My Oral Desires Finally Come True


There had been a few responses to my ad before D’s, but there was something about each — something impersonal and a bit too eager — that had made me wary about responding to any of them.

And then came D’s reply. There was something trustworthy in his tone. Patient. Not trying to rush things, but from the start, determined to be sure that I was myself comfortable following through with what I had proposed.

What I had proposed was the culmination of 23 years nurturing the idea that, one day, I would give head to a man. I had often imagined — usually while masturbating — being naked with a man, feeling his erection, going down on him, sucking him completely off. I wanted to know what it’s like swallowing a man’s semen, warm and fresh from his balls. Through the years, watching many women perform the act on me, I had begun wanting to experience the same delight they did, in the exact same way. But, for so long, it was no more than an secretly treasured fantasy.

That is, until D’s note arrived.

He seemed really to care about the enormity of my decision, and determined to set my mind at ease that I had indeed made a good one, and would certainly enjoy the delights of eating cock. Through his words, I could sense that he was genuinely pleased and thrilled for me, for the new sensations I would discover. It was as though he were reliving his own original thrill of discovery, which, I gathered, has been many years — and many blow jobs — ago.

He was also the first truly literate one to respond to my ad, and I was turned on in no small measure by the fluency with which he expressed himself, and described the pleasures in store for me, should we two meet. In fact, as I soon learned, he was a middle school teacher, and I was no less thrilled by the prospect of experiencing a teacher in a way other than I knew from my youthful school years, but also that he would teach me a new subject — one I had resolved to learn quickly… and even excel in!

I knew by the time I had finished his first note that D would be the one.

D wrote that there was no experience quite like tasting another man’s cum, and that once I had done so, I would want to taste it again and again. Over the course of our correspondence, he described many aspects of cock sucking that only heightened my desire to enjoy it: how, for instance, I would feel his cock swell and tighten in my mouth in the instant just before release. How I would likely gag the first time cum penetrated my throat, but that this would lessen as I grew more adept at drinking human seed. And that there was absolutely nothing as pleasurable as when two men cum at the same time in each other’s mouths.

After two or three impassioned exchanges, we decided on a night and a place to meet. When that day came, all day long my body and mind were afire with anticipation. I could hardly wait for my initiation!

At last, at seven o’clock that night, we met in the parking lot of a restaurant we both knew. D got into my car, and I drove us the couple of miles to my house. I admit some concern beforehand about how attractive my soon-to-be sex partner would be. In fact, he was more than I could have hoped for. In his letters, he had described himself as 5′ 11″, 175 pounds, with a swimmer’s body. In real life, escort bayan gaziantep he was all of these — and quite good looking, too! What’s more, though I was a little nervous about meeting a stranger for the purpose of sexual intimacy, within moments, I felt very comfortable with D, and soon we were conversing easily.

At my house, we had a couple of beers and talked awhile — first about general interests and experiences, but soon we spoke directly of what we had come together for. I remarked that I was extremely eager to experience this first oral encounter with him. To that, he said, “Well, then, shall we begin?” I said yes, and could feel my heart beat faster as I led him into the bedroom. Quickly, we removed our clothes. I realized I felt remarkably un-selfconscious standing naked in front of D.

He stripped down to a pair of shorts which he let me remove. Doing so, my breath caught slightly when I first saw the member my gesture had released. His cock was incredibly erect, stretching tautly at a full seven inches… one of the most beautifully formed pieces of human anatomy I had ever seen! I could sense D enjoying my amazement. I looked into his eyes and he smiled broadly, as in welcome. Quickly, he embraced me close and pressed his mouth to mine for a deep, passionate kiss. I melted completely into the kiss and his embrace. My lips parted to admit his tongue. I put my arms around his neck and luxuriated in the feel of his body, so warm, hard and muscular, different from the soft female bodies I had always known. I imbibed his masculine scent, and the new sensation of his whiskers grazing my lips as I orally explored his face and mouth.

Instinctively, my hand reached for his erect penis, eager to feel it. I broke from our embrace to behold it, and was transfixed by its size and beauty. I wanted to know it utterly, and moved gradually downward, exploring each inch of his neck, chest and abdomen with my tongue as I closed in on the prize. Reaching my knees at last, I cupped his scrotum with my left hand, and grasped the shaft of his penis near the base, simultaneously circling my lips around its straining head. Gently, he pressed the length of himself into my mouth, and gave a soft, low moan of pleasure.

Although it was my first time sucking a cock, I knew instinctively what to do. Deftly, I swirled my tongue over the thick shaft, tasting it, and then cradled the lower ridge with my tongue, licking my way back toward the head. Continuing in this manner, experimenting with each slow penetration, I began to play with his thighs, reaching around to the back of his legs, and then his ass, pulling him forward to facilitate each wonderous thrust into my hungry mouth. And how hungry I was! I had waited for, imagined this moment so many times! He could have cum right then and there, and I would have been happy, but neither of us were in a hurry. I was determined to make this blow job last as long as possible, giving D all the pleasure of which I was capable.

D’s hard penis intoxicated me, and I wanted it every way possible. I rubbed its length all over my face, and then engulfed it again, encircling my fingers around its base to milk ever so gently as I sucked… imagining the sperm-filled fluid already stirring deep in his scrotum, wanting to be nourished by as much of this sweet elixer as his body could give.

“I want you to lie on the bed,” he whispered, and obediently, I let his strong arms cradle me onto my back. He kneeled at the foot of the bed, parting my legs, and I felt his warm mouth take the whole of my cock inside. His tongue was so warm and skillful… rapidly bringing me to the uttermost length of my fullness. I closed my eyes and now it was my turn to moan as his left hand reached beneath my balls, stroking my perineum. His fingers teased the entrance to my ass. He sucked me expertly, licking and exploring just as I had done to him. Eventually, I sat up on the end of the bed, and enjoyed watching his head bob up and down on my engorged staff.

I pulled him onto the bed with me, and we lay together, returning to our original embrace, making out madly. Our tongues probed each other mouths greedily. I sucked saliva from his mouth, swallowing all I could get. I wanted to drink him now, feed on him completely, and the urgency of my desire increased exponentially with every caress of his hands over my body. I desperately wanted his cock back in my mouth.

Changing positions, I climbed on top of D, who now lay back on the bed. I straddled his head with my legs so that my cock was over his mouth, while I directed my own mouth back to enclose his full seven inches. I could feel him swallowing me whole, and I wanted to swallow him as well… take him as deep into my throat as possible. Reaching to fondle the point where his ass merges with the base of the balls, I proceeded to work his cock carefully into my throat, engulfing it by degrees. It took a few tries, but soon I had the hang of it, until at last I could feel my lips touching his pubic hairs, and see his balls just a short distance from my lips.

D was very large at seven inches, and I considered it quite an accomplishment to have so readily taken his entire length into my throat. I could hear him groaning as he continued licking and sucking my cock. His fingers were reaching into my ass, parting it open gradually and pressing inward. I made small fucking movements into his mouth, anticipating the goodness of my own eventual release. But not yet! Not yet! I contined to swirl my tongue over the length of the ensheathed penis.

His ministrations to my asshole were making me delerious, and suddenly I wanted to explore further, into the region beneath his balls. Reluctantly sliding his cock out of my throat, I licked around his balls, then positioned myself better, and began to lick at his perineum, and further back of it. Knowing I could not reach as far as I wanted from this angle, I asked D to get into a position above me. I turned on my back, his cock now over my head, and replaced it in my mouth, licking into the hole at its tip, not wishing to miss any aspect of his wonderful organ.

Seeing his balls dangling before my eyes, I decided to envelop them with my mouth, and enjoy their warm fullness on my tongue. I longed for the pearly nectar they contained. But for now, my object was to explore D’s nethermost reaches. When I had sucked his balls for a time, I slipped into position, extended my tongue, and licked once deeply, from his perineum up the full length of his asshole. I did it again and yet again, realizing that I enjoyed the act tremendously. I ventured to slip the point of my tongue into the asshole itself, and tasted of it. D was incredibly squeaky clean there, which emboldened me to push my tongue in even deeper. For a minute or two, I tongue-fucked him there, determined to taste D in every possible way — to know his body as intimately as I could.

I lost track of how long D and I went on, but our explorations continued for the better part of two hours. Finally, we lay on our sides in the 69 position, furiously milking one another’s cocks. D had begun to fuck my mouth faster and harder, and I was engrossed in the rhythm of his pounding cock.

“I love eating your cock!” I moaned between mouthfuls. “I want to drink from it… drink all of you! Mmmmm….”

My sole desire now was for his testicles to yield the sperm-rich milk of his manhood.

“I need you to cum…” I begged. “Shoot your whole load in my mouth!”

In fact, my own cock was on the verge of exploding… and suddenly, it did! I was dimly conscious of D swallowing me, softly moaning approval as my balls emptied into his mouth. I could sense him close to his own climax, and watched transfixed as his groin pushed again and again into me, now with quicker, shorter thrusts. His penis seemed about to burst. It was just as he had told me: the swelling and the tautness were palbable. I caressed it with my tongue, milking the base of his shaft, accepting each urgent penetration, expectant now of the coming release.

As his buttocks contracted together in preparation, I was conscious now of only one thing… that I was moments, perhaps seconds, away from knowing a man in the most intimate way possible. D was rapturously having sex in my mouth, and I was about to receive his warm seed into it. I held him deep within my mouth, gently plied his balls and waited expectantly, closing my eyes…

Instantly, he erupted! I was unprepared for the force with which his semen rocketed against the back of my throat. I experienced the gag reflex, just as he’d said. It fought it, recouped, and simply swallowed each swift-flowing emission as it shot forth from the depths of his body, seeking the depths of mine. I cupped his balls, held his cock firm, and drank him like a thirsty man, my body and soul alive to this utterly new sensation. I could feel D’s cock pulsing, his cum coating my throat, and I imagined his sperm cells swimming down it, soon to be ingested and become part of me. The semen tasted warm, bittersweet, astir with life.

It seemed he ejaculated for the longest time, though in reality it was not long enough. I could have continued drinking him the entire night, swallowing his cum contentedly. But all too soon, it was over. I had drained him completely. And so I took solace in the sensation of his cum, still thick in my throat. I savored its taste, enjoying how each time I swallowed, my throat felt sticky. It was pleasing to know I had finally realized my long treasured fantasy of sucking a man off.

D withdrew at last from my mouth, and lay back, spent but happy. I lay with my head close to his still semi-hard cock, and took care to lick the last delicious beads of cum still oozing from its tip.

“Mmmm… I want more of you,” I said.

“And I want more of you,” he replied.

But we both knew there would be other times to honor each other’s desires.

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