I could tell as soon as you both walked in the door.” I was slightly shocked by this, but intrigued at the same time.

“What would you use the pictures for?” David asked.

“My own private time, maybe as decoration for some rather saucy parties I’ve got planned. Don’t worry, they won’t go public, sweetie.”

“I don’t know,” I hesitated. I didn’t like the idea of our pictures being taken like that.

“Oh come on boys,” she pleaded, “you’re both so hot, it would be incredible.”

“Triple the payment,” David retorted, “and invite us to the parties you’ll be showing them at.”

I shot David a look as if to say “are you crazy?”

Andrea looked a bit sheepish with the idea, “that’s a lot of money, boys.”

“Triple it, invite us to the parties and when you’ve got what you need with the camera we’ll fuck you too.”

I looked at David astounded, Andrea looked like she was going to pass out with glee. “Deal!” she said at the top of her voice as she popped a fresh memory card into the camera.

I turned to face David, “are you sure about this?”

“Sure as sure can be, now shut up and kiss me.” He planted his lips firmly on mine. As we started to make out I could hear the sound of the camera snapping away while Andrea started to gasp at the sight of us.

David’s hand slid down my body and grasped my stiff bulge, the tiny g-string doing nothing to hide the fact that I was completely and utterly aroused by the situation. Our bodies pressed against each other, still shiny with the baby oil and I was starting to tune out Andrea and really get into it with David.

He broke the kiss with me and got down on his knees. He bit the hem of the g-string and pulled it down with his mouth, unleashing my cock in front of his face. As he licked at the helmet I saw him stare into the lens of the camera. Andrea had taken it off the tripod and was now close up to us, revelling in the sight of David’s teasing.

In one motion he wrapped his lips around my dick and started to suck. I put a hand on the back of his head and he slowly started to move up and down the shaft.

“Oh my god, this is amazing,” panted Andrea. She furiously clicked away with the camera as David started to deepthroat me. I spread my legs and leaned back to make my cock look as big as possible for the camera.

David moved further down, lifting my cock up and slowly jerking it while I took my balls into his mouth. I loved him doing that, it made me moan louder and from the sound of the shutter I could hear that Andrea was utterly loving this. I admit, I was loving it too, I could already feel myself getting overexcited and I was worried that I would cum soon, so I moved David off my cock, dragged one of the office chairs over and sat him down.

I moved down to my knees and started kissing at the bulging thong. I pulled the hem down and released his cock from it’s silk covering. It sprang out with a bit of force and slapped me in the face. I gripped it with my right hand and brought it to my mouth. His cock always tasted so good, it was covered in pre-cum so it was nice and slick as it went past my lips. Andrea was sat right next to us still furiously taking pictures as fast as she could.

Without taking his cock from my mouth, I rearranged myself to get better access. I ran my left fingers down his body to gather up as much of the oil as I could. My newly slick fingers were primed and ready, I slid two of them past the gusset of the thong and found his tight ass. I slid them in and started to feel around inside him to press on his prostate.

When I found it he nearly blew up, he arched his back and moaned intensely, in fact he bucked so hard he nearly choked me out with his cock. I’d been dying to do this to him for a while and it had the desired effect. He was brought so close to cumming and he had no way to stop it.

“Oh shit,” David panted, “I’m going to cum, this is incredible.”

“Mark, let him cum on your face,” Andrea interjected, clearly one with an eye for a filthy picture.

I nodded and took his cock out of my mouth. I started wanking him faster and faster whilst still finger fucking his ass, within a few seconds he let out an almighty moan, his cock tensed right up and he unloaded all over my face. I held my mouth open to catch as much of it as I could but it was pointless, he was so turned on and so full of cum he near enough covered my face.

“Wow…” was all Andrea could manage as she popped the memory card out of the camera and loaded another one, “What’s next?”

“Well,” David started as he caught his breath, “Mark still needs to cum, and you wanted pictures of us fucking, so pass the oil and we’ll get you what you want.”

With a slightly shaking hand, Andrea passed me the baby oil. David stood up and bent over the chair. I was still rock hard at this point so I poured some more oil on my cock and a little down his crack. He flinched from the cold fluid but it felt great for me.

I spread his legs and positioned myself behind him. His asshole glistened with the oil, it looked so good. I gripped my dick and guided it to his hole. I pressed the tip against it, there was a little resistance but the oil did its work and had lubricated him nicely. With a little pressure and a slight gasp from David, I managed to slide in and, as usual, it felt amazing. I put my hands on his hips and started to slowly fuck him.

Andrea was beside herself, taking pictures as rapidly as she could and occasionally rubbing her tits or her crotch. Clearly she was loving this as much as we were. As David’s ass relaxed I started to speed up and got into a good rhythm of fucking him. He moaned a deep, low moan, which he knew I loved to hear.

“Ungh, Mark,” David asked, “Let’s change positions… for the unggg… camera.”

I grunted in the affirmative and pulled myself out of him. Before he could move, Andrea was in like a shot taking pictures of his gaping asshole. I gestured for David to lie on the floor, on his side. I lay behind him and entered him once again. I lifted his right leg up in the air and gave Andrea a view of my cock sliding in and out of him.

I started fucking him really hard. The sound of the slap between my crotch and his ass echoed around the empty room. David’s cock was hard again and he was vigorously jerking himself off. There was the ever present sound of the camera shutter constantly hovering around us.

I reached around David’s front and swatted away his hand. Without missing a beat his hand went to replace mine holding his leg in the air whilst I went to town wanking him off. It didn’t take him long but I felt him shake and he with an earth shattering moan he came for a second time, blowing his load all over the studio floor.

“Come on, Mark,” he growled, “I’m 2-0, cum inside me.”

“Yes, cum inside him,” Andrea purred at me.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I sped up and fucked him even harder. Within a few seconds I could feel the orgasm building, I was there. With all the pressure in the world in my balls I screamed and unleashed what felt like torrents of hot, thick cum deep in David’s ass.

“OH MY GOD, YES!” shouted Andrea, “Keep fucking for a few seconds, let that cum leak out!”

I was in no way about to slow down, my cock was still hard for now so I was happy to keep fucking David’s ass. I started to slow down and slide in and out of him gently as I felt my cum leaking all over my cock and down to his leg. Eventually I felt my hard on dissipate so I let my slick cock slide out of him. He twisted round and gave me a deep, passionate kiss whilst Andrea took the last few photos of the evening.

We stood up, covered in each other’s cum and baby oil.

“Did you get what you want?” I asked.

“Yes sweeties,” Andrea replied, “And so much more. Let me sort your cheques, I’ll be right back.”

After the sound of her high heels had clopped away, I kissed David again and gave him a huge hug.

“That was intense,” I said.

“You’re not wrong,” he said with a smirk on his face, “We’re good at this porn thing.”

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of trying it again?”

“Getting paid a lot of money for you to fuck me? I don’t see a problem,” he said with a playful punch to my shoulder. Before I could reply, the sound of high heels returned.

Andrea returned, naked but for her high heels, holding two bits of paper.

“Here are your cheques boys.”

“They’re not signed,” I said after a quick glance of the cheque.

“There was a second part to the deal…” she said as she grasped both of our cocks.

Well… a deal is a deal after all.

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